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^lAfViPDE.:-SYO^EY, VA. 



-•^'' ^^ 


'r^ 1^ 


^* . 1» V 


SUMMER 1999 



■■- 'laaoDi 



Ik V>"V *^^ 

':^ * 

<^ -. 




V-'j^J^ • "-^v 

tr,»-: *'■ 




. 'l^j* 

^.isi^.y. Teaching in the Caribbean, Major Venable's Ama^ing^G^ >- 

^ *' and a New Day for Tailgating T*'^ .,.. . 



The Nev/ Plan In A Nutshell: • Picnicking (no alcohol permitted): o.k. basically anywhere in footboll stadium and bowl area, from 1 a.m. 
through the football game (Note: Home football gome kickoffs are at 1 p.m., fall 1 999, as mandated by the ODAC). Coolers are permitted. 
• Tailgating or picnicking (alcohol permitted): only in two designated areas, one for the public, one for Founders and their guests; both areas open 
at 10 a.m. All alcohol possession and/or consumption to be in conformity with the law. • General Parking Areas: Tailgating and picnicking 
permitted, but no alcohol. Coolers are permitted. Other miscellaneous information of general interest: • All the spaces in front of 
Hampden House, the Alumni House, will be for handicapped parking only. • There is still no charge for admission to the game. However, the fee 
per car entering the campus for the gome will be maintained. • The stadium and bowl area will be roped off, with access checkpoints at certain 
points for enforcement purposes. • College Road through the campus and behind the stadium press box will be open to traffic before, during, and 
after the game. • Student or other groups (such as fraternities) will be permitted to set up tents in the stadium bowl area in places where the view 
of the game is not obstructed. • College and other security officers, with the support of the administration, will enforce ABC regulations throughout 
the campus, the stadium-bowl area, and the designated tailgate areas. • Alcoholic beverages, in a cup or other secondary container, are 
acceptable only for those of legal age and only within the two designated tailgate areas. • Coolers, etc., ore subject to inspection by security 
officers campus-wide. • In summary, alcohol is permitted, within the law, only in the two designated areas — and nowhere else at any time. 


Free-access picnic areas (no alcohol allowed) 


access ptcntc areas 

(alcohol alloweWf 

Richard McClintock, Editor. 
Terrie Conrad, Writer. 
Dan McCormick '95, Sports Writer. 
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as a service to its alumni and friends. 

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On the front cover: The campus at sunrise, 

May 28, 1999. 
Photo by Robert Llewellyn © 1999. 


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William C. Boinest '54, Chairman of the 

Board of Trustees 
Samuel V. Wilson, President 

(804) 223-61 10. 

C. Beeler Brush, Vice-President for 
(804) 223-6137, bcclerbg' 

Lewis H. Drew '60, Dean of Students 
(804) 223-6128, 

Richard P. Epperson II '79, Director of 
Alumni Rehtions 
(804) 223-6189. 

Anita H. Garland, Dean ofAdmissions 
(804) 223-6120, 

C. Norman Krueger, Vice-President for 
Business Affairs & Treasurer 
(804) 223-6216, 

Lawrence H. Manin, Dean oftheFaadty 

(804) 223-61 12, 
Thomas H. Shomo '67, Director of 
Public Relations 
(804) 223-6263, 

Hampden-Sydney College offers equal 
opportunity in all areas of education and 





VOLUME 74, NO. 2 

SUMMER 1999 

"A Golden Lining" 3 

After seventy years of association with the College, 
the Presbyterian seminary abruptly moved away — 
but the apparent betrayal would turn out for the best. 

Be Happy: A Short Guide to 
Teaching in the Caribbean 7 

A Hampden-Sydney professor reports on the ups and 
downs of the sabbatical he spent teaching chemistry in 
the U.S. Virgin Islands 

A New Day for Tailgating 11 

As part of the College's efforts to comply with state and 
local laws, new regulations are being implemented 

On the Hill 13 

News from the College 
Faculty Notes 21 

News from the classroom and beyond 

Sports Roundup 24 

News from the playing fields and courts 

Class Notes 28 

News from Alumni 

Alumni Association Activities 43 

New officers are elected 

One hundred years ago. Major Richard Venable 1857 (right) 

doubled the size of the campus by presenting to Hampden-Stydney 

most of the property of the Union Theological Seminary, see page z. 




Summer 1999 

President Richard 

Mcllwaine (above right) 

was stunned by a letter 

from Major Richard M. 

Venable, class of 1857 

(below), in which Venable 

offered to buy the former 

Union Seminaiy property 

and give it to the College — 

by far the largest gift 

Hampden-Sydney had 

received at the time and 

still one of the largest 

in its history. 

Major Venable i letter 

is reproduced from the 

transcript of it in the 

Board Minutes for the 

meeting of July 12, 1899. 


^hj_ (txA-ClAl^ y-^J-.^v-vJicL '>-vT,»>-J.jtx ttvji. T^- CK.'^yOLA^^.^ :?^A. cL 3 .^■'ILu-iaJIcI. 


/. (i^ Or-^ oJ~ t:'^^-<~ h-'' f-^^^-e^yJiZ^, 

'2' ■ ^-a) -tT_o (/3 t:\ju^'i\. 


,^JL to /ijUUl ^' ? 

u - 

; V QMuu<:>~^h-&<^ a^o lAO-oJ G ck^kJ_ 

/« 1898, afiei- seventy-five years of association 

with the College, the Presbytei-ian Seminary moved aivay- 

but the apparent betrayal would turn out for the best. 

A Golden Lining 




Summer 1999 

By John Luster Brinkley '59 

^ the wings of the College, the Union 

C J Theological Seminary grew from its 

founding in 1823 into a flourishing 
institution without a parallel in the South, and a 
wonhy partner to its parent College to the north 
across an open field, then studded with scrub pines, 
chinquapins, and cedars. 

Yet in 1895, the Presbyterian SjTiod finally 
voted — after years of agitation — to move its semi- 
nan,' from Hampden-Sydney to Richmond (the 
Seminar)''s Board had approved the move a year 
earlier). At first this seemed a major blow to the 
College; it turned out instead to be a cloud with a 
golden lining. 

There were suggestions that the College also 
should move, either to Richmond, where Major 

Ginter had offered a litde site adjacent to the new 
Seminary acreage, or to Newport News or Norfolk, 
whose Chambers of Commerce had made overtures. 
But Dr. Mcllwaine refused even to open discussion 
ol the possibilit}' of moving the College, and, by and 
large, the Hampden-Sydney community was content 
to stay; and some were glad to see the Seminary 
leave. Student opinion cenainlv fell in the latter cate- 
gor)': a student writing in the 1895 Magazine 
welcomed the departure because, he opined, too 
many people, hearing "Hampden-Sydney," thought 
first of the Seminary and considered the College a 
mere adjunct; worse, some visitors mistook Hamp- 
den-Sydney students for "Seminites" (the College 
students' semi-affectionate name for Seminary 
students). Another wrote a fine City Mouse-Country 
Mouse fable about the move; one observed that it 

The Main Building of the 
Seminary as it appeared 
around the time Major 
Venable bought it and gave 
It. along with several other 
buildings, to the College. 
The center porch was not 
roofed until after the ( 
owned the building. 
Note the gas lampposts 
beside the steps. 




Summer 1999 

would be cheaper to bring urban advantages to 
Hampden-Sydney than to move the College else- 
where, a point often made by Dr. Mdlwaine and 
others. Besides, the young man noted, a lot ot the 
fun of going to the city "to see a good show" was in 
the trip; this same fellow suggested that with the 
Seminary gone, its main building could be used as 
quarters for girls in a coeducational Hampden- 
Sydney. (This proposition, as with a proposal to 
open a girls school in Venable Hall, was "respectfully 
decline[d]" by the Board.) 

Indeed, what would become of the old Seminary 
propert}'? (Interestingly, the Seminary's deed to the 
land had lain unrecorded for fifty-some years, until 
1 887 — ^when the whole idea of moving was first 
discussed.) ^Tien the move became a done deal in 
1 896, a Trustee committee began pondering the 
question; when the Seminary packed up and left in 
the summer of 1 898, it offered to sell the land and 
buildings for $20,000 at 5%, payable over twenty 
years. Unfonunately, by then the College's financial 
situation was even more precarious than usual. 

No one objected to the Seminary's plan to lease 
the seven houses it owned; but the proposal to rent 
rooms in the main building — at cut rates — was 

another matter. Many students were all for living 
over there, out of sight, at cheaper rent though with- 
out janitor service. There was considerable fear that 
the main building would become a haven for squat- 
ters and derelicts. By May 1 899 the problem was 
becoming a crisis. A Seminary Comminee of three 
(including two Hampden-Sydney alumni, one an ex- 
Trustee) met with the Hampden-Sydney Board and 
made a final offer: if the Trustees agreed to buy the 
property within thirty days, they could do so for 
$10,000; if not, the Seminary would proceed to sell 
the acreage ofF piecemeal. The offer was a pointless 
formalit)', since the College could not afford any 
property at any price. 

Enter Major Richard M. Venable 1857, with a letter: 

Atlanta, Ga. June 3rd, 1899 
Rev. Richd. Mcllivaine 
My Dear Doctor 

I have an idea that if the Seminary property at Hampden- 
Sydney can be bought cheaply, I will buy it and donate the 
main buiUing [Venable Hall], two oU professors' houses 
[Penshurst and Middlecourt], library [Vi^inston Hall] & 

Map of Hampden-Sydney in 1899, 
showing how the siz£ of the origitial 
College campus was more than doubled 
by the^ft of the Seminary property 
(which is shown in darker grey). 

lots around them to Htimpden-Sidmy. 

The College should make the bargain and I should not 
be known in it. This is important. 

Please write me at Baltimore, where I will be on 
Wednesday next — 

1) Of what the property consists. 

2) Who is authorized to sell it? 

3) What price has it been ojferedfor. 

If there are now no negotiations pending it would be well 
for you to write to the person or persons having it in charge 
to sell, and get them to name their loivest figure: and so 
soon as you get it let me have it. 
I want the cash price, for, if I buy it, I shall pay cash. 
Very truly, 

Richard M. Venable 
P.S. I heard that this property had been offered the College 
at $10,000, and I am willing to pay this. Get it as cheaply 
as you can. 

The hopefi.ll but cautious Dr. Mcllwaine replied; 

Hampden-Sidney, Va., June 6th, 1899 

Major R. M. Venable, 
Baltimore, Md. 

My Dear Major: 

Your esteemed favor of the 3d instant fom Atlanta hits 
been received, & I hasten to acknowledge it & to express 
the high esteem in which I hold the generous intention 
expressed in it. 

I have official information that a committee of Union 
Theological Seminary, clothed with full power to treat 
with and conclude a bargain for its property with the 
board of H.S. College, will be here next week and that the 
highest price they are thinking of is $10,000 & that the 
property can probably be bought for less. 

As I understand it, the propeny of the Seminary 
consists of some forty acres of land or more, with the follow- 
ing buildings in addition to those mentioned by you: the 
store-house formerly occupied by G. M. Eggleston 
[vanished] & Westminster Brick Building [Atkinson 
Hall]; Hart's Store — leased for a term of years [vanished[; 
the two cottages [vanished] between Hart's and Major 
[Andrew R.] Venable's [vanished]; the residence formerly 
occupied by Dr. W. W. Moore [Maples[, and that erected 
by Dr. Dabney, & lately occupied by Dr. Johnson fWest- 

My understanding of your letter is that I am to buy in 
the name of the College, for the lowest cash price for which 
it can be obtained, not exceeding $10,000, the whole 
Seminary property in this vicinity. I am then to report 
your generous offer to the Board. If they prefer to take the 
whole property at the purchase price, they are at liberty to 
do so, but if they prefer to avail themselves of your offer. 

you will give them the part of the property named in your 
letter above alluded to. Pleitse let me know if I exactly 
catch your meaning. 

My impression is that the Board will be glad to avail 
itself of your generous offr, but I wish to be prepared for 
any contingency. 

Very sincerely yours, 
Richard Mcllwaine 

Major Dick readily agreed: 

Baltimore, June 8th, 1899 
Dear Dr.: 

I have your letter of the 6th inst. You have a correct under- 
standing of my proposition, or, repeating it: 

If the College will buy the entire Seminaiy property at 
Hampden-Sidney for so small a price as they can get it for, 
not exceeding $10, 000, & the College then desires it, I 
will pay the purchase price, and leave the Seminary Main 
Building, the two professors' houses (Dr. English's and Dr. 
Hersman 's) [Penshurst and Middlecourt[, & the library 
and out-buildings [including the Seminary 's gymnasium] 
back to the road running in rear of the Seminaty 
[vanished[, to the College, I taking the residue of the prop- 

I will be prepared to consummate the matter on getting 
a Jew days notice. 

I hope to come to Pr. Ed. in about two weeks. 
Veiy truly. 
Richard M. Venable 


/ \ / accepted the offer with "gratefiil 
J V acknowledgements," and authorized 

^^J the President to take the necessary 
steps to secure the conveyance. 

(The efficiency of the mails ought to be noted: 
Major Venable's first letter was sent from Adanta on 
Saturday; Dr. Mcllwaine's reply was sent Tuesday; 
and Major Venable's response fi-om Baltimore on 
Thursday. The whole correspondence was thus 
completed in six days, inclusive, all by rail. In those 
days, as indeed until the 1960s, Hampden-Sydney 
had two mails a day; until the 1 940s it was regular to 
have mail dispatched in the morning in, say, Rich- 
mond or Charlottesville delivered at the College the 
afternoon of the same day) 

This windfall more than doubled the number of 
campus buildings, providing far more room than the 
College coiJd or would fully occupy for over twenty 
years. It was a good thing the College did not have 
immediate need; for the Seminary left the property in 
such bad shape that extensive repairs were needed before 



Summer 1999 

I have an idea that if 
the Seminary property 
at Hampden-Sydney 
can be bought cheaply, 
I will buy it and donate 
the main building two 
old professors 'houses, 
library, & lots around 
them to Hampden- 

The College should 
make the bargain and 
I should not be known 
in it This is important. 

Letter to President Mcllwaine, 
June 3. 1S99 





Summer 1999 

John L. Brinkley '59 

is a professor of classics 

at Hampden-Sydney. 

This article is adapted 

from a chapter in his 

definitive history of the 

Co%f, On This Hill. 

The book can he ordered 

from the Hampden-Sydney 

Bookstore, telephone 

(804) 223-61 OL fax 

(804) 223-6345. 

William E. Thompson 

B.D.. Th.M, D.Min.. 

is College chaplain and 

pastor of College Church; 

he wrote his doctoral thesis 

on the Seminary's move 

from Hampden-Sydney 

to Richmond in 1898. 

tenants would lease the houses. The College library was 
immediatelv moved into the Brown Memorial Library; 
it stayed there until 1961. The old North Carolina 
House [Penshurst] was leased 
to a Mrs. Tabb, who took in 
student boarders that chris- 
tened the place Tabb's 
Tavetn; much to Dr. Mcll- 
waine's distress, as we shall 
see, this would become the 
President's house from 1 903 
to 1 939. Boston House 
[Middlecoun] later became a 
College Faculty home and, 
from 1 939, the fourth house 
to be designated for the Pres- 
ident. Dr. Dabney's house 
[Westmerton] also became a 
Faculty house; since 1983 it 
has been the stated residence 
of the head of the Develop- 
ment Office. "Df. Moore's 
house, " long called the 
Maples, was a residence until 
the 1960s, when it entered a 
series of reincarnations as 
infirmary, dormitory, and 

academic building. West- 

minster [Atkinson Hall] 
remained a residence and 
boarding-house until 1919, 
when President Eggleston 
turned it to its current use as 
the chief administration 
building. The Main Building 
[Venable] was cut up into 
quasi-town-house residences, 
at first for non-College 
tenants, then for Faculty and 
staff; eventually the Seminary chapel became the site of 
the Students' Mess Club (later, and imtil 1961, the 
College-mn Commons); most of the rooms in the 
center pavilion stood vacant for years, except when, 
using rented furniture, Trustees stayed in them when 
attending Board meetings. Most of the outbuildings do 
not survive; but two have been rehirbished and are in 
use: the kitchen- raw-slave-quarters at Middlecourt 
became in 1 982 Coleman Cottage, the President's 
guest-house; and the carriage-house ot Middlecourt is 
now the student radio stadon. Edinburg(h) and 
Geneva, two "cottages " where Cabell House and the 
Museum {neihe Post Office) now stand, did not last 
long, but figured in future plans of Major Venable, 
which were quick to come. 

So why did the Seminary leave? 

For nearly 75 yean the Seminary and the College 
happily co-existed an eighth of a mile apart, 
although the college students often complained 
that "the Seminites "successfully wooed many of 
the vilLige's few young women, in part because 
those men were older and ivere assured of respect- 
able jobs. The seminajy typically enrolled 35-40 
young men, and the College about tiince that 

Even after the railroad came through Farm- 
mile in 1854, it was difficult for students (espe- 
cially those from NC) to get to the seminary, and 
there was a growing interest in moving the school 
to an urban transportation center. That pressure 
increased with the advent of John Dewey's 
progressive educational ideas for professional 
schools, ivhich urged that practical experiences 
supplement cLissroom instruction — and the one- 
room churches ofSouthside Virginia simply could 
not offer the same evangelistic and pastoral 
opportunities as the oifhanages, jails, homes for 
the elderly, hospitals, factories, and docks, of 
Richmond, Norfolk, or ei>m Lynchburg. There 
also was concern about the school's property 
values, following the post-bellum development of 
a black residential area, Mercy Seat, next to the 
seminary campus. Finally, real estate interests of 
certain seminary trustees probably affected the 
decision to move the school to Richmond's 
planned suburban community ofGinterPark. 

— William E. Thompson 

In June 1901 , Dr. Mcllwaine hesitandy reported 
that Major Venable had written to offer "fiitthet 
improvements, " which the President, without specifying 
them, thought should be 
taken up tor consideration 
the following year. After the 
manner of Tmstees, his 
Board colleagues were of a 
mind to indulge fonhwith 
any whims of their greatest 
benefactor in 125 years, and 
by July the Executive 
Committee had accepted 
Major Venable's latest 
offer — which was predicated 
on Dr. Mcllwaine's vacating 
his home of the past twenty- 
five years, so that it could be 
converted into an administra- 
tion building, and cutting 
dovm his orchards and 
garden to improve the looks 
of the campus. In return. 
Major Venable would give 
the College the Dabney- 
Johnson house (Westmerton) 
with thirteen acres. Further, 
he tentatively planned to join 
Edinburg(h) and Geneva to 
make a "College hotel," 
developing a spring below 
them fof a private water 
supply; and he wanted to 
straighten the line ot his new 
propert)' to make it parallel to 
Atkinson Avenue. While the 
Executive Comminee 
demurred on the administra- 
non-building idea, it did 
commit the Board to not using the house as a residence. 
As might be expected. Dr. Mcllwaine dissented from 
the plan when it was presented to the whole Board, as a 
fait accompli, in 1 902, and had his nay vote recorded. 
He was told to mo\'e to a liouse of his choice by 1 July 
1 903, and selected what is now Penshurst. The Board 
adopted a resolution ot thanks to Major Venable tor 
"render[ing] more beautiful by art the natural attractive- 
ness of this sacred spot." 

Even though it came widr some strings attached. 
Major Venable's singular benefaction in 1 899 meant 
that the College would have to undertake no building 
project for almost twenty years and, more important in 
the long run, virtually assured that removal of the 
College would never again receive serious consideration. 

A Hampdeu-Sydney professor reports on the tips and doivns 

of the sabbatical he spetit teaching chemistry in the Virgin Islands 

Be Happy: A Short Guide to 
Teaching in the Caribbean 



Summer 1999 

By Dr. C. William Anderson, Elliott Professor of Chemistry 

shortwave radio listener, one program 
has always fascinated me: Alistair 
Cooke's "Letter from America. " 
As a Brit living in the USA, he regiJarly interprets the 
events here tor the folks back home. The difference in 
perspective is enjoyable and instructive. As I attempt to 
do the same thing in these "Letters from St. Thomas, " 
1 certainly don't wish to insult Mr. Cooke by claiming 
any excessive intellectual similarities, but I do want to 
("ollow his lead by pointing out how varying perspectives 
make this place so different from "home." 

24 August 1998 

porch during the night. I got less than an hour of sleep 
but kept most of the water out of the apartment. 
Today, we're having a "tropical wave" go by — a pre- 
hurricane fluctuation which has brought a couple of 
rwo-hour-long 50-mph rains. I got soaked in both of 
them. At least only one was on the way to class. 

Then there is the probable general strike against the 
government that is supposed to Stan tomorrow. 

Things are "on the way." As I began classes today, 
I still didn't have a roster; there are several things that 
H-SC just does right. Having scoured the UVl library's 
computerized holdings, I found (today, right before lab) 
that some of the Inorg. Chem. and/. Chem.Soc. that we 
are supposed to have were destroyed in the last hurri- 
cane. As luck would have it, I have a "quant" course 
that has gravimetric halide, complexometric titrations, 
AA, and a few other overlapping experiments, for which 
those journals would be very useful to the students. Of 
course, there are some other minor amenities just flat 
out missing (like decent water). When my throat 
becomes less constricted, I'll wtite more. 

18 September 1998 

SINCE WE"VE HAD A MONTH or so of classes, 
I thought I'd send a short note to everyone. Of course. 

I'm doing this as we prepare for Hurricane Georges. 
This is our third "batten down the hatches" call since 
our arrival. The University of the Virgin Islands must 
use .30% of all the plastic sheet in the free world. I have 
put everything into one corner of my office (except this 
computer) and I am writing this last note before finish- 
ing and swathing it all in plastic. "When my throat 
becomes less constricted, I'll write more. 

The physical beauty of the Virgin Islands is aston- 
ishing. Just to rub it in: my office windows look out on 
an unobstructed view of John Brewer's Bat, the forested 
mountains of the west end of St. Thomas, and then on 
beyond to the Caribbean. Sometimes I just stare. 

Then, on the other hand: ALL of my classes meet at 
an elevation 400 feet above my office, so three times a 
day it is up and down the hill on foot (no shuttle). Our 
apartment "driveway " consists of boiJders with pebbled 
concrete poured between them; the car bottoms out on 
every passage. Since the apartment is at 1400 ft eleva- 
tion, our gas mileage has dropped to 
about 12 mpg — but that's OK since 
gasoline only costs $1.60 per gallon. 
We are on our second set of engine 
mounts and a new power-steering 
line. Roads are hard on vehicles here. 
I can never look at Five Forks Road 
as twisty again; in my current state, 
it is roughly Interstate quality. On 
my daily commute, there are three 
places where I have to — and am 
expected to — honk my horn to 
warn approaching cars that I'm 
coming around the blind turn 
used as a two-lane road even 
though it is only one car wide. 

Teaching here has some surface differences from 
teaching at H-SC. For instance, my 8 am (every day) 
introductory chemistry class consists of 31 black women 
from throughout the Caribbean. 1 ;im having to work 
hard to identify connecting links that allow a ready flow 

"The physical beauty 
of the Virgin Islands 
is astonishing. My 
office windows look 
out 071 John Brewer^ 
Bat, the forested 
mountains of the west 
end of St Thomas, 
and then to the 
Caribbean. Some- 
times I just stare. 

Exchange professor 

When Professor Bill Anderson 
{above right, with student 
Jennifer King) left the Univer- 
sity of the Virgin Islands, 
his class gave him a plaque 
and a farewell party. 




Summer 1999 

There are 3 U.S. Virgin 

Islands: St. Thomas (30 sq mi, 

pop. 40,000), St. John (20 sq 

mi, pop. 20,000, 4 miles east of 

St. Thomas), and St. Croix 

(80 sq mi, pop. 40,000, 

40 miles south of St. 

Thomas: the separation 

shown here is to scale). 

St. Thomas, the capital, 

is the only real city. 




of information. The students are hard-worldng and 
have just started to respond in class. Social pressures and 
concerns are great here. With no faculty raises for 8 
years, morale and effort are low. People are incredulous 
when 1 clean up a lab without even being told to. When 
my throat becomes less constricted, I'll write 
more detailed observations. 

This University offers the only 
higher education in the 
Virgin Islands. It is tied 
direcdy to the Terri- 
torial Government, 
which puts it at the 
whim of the dysfunc- 
tional fiinding mech- 
anism (long-term deficits, unwill- 
ingness to make firm decisions, etc.) The 
UVl administration is between the rock and the hard 
place — no money and no money. But: we have a 1 5- 
week semester! That helps gready with getting added 
insights into courses already tighdy scheduled. It's some- 
thing H-SC could consider. 

Day-to-day living takes more attention than in 
Southside Virginia. Getting anything even slighdy out 
of the ordinary is dicey. When I order chemical reagents 
from even the best US suppliers, I need to allow 2-3 
months for arrival. And that is only if no one has 
recently been caught shipping dnigs. If that has 
happened (as it has recently), US Customs examines 
every package, which means that anything shipped in 
can take yet another month, just to clear Customs. 
(I hope we're even still here when — and if^ — your pack- 
age arrives.) Getting a driver's license or any car registra- 
tion is slow now, since they recendy busted a bribery 
scam. Absolutely everything has to be done stricdy by 
the book and the lines at the DMV are long. 

Rasta Bill say "Irie, mon! 
Ewating gonna be 

■FASTPoii^ 23 September 1998 

THROUGH Hurricane Georges. 
Today is the first time that any signif- 
icant communications (satellite telephones, 
etc.) have left the island. A'F&T 's link blown. 
Nineteen of us crowded into an apartment dug into the 
mountain and listened to lots of wind. We had spent 
two solid days putting up plywood, tying down or 
taking in loose items, and it paid off — though I did get 
nervous when the porch moved. 

I see one roofless house from our window; one of 
our math profs lost his roof (again). Only one window 
in our labs blew out, but there was a bunch of water and 
leaves to clean up. Again, six hours of wrapping instru- 

SAi.T nm:n potxr 

. Christiansted 

ments and equipment saved the day. I sure do hope that 
we don't need to do this again. 

Classes will reopen on Friday. That is, if they lift the 
7 pm-6 am curfew, which makes evening classes hard. 

Believe it or not, there is a real video site that has 
footage of the hurricane shot from 200 feet to the west 
of our apartment. Try 
last2.ram — it shows the last few minutes before the 
camera was blown away. 

I wish I could be at the NMR party [the dedication 
of the nuclear spin resonator]. It speaks well of H-SC. 

Friday, 16 October 1998 

more. It is election time in the Virgin Islands. The VI 
have a population of ca. 100,000 and a debt of 
$500,000,000 or so. As I watch the Territorial Senate 
debate, there appears to be detachment from reality. I 
could run for Senate, but don't have a jingle or a truck 
to drive around playing it through multiple horns. 

It really is radio heaven here. There are 23 stations, 
of every genre: the calypso station, the oldies station, the 
reggae . . . with the exception of an NPR station! But 
that, too, may come. 

I am quite used to driving on the left in my left- 
hand-drive car. I leave home at 6:40 to get the kids to 
school and to the university by my 8 am class. 

In the laboratory, I have had both successes and frus- 
trations. The big frustration is how long it takes to get 
supplies. In the laboratory, I am trying to use the 
projects from H-SC's Chem 151, but I have needed an 
extra week to resynthesize all of the coordination 
compounds; the humidity is so high here that either the 
reactants or the products of each compound were wet; 
most were dissolved in waters of hydration. We are 
having to take more stringent measures to ensure 
dryness. Just pumping on them with a vacuum pump is 
even a challenge — no liquid nitrogen — and of 7 pumps, 
only 2 pull much of anything. When it came time to do 
EDTA dtrations of the metals in the coordination 
compounds, everything went well until students started 
to use the murexide indicator. They all got endpoints, 
but there was no relationship between the color change 
and the amount of EDTA added — even if they just left 
the flasks on their desks, the color would fade and 
change in time. 

1 am fighting a familiar fight. Air conditioning is a 
convenience for the faculty, right? So they won't notice 
if we put the AC on a time cycle. When it is on, it is 
cold. Then they stop the cooling and open the air supply 
to the outside. Humid air rushes in and condenses on 
ALL surfaces. I have walked into the lab and seen foot- 
ptints on the floor and drawn my name in the conden- 
.sation on the NMR console. Several times. No wonder 
this looks like the rust-research facility. I am tr)'ing to 


get non-ferrous materials everywhere. 

Tell everyone at H-SC about this one: When Hurri- 
cane Georges hit, we were out of session for a week. 
When classes returned, 25 of the 31 students in my 
Chem 1 1 1 class showed up on the first day back with all 
of the homework completed fot the 5 classes we missed! 
That level of interesr we could all love. 1 neariy cried. 

WeO, 1 hope all is well at H-SC and that your 
NMR is running as well as the one here is. Actually, 1 
hope it just runs. 

Tuesday, 08 December 1998 

room, my implementation of a project-based lab is 
wrapping up the semester. 1 was able to pull everything 
together for the most part. I can't even tell you how 
much of a problem working in 100% (+) humidity all 
the time has proven to be. All the students had to make 
their compound a second (or third or fourth) time 
because condensed water dissolved it before they could 
use it. 

Students in the West Indies are vaj timid about 
making conclusions about anything. I am having a difii- 
cult time convincing them that the answer of "I didn't 
make the target, but ..." is at all acceptable. On the up 
side, the notebooks are 60+ pages long; they keep very 
good records. Lack of instruments has led me to put in 
a grant proposal to the Army, for all the science depart- 
ments. We'll see. It is hard to teach modern science 
without modern instrumentation. In fact, it is also hard 
to keep instrumentation functional without reliable air 
conditioning. Oh, well .... 

Some things don't change. The last faculty meering 
debated the approval of seven courses that are already 
on the schedule of classes for the spring semester. Four 
of these classes are absolutely required for the new 
curriculimi that was initiated two years ago, but won't 
be fiiOy in place for another three years. It is an advising 
nightmare. Students from each different entering year 
have different requirements and options. 

Well, there is a bit of a stink here about the high 
rates of unemployment of the marijuana farmers in the 
Caribbean. Sure, there is the legal thing, but we're talk- 
ing unemployment! In fact, there are lots of Rastafarians 
throughout the Islands who use it in theit practices, but 
I don't think devout Rastas are the only clients. 

Last week, the school busses didn't run because the 
government hadn't paid the company for a few months. 
This morning, the gasoline supplies to the government 
vehicles were cut oft for the same reason. Sometimes 
I get an uneasy feeling about things. But then, I have a 
few botdes of rum and the story gets better. 

UVI is going to make a better effort to attract 
students. What I can't imderstand is how this place 
hasn't gone whole hog to develop its marine science 

program — the environment is perfect and there are 
several professors who are quite good in die field. There 
has been virtually no effort to get students from the 
mainland, probably because those who want to atttact 
mainlanders are less numerous than those who see it as a 
West Indian insdtution, only for island students. 

The 5.1 earthquake last night was fun; I'll tell you all 
about the new rocks on the roads soon. 

Thursday, 28 January 1999 

THE LAST MONTH HAS BEEN quite die journey. 
It will come as a surprise to absolutely no one that since 
Katy found an apartment she liked, we've moved. At 
least the place is right on the beach; I sure don't mind 
the morning swim in the ocean and the 9 pm swim in 
the pool. There are only two allowed weather forecasts 
here: one with a high of 88, the other with a high of 86. 
Since it has been just 86 for a while, it must be winter. 
One advantage of having a place at sea level is that I 
don't need to make the 1 500-feet-straight-up-the- 
mountain drive twice a day. Instead I get to drive 
through the most terrible traffic such a small number of 
people could conceive, in the Islands' only real city. 

After an incredibly contentious election, a new 
Government has taken office. During the transition, the 
true state of the territorial "budget" was revealed — the 
cash flow is bad enough that they are afraid they may 
not be able to meet the biweekly workers" payroll. The 
government as a whole ran $290 million in the red last 
year and another $200 million this year. Now, let me 
get this straight: the population here is about 5 times 
that of Prince Edward County and they've lost a half- 
billion in 2 years? Impressive. 

Within the University, strange times exist, largely as 
a result of an attempt at changing the curriculum. There 
was a decision to institute a 3-semester science require- 
ment, and since the departments couldn't agree on how 
to do this, they decided to design a three-course 
"science" sequence to be taken by everyone. I can hear 
many of you gasp fi^om here. You can only imagine 
what that has done to the enrollment in the intro- 
ductory coLU'ses for each science. Now, since all this 
transition was going so smoothly in the eyes of the 
administration, they decided to do the same thing in 
social sciences. During the transition, there are 5 sets of 
graduation requirements, depending on matriculation 
year. Great googly-moogly. 

There are still times I just stop whatever I'm doing 
and stare. That 70-toot ship right there with the heli- 
copter on the aft deck is interesting. It's been in port for 
a couple of days. I wonder when Katy will try to buy it. 

Monday, 08 March 1999 


between 86 and 88, it is too cold here for the local resi- 




Summer 1999 

When Hurricane 
Georges hit, we were 
out of session for a 
week. When classes 
returned, 25 of the 31 
students in my Chem 
III class showed up 
on the first day hack 
with all of the home- 
work completed for the 
5 classes we missed! 
I nearly cried. 




Summer 1999 

I had to take a 
sUident to the hospi- 
tal during one lab 
period — but even 
though she was 
throwing up she 
wouldn 't leave her 
experiment until 
the filtration was 
complete and her 
product was safely 
in a dessicator. 

dents to swim. Only the crazy people "from the States" 
go swimming. 

I like driving on the left hand side of the road more 
than I have any right to. I am working on adapting driv- 
ing in St. Thomas into a video game — beside the 
sudden narrowings ot roads and speed-crazed truck driv- 
ers, I have stuck in sudden appearances of goats, cows, 
and chickens. I don't quite know how to present the 
bursts of patrons exploding from the cock fights on 
Sunday afternoons. As each fight ends, enthusiastic 
inebriated patrons leap from the bar-cockpit onto the 
street. Since the main venue is about 2 miles from our 
apartment, we see more of this than 1 had anticipated. 

With only 2 months to go before Camivale, every- 
one is in the throes of preparation. I don't imagine I will 
be able to master the adult Moko Jumbie stilt-walking 
by then. Not to be missed is the Joiwert (a French word 
for stumbling drunk) that stans at 2 am; the revelrj' 
proceeds until the last one drops. 

The cafeteria at UVI has a special Friday lunch: calk- 
loo, fungi (foon-GEE), plantain, saltfish or conch, and 
several types of /)^?f'(pa-TAY). Callaloo is a soup made 
with some spinach-like leaf; it has several island variants 
(with okra or onion, with meat or without). Fiingt has 
nothing to do with mushrooms; it is good of cornmeal 
mush, albeit with an intentionally stiff consistency. 
Plantain must be cooked according to a deceased rela- 
tive's recipe and needs to be cut on the diagonal, with a 
sucky sauce reminiscent of Chinese sweet and sour. 
Conch is shredded and cooked with butter. 

All across the island, mobile lunch wagons are 
"parked. " Some have been parked so long that their 
wheels have nearly disappeared in the gravel. Dominant 
delicacies of roti and pate can usually be had for $2-57 
depending on the filling. A rati is a flour tortilla stuffed 
with a mixture of potato and vegetables, with chicken or 
conch. All wrapped up, they are the size of two fists — 
the image is intentional. Pates are Caribbean calzones, 
deep-fried stufted dough lips. 

"Know your fisherman" is good advice — certain fish 
here are susceptible to siguatoxins that are borne by 
siguatera on the south side of the island. Nine more sail- 
ors just got rushed to the hospital last week from eating 
a shark they caught. Oops. On the other hand, I can 
dive deep enough to snag my own lobsters — although 
they have no big claws like the North Atlantic lobsters. 

On the home front, we are moving again. Our apart- 
ment building, battered by the last three years' hurri- 
canes, is being repaired. Finding a place to live (3BR, a 
few months, furnished, will accept pets) has been an 
adventure. I think we're finally successful. 

One final note of interest. The local radio host, Sam 
Topps, hosts a call-in show that regularly hears from the 
Governor and "Senator" as well as having Dennis 
Connor, Sinbad, Bruce Williams, and .so forth in the 

studio. Over the last month, he has talked about the 
interesting local culture of his childhood home in Prince 
Edward County, Virginia. 

Tell Tony Shaver and Bert Molinary that there is a 
12-year-old here they should both see. Hajid plavs 
keeper on the soccer team with Cooper and he has 
golden hands. He can nearly dimk a basketball, too. 

Friday, 16 April 1999 

AS I PUT THE FINAL TOUCHES on these letters 
home, I must warn my students that they are getting a 
difterent man back. Even as I have tried to keep a bit of 
a good humor and exaggerated bemusement about the 
goings-on and life in the Caribbean, 1 have spent a lot 
of time getting to know the students here. It is hard not 
to be moved by Kernis, in the back of my biochemistry 
class, as she pufF-pufF-puffe through her question on the 
mechanism of conductivirv'-switching in acetylcholine 
receptors. She is puffing because she is 9 + months preg- 
nant, can barely move, and winces by the minute, but 
she shows up. She does the work under several familial 
obligations and values her education because she sees it 
as a way to a better life. She will be the second of my 
students to give birth during this academic year. 

Then there is Sabrina, a straight-A sophomore chem- 
istry major at age 18, who is deeply in the throes of 
sickle-cell-anemia episodes. I had to take her to the 
hospital during one lab period — but e\'en though she 
was throwing up (because of treatment side-eftects) she 
wouldn t leave her experiment until the filtration was 
complete and her product safely in a dessicator. 

Yesterday, Kikou spent her third afternoon in chem- 
istry lab this week. She comes from a family where there 
has been long-term disenfranchisement and skepticism 
of all things governmental. She has managed to learn 
enough about immunizations from our classes on the 
operation of the immune s)'stem that she has convinced 
her famih' to get her siblings immunized for the first 
time. Sometimes education is beautifiil. 

Most of my students have to scramble to get to class 
from other islands or, as the sole support of their family, 
have pan-time jobs or other serious obstacles to their 
education. ^X'^len you are The University of Last Resort 
for those who don't have resources, you just plan on 
helping those who show up with "constraints. " I just 
mav be a little less "understanding " of absences from 
class because of traffic-court appearances. Then ^ain 
I may be actually a bit more understanding. 

Over and out. Bill, Kat\',, and Cxioper 
See vou all soon. 


As part of the College 's efforts to comply with state and local laws, 
new regulations have been implemented for tailgating 

A New Day on the Hill 

By Lewis H. Drew, Dean of Students 




Summer 1999 

Hundley Stadium - Fulton Field area, 
# one of the most attractive football 

settings anywhere, filled with fans focused 
on the game, enjo\'ing themselves in a festive atmosphere, 
picnicking, without alcohol, and supporting the Tigers as 
they strive for victory. These same Tiger supporters could, 
if they chose to do so, also picnic in this area before the 
game as well (without alcohol), or they could have joined 
their families and iriends in one of the two designated tail- 
gating areas, as appropriate, where alcohol is permined in 
conformit)' with the law. 

This new approach is the right thing to do, is long 
overdue, and is to be viewed in the context of our educa- 
tional role as an institution, "to form good men and good 
citizens in an atmosphere of 
sound learning," and as but one 
part of continuing efforts, long- 
term, to change our campus envi- 
ronment for the better vis a vis 
alcohol. Given the increased 
national and state attention in 
recent years (such as the Attorney 
General's Task Force) focused on 
the issue of alcohol abuse on 
college and imiversity campuses 
and the resulting negative impaa 
these excesses are having on 
students and the entire campus 
learning environment, and given 
our own on-going conversations 
within the campus commimity 
about these issues, the College 
administration and trustees 
decided the time had come to 
respond to changing circum- 
stances in a construaive way. 

Yes, this will change a long- 
standing pattern, which, though pleasant in many ways, 
was not generally in conformity with the law. It sent 
mixed, inconsistent messages to students. 

The new message is simple: let's have a great time, 
respea the law, and give those Tigers the support they 
deserve. Our primar)' goals are; family atmosphere, 
support of the football team, and conformity 
with state laws. 


• Picnicking (no alcohol permitted): 
O.K. basically anywhere in football 
stadium and bowl area, before and 
during football game. Coolers are 

• Tailgating or picnicking (alcohol 
permitted): only in two designated 
areas, one for the public, one lor 
Founders and their guests. Both areas 
open at 10 a.m. All alcohol posses- 
sion and/or consumption to be in 
conformity with the law. 

• General Parking Areas: Tailgating 
and picnicking permitted, but no 
alcohol. Coolers are permitted. 




What is the Liiv concerning the drinking 
of alcohol in a public setting? 

It shoiJd be emphasized that what we are doing is only 
what is required by state law. 

1 . If the public has access to a defined area where alco- 
hol is permitted, the sponsoring instimtion has to have 
an ABC Special Event license. No such license would be 
granted for a stadium area. 

2. The area where those of legal age are permitted to 
possess and/or consiune alcoholic beverages must have a 
physical boundary (roped-in area, for instance). 

3. No underage persons (those under 21 years of age) 
may possess or consiune alcohol, and no chimkenness is 

Where will our tailgate 
areas be? 

1. On a BYOB basis only, die 
general public may gather tor 
socializing, picnics, etc., in the 
area bounded by Kirby Field 
House and the new Lake Mayes, 
on the paved Kirby parking lot, 
and in the newly-landscaped 
woods behind several fraternity 
houses (see maps on inside front 
cover and next page). The parking 
lot will be a prime tailgating area, 
as will the woodland area 
fiarnished with picnic tables, just 
off the paved parking lot and 
including the land leading to the 
tennis courts behind Gammon 

This tailgate area will be 
under ABC License, and adher- 
ence to the laws will be expected 
and enforced. Coolers, etc., will 

be allowed, but will be subject to inspection by security 

2. The tailgate area reserved for Foimders and their 
guests will include the paved parking lot between the 
Crawley Forum and Hampden House, die Alumni 
House; it will also include a roped-off area behind that 
parking lot and the back yard of Hampden House (see 
maps). Tailgates on the College Road side of the parking 

"The new message is 
simple: let's have 
a great time, respect 
the law, and give 
those Tigers the 
support they deserve. 
Our primary goals 
are: family atmos- 
phere, support of 
the football team, 
and conformity 
with state laws. " 

Dean ofSiiuieiiti 





Summer 1999 

The Hampden House 

tailgating area, resewedfor 

Founders and their guests. 

encompasses the parking lot 

between Hampden House 

and Crawley Forum (but no 

part of the lawn between 

the lot and College Road) 

and the open lawn behind 

Hampden House. Note: The 

circle in front of Hampden 

House is now reserved for 

handicapped parking only. 

The Lake Mayes tailgating 
area, open to the general 
public, encompasses the park- 
ing lot between Kirby Field 
Hoitse and the lake, as well 
as the new landscaped picnic 
area under the trees to the 
southeast of the lake. 

lot are to be contained within the paved parking lot. 

Because the public does not have access to this area, 
no ABC license is needed. However, compliance with 
the law is expected, and the law will be enforced. Cool- 
ers, etc., will be allowed, but will be subject to inspec- 
tion by securit}' officers. 

Other miscelhineous information 
of general interest: 

1. All the spaces in front of Hampden House, the 
Alumni House, will be for handicapped parkhig oidy. 

2. There is still no charge for admission to the game. 
However, the fee per car entering the campus for the 
game will be maintained. 

3. The stadium and bowl area will be roped off, with 
access checkpoints at certain points for enforcement 

4. College Road through the campus and behind the 
stadium press box will be open to traffic before, during, 
and after the game. 

5. Smdent or other groups (such as fraternities) will be 
permitted to set up tents in the stadium bowl area in 
places where the view of the game is not obstructed. 

6. College and other security officers, with the support 
of the administration, will enforce ABC regiJations 
throughout the campus, the stadium-bowl area, and the 
designated tailgate areas. Fan cooperation and adher- 
ence to the alcohol laws are expected. 

Securit)' officers have police powers and will issue 
summonses or make arrests, as necessary, though this, 
of course, is not the preference. There will be no tolera- 
tion for drunkenness or blatant disregard of the laws. 

7. Alcoholic beverages in a cup or other secondary 
container are acceptable only for those of legal age and 
only within the two designated tailgate areas. 

8. Coolers, etc., are subject to inspection by security 
officers campus-wide. 

9. In summari', alcohol is permitted, within the law, only 
in the two desigimted arecu — and nowhere else at any time. 


News from the campus 

On the Hill 




Summer 1999 

Commencement '99 

/ I braced the end of its 223rd academic 

# # year with the commencement of 170 
students on May 9th. Ceremonies were 
held in front ot Venable Hall where students, faculty, 
parents, and friends were seated on the lawn. 

President Samuel V. Wilson introduced the 
Commencement speaker, the Honorable Laurence S. 
Eagleburger, a political consultant who had been Secre- 
tar}' of State during the administration of President 
George Bush. Secretary Eagleburger challenged the 
graduates, saying, "You will determine what this coun- 
try will be in the next century, and, as the only super- 
power, the United States will determine what the rest of 
this worid will be." Mr. Eagleburger told the graduates 
that making sound and proper decisions for the next 
century would "require a passion for the democracy we 
represent." He also expressed grave doubts about the 
wisdom of our intervention in Kosovo. 

President Wilson presented an honorary Doctor of 
Laws degree to Mr. Eagleburger. He also presented an 
honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree to the 
Reverend Dr. Ben C. Mathes, a noted humanitarian 
and president of Rivers of the World. 

The valedictorian was David A. Hobbs, who, in 
addition to his athletic excellence — he was co-captain of 
the basketball team — managed to maintain the highest 
grade-point average in his class. Mr. Hobbs also 
received the Gammon Cup, given to the graduate who 
has best served the College by his character, scholarship, 
and athletic ability. He was also one of only 16 indi- 
viduals nationwide who received an NCAA post- 
graduate scholarship. (He plans to attend graduate busi- 
ness school in several years; he is now a financial strategy 
analyst with Wachovia Bank in Atlanta.) 

Greshaun J. Fidgham received the Anna Carrington 
Harrison Award, given to the student who displays the 
most constructive leadership during the school year. 
A member of the Student Court, he took over its leader- 
ship when the former chair left school.) 

"Yon will determine 
what this country will 
be in the next century, 
and, as the only super- 
power, the United 
States will determine 
what the rest of this 
world will be." 

Former Secretary of State 

ABOVE; David Hobbs. 
co-captain of the basketball 
team, was the valedictorian. 

LEFT: Laurence Eagleburger, 
former Secretary of State, gave 
the Commencement address. 
He received an honorary 
doctorate of laws. 

BELOW: Dr. fames Y. Simrns 
received the Crawley Award 
for devotion to the ( 





Summer 1999 

The Samuel S. Jones Phi Beta Kappa Award was 
given to Roger N. Hopper and James E. Thatcher, in 

recognition ot their intellectual excellence as proven in 
outstanding research. Hopper's project was the composi- 
tion of a new Mass, which was performed for the first 
time at the spring Glee Club concert in April. Thatcher 
wrote an honors thesis on the way movies treated histor- 
ical subjects. 

Dr. Susan Pepper Robbins, 
adjunct associate professor of rhet- 
oric, received the Cabell Award, 
vhich recognizes a faculty 
member for outstanding class- 
room contribudons to the educa- 
tion of Christian young men. 

The Algernon Sydney Sulli- 
van Medallion, given to stu- 
dents distingtiished for excel- 

lence of character and generous service to their fellows, 
was given to Coite B. Manuel and John S. Pumphrey, 
who were resident advisors and active in InterVarsity 
Chrisdan Fellowship, the Glee Club, and other organ- 
izations. The Reverend Dr. William E. Thompson, 
chaplain of the College, and Dr. PaiJ S. Baker, exec- 
utive assistant to the President, were also awarded the 

The Roben Thruston Hubard IV Award, given to 
the professor or staff member most distinguished tor 
action devotion and service to the college, was presented 
to Tony Shaver, coach of the basketball team. 

Dr. James Y. Simms, Elliott professor of history, 
was awarded the Thomas Edward Crawley Award, as 
the faculty member most distinguished for devoted 
service to the College. 

The John Brooks Fuqua Awards for Excellence in 
Teaching were given to Mr. Lee Cohen, adjunct asso- 
ciate professor of mathematics; Dr. Sarah Hardy, assist- 
ant professor ot English; Dr. Ralph S. Hattox, Elliott 
associate professor of history; Dr. Susan Pepper 
Robbins; and Dr. Kenneth N. Townsend, Elliott 
professor of economics. Winners ot the Fuqua Award 
are chosen by alumni from the past two years' gradu- 
ating classes. 


The Political Rhetoric Symposium 


/3 persuasion — has always been an 

M \ important element ot political society. 

Hampden-Sydney College 
presented a two-day Rhetoric 
Symposium this past spring that ol-lered 
a study on the cultural implications ot public 
discourse. The symposium was sponsored by 
the Center tor Leadership in the Public Inter- 
est as a Central Virginia Public Affairs Forum 

"According to James Madison," 
explained Professor David Marion, 
director ot the Center tor Leadership in 
the Public Interest, "the decision to create a democratic 
republic or representative democracy, rather than a 
direct democracy, was based on a thoughtful considera- 
tion of the size of the country and the dangers of 
factious violence, the greatest threat to decency and 
competence in democratic national states. Although the 
framers setded on a representative form of government, 
they still recognized the people to be the sovereign 
body. Rhetoric was to be their tool of governance." 

"To borrow from Woodrow Wilson," Dr. Marion 
said, "the objective ot the founders was to preserve the 
place of the people as the 'authoritative critia' of 
government action while ensuring that they did not 
become so 'meddlesome that effective and responsible 
government would be impossible. Critical to main- 
taining this balance is the character of the dialogue that 
is carried on between public officials and the people." 

The symposium on contemporary political rhetoric 
was designed to provoke reflection on the culuiral and 
societal implications of the general "conversation" that 
political officials carry on with "the people." Panelists 
were invited to reflect also on the constitutional dimen- 
sions of American political rhetoric at the end of the 
twentieth century. 

The two-day session began with a keynote address, 
The Suite of Contemporary Political Discourse, by Dr. 
Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Dean of the Annenberg 
School for Communication at the University of Penn- 
sylvania. She is the author of over nine books including 
Dirty Politics: Deception, Distraction and Democracy, 
which received the Speech Communication Associa- 
tion's Golden Anniversary Book Award. 

The symposium continued with a panel discussion 
on The Style and Content of Public Discourse in America: 
A View from the Fourth Estate, moderated by May-Lily 
Lee, a two-time Emmy-award winner and host and 
producer ot Central Virginia Public Television's signa- 
ture series Virginia Currents. Panelists were Rudy 
Abramson, a former White House Correspondent with 



Summer 1999 

the Los Angeles Times and author of three books, and 
Pat Ferguson, a former bureau chief and syndicated 
coliminist with the Baltimore Sun. Mr. Ferguson served 
as the bureau chief in Moscow in the early 1960s, 
during the "cold war" era, and in Saigon during the late 
1960s, during the Viet Nam conflict. 

The second day of the symposium featured a discus- 
sion on Modem Technology and Campaign Politics: Elec- 
toral Strategies in the Media Age. Participants included 
Marshall Manson '96, Campaign Director of Persua- 
sion, Inc., and Christopher Cooper '93, Campaign 
Director with Campaign Performance Group. The 
moderator was Gene Cox, News Anchor of WWBT- 
TV 12 (NBC) in Richmond. 

The concluding session was on Public Discourse and 
Partisan Gamesmanship: Tnith and Propaganda in Polit- 
ical Rhetoric Panelists were L. Brent Bozell III, a polit- 
ical commentator and chairman of the Media Research 
Center, and Fred DuVal, Deputy Assistant to the Pres- 
ident, The White House. The moderator was Mark 
Rozell, political commentator and associate director of 
the University of Pennsylvania — Washington Center. 

ABOVE: The symposium s 
icon was an eagle trailing a 
ribbon with snatches of 
famous political rhetoric. 
The staying-power of rhet- 
oric is exemplified by the fact 
that these speeches are recog- 
nizable by two- or three- 
word extracts. 





Summer 1999 


W. Birch Douglass Iir65 

has been named chairman 

of the search committee for a 

new president of the College. 

A Presidaitfor the Year 2000: 
Search Committee at work 

Last fall. President Samuel Vaughan Wilson announced 
his retirement, which will be efFecti\e on June 30, 2000. 
The Trustees have named W. Birch Douglass III '65 
chairman of the Search Committee that is charged with 
recommending a new president for consideration by the 

Mr. Douglass has said, "We are hoping to recom- 
mend a candidate that will take office officially on 
July 1 , 2000. We could have someone in the office, 
unofficially, as soon as Januan,' 1 , 2000." 

The Search Committee members, appointed by 
General Wilson, include members of the facult}' and 
staff of Hampden-Sydney College, several Trustees, a 
student, and an outside consultant who has been asked 
to sen'e in lieu of the College's hiring a search firm. 

Mr. Douglass has stated that one of the committee's 
main goals is to assure that the long-range plans of the 
College are considered when reviewing the candidates' 

credentials. An extensive list of qualifications has been 
drawn up by the committee; it will guide their delibera- 
tions on the candidates (see box below). 

The Committee expects to review all viable candi- 
dates, and selea candidates for an initial round of inter- 
views in July 1999. By the June 30 application deadline, 
over 1 10 people had applied or been nominated for the 
post. The Search Committee will inter\'iew final candi- 
dates by the end ot October and recommend three to 
five finalists for review by the Executive Committee of 
the Board. The Executive Committee will then nomi- 
nate one candidate for consideration bv the Board of 
Trustees in January 2000. In Februar\- 2000, the H-SC 
Board of Trustees is expeaed to elect the new president, 
who will assume oflice on July 1. 

This fall's issue of the Record W-A feature a re\'iew of 
how the College has changed and progressed imder 
President VCilson during his eight-year term in office. 
The new President will be introduced formallv in the 
spring issue of the Record. 


The ideal candidate for President of Hampden-Sydney College should possess: 

• Respect for mission. The person should respect and embrace the mission of the College, its 
strong sense of communit)', religious heritage rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradidon, and central 
commitment to forming good men and good cidzens in an atmosphere of soimd learning. 

• A distinguished record of achievement and a commitment to excellence. These traits should be 
evidenced by leadership, knowledge about innovation and best practices within higher education, 
a commitment to liberal arts education, and an imderstanding that the relationship betNveen the 
student and facult)' member is at the bean of the educational enterprise. 

• Appropriate values and complete personal integrity. The person's histop,' should demonstrate 
respect for all individuals and the abilit\- to work collegially, to resolve conflicts, and to develop 
positive relationships with faculty, staff, students, trustees, alumni, financial supporters, and other 

• The characteristics of an excellent executive officer. Evidence should demonstrate the abilit}' to 
lead a highly motivated team of senior administrators, to define institutional issues, to develop 
and implement strategic plans, to allocate resources collegially, and to communicate successfiilly 
at personal and public levels. The person should possess financial acumen regarding endowment, 
operating, and capital funds; an understanding of the regulatory environment of higher educa- 
tion; and an ability to meet the challenges of a dynamic educational environment. 

• Experience in and eagerness for all forms of fund-raising. This includes a demonstrated ability' to 
relate to large donors, to obtain major gifts, and to lead intensive fund-raising campaigns. 

• An energetic and effective manner of representing the College to all constituencies and at all levels. 
Evidence should demonstrate an interest and involvement in communin- activities and aflairs 
beyond the campus. 

— Adopted Februat)' 1 999 


Admissions names two assistant deans 

Two May graduates, Meade Whitaker III and Steven 

M. Haas, have joined the admissions office staff as 
Assistant Deans. They replace William "Bray" Bourne 
rV '96, who has returned to Atlanta to work in his 
family's business, and Craig A. Jones '95, who is 
moving to Maryland, where he hopes to work in poli- 
tia. They will join Assistant Dean Dwayne H. Stinson 
'94 and Jason M. Ferguson '95, who has been 
promoted to Associate Dean ot Admissions. 

Mr. Whitaker is from Birmingham, Alabama. 
He majored in managerial economia, was a member of 
Phi Gamma Delta, die H-SC Volunteer Fire Depart- 
ment, and the Prince Edward County Volunteer Rescue 
Squad. He was named to Who 's Who Among Students in 
American Colleges and Universities and was selected for 
membership in Phi Alpha Theta history honor society 
and Omicron Delta Epsilon economics honor society. 

Mr. Haas, of Richmond, has been a member of the 
Student Admissions Committee for three years. His 
other college activities include the lacrosse club, Good 
Men Good Citizens, the Entrepreneurship Society, and 
College Republicans. The drummer in a student band, 
he was a staff writer for The Tiger, had a show on 
WWHS, and served on the Senior Class Campaign 
Committee. He majored in managerial economics. 

Dean of Admissions Anita Garland expressed her 
pleasure at having these two men join the admissions 
staff "Meade and Steve have a tough act to follow, but 
I know they will meet our every expectation. Applica- 
tions were up again this year, and we are determined 
that the positive trend will continue." 

Intercultural director position 
moved tofidl-time 

In the last Record w. was reported that Randy Williams 
'96 had accepted the part-time position of director of 
intercultural and minority affairs. That position has 
been elevated to full-dme status, thanks to a grant from 
the Jesse Ball duPont Fund; Mr. Williams will also 
assume the ride of assistant dean of residence hall life. 

At Hampden-Sydney, the connection with the Pres- 
byterian Church and its mission work brought a few 
Asian students to the College before World War II, and, 
in 1968, the College enrolled its first black student. 
Today, nearly 10% of the student body is made up of 
Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and Native Americans. 

Mr. Williams will assist in the development of the 
orientation program for new students and will serve as a 
resource for minority smdents. He will serve as staff offi- 
cer for the MiJricultural Affairs Committee, which is 
composed of students, faciJty, and administrators. 

New director of planned giving 

Barbara M. Henley has accepted the posirion of Direc- 
tor of Planned Giving at Hampden-Sydney College. 
Ms. Henley had been a gift planning officer at Chil- 
dren's Hospital of The King's Daughters in Norfolk. 
A graduate of Virginia Wesleyan College, she comes to 
Hanrpden-Sydney with experience in planned giving, 
annual giving, capital campaigns, and major gifts. She 
designed and implemented the planned giving program 
at CHKD in 1994, making it the highest income- 
producing development program for the organizarion. 

C. Beeler Brush, Vice President for Development, 
said, 'Tinding a new director of planned giving was 
deemed of paramount importance by both the admin- 
istrarion and the Development Committee of the 
Board. Having a vacancy in that post for almost a year 
has been costly. In Barbara Henley, Hampden-Sydney 
gains a much-needed specialist, yet one whose diverse 
background will contribute to our overall operarion." 

Ms. Henley is enjoying her work at Hampden- 
Sydney. "The greatest feeling in the world," she says, "is 
to go to work for an organization that you admire, like 
the one that I came from and the one that I'm joining. 
Hampden-Sydney has a wonderful reputation in the 
Hampton Roads area, and I am already acquainted with 
Hampden-Sydney alumni who live in that region. I'm 
looking forward to getting to know faculty, staff, and 
alumni, and calling Hampden-Sydney home. My 
husband David is also enthusiastic about our move, as 
the beautiful countryside is a perfect setting for an 



Summer J 999 

Barbara Henley has been 
named director of planned 
giving at the College. 

Three new trustees have been 
elected to the Board: William 
T. M. Newton '89, broker 
associate, Cushrnan & Wake- 
field, Jacksonville, Florida: 
Bruce B. Hopkins '72, exec- 
utive vice president and 
manager of the executive 
financial services division of 
First Tennessee Bank in 
Memphis: and George P. 
Piros '75, M.D., of Savan- 
nah, Georgia. 




Patrick Henry Awards 

On May 6, 1999, the Center tor Leadership in the 
Summer 1999 Public Interest held the annual dinner for Patrick Henn' 
Award recipients. The Patrick Henry Award is given 
annually to alumni who have rendered long and active 
service to their communities. This year's recipients 
included Stewart Bell Jr. '31, J. Robert Bray '60, 
and Ernest Trice Thompson, Jr. '54. 

Mr. Bell served on the Winchester City Council 
from 1954 to 1980, was Vice-Mayor from 1964 to 
1972, and was Mayor from 1972 to 1980. He received 
the John O. Marsh Public Service Award in 1998 and 
the Winchester-Frederick Coimty Chamber of 
Commerce Outstanding Citizen Award in 1990. 

Mr. Bray has served as executive director ol the 
Virginia Port Authority since 1978; he joined the Pon 
Authority in 1967 as General Counsel. Mr. Bray 
received the Hampton Roads Foreign Commerce 
Club's 1990 Commerce Builder Award and in 1996 
was the recipient ot a prestigious Distinguished Service 
Award from the Hampton Roads Maritime Association. 

The Reverend Dr. Thompson received his Master's 
of Divinity degree from Union Theological Seminary in 
1957 and earned a doctorate of ministry from McCor- 

Winners of the 1999 

Patrick Henry Awards: 

Stewart BeU Jr. '31 

(right) with Prendem 

Wilson, J. Robert 

Bray '60 (below right). 

and Ernest Trice 

Thompson, Jr. '54 

(below leji), with his wife 

Jackie and his uncle and 

aunt. Dr. and Mrs. Craves 

H. Thompson '27. 

mick Theological Seminary. He has been actively 
engaged in the Presb\T:erian ministry for over 41 years 
in North Carolina, Louisiana, South Carolina, and 
West Virginia. He has also been active in the Red Cross 
and the YMCA; in South Carolina he served on the 
Governor's Committee on Critical Human Needs. 

The Center for Leadership in the Public Interest is a 
more formal and well-defined approach to Hampden- 
Sydney's long-standing tradition ot educating young 
men for public service. The motto of the program is 
Education for a Decent and Competent Democracy. 

The Center ties the public service education of our 
current students to the continuing education ot the 
College's man\' alumni who already work in local, state, 
and national government. H-S alumni in the public 
sector are invited to participate with students and 
faculty in discussions on problems and issues in public 
affairs. The moderated discussions center on "assigned" 
readings on a selected topic. Alumni share ideas based 
upon their active involvement in the public sector and 
increase their own knowledge through the interchange 
with taculty and students. A recent topic was the "Polit- 
ical Rhetoric " symposiimi held this past spring. 

Among this spring's lectures were a debate-discussion on 
"Ethics and Modem Biology, " with biolog}' professor A>ine 
Lund and College Chaplain William E. Thompson (left); 
a (generally favorable) report on "Life After Hampden- 
Sydney " by James E. Ames LV '73, who teaches at VCU 
(below); and a "shocking seminar" on creativity, moderated 
by rhetoric professor Elizabeth Deis and mathematics profes- 
sor Lee Cohen (center below). 



Sutnmer 1999 

The Glee Club, under the 
direction of fine arts 
professor Lewis Worthington, 
joined the Sweet Briar 
chorus and orchestra to 
perform Pergolesi 's "Stahat 
Mater " and other favorites 
in a series of concerts in 
April The highlight of the 
performance teas the world 
premier of an original 
composition, "New Mass, " 
by senior Roger Hopper. 





Summer 1999 





Major Symposium slated for fall: 
"Prince Edward Stories " 

While issues of education and race are discussed widely 
and on a regular basis in the media and communities 
across the countr)', no discussion of race relations — or, 
indeed, of human rights — ^would be complete without 
the ston,' of Prince Edward Coimt)'. Because of its rich 
and difficiJt history, because of its much-publicized 
struck toward racial equality, this area of Southside 
Virginia serves both as a cause of crisis and as a model 
for success. 

The s)'mposiimi scheduled for this fell will review 
and study the causes and effects of closing the schools 

and will examine what lessons the succeed- 
ing 40 years have for the fumre. 

Actor James Earl Jones will be the 
featured speaker at the closing session, 
reading from the memoirs of the Rever- 
end Vernon Johns, a local preacher who 
was instrumental in the fight for equality 
around the nation. 

TTie symposium is sponsored in part 
by the Virginia Foimdation for the 
Humanities and by a grant from Media 

Alumni and friends of the College are 
invited to attend the symposium. 

"Prince Edward Stones: 

Race,Schoob, America " 

will examine the legacy 

of inequity in the Prince 

Edward school system 

which gave rise to the 

famous student strike 

of 1951 — which in turn 

led to integrated public 

schools across America. 

Prince Edward Stories: Race, Schools, America, A 40th 
Anniversary Retrospective 
October 26-29, 1999 


"Prince Edward: Birthplace of the Civil Rights 

4 pm, Crawley Forum 

Introductory remarks by R. C. Smith, author of 
They Closed Their Schools. 

Responses by Vera Allen, President, Martha E. 
Forrester Council of Women, and former teacher; 

Paul Gaston, Professor Emeritus of History, Univer- 
sity of Virginia. 

Keynote Address 

7:30 pm, Crawley Forum 

A review of the histor\' and current status of civil 
rights in America, and the place of the Prince 
Edward Coimty experience in those developments. 


"Children's Stories: Being First, Being Left Out, 

Wondering What's Going On" 

4 pm, Crawley Forum 

Moderators: Eric GrifiBn and Renee Griffin 

"The Pohtics of Place and the Limits of Law" 

7:30 pm, Crawley Fonom 

A discussion on the relationships among county, 

state, and national agencies in addressing issues 

of race. 


"Education in Prince Edward County Today — 
Strength Through Diversity" 

4 pm, Crawley Forum 

Moderator: James Anderson, former Super- 
intendent of Prince Edward Count)' Public 

Participants include Margaret Blackmon, current 
Superintendent of Prince Edward Counry Public 
Schools, and Ruth Murphy, President of Fuqua 

"Education in the United States: Yesterday, Today, 
and Tomorrow " 

7:30 pm, Crawley Forum 

Robert L. Green, Walker Research Institute, Mich- 
igan State University, will discuss Prince Edward 
Coimty's lessons for education today and in the 



4 pm, R. R. Moton Museum and Communin- 

"The Vernon Johns Story" 
7:30 pm, Kirby Field House 
Actor James Earl Jones reads from the life and writ- 
ings of the Reverend Vernon Johns 
(Sponsored by Bell Adantic) 
Plus a performance by the Richmond Boys Choir. 

Admission to all events is free and open to the public. 
For information about seating and group rescr\'ations, 
call (804) 223-61 14 or visit our website, 


Neivsfrom the clmsroom and beyond 

Faculty Activities 



Summer 1999 

By C. Wayne Tucker, Professor of Classics 

Stanley A. Cheyne (Physics and Astronomy) presented a 
paper on "A study of optoacoustics at the vaporization 
threshold of liquid carbon disulfide" at the 136th meet- 
ing ot the Acoustical Society of America last November. 
He has submitted the paper for publication in the Jour- 
nal of the Acoustical Society of America. In addition, 
Cheyne was invited to serve as a panelist to review 
proposals for grants from the National Science Foimda- 
tion in the Division of Undergraduate Education. The 
meeting, an intense three-day session, was held in Wash- 
ington, D.C., in mid-February. He also attended the 
annual meeting of the Virginia Academy of Science in 
late May. 

A short film, "Monkey Doll," by David N. Ells- 
worth (Library) was screened at the 1999 U.S. Super-8 
Film & Video Festival at Rutgers University, New 
Brunswick, New Jersey; the 1999 South-by-Southwest 
Film Festival in Ausdn, Texas; and the 1999 Dallas 
Video Festival in Dallas, Texas. Ellsworth has also 
received a grant from Flicker Film Festival in Richmond 
for the purchase ot film stock for a documentary film 
project on Cuban architecture. Last fall Ellswonh and 
his colleague in the library, Chandra Gigliotti, gave 
two presentations on "From Cave to Computer: The 
Dead Sea Scrolls in the Classroom," first at the meeting 
of the Consortiiun of College and University Media 
Centers in Santa Cruz, California, and then at a 
Computers on Campus conference in Myrtle Beach, 
South Carolina. The presentation explored the collab- 
oration between the Department ol Religion, Eggleston 
Library, and the Fuqua International Commimications 
Center at the College that brought the Dead Sea Scrolls 
on CD-ROM into the undergraduate classroom and 
resiJted in the production of a multimedia presentation 
at the Virginia Collegiate Honors Council conference in 

David W. Gibson (Economics) presented a paper on 
"CEO Career Path as a Determinant of Organizational 
Change" in April at the national meetings of the Allied 
Academies. This work was presented to the Academy of 
Strategic and Organizational Leadership. 

Robert T. Herdegen III (Psychology) took three 
senior psychology majors to the spring meeting of the 
Virginia Psychological Association in Virginia Beach, 

and with them he presented two papers: he joined 
James C. Vaughan, Jr. '99 in a paper on "The Effects 
of Extrinsic Reward on Intrinsic Motivation"; and 
Bryan S. Sutton '00 and Robert S. Westbrook '99for 

a paper on "The Opponent Process Theory of Motiva- 
tion and the Affective Dynamics of Tattooing." Herde- 
gen also attended the meetings of the Eastern Psycho- 
logical Association with Daniel G. Mossier 
(Psychology). At the convention they were joined by 
seven current smdents and two former students. Herde- 
gen and Mossier presented their paper "Predictors of 
Academic Performance are Different lor College 
Students with and without Learning Disabilities." Moss- 
ier presented two papers, one co-authored by Brian P. 
Mackey '99, "The Use of Accommodations with Learn- 
ing-Disabled College Students: A Level Playing Field or 
an Unfair Advantage?"; and the second, "The Effects of 
In-Service Training on Teachers' Attitudes Toward 
Learning- Disabled School Children," which was co- 
authored by Denison M. (Cord) Livaudais '99 and 
Christopher M. Mercer '01. Additionally, Mossier co- 
authored two papers, one presented by Thompson E. 
Davis III '98 and die odier by C. Baker Wright IV 
'98, both graduate students at East Carohna University. 
Mossler's paper "The Effectiveness of Test-Taking 
Accommodations for College Students with Attention- 
Deficit Disorder and/or Learning-Disability Diagnoses" 
was accepted for presentation at the annual meetings of 
the American Psychological Association this summer in 
Denver. Mercer, Mackey, and Scott Lissner, the direc- 
tor of the Learning Center at Longwood College, collab- 
orated with Mossier on this paper. Herdegen reports 
that the College's senior psychology majors joined their 
counterparts at Longwood College in a presentation of 
their senior research projects in April. 

James D. Janowski (Philosophy) read his paper on 
"Obligations to Objects " at the 27th Annual Confer- 
ence on Value Inquiry, held in April at Central 
Missouri State University in Warrensburg, Missouri. 

In February, Kenneth D. Lehman (History), who 
was on sabbatical leave in the spring, visited Bolivia to 
conduct research in the archives of the Foreign Ministry 
in the capital city of La Paz. He also did preliminary 
research for a project fimded by the Society of the 

er Barrus, political 

Stan Cheyne, physics 

m I'l 

John Eastby, history 





Summer 1999 



^ ^ sk^l 


. < f« 


David Elbwonh, library 

Robert Herdegen, psychology 

Joan McRae, French 

Cincinnati of the State of Virginia to examine how the 
ideas of the /American Revolution influenced Bolivia's 
rebellion against Spanish control a generation later. 
^XTiile in Bolivia, Lehman visited several pre- 
Columbian archxoiogical sites in order to take pictures 
for use in his classes. He reports that a special — if sober- 
ing — experience was a tour of the mines in the Cerro 
Rico at Potosi, mines from which came the biJk of the 
silver extracted from the new worid to be sent to the old 
between 1 500 and 1 550. He also compiled an index for 
his book, The United States and Bolivia: A Limited Part- 
nership, which is scheduled to appear in the fall as pan 
ot the University' of" Georgia's "United States and the 
Americas" series. In Jime Lehman attended the annual 
meeting of the Societ\' of Historians of American 
Foreign Relations at Princeton and delivered a paper, 
"Cubanizing Bolivia and Bohvianizing Cuba," that 
examined how the 1959 Cuban revolution altered rela- 
tions between the United States and the nationalist revo- 
ludonar)' regime in power in Bolivia at the rime. 

This year works by David Dodge Lewis (Fine Arts) 
were selected by juries for one international and two 
national art competirions, as well as one mid- Atlantic 
regional competidon; in the last show his submission 
won the juror's Choice Award. He was also invited to 
participate in nvo group exhibirions, and he did an 
invited slide presentarion and drawing workshop in 
April at the Rhode Island School of Design, the top- 
ranked art school in the country. 

David E. Marion (Political Science) has been 
commissioned to draft a biographical essay on Justice 
William J. Brennan for a forthcoming three-volume 
enc\'clopedia on the Supreme Court. Marion is the 
author ot a book on Justice Brennan, The Jurisprudence 
of Justice William J. Brmnan, Jr.: The Law and Politics 
of "Libertarian Dig)iity" fRowmasi and Littlefield Press, 
1997). Marion, with his polirical science colleagues 
Roger M. Barrus, James F. Pontuso, John H. Eastby, 
and Joseph H. Lane, Jr., have signed a contract widi 
Lexington Books for a collaborative book tentatively 
entided The Deconstitutionalization of America: The 
Legacy of American Progressivism. The book should 
appear sometime during the summer ot 2000. Marion, 
Barrus, and Pontuso have published essays in the Wash- 
ington Times, with Marion and Barrus collaborating on 
a post-impeachment "commentary" section article 
(Sunday, February 14) and Ponnjso writing an article 
on President Clinton and political correctness (Sunday, 
April 1 1). In Februar\' and April, Marion and Barrus 
were joined by Stanley R. Gemborys (Biology) and 
Diana A. Rhoads (Rljetoric and English) as participants 
in workshops tor high school teachers at Montpelier, 
James Madison's plantation home in Orange County. 
The workshops were on "American Character" and 
"Science and the Americin Republic." Pontuso in late 

spring served as the lecnirer for an educational tour of 
Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic, "From 
Empire to Democracy: The Old and New in Eastern 
Europe"; the tour was sponsored by the Esther Thomas 
Atkinson Museum and the Department of Political 

Joan E. McRae (Modem Languages) has signed a 
book contract with a French publishing house for a crit- 
ical edition, with modern French translation, of La Belle 
dame sans mercy suivi des poemes de response, for publica- 
tion in the spring of 2001 . The book will be based on 
the manuscript Biblioth'eque nationale fonds fran^ais 
//J/ of.-MainChanier's 1424 La Belle diime sans merg, 
followed by the poems written in reaction to Chartier's 
work. It will appear in the French publisher Honore 
Champion's series Ckssiques Honore Champion. 

In Februarv' Roxann Prazniak (History) saw the 
publication of her book. Of Camel Kings and Other 
Things: Rural Rebels Against Modernity in Late Imperial 
China, in a series on State and Society in East Asia, 
edited by Elizabeth Perr}' ol Harvard Universitv'. 

In late Februar\' William A. Shear (Biology) partic- 
ipated in a program with five other pala-ontologists at the 
opening of a new wing and new exhibits at the Burpee 
Museiun of Natural Histon' in Rockford, Illinois. Also 
on the program were dinosaur superstars Jack Horner 
and John Ostrom. Shear gave two lectures on the early 
development of terrestrial ecos\'stems. During spring 
break, he traveled to the Universitv' ot Manchester in 
England to work with his colleague Paul Selden and to 
serve as the chief external examiner ot the thesis ot one of 
Selden's doctoral smdents. Heather 'Wilson, with whom 
Shear will be collaborating in the future on fossil myria- 
pods; Wilson has taken a postdoctoral position at the 
Universiu' of Man'land. The next issue of American 
Scientist, die magazine ot Sigma Xi, the national science 
research honorary society, will carr}' a feature article by 
Shear on millipeds, the first time the publication has 
published three articles by the same audior. The first two 
articles, on early terrestrial ecosystems and on the evolu- 
tion of spider webs, were republished in two collections 
of readings tor undergraduate students. Two additional 
articles, these on new species ot millipeds from China, 
are to be published in the journal Myriapodologica, and a 
third anicle is due in the Journal of Paleontology describ- 
ing an important new fossil arachnid trom a site in Penn- 

Susan M. Smith (Modern Languages), who taught as 
a visiting ptotessor ot Spanish during the past year and in 
the fall will hold a tenure-track position, has had an essay 
on "The Female Trinit\' ot Sot Marcela de FelLx" 
published in a new book. Engendering the Early Modern 
Stage: Womm Playwrights of the Spanish Empire, edited 
by Valerie Hegstrom and Amy Williamsen tor the 
University Press ot the South. 


In addition to his other duties, William E. Thomp- 
son (College ChdpLi'tn) has taught an occasional kesh- 
man seminar, including one tor honors scholars. Last 
fall he gave the principal address at Union Theological 
Seminary's Centennial Commemoration ol its move 
from Hampden-Sydney to Richmond's Ginter Park; 
he spoke on the reasons for the move. President Samuel 
V. Wilson also brought greetings from the parent insti- 
tution at the centennial luncheon afterward. In Febru- 
ary Thompson spoke at a meeting of Roanoke's Civil 
War Round Table on the topic ot "The Hampden- 
Sydney Boys of 1 861 ," the first collegiate military unit 
of either the North or the South to be under fire in the 
American Civil War. 

At the annual conference of the Virginia Association 
of Economists, Kenneth N. Townsend (Economics) 
was designated a Distinguished Fellow ot the associa- 
tion. This occasional award is given in recognition of 
exemplary service to the organization. Townsend has 
served the VAE as secretary, member of the Board of 
Directors, and president. He currendy co-edits the 
Virginia Economic Journal with David Garraty of 
Virginia Wesleyan College. William R. Hendley 
(Economics) is a former recipient of the honor. 

This spring, C. Wayne Tucker (Classics) attended 
two annual conventions. The first, held in Athens, 
Georgia, was sponsored by Eta Sigma Phi, the honorary 
classics society for undergraduates, of which Tucker is 
the executive secretary. He was accompanied by a new 
initiate of Beta Theta Chapter at the College, Matthew 
C. Fryman '02. The second, in Cleveland, was the 
meering of the Classical Association of the Middle West 
and South, of whose Southern Section Tucker is secre- 
tary-treasurer. In late spring he participated in the 

Museum-Department of Political Science tour ot East- 
ern Europe and in July in the Mediterranean Society's 
"Seminar on the Romans in North Italy, " both of 
which he helped to organize. 

"leaching Academic Literacy: The Uses ot Teacher- 
Research in Developing a Writing Program," co-edited 
by Katherine J. Weese (English) with colleagues from 
the University ot Wisconsin at Madison, was published 
in the spring by Lawrence Erlbaum Publishers, Inc. 
The collection ot essays, on teaching first-year college 
composition, is intended tor composition teachers and 
composition program administrators. Weese also 
presented two papers at conferences: "The Role of the 
Soundtrack in Atom Egoyan's The Sweet Hereafter" was 
delivered at the Literature/Film Association's Inter- 
national Conference in Towson, Maryland, in the fall of 
1998; and " 'The Mind is Kind': Memory, Incest 
Stories, and Narrative Form in The Sweet Hereafter" was 
co-delivered with G. Daniel Weese (Psychology) at Dart- 
mouth College in May tor the International Conference 
on Narrative Literature. The interdisciplinary paper 
combines the approaches of psychology and literature- 
film criticism. 

In April Patrick A. Wilson (Philosophy) 
presented a paper on "Can Evolution Justify Morality? " 
and participated in two invited panels, one on "Design 
in die Universe" and the second on "God, Freedom, 
and Evil," at the Institute for Liberal Studies Confer- 
ence on Science and Culture. Last fall Wilson attended 
the American Philosophical Association meeting in 
Washington, the Virginia Philosophical Association 
meeting in Newpon News, and the Chapel Hill 



Summer 1999 

Roxann Prazniak. history 


THETigCORDOF „ . , ... 

HAMPDEN-SYDNEY ^p^tng sports keep up the winningpace 

Summer 1999 

emester Sports 

By Dan McCormick '95, Sports Information Director 

All-American rtiidfielder 
Doug Palmer '99 

up the successful pace of the 1998-99 
athletic seasons, as two of the four 
had representatives in post-season play. 
The lacrosse team finished with an 11-4 record, a top- 
10 national ranking, and won its first-ever NCAA tour- 
nament game. The golf team claimed the Virginia State 
Title, and John Mears '00 was one of just five indi- 
viduals to advance to the Division III NCAA Golf 
Championships. Tennis player Bryan Duquette '00 
posted a 16-1 record on his way to ODAC Player-of- 
the-Year honors and helped H-SC to a runner-up finish 
at the ODAC tournament. And while the H-SC base- 
ball team finished with a 9- 1 8 
record, almost the entire roster 
returns for the next two seasons. 


The lacrosse team concluded 
another outstanding season with 
an 11-4 record and appearance 
in the NCAA Quanerfinals. 
For the first time in the 
program's history, the Tigers 
made consecutive appear- 
ances in the NCAA Cham- 
pionships. With a 17-9 win 
over ODAC rivals Lynch- 
burg in the opening 
round, H-SC claimed its 
first-ever win in five 
After playing through some early-season 
setbacks, the Hampden-Sydney lacrosse team found its 
rhythm, ratding off eight wins in its final ten games 
while pushing its national ranking to No. 9. 

H-SC opened the season with three convincing 
wins, including a 17-2 tally in the opener against Divi- 
sion 11 Pfeiffer. Faced with some key injuries and strong 
competition, the Tigers faltered a bit, losing two games 
to ranked opponents by a combined three goals. 

Standing 3-2 after five games, Hampden-Sydney 
racked up seven consecutive wins, which was the 

second-longest winning streak in the nation at the 
time. Included in that streak were five consecutive 
ODAC wins and an 8-6 win over Gettysburg, which 
climbed to No. 1 in the nation. 

Much of H-SCs success can be attributed to an 
outstanding team defense. The Tigers have been nadon- 
ally ranked all season in that category and are currendy 
in the top four, allowing just six goals per game. A trio 
of Ail-Americans, goalie Scott Ketcham '99 and 
defensemen Ward Smith '99 and Tom Oast '00, have 
led a defense which has allowed tour or fewer goals in 
six of the 15 games. A pair of senior Ail-Americans led 
the offensive charge: attackman Chamie Burroughs 
'99 netted a team-leading 35 goals this season, while 
midfielder Doug Pahner '99 had 29 goals and 1 1 

Combined with the 1998 team' effons, H-SC 
posted two records. The Tigers' 23 wins over two 
seasons is the best-ever at H-SC, while the 1 1 consec- 
utive ODAC wins is also a College-best. 

Five Tigers earned both All-ODAC and USILA All- 
America honors this season. Palmer was a Second-Team 
All-America selecrion, while Burroughs and Smith were 
Third-Team selecrions. Oast and Ketcham were Honor- 
able Mention picks. 


The golf team proved to be one of the most successful 
teams at Hampden-Sydney this spring. Along with six 
tournament tides came the 1999 Virginia State Cham- 
pionship, H-SC's first-ever as a member of the college 
division. The Tigers had tour of the top ten finishers in 
the event, which featured all the Division II and III 
teams from the state. H-SC fired a two-round team 
total of 617, 11 strokes better than the runner-up. 

Individually, John Mears and John WilHams '00 
led the Tigers all season. Both juniors, Mears and 
Williams shared top individual honors tor H-SC in all 
1 1 tournaments. Mears, from Birjniiigham, Alabama, 
was one of just five individuals chosen to play in the 
NCAA Division III Men's Golf Championships. He 
opened the event with a 75 and was tied tor 11 th place 
after the opening round. He posted scores of 76, 77, 


and 81 over his final three rounds, and finished with 
a 77.3 stroke average in the four days, to finish in a tie 
for 28th place among the 1 20 participants. Meats was 
named the 1999 ODAC Player of the Year after posting 
a 76. 1 stroke average in his 1 8 rounds. He was H-SC's 
top finisher six times and claimed individual medalist 
honors in two separate tournaments. Mears shot below 
80 in 1 5 of 1 8 rounds this year, and posted his third 
consecutive top-five finish at the ODAC Tournament. 

Williams, an Appomattox native, went on a mid- 
season tear this spring, claiming medalist honors in 
three consecutive tournaments. He posted a two-day 
total of 147 to claim the individual tide at the State 
Championships, and fired a Tiger season-low 69 at the 
H-SC Invitational. 


Fifteen freshman, five sophomores, a pair of juniors, 
and a senior — in a game that requires experience and 
depth, Hampden-Sydney had neither to start the 1 999 
baseball season. 

Yet as the Tigers got further into the season, the 
young group began to play with more and more confi- 
dence, finishing with a 9-1 8 mark, a better record than 
any other H-SC baseball team in the last five years. 

The Tigers opened the season winning just two of 
the opening twelve games, but played almost .500 ball 
for the final fifteen games. After a slow 0-4 start in 
ODAC games, H-SC posted a 6-6 record in the ODAC 
to finish 6-10. The sue ODAC wins where the most by 
a H-SC team since 1993. Though the Tigers finished in 
a tie for ninth place in the ODAC, they were just two 
games behind the numbet-four team in the conference. 

Freshman Brandon Hall proved himself to be the 
ace of the pitching staff, finishing die season with a 5-2 
record and 4.04 ERA. After opening the season vwth an 
0-2 mark, he won five consecutive decisions and ended 
the year with a 4- 1 record in ODAC games. He led the 
pitching staff with five complete games, and was second 
in innings and strikeouts. Hall had two of H-SC's 
biggest wins ot the year, snapping a sbc-game losing 
streak by firing a complete game in a 2-1 win over 1 999 
ODAC Champions Bridgewater and pitching sbc 
innings in relief to help H-SC win over Fernim. 

Walt Bondurant, the only senior on the roster, 
concluded his career with the best game of his four 
years, throwing a four-hit complete game shutout in 
H-SC's home finale. Bondurant struck out four and 
worked out of bases-loaded, one-out jams in both the 
fifth and sixth innings. He was H-SC's leader in innings 
and strikeouts and was second in wins and ERA. 

Freshman David Szymanski led the way for the 
Tiger offense, leading the team in four statistical cate- 
gories. His .382 average led the way for H-SC, as did 

runs. A second-team vMl-ODAC selection, Szyman- 
ski was also one of fisur Tigers to play in all 27 games. 
Neal Herndon, also a fi-eshman, was H-SC's top RBI 
man with 22; he started all 27 games at shortstop. 


With a roster which featured just 
two returning players, third-year 
coach Bert Molinary did not 
know what to expect from his 
1999 tennis team. He had his ace- 
in-the-hole with 1998 ODAC 
Player ol the Year Bryan 
Duquette, but many other ques- 
tions in the line-up would have 
to be answered. 

Led by Duquette, the Tigers 
finished with a 9-5 record and a 
twelfth consecutive top-three 
finish at the ODAC Cham- 
pionships. H-SC claimed one 
individual tide (Duquette at No. 1 singles), had 
four other appearances in the championship match, and 
recorded four third-place finishes. In the sLx singles 
flights and three doubles flights, the Tigers finished no 
worse than third. 

After a slow start in the dual season, the Tigers went 
through a midseason hot stretch which saw them claim 
seven wins in eight matches. Of H-SC's five losses, three 
came against regionally-ranked Division III opponents. 
In three of the five losses, the Tigers were also within 
one point of claiming the win. After ratding off the 
seven wins in eight matches, the Tigers fell to two of 
their toughest opponents, suffering a pair of road losses 
to a pair ot top-seven teams in the region. H-SC 
concluded its dual season with a thrilling 4-3 win over 
St. Mary's, as No. 6 Rob Light '02 posted a come- 
irom-behind three-set win to clinch the match. 

Along with the No. 1 singles dde for the second year 
in a row at the ODAC Championships, Bryan 
Duquette was again named the ODAC Player of the 
Year. He cruised to the ride this year, dropping just nine 
games in the three matches. He posted a 6-0, 6-0 win in 
the quarterfinals, and a 6-1, 6-0 win in the semifinals. 
In the finals, he posted a 6-4, 6-4 win to claim the ride. 
Duquette posted a 16-1 record in singles, including an 
11-0 mark in ODAC play. He teamed with John Moss 
'02 for a 14-3 record in doubles, 9-2 in ODAC play. 

Hampden-Sydney concluded its season just eight 
points behind Washington & Lee in the final standings. 
The Tigers return their enrire team for next year: coach 
Molinary's roster featured a jimioi, a sophomore, and 
five fi-eshmen, and all seven should be back for a run at 
the ride next season. 



Summer 1999 

Shortstop Neal Herndon '02 


THE -hecord of 


Summer 1 999 


Jeremy Harris (above) in the 
national championship game 
against Wisconsin-Platteville. 






Summer 1999 

Run To A Championship 

Michael Via 77 

What a wonderful run to the NCAA Championship, 
t certainly was an exciting and magnificent trip. 
Besting the likes ot John Carroll, Conn. College, & R-MC, 
You are the class of ODAC and all of Division III. 
You have made a name for yourselves on your way to #1, 
No doubt the first of many, the trip has only just begun. 
We look forward to watching you run up and down the floor, 
On future trips down the road to the Final 4, 
Scoring points oft of your pressure defense, 
While executing to perfection your half-court offense. 
You have given us so much joy and pride, 
So much so we just can't hide or keep inside. 
You have accomplished so much for old H-SC, 
While at the same time making school history. 
You've worked so hard as a team with such dedication. 
Not to mention receiving a first class, quality education. 
Along the way, you've built beautifiil relationships. 
Exhibited your integrity, developed character and friendships. 
Those who graduate will be sorely missed. 
Their contributions certainly can't be dismissed. 
You will go down as one of the best teams of all times, 
With players like Robbins, Habenicht, Garst, Hobbs and 

Next year Hampden-Sydney is sure to be a top pick. 
Thanks to the reputation of coaches Shaver and Vick. 
Thank you for the memories this year and in the past. 
Your accomplishments and legacy will forever last. 

LEFT: The Salem Civic 
Center was packed to the raft- 
ers as the Tigers gai'e Wiscon- 
sin-Platteville a double- 
overtime run for the national 

A proftssionally-produced 
videotape of the Final Four 
and Championship games is 
available ftom the Athletic 
Office, for $20 plus $3 S&H. 
Send a check payable to 
"Hampden-Sydney College ' 
to P. O. Box 698. Hampden- 
Sydney. VA 23943-0698. 
Phone (804) 223-6151. 




Summer 1999 

Class Notes 

Compiled fiom information recei fed before May 30, 1999. 

J. ROBERT BRAY'60 has 
been elected Chairman of the 
Board for the American Asso- 
ciation of Port Authorities 


has been named general chair 

of the major gifts campaign 

for Dabney S. Lancaster 

Community College. 



III '48 presents FRANK 

NANNEYJR 56 (at left) 

with his commission as a 

Kentucky Colonel 


pastor emeritus of the Providence 
Presbvterian Church in Virginia 
Beach, is also the parish associate of 
the Presbyterian Parish of the Valleys 
and of First Presbyterian Church in 
Winchester. He recently became 
Chaplain of Shenandoah Vallev 
Westminster-Canterbur\', a retire- 
ment communit)'. He was formerly 
the pastor of the Prospect Presbyter- 
ian Church in Mooresville, Nonh 
Carolina, and a chaplain in the 
Army during World War II. Mr. 
McDonald has served as moderator 
for the four Presbyteries, and has 
four times been a commissioner to 
the General Assembly. 

called the "dean of lobbyists," by the 
quanerly magazine Virginia Capitol 
Connections. Mr. Priddy was the 
subject of a feature article in the fall 
1998 issue, and was on the maga- 
zine's cover. He was specifically 
praised tor having maintained a 
reputation for ethical behavior in a 
profession which by its nature poses 
the occasional moral dilemma. 

Governor James Gilmore has re- 
appointed Dr. SHELTON HARD- 

AWAY SHORT III chairman of 
Virginia's United Nations Day activ- 
ities. Observed on October 24, the 
one-dav annual event recognizes the 
contributions of the United Nations 
and ot the individuals who have 
helped to promote its mission. 
Governor Gilmore said of Dr. Short, 
"He embodies the principles of inter- 
national cooperation and ser\'ice 
which the U.N. promotes. " 


On October 1 1, 1998, RICHARD 
L. NEWKIRK was elected pastor 
emeritus of Marlinton Presbyterian 
Church in Marlinton, West 
Virginia, in recognition of twenty- 
two and a halt years of service. The 
previous day, he attended the foni- 
eth reunion of his class of 1958 at 
Union Theological Seminary in 
Richmond. Mr. Newkirk and his 
wife Paula also spent two weeks in 
Prague with their son Mark and his 
wife Veronica. 

recently commissioned a Kentucky 
Colonel, the highest honor given by 
the state of Kentucky, by Governor 
Paul E. Patton. Dr. Shelton Hard- 
away Short III '48 presented the 
award to Mr. Nanney. The award is 
given to outstanding men and 

women all around the world in 
recognition of valuable contributions 
to their communities. Mr. Nanney is 
the former owner and publisher 
emeritus of the South Hill news- 


CHARLES E. KING, Clerk of the 
Gloucester County Circuit Court, 
has retired after 36 years of service. 
He began his career as a deput)' clerk 
in 1963. 

J. ROBERT BRAY was elected 
Chairman of the Board for the 
American Association of Port 
Authorities at its annual meeting on 
March 22, 1999. Mr. Bray will be 
formally installed in late September. 
The association represents more than 
140 public port authorities in the 
United States, Canada, Latin Amer- 
ica, and the Caribbean. 

JR., has been working in Kyrgyzstan 
for nine months, managing a cigar- 
ette factor)'. He has also been over- 
seeing the construction of a new 
factory that will supply Reemtsma 
products to the Central Asian coun- 
tries ot the CIS. 

M. LYLE LACY has been named 
deputy city manager Danville. He 
had been the town manager for 
Front Roval. 

ton Forge has been named general 
chair for the "Today's Investment 
tor Tomorrow's Future " major-gifts 
campaign ot the Dabney S. Lancas- 
ter Community College Educational 
Foundation. In 1998 Mr. Wilson 
received the Patrick Henr)- 
Public Service Award from 
Hiimpden-Sydney College's Center 
for Leadership in the Public Interest, 
in recognition of his contributions 
to his communit}' and to the 


JR., has joined Davenport & 
Company LLC in Richmond, as first 
vice president of investments. 

GEORGE McVEY, former head- 
master of St. Christopher's School in 
Richmond and president of the 
Virginia Council for Private Educa- 
tion, was recently featured in an arti- 
cle in the Richmond Times- Dispatch 
about standardized testing in private 
and public county schools in 
Virginia. Mr. McVey explained that 
a private school can exist without 
accreditation from his or any other 
organization, and can teach the 
curriculum of its choice. Standard- 
ized testing is not a requirement, 
however desirable it may be as a 
universal benchmark of academic 
quality. "Different schools in 
Virginia cater to different groups of 
people," he said. "Some gear up their 
graduates for admission to highly 
competitive colleges and universities. 
Others find a niche in taking average 
students and giving them personal 
attention that might make them 
more successfial. " 



announced that he will step down in 
April 2000 as chairman and chief 
executive officer of Trigon Health 
Care, Inc., which provides health- 
care insurance to about 1 .8 million 
members. Mr. Davis, who has 
worked at Trigon for 3 1 years, plans 
to get more involved with his family 
and the community. 


JULIOUS P. SMITH, JR., of Rich- 
mond has been reelected chairman 
of the board and president of the law 
firm of Williams, Mullen, Christian 
& Dobbins. Mr. Smith advises 
clients in corporate and business 
matters and is a partner in the 
Corporate Section. 

assume the presidency of the 
Virginia State Bar in July. He is a 
partner in the litigation section of 
Williams, Mullen, Christian & 



Headmaster of Brenau Academy, 

the only all-girls boarding school in 
Georgia, escorted 50 students to 
Rome, Florence, and Venice for 
eight days in the summer of 1 998. 
Dr. Booth is also a Dean of Brenau 

LOUIS BRIEL has been 
selected to paint the official portrait 
of Thomas P. O'Malley, the Pres- 
ident of Loyola-Marymount Univer- 
sity. Mr. Briel moved from Rich- 
mond to Los Angeles in January 

On Jan. 23, 1999, the Honorable 

appointed by the General Assembly 
to a six-year term as General District 
Court judge serving Culpeper, 
Orange, and Madison counties. 

was elected to a two-year term on 
the Board of Directors of the 
Virginia Social Studies Consortium. 
The consortium is made up of 
college professors and history or 
social science educators throughout 
Virginia, who give direction for the 
programs in Virginia's schools. Dr. 
Woodall is supervisor of instruction 
for Loudoun County Public Schools 
and an adjunct professor at Shenan- 
doah University. 


recently appointed Commissioner of 
Accounts for Shenandoah County. 

Roanoke is the Virginia Bar Associa- 
tion's immediate past president; he 
will continue to serve on the Exec- 
utive Committee in 1999. He is a 
founding member of the law firm of 
Flippin, Densmore, Morse, Ruther- 
ford & Jessee. 

joined Global Vacation Group, Inc., 
as general counsel and secretary. 
He had been with American Express 
TRS Company Inc., as the senior 
counsel of its Travel Group. 


DAVID S. MERCER received the 
James R. Treese Award for outstand- 
ing service to the Lawyers-Helping- 
Lawyers Program, on Jan. 16, 1999, 
during the 109th Annual Meedng of 
The Virginia Bar Association. He is 
a partner in the law firm Mays & 


in Ale 


SAM PURVL\NCE of Wakefield 
writes a column for the Sussex Sunj 
Dispatch called "Your Personal 

Dr. JAMES McS. 'WELLS has 
been reelected to a second four-year 
term as a county commissioner in 
Carteret County, North Carolina. 
He is also chairman of the Carteret 
County Board of Health. Dr. Wells 
has a general dental practice in 
Morehead City. 


JERRY FULKS has been elected 
chairman of the Georgia Hospital 
Association for the year 2000. 



M.D. has reported for duty at Naval 
Medical Center, Portsmouth. He 
joined the Navy in 1977. 

Beach, Florida, has been named to 
the Board of Directors of Westmark 
Mortgage Corp., a subsidiary of 
Westmark Group Holdings, a 
wholesale subprime lender operating 
in more than twenty-six states. He is 
senior vice president of national 

has been promoted to principal 
scientist with the Proctor & Gamble 
Company at its Ivorydale Technical 
Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. 


HOWARD B. WATERS received a 
1999 Humanitarian Award for the 
Virginia Peninsula area from the 
National Council for Community 
and Justice. He is president of the 
Waters Advenising Agency in 
Newport News. 

JR., has been named to the South 
Carolina advisory board of Wacho- 
via Bank, N.A. He also serves on the 
executive committee of the Inter- 
national Association of Ports and 
Harbours, and on the board of direc- 
tors of the American Association of 
Port Authorities. He is the president 
and chief executive officer of the 
South Carolina State Ports 



Summer 1999 

At a convention of tree fann- 
ers, Dr Shelton H. Short III 

'48 and Ray A. Moore, Jr. 

'41 met with VPI arborist 
John Hosner. 

will step down as head of 
Trigon Healthcare in April 





Summer 1999 

"I haven't even 
started thinking 
about retirement 
I'm enjoying my- 
self too much. " 


W. Birch Douglass III 

'65, planner, lawyer, 



W, Birch 
Douglass III '65 

Birch Douglass believes in planning, 
and planning after considering all 
the facts thoroughly. This makes 
him eminently suitable for the chair- 
manship of the Search Committee 
charged with finding a President for 
Hampden-Sydney College. 

"I believe that the next President 
of Hampden-Sydney, whether he 
comes from a background of 
development or a background of 
academia, will have to have knowl- 
edge of both," he says. "A leader ft)r 
the 2 1st century must to be able to 
straddle those roles." 

Mr. Douglass has a long-time 
association with Hampden-Svdney. 
His father, the late W. Birch Doug- 
lass, Jr. was a member of the class of 
1 936 and a gifted athlete, inducted 
into the Athletic Hall of Fame in 
1990. His brother is Charles M. 
Douglass '69; a cousin, Thomas G. 
Douglass, graduated in 1979. 

After graduating from Hampden- 

Sydney, magna mm kude, Mr. 
Douglass earned a degree from the 
T. C. Williams School ot Law, 
University of Richmond, and subse- 
quently a Master's of Laws degree 
(LL.M) from the Harvard University 
Law School. He is a partner at 
McGuire Woods Battle & Boothe, 
concentrating in the firm's Trusts 
and Estates Group. 

Mr. Douglass came to McGuire 
Woods & Battle (prior to Boothe) in 
1969, straight out ot Harvard Law. 
He thinks he was fortunate to have 
as his mentor the renowned tax 
attorney Carl Davis. "I'll never ftjrget 
something Carl Davis told me," 
recalls Mr. Douglass. "He said, 
'Birch, clients don't hire us to tell 
them they can't do something. They 
hire us to tell them how it is possible 
for them to have something done. 
Your job is to find the key to unlock 
the door to allow them to get where 
they need to go in a legal, straight- 
forward manner — and it must be 
accomplished in a simple, efficient 
way.' And that's what 1 have aimed 
to do all these years. " 

Elected to Phi Beta Kappa , he 
was also a member of Omicron 

Delta Kappa leadership fraternity 
and of Kappa Alpha social fraternity. 
(He is a member of the Richmond 
Kappa Alpha Alumni Association.) 

A taste for leadership is evident in 
his participation, not only as a 
member of the College's Board ot 
Trustees, but also as the chairman of 
the Executive Committee of the 
Board of Associates at the University 
of Richmond. His planning skills are 
also useful to the Virginia Museum 
of Fine Arts Foundation, where he 
serves as a board member. 

Since his election to our Board 
in 1991, Mr. Douglass has served on 
numerous committees, including 
Student Affairs and Development; 
Major Gifts; Corporations and 
Foundations; and Campaign to 
Sustain the Mission; he has been a 
member of the Long Range Plan- 
ning Committee since 1993. His 
enthusiasm was a major impetus in 
the formation of the 1776 Society, 
which recognizes those who have 
invested in Hampden-Sydney 
through planned gifts (such as 
bequests or trusts). 

Mr. Douglass is a Fellow ot both 
the American College of Tax Coun- 
sel and the American College of 
Trust and Estate Counsel. He is also 
a member of the Family Firm Insti- 
tute and lectures frequently on tax 
subjects. He is a published author in 
several professional magazines, and 
has taught several advanced courses 
for The American College. 

A profile of Mr. Douglass, in 
Ruimiond Magazine (March '99), 
obser\'ed, "When Birch Douglass has 
the time, he enjovs working cross- 
word puzzles. And that kind of 
concentration, though to a greater 
degree, is required when he is figur- 
ing out for his clients how to insure 
the financial security of a child or 
spouse, the continued stability of a 
companv, or how to prevent taxes 
from taking a huge chunk of inher- 

The author also asked about his 
future plans. "People are starting to 
ask Douglass about retirement. 'Oh, 
1 haven't even started thinking about 
retirement. I'm enjoying myself too 
much,' responded Birch Douglass." 
One thing, however, is for certain. 
^Tien Mr. Douglass is readv tor 
retirement, he will h.ivc prepared tor 
it — thoroughly. 


AuthoritA'. I 

been named to the board of direc- 
tors of Branch Cabell & 
Company, a banking and invest- 
ment firm in Richmond. i 

The law firm of Sands Anderson 
Marivs & Miller, PC recently 
named C. THOMAS EBEL to 
its board ot directors. , 


recendy been appointed by 
Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore to , 
a four-year term on the Criminal i 
Justice Service Board. He also 
serves as chairman of the John 
Tyler Community College Foun- i 

dation Board. Mr. Baril is a part- ' 

net in the law firm Williams, 
Mullen, Christian, & Dobbins in 


G. MICHAEL PACE, JR., has been 
appointed managing partner of the 
law firm Gentry, Locke, Rakes, & 
Moore in Roanoke. The firm is the 
second-largest in Virginia west of 
Richmond, employing 50 lawyers. 

holder in the law firm Spurgin & 
Jaramillo, P.A., is opening an office 
in Orlando, Florida. The firm also 
has offices in Tampa and Miami. 



been promoted to manager of sales 
administration & operations at a 
biotechnical pharmaceutical 
company in Malvern, Pennsylvania. 
featured in a Richmond Times- 
Dispatch anicle that highlighted his 
successful furniture store in Rich- 
mond. Although the Leo Burke 
Furniture store in Carytown was 
destroyed by fire in 1992, Mr. Burke 
made the decision to rebuild and 
expand his business during a difficult 
economic downturn. According to 
the article, "Some competitors, 
customers, and industry analysts 
wondered how Leo Burke was going 
to puJl off the changes at a time 
when some furniture stores couldn't 
survive and while others were 
expanding their turf " Yet he 





Sept. 4 

Sewanee (H) 

1 p.m. 

Sept. 11 

Gettysburg (H) 

1 p.m. 

Sept. 18 


Sept. 25 

Guilford (A)* 

1 p.m. 

Oct. 2 

Bridgewater (H) * 


1 p.m. 

Oct. 9 

Emory & Henry (A)* 

1 p.m. 

Oct. 16 

Washington & Lee (H)» 


1 p.m. 

Oct. 23 

Catholic (A) 

1 p.m. 

Oct. 30 

Davidson (A) 

1 p.m. 

Nov. 6 

Maryville (H) 


1 p.m. 

Nov. 13 

Randolph-Macon (A)' 

1 p.m. 

Head Coach: Phil Culicerto 

* Old Domiiion Athletic Conference games 


managed to more than double the 
size of the store, from 9,000 square 
feet at the time of the fire to over 
19,000 square feet today. A leading 
furniture industry analyst, Wallace 
W. Epperson, Jr., of Mann, Armi- 
stead & Epperson in Richmond, said 
that part of the success was due to 
the reputation the company has 
nurtured since its founding 40 years 
ago. Mr. Epperson said, "Leo Burke 
is one ot the great local retail fran- 
chises that has built up credibility 
over all of these decades." 

has been named president and CEO 
of Continuum Software ot Woburn, 
Massachusetts. The company builds 
software that speeds up deadline- 
critical enterprise applications. Mr. 
Utt said, "Continuum's objective is 
to become the leading provider of 
highly accelerated solutions for enter- 
prise applications." 


DAVID CULLEN has left a posi- 
tion as executive director of the 
Thomas Jefferson Emergency Medi- 
cal System (EMS) Council in Char- 
lottesville to take a position with the 
Office of EMS, Virginia Depan- 
ment ot Health. Mr. Cullen will be 
working to "improve the EMS 
system." Mr. Cullen coaches litde 
league baseball and "plays as much 
golf as possible." 

BRYAN DAVID is the count)- 
administrator in Brunswick. He was 

recently featured in an article in 
The Brunswick Time-Gazette that 
highlighted his achievements and 
career path. Mr. David received a 
Master's degree in urban planning 
from VCU in 1990 and went to 
work as an environmental planner 
tor Isle of Wight County. He 
worked there seven years, until 
lune 1997 when he accepted the 
position in Brunswick. The article 
said, "As county administrator, 
David is responsible for the day- 
to-day operation of the 
county, but works tor the 
Board ot Supervisors and 
the 1 8,000 people in the 
county. "I present the 
Board the information they need 
to help them form an opinion," 
Mr. David said. "If they ask me 
for an opinion I will give it to 
them. But I don't have a lock on 
smans, knowing all the answers; I 
am a team player in this." Mr. David 
and his wife Jamie have twin 3-year- 
old daughters, Ann Claire and Mary 
Paige, and a year-old daughter Lane 

M.D. made his second trip to 
Roumania in May 1999, as the only 
doctor among 22 Baptist pastors and 
laymen. They did evangelistic and 
medical work in the city of Craiova. 
Dr. Leggett said that during his first 
trip to Roumania, "My Hampden- 
Sydney training in chemistry and 
Greek was of great practical benefit." 


promoted to director of human 
resources for the Parke-Davis 
research division of Warner-Lambert 
company in Morris Plains, New 
Jersey. He is responsible for employ- 
ment and human resource planning 
for all employees. 

performed with the Center Stage 
Players in the play Second Time 
Around. He is also on the new board 
of directors for the West Virginia 
chapter of the Better Government 
Bureau. Mr. Jeter is working on a 
tourism-related project for the 
Midland Trail in West Virginia; his 
Corridor Management Plan attempts 
to formulate a consistent scheme for 
making the Trail a tourist draw. Mr. 
Jeter said, "^Tiat I'm really proud ot 




Summer 1999 

a commissioner of Carteret 
County, North Carolina. 

is a director ofWestmark 
Mortgage Corp. 

is a director of Branch Cabell 
& Company in Richmond. 





Summer 1999 

is apamier with Kilpatrick 
Stockton in Winston-Salem. 

is that my co-collaborator and 
I decided to take some unusual 
approaches to it. Instead of making 
it a dry, technical piece of drab 
bureaucratese, we're writing it with 
histor\' tales, market analyses not 
only of different segments of society-, 
but even of the different generations; 
and even some lists of geology, 
faima, and flora on the Trail." 
Mr. Jeter is also a part-time adjunct 
taculn* member at West Virginia 
State College, where he teaches 

W. MARK CONGER has been 
named a partner with the law firm 
Kilpatrick Stockton in Winston- 
Salem, Nonh Carolina. He is also a 
member of the United Way's Fund 
Distribution Cabinet, president of 
the Forsyth Flumane Societ}', and 
president of his local chapter of the 
Hampden-Sydney Aliunni Associa- 

ROBERT DUKE has been 
promoted to the post of vice pres- 
ident for finance and administration 
at Competitive Telecommunications 
Association in Alexandria. 


moved to California as an associate 
attorney with Fenwick and West, 
LLP, one of the leading law firms 
working with computer technology 
companies in Silicon Valley. 


became a partner in the law firm 
Willis & Ashby in January 1999. 
He has been an associate of the firm 
since August 1 996. 

been featured in Virginia Business 
Observer 3S the hottest young hwyer 
to watch in the Hampton area. 

his wife Brooke have lormed Teefey 
& Teefey, P.C., a general-practice 
law firm with an emphasis on crim- 
inal, domestic, and civil litigation. 

SCOTT D. VINSON and his 
wife Ann worked together as pres- 
ident and vice president of a 10-store 
Little Caesar's chain Irom 1994 to 
1997. They won national awards for 




1990, 1991, 

1992, 1993, 

1994, or 1995, 

here's how: 

• You con pick them up 

at the booth on campus 

during Homecoming on 

October 1 6. 

• You can send $2.50 

for postage, for each 

volume you request, to 

Don Draper, Editor, Box 

655, Hampden-Sydney. 

VA 23943. 

sales increases and recognition for 
operations excellence, as well as 
Most Improved for 1993-1994. 
They sold their interest in 1997 and 
moved to Colonial Williamsburg to 
become regional marketing consul- 
tants tor Litde Caesar's. 

DAVID MIZE was featured in the 
March '98 issue o( Innsbrook Today 
magazine in recognition ot his great 
success in the real estate business. 
Mr. Mize works for the real estate 
firm Bowers Nelms Fonville and 
Foster in the Richmond area. 

RICK OSBORN presented an 
evening of Christmas worship for 
the Farmville United Methodist 
Church on December 17, 1998, 
performing carols and sharing some 
of the key Bible scriptures that focus 
on the birth of Jesus Christ. Mr. 
Osborn is the assistant registrar at 
Southeastern Seminar,' in Wake 
Forest, North Carolina, where he 
received a Master's of Divinity in 
Church Music in 1997. 

opened a law practice with his part- 
ner Gilbert K. Davis in Fairfax. 
A member of the original litigation 

team that represented Paula Jones 
against President Clinton, he was 
also on the appellate team that 
argued the Jones v. Clinton case 
before the United States Supreme 
Court in 1997. More recentlv, he 
successfulK' argued the leading case 
on adverse possession in the Virginia 
Supreme Court (Hollander v. World 
Mission Church. 255 Va. 440 
|1998|). "All I can say," commented 
Mr. Stanlev, "is thank God lor the 
Rhetoric program, and for the 
patience of Dr. Schiffer." Mr. Stan- 
lev and his wile Lorraine have a cat 
named "Hampden " and a dog 
named "S\'dnev. 

TIMOTHY J. WARE is a senior 
network engineer with the consult- 
ing sen'ice division ol Network Solu- 
tions ("the people") in 

DAVID HOBBS is the business 
manager lor the Henrico Healthcare 
Center in Richmond, one of 30 
long-term-care facilities owned bv 
Medical Facilities of America. 

his wife Laura Howard McClendon, 
of New Orleans, have celebrated 7 
years of marriage. Thev have nvo 
sons. Turner and Mills. Mr. 
McClendon is assistant vice pres- 
ident ol Merrill Lynch, where he has 
been employed for 9 vears. 

The Reverend PHILIP W. 
OEHLER, associate pastor ol Kings- 
ton Presbyterian Church in Conway, 
South Carolina, is responsible for 
youth ministry' and Christian educa- 
tion. His campus ministr)' at Coastal 
Carolina Universitv' was teatured in 
an article in The Horr\' Independent. 

helped curate and design last lall's 
exhibition "Innovation" for Long- 
wood College's Center for the Visual 
Arts. He is director ol publications 
and an adjunct professor ol art at 


JAMES FELICLVNO is working in 
the Office Imaging Products Plan- 
ning Division of Canon in Tok)'o, 
Japan. He has his own web site at 

After lour years as an infantry 
squad leader with the Armv Rangers 
in Seattle, Washinsaon, MICHAEL 


C. HARTMAN has joined Merrill 
Lynch Private Client Group as a 
senior financial consultant in Ponte 
Vedra, Florida. He sees classmates 
Chris Coleman, Paul Landaiche, 
and Kevin Dixon often. 

received a nursing home admini- 
strator's license. He works for River- 
side Health in Newport News. 



is a paralegal tor Kellogg, Huber, 
Hanson, Todd & Evans, a large 
communications and antitrust law 
firm in Washington, D. C. 

senior designer with Medius-IV in 
San Francisco. He specializes in 
website design for companies like 
Symantec Corporation, Autodesk, 
and Brown & Caldwell. Says he, 
"I've come a long way since I was 
illustrating Chalgrove [his Hampden- 
Sydney-oriented comic strip that ran 
in the Tiger\" 

KEITH S. 'WHYTE has been 
named executive director ot the 
National Council on Problem 
Gambling, Inc., a non-profit human- 
itarian organizarion. 


KEVIN BOOKER has been 
promoted to vice president of 
Hodges Sign Company, Inc. in 
Roanoke. He has served as director 
of operations for the past four years. 

GERALD 'WALSH has been 
appointed general manager and chief 
operating officer ot UPN-65 tele- 
vision in Richmond. He had been 
the programming director at UPN- 
35 in Tacoma, Washington. He 
started his television career in 
Norfolk,with WGNT-TV in 1993, 
going two years later to the UPN 
station in Washington, D.C. as a 
sales promotion coordinator. 


J. SPENCER GULP is producer of 
the 1 1 o'clock news at WJBF-TV in 
Augusta, Georgia. He is impressed 
that technology allows even small 
markets like his to have access to the 
same video and newswires that were 
once available only to large stations. 


T. LEE BOEHLING has joined the 


There are ten sons ot alumni in the Class of 2003. Joining them are 
forty-five other freshmen with Hampden-Sydney relatives: thirteen 
uncles, eighteen cousins, sixteen brothers, two grandtathers, and four 
great-grandfathers. There are also two taculry-staff sons. 



Summer 1999 

liKstin A. Hicki 

Chesterfield, Virginia 

W. Frederick Hicks 76 

Edwin B. Horner IV 
Lynchburg, Virginia 
E. B. Horner III 76 

Philip H. Unney Stephen B. Martin Hunter I . L. Overstreet 

Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Bedford, Virginia 

Samuel McP. Janney II 73 William J. Martin 73 John G. Overstreet '69 

Alexander R. Schaaf 

Richmond. Virginia 

Edward M. Schaaf' 6'J 

Patrick R. Stone 
Gloucester. Virginia 
Kearfott M. Stone '67 

P. Austin Stracke 

Midlothian. Virginia 

Howard W. Stracke 75 

Christopher Waggener 

Salem. Virginia 
FieldM. Hite,Jr. 71 

John W.Wright. Jr. 
Richmond, Virginia 
John W. Wright 71 

John David Gibson 
Hampden-Sydney. Virginia 
David Gibson (Economics) 

Idson R. Rostan 

Hampden-Sydncy, Virginia 

Ray Rostan (Lacrosse) 





Summer 1999 

did this pen-and-ink 
"portrait " of West House 
as part of an independent- 
study fine arts project 
during his senior year. 
He now does commis- 
sioned house portraits 
in a similar style. 

advenising depanment ot the 
Roanoke Times as a sales represen- 
tative. He is assigned to the New 
River bureau. He had been an 
administrative assistant at the paper. 

Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, 
owns yff^W Fly Merchants, which 
manufactures specialty lures tor fly 
fishing, as well as fishing rods and 
other light tackle. Mr. Marchant is 
also employed full-time in marketing 
with Cape Fear Rod Company in 
Wilmington, North Carolina. 

CHAD MOORE is a deputy 
policeman in Fauquier Counrv. 
He has been featured in an article for 
The Fauquier Citizen, describing his 
beat and his day-to-day activities as a 
police officer. Fauquier County has 
23 deputies that patrol 660 square 
miles. After earning a political 
science degree, Deputy Moore 
attended the police academy in 
Ashburn. While the academy was 
challenging, "Believe you me," he 
said, "there's a lot they don't teach 
there." He spent an additional six 
weeks with an experienced patrol- 
man, getting on-the-job training. 

ANDREW REID works in " 
Reston for Club Med in the Domin- 
ican Republic and Mexico; he runs 
their regional excursions office, 
arranging tours to Club Med villages 
of Canciin, Sonora, Playa Blanca, 
and Huatulco in Mexico and Punta 
Cana in the Dominican Republic. 

J. P. STEWART has moved 
trom Virginia Beach to Colorado 
Springs, where he is assistant men's 
lacrosse coach at Colorado College. 


was featured in a recent article in the 

Richmond Times-Dispatch about the 
popularity of the Dept. 56 Christ- 
mas Village collectibles sold in his 
family's stores. Ingle's Nook. With 
seven Virginia locations, Ingles 
Nook is one of the largest Dept. 56 
dealers in the country. 

MICHAEL S. MORSE is a disk 
jockey and on-air talent for Mix 
101.5 WRAL-FM in Raleigh, Nonh 
Carolina. WRAL is one ot the largest 
radio stations in the Triangle. 

TIM MULL has bought Bob 
Martin's Flowers and Gifts in South 
Hill. He has remodeled the shop in a 
different and unique style and sells 
flower arrangements, gifts, and 
antique furniture. 


JR., is an account coordinator in the 
public relations division of A. T. 
Massey Coal Company, Inc. 

Appalachian Trail ftom Georgia to 
Maine during the summer of 1998. 
In the process he raised over 
$12,000 for the American Cancer 
Society — $ 1 500 over his goal. 

DAVID PREVETTE is a full- 
time professional house portraitist in 
Norfolk, using the skills he devel- 
oped in a fine arts independent study 
with professor David Dodge Lewis. 
The detailed pen-and-ink drawings 
are commissioned by houseowners 
for framing and for notecards. 


NATHAN KOUNS will be teach- 
ing history and English in Korea 
this fall. 


CarlRiedlin '88 

F. Carl Riedlin '88 is an officer with 
the United States Coast Guard, seiz- 
ing in western ALiska as a search- 
and-rescue helicopter pilot. This arti- 
cle is an excerpt fom a speech he was 
scheduled to give at his class reunion. 

My adventure began at graduation. 
After successfully avoiding the entire 
interviewing process our senior year, 
which prettv much meant 1 wasn't 
going into the business world, 
I packed my car and headed to Colo- 
rado for one more summer as a 
white-water raft guide. After a 
wonderful summer in the mountains 
running rivers, a couple of months 
of unemployment, and 60 bucks in 
my pocket, I did the risky thing and 
beat-feet back home to Washington, 
D. C, for free room and board. 
I landed a job teaching at Catholic 
High school, coaching IV basketball, 
and moonlighting as a waiter and 
slinging burgers in a local restaurant. 

There I met my lovely bride 
Michelle Forster and saw that if 
I was at all interested in raising a 
family, I'd have to get a real job. 

So in the summer of 1990 
1 found myself with a shaved head 
shouting out militar)' cadences and 
pumping out endless pushups with 
64 other cadets at the Coast Guard's 
Officer Candidate School in York- 
town. After 17 weeks of endless shoe 
shining and mind-numbing rope 
drills aboard America's tall ship, the 
Coast Guard Cutter "Eagle, " 
1 received orders to Naval Flight 
Training in Pensacola, Florida. And 
Michelle and 1 got married. 

I thought to myself, what could 
possibly be so tough about naval 
flight training? After all, I'd survived 
freshmen biolog)- with Dr. Crawford 
and successfully completed my 
second semester of 200-level 
German under the watchful eye of 
Dr. Farrell. What could possibly top 
that? Much to m)- surprise, 1 discov- 
ered Navy Flight School was like 
taking a Dr. Crawford final exam 
every day for 16 months — only this 
exam was scooting through the air at 
150 mph. The Navy spent 10 


months beating into mv over- 
whelmed and often overloaded 
brain, the Navy's version of flight 
through endless loops, spins, and 
stalls in the T-34 turbo mentor, a 
low-winged hot-rod. I spent 7 more 
months in the TH-57, a turbo 
powered helicopter, unlocking the 
greatest joy and greatest mvster\' in 
aviation — hovering flight Then the 
Nav)' released one of its most 
dangerous products, a young, i^res- 
sive, and very green copilot. After 6 
more weeks at the Coast Guard 
Aviation Training Center in Mobile, 
learning to fly the Sikorsk)' HH-60 
"Jayhawk " helicopter (the Coast 
Guard's version of the more familiar 
army "Blackhawk "), Michelle and 
1 packed our bags, loaded the car, 
and headed west to San Francisco, 
our new dut\' station and new home. 
We spent the next 4 years dining 
our way through the cit}''s finest 
restaurants, drinking the best Cali- 
fornia wines, and enjoying the cultu- 
ral diversity. There too 1 spent over 4 
years learning on the job how to be a 
search and rescue pilot, which is the 
Coast Guard's primary mission. 
I upgraded to Aircraft Commander 
and looked forward to taking flying 
to the next level — in Alaska. 

So Michelle, 5 months pregnant, 
and I packed up the car and headed 
north to our next duty station on an 
island in the Gulf of Alaska, called 
Kodiak — that's right, the same 
island with all those bears, the 
midnight sun, and the long lovely 
darkness of winter. Kodiak was a 
special tour to us. It began with the 
birth of our first son, John — which 

is long story in itself including a 
dramatic Medivac Flight. John 
couldn't wait 9 months to meet his 
parents. He was followed 14 months 
later by our second son, Nicholas, 
also an early arrival. 

During that 2-year tour, 
1 completed an Aeronautical Engi- 
neering Training Program, and was 
designated an Aviation Maintenance 
Officer. We then received orders to 
Sitka, an island community in south- 
east Alaska, where 1 am the assistant 
engineering officer, managing the 
efforts of 45 talented mechanics, 
maintaining the health of 3 complex 
aircraft, performing test flights, and 
I continue to fly search and rescue. 

I've had man\' opportunities to 
be thankful over the past 1 years: 

• 1 met and married my beautiful 
wife who gave binh to 2 wonderful 

• I've seen whales by the hundreds, 
chased the musk ox herd on Nuni- 
vak Island, walked in paths beaten 
down by Grizzly Bear, and traveled 
with wolves. I've flown over glaciers 
100 miles wide marking the begin- 
ning ot time; 

• I've flown more than 
200 search and rescue 
cases, saving dozens of 
folks in trouble at sea; 

• I've met the chal- 
lenges of rescuing folks 
caught in a winter 
storm, with winds blow- 
ing greater than 1 00 
mph, reducing visibility 
to almost zero, and 
encasing the aircraft 
with salt and ice. On 

this particular rescue our crew saved 
5. I've flown 1200 miles down the 
Alaskan Island Chain in an ice storm 
rescuing a merchant mariner, who 
nearly lost his legs and his life, from 
a cargo ship disabled in a 60-foot 

• I've met some amazing people, and 
flown with some of the most profes- 
sional crews. Sadly, 1 have also lost 
some friends who sacrificed every- 
thing trying to help someone they 
never met. All-in-all I'd say it's been 
an amazing adventure. 

I remember as a senior discussing 
my future with Professor Holleran. 
1 told him I planned to pursue a 
graduate degree in economics, and 
to teach at the college level. He 
shook his head and said, "Carl, 
I don't see you teaching, I picture 
you as a bush pilot in Alaska!" Well 
Professor Holleran, you were right. 
I would have made a lousy econom- 
ics professor! 



Summer 1999 

"/ 've met some amaz- 
ingpeople, andfloum 
with some of the most 
professional crews. 
Sadly, I have also lost 
some fiends who sacri- 
ficed ei'etything trying 
to help someone they 
never met. It's been an 
amazing adventure. " 

Coast Guard helicopter pilot 

LEFT: CarlRiedlin 

United States Coast 
Guard rescue helicopter 
pilot, with his younger son 

BELOW: The hangar in 
Kodiak, Alaska, where 
his aircraft lives. 





Summer 1999 

Advanced Studies 


PETE HEUISLER completed an 
MBA degree in marketing at St. 
Thomas University in Minneapolis 
in 1997. He is a senior account 
administrator with American Express 
Trust in Minneapolis, Minnesota 

ing an MBA at Golden State Univer- 
sity, while working tiill-time for a 
computer company in San Jose, 

HENRY WALKER accepted a 
position as a teacher in Caswell 
County, North Carolina, beginning 
January 1999. He is pursuing a 
Master's degree in education from 
Averett College, and plans to gradu- 
ate in May of 2000. 

II 5)911 

AUBREY G. LUCY is pursuing 
an MBA at the Universiry of Rich- 

received an MBA from North- 
western University in June 1999. 
In April he became a senior analyst 
(telecommunications) and consul- 
tant for the Yankee Group in 
Boston, Massachusetts. 


completed a Ph.D. in chemistrv at 
Colorado State University in 
November 1998. He is works in 
product research and development at 
Proctor & Gamble in Cincinnati, 

been accepted into the MBA 
program at the Terry College of 
Business at the University of Geor- 
gia. He will graduate in May 2001 . 

V. BLAINE HILL has been 
appointed to a one-year term as the 
student representative on the board 
of trustees at Columbia Theological 
Seminary in Decatur, Georgia. He 
has completed the first of three years 
in the Master of Divinirv program. 

was graduated Irom South Texas 
College of Law in Houston on May 
23, 1999. 

IN 1999-2000 

Family Weekend 



Hampden-Sydney Marathon 


Hall of Fame 

Macon Game (at R-MC) 


Awards Convocation 

MAY 7 


JOHN M. PORTER received a 
Master's degree in physical chemistry 
from Tulane Universiry in August 

1998. In December of 1998 he also 
received a Master's of Business 
Administration in finance and infor- 
mation technolog)' from the A. B. 
Freeman School of Business at 
Tulane. He is an associate analyst in 
equity research at Salomon-Smith 
Barney in New York. 

CLARY III was graduated from the 
Medical College of Virginia in May 

1 999. He enters a residency in 
obstetrics and gynecology at Penn- 
sylvania State in July. He and his 
wife and son will live in Palmyra, 

C. M. "CASEY" VISER, a third- 
year student at Campbell School of 
law, has been elected president of the 
Student Bar Association tor 1999- 



been accepted into the doctoral 
program in history at Yale. He has 
been offered a full tuition scholar- 
ship and a stipend. His area ol study 
will be diplomacy and international 
relations. In May 1999 he completed 
a rwo-vear program in international 
relations at Georgetown University. 

received two grants to study in Istan- 
bul for one year. He is currently a 

graduate student at the Universiry of 
Washington in Seattle. 

In mW 1999 Ensign RYAN V. 
GODSIL received his commission 
as a naval officer, after completing 
Officer Candidate School at Naval 
Aviation Schools Command, Naval 
Air Station, Pensacola, Florida. 
During the 13-week training 
program, he received extensive 
instruction on a variety of specialized 
subjects, including navigation, ship- 
handling, engineering, naval warfare 
and management. He also com- 
pleted a demanding daily physical 
fitness program . 

STEVEN HO was graduated 
from the University of Southern 
California Law School in May 1998. 
He works as a tax attorney with 
Price Waterhouse Coopers in Los 
Angeles, California. 

BOB CUMMINGS was graduated 
in May 1 999 from the University of 
Alabama graduate engineering 
school with a Master's degree in civil 
engineering; he has taken a job as 
traffic systems engineer with the City 
of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 

completed physician's assistant 
school. He and his wife have moved 
to Richmond, where he is with 
Patient First family practice. 


emergency room coordinator for 
Massachusetts General Hospital, is 
enrolled in Harvard University's 
Health Careers Program, scheduled 
to receive a diploma in premedical 
studies in May 2000. He has been 
accepted for graduate study leading 
toward a Certificate in Public 
Health, also in May 2000. 

BOBBY L. 'WHITE, who is 
stud\'ing to become a physician's 
assistant at the Marshall University 
School of Medicine, began a year of 
clinical residency in May 1 999. He 
will perform 4-to-6-week rotations 
in each specialty of medicine, begin- 
ning with pediatrics and family prac- 
tice, ,ind proceeding to a primarv' 
care rotation in Danville. He will be 
working through the Virginia Scep- 
rer Program, which places medical 
students, FNPs, and PAs in under- 
served areas throughout the state. 




were married on October 10, 1998, 
on the Outer Banks, North Caro- 
Hna. They hve in Charleston, West 
Virginia, where he is an attorney 
with Steptoe & lohnson and she is 
an attorney with Pullin, Knop, 
Fowler, & Flanagan. 


were married on January 9, 1999, at 
Georgetown Presbyterian Church in 
Washington, D.C. They both work 
for the National Republican Sena- 
torial Committee: she is a senior 
project manager and he is a field 
representative and FEC analyst. 
They live in Arlington. 


RAWLES were married on May 1 , 
1999, in Richmond. 


GARDEN were married on April 
10, 1999, at the Homestead in Hot 
Springs. Among the groomsmen 
were Clayton C. Black "89, Thomas 
D. Evans '89, and Mark P. Falls 
'90. The couple will live in Sandy 
Point; both work for Potomac 
Supply Corporation in Kinsale (as 
does the bride's uncle, William T. 
Garden '62). 

were married on September 19, 
1998, in Chadotte, North Carolina. 
Dr. Leonard completed his residency 
in internal medicine at Vanderbilt. 
He is an infectious disease fellow at 
Emory University School of Medi- 
cine. Dr. Madhure is a pediatric 
emergency medicine physician at 
Emory. They live in Adanta. 

and TOBIE LYN PUR'i^AR were 
married on May 21, 1999, in Glen 
Allen. They live in Rockville. 




were married on August 1 , 1 998, in 
Roanoke. Groomsmen included M. 
Peebles Harrison '89 and Thomas 
R. Schroeder '91. Mr. Waskey is an 
investment officer with Wheat First 
Union in Roanoke; Mrs. Waskey is a 
sales agent with MKB Realtors, Inc. 

'96) were married on March 7, 
1998, at Fort Myer, by the Reverend 
William E. Thompson, College 
chaplain. Captain Schneider recently 
spent several months in West Africa; 
his Special Forces A-Team was train- 
ing the armies of Cote d'lvoire and 
Benin on peace-keeping operations 
in support of the U.S. State Depart- 
ment's African Crisis Response 

Initiative (ACRI), a program that 
helps nations in Africa help them- 
selves to conduct U.N. peace- 
keeping operations across the conti- 
nent, thus reducing the financial and 
personnel burden on the U.S. 


LYNN FL\YES were married at 
Second Branch Baptist Church in 
Chesterfield, on January 23, 1999. 
They live in Culpeper. Mr. Fallen 
works at Southern Graphics Systems 
in Richmond. 

married on October 24, 1998. The 
groomsmen included Chip Edens 
'92. Also in attendance were Kirk 
Richardson '92, the Rev. Ramsey 




Summer 1999 

ABOVE; W. Scott Campbell 

and Molly Kay Underwood, 
October 10. 1998. 

LEFT: At the wedding of 
Michael Leonard and A nit ha 
Madhure on September 19, 
1998: Chris Williams 92. 
MattSunderlm '89, Rob Wade 
VI. Anitha and Mike, Harlan 
Horton '89, Janett Moss '89, 
and Dr Anne Lund. 

LEFT: At the wedding of 
Stephen Waske)' '90 and Karen 
Bumgarner on August 1, 1998: 
Howard Eckstein '90, Peter 
Leggett, Sr '68, Charles Dees 
'90, Ben Comer '90, Alan 
Nolan '84, Robert Shepherd 
81, Phillip Key. Sr '56. 
William Nelson, Jr '62, 
Tom Schroeder '91, Karen and 
Stephen, Carl Bivens '92, 
Peebles Harrison '89, Sherrill 
Stockton, Jr '63, ToddAyers 
'92, and Chris Stevens '92. 
Kneeling: James Gregg, Jr. '90, 
Bryan McClendon '90, and 
David Bryant '90. 





Summer 1999 

At the wedding of CARL YLE 
SON INSCOE on March 28. 
1998. Front row: Atkins 
Roberts '94. Michael Littleton 
'93, Barnes Ray '97. John 
Savage '91. Will Pebworth 
95, and Albert Finch '96. 
Back row: Stephen Driscoll 
'92, Porter Banister '93, 
Bowman Smith '96, Zach 
Collett '93, Thacher Worthen 
'93. Frederic Smith '93, Alli- 
son and Carlyle. Barton Nealy 
'93, WilPuckett '93, Fewell 
Merchant '92, Davies Hood 
'92, Drew Harrell '94. and 
Spain Hodges '95. 

At the wedding of 
on July 8, 1998. 

At the wedding of JOHN M. 

ROBBINS III '95 and 


on October 10, 1998 

Richardson '52, Len Norman '93, 
Scott Beckman '92, Millard Jones 
'92, Hugh Edmunds '93, Leo Boyd 
'92, David Bernhardt '92, Keith 
Davis '92, John Ware '91, Rob 
Caudle '94, Jeff Laurant '94, Will 
Shumadine '94, and Chris Cooper 


were married on October 17, 1998, 
at St. Gabriel's Parish Church in 
Stowe, Pennsylvania. He is a systems 
analyst for Pero Systems in Reston, 
and she is an assistant head nurse at 
Sibley Hospital in Washington, 

D.C. They live in Sterling. 

ALLISON INSCOE were married 
on March 28, 1998, in Montgom- 
ery, Alabama. Mr. Chandler is an 
assistant vice president in trust busi- 
ness development lor South Trust 
Bank in Mantgomer\'. Head usher 
was Dr. Emerson Johnson '52. 

(RMWC '94) were married on June 
27, 1998. They live in Houston, 

ANN REILLY (UVa '90) were 
married on June 13, 1998. They live 
in Alexandria. She is a state liaison 
lor the National Rifle Association, 
and he is communications director 
for the Law Enforcement Alliance of 

married on May 1, 1999, in Rich- 
mond. Among the groomsmen was 
Mark Stepanian '93. They live in 

married on May 1 , 1 999, in Rich- 
mond. Among the groomsmen were 
Creighton Hite '93 and William 
Shumadine III '94. The Williamses 
live in Richmond, where he works 
for Oceanbay Properties and she 
works for CB Richard Ellis, Inc. 


COURAIN were married on May 
IS, 1999, at Keswick Plantation in 
Midlothian, John G. Mills '95 read 
.u the cercmonv. 

CORNELIUS were married on July 
18,1 998. At the wedding were lud 
Waft '94, Ed Curry '95, John 
Nolde '94, John Evans '94, 
Thatcher Worthen '93, Mark 
Gough '95, J. P. Stewan '95, T. 
W. Johnson '96, Jon Hardy '95, 
Pete Sheffield '96, Harry Jones '94, 
John Tapscott '93, and Scott 
Garliss '95. Mrs. Horsiman is a 
first-grade teacher. Mr. Hortsman is 
.1 graduate student at Vanderbilt 
Universitv. Ihev live in Nashville, 




were married on May 1 . 1 999, in 
Roanoke. Among the groomsmen 
was John V. Hager '95. The Paynes 
live in Richmond. 



were married on March 20, 1999 in 
Trinity Episcopal Church in 

married on March 27, 1999 at St. 
Simons Presbyterian Church in St. 
Simons, Georgia. Mr. Ramsey is a 
vice president and futures trader 
with Chesapeake Capital Corpora- 
tion in Richmond. 

'94) were married in Alexandria on 
October 10, 1998. In attendance 
were Seth Joyner '94, Deanes 
Gornto '95, and Robert Veit '96. 

GILLESPIE were married on July 
18, 1998, in Charleston South Caro- 
lina. Groomsmen included David 
Fonville '96, Scott Teal '96, Charlie 
Hurt '95, and Jim Hickey '93. 
Thev live in St. Louis, Missouri. 
DOOLY were married on August 8, 
1 998. At the wedding were John 
Evans '97, Heath Scoot '96, and 
Mark Evans '97. Both Mr. and Mrs. 
Williams are at the University of 
Memphis: she is pursuing her 
Master's in teaching and he is work- 
ing on an MBA. 

married on May 1 , 1 999, in Rich- 
mond, where thev both attend the 
T. C. Williams School of Law. 

MELANY BUNDY were married 
on November 28, 1998, in 



Summer 1999 

At the wedding of 
on July 18. 1998, in 
Charleston, South Carolina. 

At the ivedding of 
LEE WILLLiMS 96 and 
TARA DOOLY on August l 
1998, in Memphis. 

At the wedding of JAMES 
H. MULLENS n' and 
November 28, 1998. 





Summer 1999 



1. Color or black-and- 
whire both work. Photos 
can be returned if you 
request it; otherwise they 
will be kept on file. 

2. Alumni group shots at 
weddings should always 
include the bride. Please 
identify everybody. 

3. Babv shots should be 
taken with the father or 
both parents, preferably 
when the babies have 
developed a personality. 
(Photos of newborns 
don't reproduce well.) 
Baby shots will be printed 
only as space allows. 



HUGHEY, a son, Henr\- Randolph 
Hughey, on May 5, 1999, in Hous- 
ton, Texas. 


and his wife DEBORAH, a son, in 
June 1998. Dr. Nottingham is an 
assistant professor of surgery at the 
University of South Carolina. 

GRACE, a son, William Edward 
Grace, on August 18, 1998. 


son, Jonathan Nicholas Landsdown 
Terry, on December 22, 1998. Mr. 
Terr\' is an engineer for Bell Adantic 
in Abingdon. 

To Mr. and Mrs. JOHN DITMAN 
FLORY, triplet girls, Katherine 
Wingfield Flon', Peyton Kimbrough 
Flory, and Virginia Wright Flory, on 
January 19, 1999. Mr. and Mrs.' 
Flor>', the triplets, and older brother 
Averett, live in Columbus, Georgia, 
where Mr. Flory is a financial consul- 
tant with Merrill Lynch. 

MILLER, a son, Timothy James 
Miller, on June 25, 1998, in 

SHELTON, sons, James Edward 
Shelton III, on Januar)' 19, 1997, 
and Charles Ingram Shelton, on 
August 15, 1998, in Greensboro, 
North Carolina. 


twin daughters, Mason Chris Tern' 
and Ann Kirk Terry, on December 






write Don Draper, Editor, 
Box 655, Hampden- 
Sydney, VA 23943 


to find out the prices 

for display ads in the 

millennial volume. 

26, 1998, in Abingdon. 

To Mr. and Mrs. TIMOTHY C. 
ELLER, a daughter, Lauren Diane 
Eller, on August 12, 1998, in .-Mex- 
andria. Mr. Eller is a facilities 
manager with the U.S. General 
Accounting Office. 

GILLESPY, a daughter, Elizabeth 
Rose Gillespy, on February 18, 
1999. Mr. Gillespy is a partner in 
the law firm of Burr & Forman in 
Birmingham, Alabama. 

JACKSON, a daughter, Meagan 
Leigh Jackson, on February 16, 
1999. Mr. Jackson is a partner in 
Southern Trust Mortgage in 
Virginia Beach. 

to BERNARD S. and MERE- 
DITH MOSS of Kno.xville, Tennes- 
see, their first child, a daughter, 
McClear)' Sanders Moss, on 
Octobers, 1997. 



daughter, Emma Brooks Bumgard- 
ner, on December 8, 1998. 

DURHAM, a son, JacLson Marshall 
Durham, on Februarv 4, 1998. 


Walker McDaniel Cullen, on July 4, 
1998. They live in Greenville, South 
Carolina, where Mr. Cullen is a 
certified financial planner with 
Merrill Lynch. 

McGRADY, a son, Colin Finn 
McGrady, in Kitty Hawk, North 

MATUSEVICH of Dublin, their 
third child and second daughter. 
Million- Alexis Matusevich, on July 
26, 1998. Mr. Matusevich works at 
Radford University as transition 
coordinator for the Training and 
Technical Assistance Center in 
Special Education, which assists 
36 public school districts in south- 
western Virginia. 


KAUFMAN, a son, Patrick Carr 
Kaufman, Jr., on lune 1 1, 1998. 
Mr. Kaufrnan is an attorney on 
St. Simons Island, Georgia. 


To Mr. and Mrs. ERIC LIND- 
BERG, a daughter, Caroline Sophie 
Lindberg, on September 3, 1998. 
She joins a brother, Sutter. Mr. 
Lindberg is a buyer with Grocery 
Outlets, Inc., in Berkeley, California. 

BELFIELD, a son, David Brock 
Belfield. Mr. Belfield is a physical 
therapist in Warsaw. 

DeJARNETTE clary, a son, 
Harrison Moncure Clan-. 

PORTER, a daughter, Gabriella 
Kristina Porter, on November 1, 



The Reverend HAROLD j. DUD- 
LEY ot Raleigh died on February 2, 
1999. He had held pastorates in 
Alabama, North CaroHna, and 
Virginia, and served as synod exec- 
utive and president of the North 
Carolina Council ol Churches. As 
the first general secretary of the 
Synod of North Carolina, from 
1951 until 1971, he was responsible 
for the foundation of St. Andrew's 
Presbyterian College. At the time of 
his death he had just finished writing 
his definitive History of Presbyterian- 
ism in North Carolina. He enjoyed 
travel imd was involved in church- 
related recreation programs. An 
outstanding baseball and football 
player at Hampden-Sydney, he was 
inducted into the Hampden-Sydney 
College Athletic Hall of Fame in 



Bon Air died on January 10, 1999. 
Mr. Gordon received a Master's 
degree from the University of 
Virginia and a law degree from the 
T. C. Williams School ot Law at the 
University of Richmond. A Trustee 
of Hampden-Sydney, he received the 
Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award in 
1 988 for his service to the College. 
Mr. Gordon served on the Chester- 
field County Board of Directors and 
was a member of the Common- 
wealth Club and the Downtown 
club. He enjoyed sailing and the 
outdoors. He had a close association 
with the Virginia Historical Society, 
Union Theological Seminary, the 
Richmond Home for Ladies, Volun- 
teers ot America, and the Roben E. 
Lee Council of the Boy Scouts of 
America. He was a partner in the law 
firm of Florance, Gordon and 

Roanoke died in September 1998. 



ot Williamsburg Landing, died on 
February 6, 1999. He was a former 
member of the Board of Trustees ot 
Hampden-Sydney College. Mr. 
Spotswood retired from the Dupont 
Company after thirty-four years of 



Orange, California, died on August 
1 9, 1 998. After graduating from 
Hampden-Sydney, Dr. Gilmer 
received a Master's degree in chem- 
istry from the University ot Virginia. 
He was also graduated from the 
Union Theological Seminar)' in 
Texas and served as a Presbyterian 
minister tor several small churches in 
the area. Dr. Gilmer was a Navy 
chaplain during World War IL After 
the war he attended medical school 
at the Universiry ot Oregon and 
practiced medicine in Orange, Cali- 
fornia, from 1953 until his retire- 
ment in 1994. 



died on April 12, 1999, at his home 
in Kent, Connecticut. Mr. 
Armstrong wrote the Newbery- 
Award-winning book Sounder, 
which in 1972 was made into a 
movie, starring Cicely Tyson. He 
was the author of three other novels. 
Sour Land, The MacLeod Place, and 
The Mills of God, as well as several 
books on education. In addition to 
the Newbery Award, he also won the 
Mark Twain Award, the National 
School Bell Award, and the 
Governor of Virginia's Art Award 
for his works. An excerpt from his 
obituary in the New York Times said, 
"Despite the success of his books, 
Mr. Armstrong identified himself 
primarily as a teacher. He spent 52 
years at the Kent School in Connec- 
ticut, where he taught general studies 
and ancient history to ninth grad- 
ers. " He felt a very strong connec- 
tion to Hampden-Sydney and never 
forgot the years he spent at the 
College (see the Record, Summer 
1998). Dr. Armstrong received an 
honorary doctorate of letters from 
Hampden-Sydney in 1986. In 1998 
he established a scholarship at 

Hampden-Svdney to benefit 
students trom the Rockbridge 
County area, his birthplace. 


MAN, JR., died on November 24, 
1998, at the age of 84. 

PAUL ROPER, JR., died on 
Octobet 13, 1998. 


on Match 19, 1989. He was the 
retired president ot Triangle Dodge, 
Inc., in Petersburg 

ROBERT L. KANE, JR., died on 
September 12, 1998. He was the 
president of Dougherty- Kane Insu- 
rance Agency in Gate City. 


ROBERT B. "WEST of Birdsnest 
died on November 28, 1998. 
A farmer, he owned and trained 
horses. He was a member of John- 
sons United Methodist Church and 
the Johnsons Mens Club. 

ROY W.KNOPP of Mobile, 

Alabama, died in October 1998. 
He had been the advertising 
manager at Associated Equipment 
Company in Mobile. 

of Lynchburg died on December 25, 
1998. A Navy veteran of World War 
II, Mr. Lambdin was a retired librar- 
ian for Wiley & Wilson in Lynch- 
burg. He was a member of St. Paul's 
Episcopal Church. 



an engineer who had worked at 
Newport News Shipyard for 30 
years, died on May 5, 1999; he was 
72. He served in the Army during 
World War II. A member of the 
James River Camera Club and the 
Hampton Roads Bird Club, he was 
president of the Virginia Saltwater 
Fishing Association and the author 
of numerous articles on fishing. 




Summer 1999 

James W. Gordo)i, Jr. 32 

William H. Armstrong 36 

Dr. Edward J. Beattie 





Summer 1999 

Dr. Valerie D. Hall 

Mrs. Ola D. Steck 

CUMBEY, JR., of Richmond died 
on December 17, 1998. He was an 
Eagle Scout and a member of the 
Farmville United Methodist 
Church. Mr. Cumbey was a sales 
representative tor Saunders Oil 

on November 17, 1998. Mr. Single- 
ton worked as an office manager for 
an advertising agency in New York 
City, and as a legal aid for a number 
of Washington, D. C. law firms, 
including Arnold & Porter. 

iL®M®g@ JfaiMaliy 


of New York died on February 27, 
1998. Dr. Beattie received an hono- 
rary degree from Hampden-Sydney 
in 1978. He graduated with honors 
from Princeton and went on to 
Harvard Medical School, where he 
graduated with honors in 1943. 
After completing a fellowship in 
thoracic surgery at the George Wash- 
ington University School of Medi- 
cine, he was immediately appointed 
chief of thoracic surgery at Gallinger 
Municipal Hospital and the Director 
ot Surgic.d Research at George 
Washington University Hospital. 
Dr. Beattie taught at the University 
ot Illinois as a full professor tor four 
years, and was Chairman ot the 
Department ot Surgery tor 1 1 years. 
He later became Chief of the 
Thoracic Service at Memorial Sloan 
Kettering Cancer Center, where he 
was credited with revitalizing that 
institution and leading it to the 
prominence it now enjoys. He was 
named Chief Medical Officer of 
Memorial Hospital and remained in 
that position tor 17 years. Instead ot 
retiring. Dr. Beattie went on to 
become the Chief of Thoracic 
Surgery at the David B. Kriser Lung 
Cancer Center and helped to start 

the Beth Israel Medical Center 
Cancer Center, where he was Medi- 
cal Director until his death. 

In yl Tribute to Edward J. Beattie, 
]r by Dr. Richard j. Cote of the 
Department ot Pathology, Univer- 
sity of Southern California School ot 
Medicine, Kenneth Norris Compre- 
hensive Cancer Center, published in 
the Journal of Surgical Oncologf, Dr. 
Cote said, "Ted Beattie wanted to be 
remembered tor two things: as a 
good teacher and as a good doctor to 
his patients. As a teacher he was peer- 
less. He trained a generation of the 
current leaders in thoracic surgery 
and surgical oncology. He was an 
outstanding doctor, a surgeon of 
international reputation, and a physi- 
cian to the world's political and busi- 
ness leaders." (Dr. Beattie treated 
Vice President Hubert H. 
Humphrey and the last Shah of 
Iran.) Dr. Beattie pioneered the 
concept of bringing a team ot 
specialists together to treat cancer 
patients and helped develop a clin- 
ical system for delineating the stages 
ot lung cancer. 

taught biology at Hampden-Sydney 
tor several years, died in Cloudland, 
Georgia, on Januar}' 1, 1999; she 
was 44. A graduate ot Rhode Island 
College, she held a Master's degree 
and a doctorate in endocrinology 
from the University ot Connecticut. 
She taught biology at several 
colleges, including Hampden- 
Sydney, before becoming a coun- 
selor in stress-management and 
suicide prevention. While the situa- 
tion remains unclear, it appears that 
Dr. Hall and her fiance were trying 
to help a despondent friend who 
shot her, wounded the fiance, and 
then killed himself 

HOLLY, a retired Navy commander 
who taught government and foreign 
affairs (,is political science was then 
called) at Hampden-Sydney from 
1967 to 1978, died on February 12, 
1999, of liver failure; he was 83. 
Educated at Washington College 
and the Johns Hopkins University, 
he earned a Master's degree at the 
University of Maryland and a docto- 

rate in international affairs at the 
American University in Washington, 
D.C. Before he came to Hampden- 
Sydney, he taught at the Naval Acad- 
emy and in the School of Inter- 
national Service at American Univer- 
sity. He served in the Navy during 
World War II and the Korean War. 
He was also the author ot tour schol- 
arly books about the history of 
Chesapeake Bay steamboats, a 
subject which had fascinated him 
from his youth,when he rode them 
from his native Baltimore to college 
on the Eastern Shore. 

MYRENE LeHEW, the wife of 
Trustee William LeHew, died in 
February 1999 after a short bout 
with cancer. 

OLA D. STECK of Farmville 
died on February 5, 1999; she was 
97. Mrs. Steck was for a number of 
years secretary to Dr. Edgar Graham 
Gammon, the 26th President ot 
Hampden-Sydney, and to Dr. 
Joseph Clarke Robert, the 27th Pres- 
ident. Mrs. Steck was a member of 
the Farmville Presbyterian Church. 


Alumni Activities 

New officers elected 




Summer 1999 

m /J the Alumni Council on March 26, 

r ^J^ 1 999, R. Brandt Deal 70 of 

Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 
was unanimously elected President of the Hampden- 
Sydney Alumni Association. Brandt succeeds Travis J. 
Tysinger '66 and will serve a two-year term. The follow- 
ing slate of officers were also unanimously approved by 
the Council. 

Robert H. Whitt, Jr. 78 Vice-President 

G. Michael Pace, Jr. 79 Secretary 

John C. Ellis, Jr. 70 Trustee Representative 

Travis J. Tysinger '66 Immediate Past President 

The Alumni Council is the governing body of the 
Alumni Association and consists of club presidents, 
ambassadors, leadership team members, and class reun- 
ion chairmen. 

Comments and suggestions are encouraged; please 
address to R. Brandt Deal 70, President, H-SC Alumni 
Association, P. O. Box 86, Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Washington D. C. Alumni Club 
Attracts Record Crowd 

The Hampden-Sydney College Club of Washington 
D.C. entertained 110 enthusiastic graduates, pros- 
pective students and families, and special guests at their 
annual meeting at Belle Haven Country Club on 
March 30, 1999. President Samuel V. Wilson, Professor 
John L. Brinkley, Athletic Director Joe Bush, and Tiger 
editor Greg Thomas, gave remarks detailing various 
aspects of activities at Hampden-Sydney. 

John C. Mcjunkin '84 has served our College well 
as the D. C. Club president for the past several years 
and was recognized for his service. We welcome 
Randolph C. "Randy" Harrell '84 as our new D. C. 
chapter president — congratulations! 

New Club Presidents for 1999-2000 

Robert D. Calcote '79 Charleston, SC 

Richard B. Donaldson, Jr. 73 Peninsula, VA 

John L. Gibson III '82 Tidewater, VA 

Randolph C. HarreU '84 Washington, D.C. 

G. Michael Pace '79 Roanoke, VA 

President Wilson (center) with 
outgoitig Alumni Association 
President Ty Tysinger '65 (left) 
and incoming President 
Brandt Deal 70 (right). 




Summer 1999 

1999-2000 Almnni Club Teams 


Mr. & Mrs. A. Philip Cook, Jr Ambassadors 

Mr. &Mrs. Peter Worthen Ambassadors 

Mr. Gerald P. Gillespy "88 President 

Mr. William D. Puckett II '93 President Elect 

Leadership Team 

Mr. Buckner W. Hamilton III '95 

Dr. Vance T. Plumb '70 

Mr. Meade Whitaker, Jr. (current parent) 


Mr. Joseph H. Wood '60 President 

Leadership Team 

Mr. John R. Montgomery '58 


Mr. Richard C. Parker '81 Ambassador 

Mr. Frank C. Bedinger III '76 President 

Leadership Team 

Mr. W. Braddock Bourne W '96 
Mr. Gary M. Lane, Sr. '70 
Mr. John E. Mansfield, Jr. '78 
The Rev. Glenn W. Small '63 


Mr. ,\lan F. Garrison 84 President 


Mr. William M. Passano, Jr. '53 Ambassador 

Mr. Peter A. B. Hoblitzell III '84 President 

Leadership Team 

Mr. Jeffrey L. Kiefer '75 

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Neely, Sr. 


Mr. George O. Van Dyke '74 President 


Mr. Bernard S. Groseclose, Jr. 75 Ambassador 

Dr. Robert D. Calcote '79 President 


Mr. Charles L Capito, Jr. '76 Ambassador 

Mr. Philip B. Hereford '76 President 

leadership Team 

Mr. David S. Miller '77 

The Hon. John R. Mitchell, Jr. 77 


Mr. Roben W. King, Jr. '52 Ambassador 

Mr. C. Mark Kelly '83 President 

Dr. J. Bruce Taylor '74 Reunion Chairman 

Leadership Team 
Mr. & Mrs. Gregof)' S. Parish 
Mr. William F. Lowry, Jr. '66 
Mr. E. Judson McAdams '77 


Mr. John E. Maddux, Sr. 11 President 

Mr. Travis J. Tysinger '66 Immediate Past 

President, Alumni Association 


Mr. John Howard Selzer '94 President 


Mr. Robert H. Whin, Jr. '78 President; 

Vice President, Alimmi Association 
Leadership Team 
Mr. James W. Bolton, Jr. '76 


Mr. C. Cammack Morton '73 Ambassador 

Mr. Hardt W. Ring '93 President 

Leadership Team 

Mr. Michael P. DeBender '97 

Mr. K. Neal Hunt '64 


Mr. Lynwood W. Lewis, Jr. '84 President 


Dr. Lloyd F. Moss, Jr. '73 ....Ambassador and President 
Mr. Rives S. Hardy '54 Reimion Chairman 


Mr. James W. Burgess 62 President 


Mr. & Mrs. Carter B. Bn'an .Embassadors 

Mr. Sheldon C. Bryan 96 President 

Leadership Team 
Mr. David A. Barton '94 
Mr. Timothy V. Monahan '94 
Mr. James F. Moseley Jr. '84 
Mr. William T. M. Newon '89 


Mr. Frank W. Friedman '88 President 


Mr. Charles R. Cobb '69 President 


Mr. William L. Pannill '77 Ambassador 

Dr. Edward P. Snyder '78 President 

Leadership Team 

Mr. William C. Garrett, Jr. '74 


Mr. Bruce B. Hopkins '72 ...Ambassador and President 

Leadership Team 

Mr. W. Br\'an Jones '84 


Mr. & Mrs. Devereux P. Moring Ambassadors 

Leadership Team 

Mr. David Leeds Eustis 



Mr. James David Carter 93 President 


Mr. Raymond B. Bottom, Jr. '51 Ambassador 

Mr. Richard B. Donaldson, Jr. 73 President 

Leadership Team 

Mr. Robert N. Springer 77 


Mr. Kenneth M. Pritchett '64 President 

Mr. Phihp C. Spencer '70 President Elect 

Leadership Team 

Mr. William S. Moore '78 


Mr. W. Mark Conger '85 President 

Mr. R. Brandt Deal '70 President, 

Alimini Association 
Leadership Team 
Mr. Bret S. Grieves '86 


Mr. Thomas J. Nichols III '44 President 


Mr. & Mrs. Allen Mead Ferguson Ambassadors 

Mr. M. Deane Cheatham 111 '88 President 

Mr. W. Bates Chappell '64 Reunion Chairman 

Mr. J. Randolph Edwards '69 Reunion Chairman 

Mr. William F. Shumadine '94 Reunion Chairman 

Mr. Donald P. Whitley '59 Reunion Chairman 

Leadership Team 
Mr. R. Morgan Bray '91 
Mr. C. Thomas Ebel '76 
Mr. Jeffrey A. Ketron '92 
Mr. J. Christopher Lemons '94 
Mr. Philip deB. Rome '64 
Mr. L. Mark Stepanain '93 


Mr. G. Michael Pace, Jr. '79 President and 

Reunion Chairman; Secretary, Alumni Association 

Leadership Team 

Mr. J. WiUard Kirk III '72 


Mr. John M. Boswell '65 President 

Leadership Team 

Mr. Robert E. Johnson '67 


Mr. John C. Ellis, Jr. '70 Ambassador, 

Trustee Representative, Alumni Association 

Mr. John L. Gibson III '82 President 

Mr. M. Peebles Harrison '89 Reunion Chairman 

Mr. William A. Hudgins '84 Reunion Chairman 

Leadership Team 

Mr. Charles V. McPhiUips '82 

Mr. Charles S. Robison 111 '70 


Mr. Joseph P. Viar, Jr. '63 Ambassador 

Mr. Randolph C. Harrell '84 President 

Leadership Team 

Mr. George F. Albright, Jr. '74 

Mr. Alexander Arnz '89 

Mr. Bradley H. Gary '85 

J. Cabell Fooshe '92 

Mr. William B. Howard '77 

Mr. David S. Mercer '70 

Mr. Thaddeus R. Shelly III '75 

Lt.Col. L. RuckerSneadIir81 

Mr. William A. Winburn IV '79 


Mr. Benjamin M. Buder '63 President 




Summer 1999 

LEFT: The 1 998-99 Alumm 
Council met on campus in 
March. For information 
about volunteering for 
Alumni Association activ- 
ities, call Richard Epperson 
II 79 at (804) 223-6148 or 
e-mail him at 
richarde@hsc. edu. 





Summer 1999 

Scenes from the PeniiisuLi 
Alumni Club meeting on 
March 3. 1999: alumni 
director Richard Epperson II 
'79 presents a gift to out- 
going club president Robert 
Springer '77(top left); 
Thomas Ransom '00 with 
his parents and A ndre 
Sessoms '01 (near left): Cory 
Butler '82 with John Brink- 
ley '59 and Robert Springer 
'77 (top right); Roberta 
Crawley (top right, third 
from left) with Glee Club 
member Jamie DeViese, 
accompanist Dr. James 
Kidd, conductor Lewis 
Worthington, and singers 
Raft Guroian '01, John 
Pumphrey '99, and 
Matthew Scholl '01. 

A record crowd of 330 gath- 
ered at the Richmond Club 's 
Evening at the Tuckahoe 
Women 's Club (sponsored in 
part by Crestar Bank). 
RIGHT: Deane Cheatham 
'88 (Richmond alumni club 
president), Wayne Gray '64, 
Barbara Gray, and Tom 
Osgood '78. FAR RIGHT: 
Charles "Camp" Sommar- 
cLihl '91, his wife Laurie, 
and his father Charles 
"Charlie " Sommardahl '63. 

RIGHT: The theme of this 

year 's Alumni Summer 

College was "The Media. " 

To demonstrate the power of 

propaganda, spread through 

the media during wartime. 

Professor James Simms (left 

foreground, behind piano) 

led a chorus of Hampden- 

Sydney residents in a spirited 

rendition of patriotic and 

hoosteristic songs. 





^^K.' y^ ^^^^ 


i 1 

t ' 1 



k: ^ 

L tM 



K A 


^^^^^^^J^^ ■* 




j^^^- -^H 




Aug. 25 South Hill, VA Club 

Sept. 8-9 Memphis, TN Club 

Sept. 14 Sophomore Dinner 

Sept. 15 Allegheny Highlands Club 

Sept. 16 Augusta-Rockingham Club 

Sept. 22-23 Dallas, TX Club 

Sept. 29-30 Atlanta, GA Club 

Oct. 5 Junior Dinner 

Oct. 15-16 Fall Reunions & Homecoming 

Oct. 20-23 Washington, DC Club 

Oct. 26 Richmond Luncheon 

Oct. 28-30 Charlotte, NC Club 

Nov. 3 Winchester, VA Club 

Nov. 10-11 Charleston, WV Club 

Nov. 12 Beat Macon Pig Roast 

Nov. 14 Tidewater, VA Club 

Dec. 1-2 Eastern Carolina Club (Raleigh) 

Dec. 7 Richmond Luncheon 

Dec. 8-9 Baltimore, MD Club 


Jan. 12 Lynchburg, VA Club 

Jan. 17 Southside VA Club 

Jan. 20 Petersburg, VA Club 

Jan. 26 Lexington, VA Club 

Jan. 27 Halifax-South Boston Club 

Feb. 5 Roanoke, VA Club 

Feb. 9-10 Charleston, SC Club 

Feb. 16 Danville-Martinsville Club 

Feb. 19-20 ODAC Basketball Tournament 

Feb. 24 Pemnsula, VA Club 

Feb. 29 Richmond Club Luncheon 

Mar. 2 Charlottesville, VA Club 

Mar. 8-9 Jacksonville, FL Club 

Mar. 24-25 Alumni Council Weekend 

Mar. 28 Richmond Club Luncheon 

Mar. 29-30 New Orleans, LA Club 

Apr. 4 Bluefield-Tazewell, VAClub 

Apr. 5-6 Roanoke, VA Club 

Apr. 13 Senior Picnic 

Apr. 17-19 Birmingham, AL Club 

Apr. 25 Richmond Luncheon 

Apr. 28-29 50th Reunion & P.H.S. 

May 3 Fredericksburg, VA Club 

May 4 Eastern Shore Club 

May 5 Rappahannock VA Club 

May 10 Richmond Windsor- 

Tuckahoe Reception 

May 17 Tim Buder Golf Tournament 

May 24 Piedmont, NC Club 

May 25 Palmetto SC Club 

June 2-4 Alumni Summer College 




Summer 1999 

At the Birmingham, 
Alabama, Club meeting on 
April 14, 1999, in the home 
of Trustee A. Philip Cook, 
Jr. , were over 130 alumni, 
parents, and friends. 
FAR LEFT: President Wilson 
with Thacher Worthen 93, 
I la Joe Worthen, and Wil 
Puckett II 93. 
LEFT: David Hobbs '86, 
Ford Hamilton 95. Martin 
Clapp 95, Gerald Gillespy 
'88. and Philip Cook. 




Summer 1999 

If r> 

"The alumni are the 
most underutilized — 
though potentially the 
greatest — asset the 
College has. lam not 
talking just about open- 
ing checkbooks. 
Even more important, 
we have the chance to 
identify students who 
would be good Hamp- 
den-Sydney gentlemen. 

President of the Alumni Association 

A Letter from the new President of the Alumni Association 

This seems to be an era of stepping into big shoes. First, Richard 
Epperson '79 was asked to take over as Director of Alumni Relations 
after Johnny Waters' thirty-three years of devoted service to the 
College. Next, President Wilson has announced that he is leaving the 
presidency of the College next spring. Now I have the task of assum- 
ing the office of President of the Alumni Association, following in 
the footsteps of Ty Tysinger '66. 

Filling any of these shoes is a huge challenge, but also presents 
a wonderful opportunity. The standard of excellence has been estab- 
lished, so that if any of the successors just maintains the status 
quo they will have succeeded in their mission. But at Hampden- Sydney 
we are not satisfied with the status quo. I am sure everyone will 
strive to build on his predecessors' successes. Richard has already 
taken those steps in his job, and I hope to be able to build on Ty's 
accomplishments during my tenure. 

The alumni, in my opinion, are the most underutilized — though 
potentially the greatest — asset the College has. I am not talking 
just about opening your checkbook when the Annual Fund Drive calls. 
Our alumni have the chance to help a high school student choose to 
attend H-SC. This not only helps the tuition base but it also brings 
to the College the type of students and future alumni we all will be 
proud to call our own. 

Even more important, we have the chance to identify students who 
would be good Hampden- Sydney gentlemen. At the March meeting of the 
Alumni Association, we enjoyed a panel discussion by four student 
leaders about what could be done to improve the high rate of attri- 
tion, especially in the freshman class. David Hobbs (a senior basket- 
ball player and the valedictorian of the Class of '99) gave a most 
interesting suggestion. He said that not everyone admitted to the 
College is H-SC material and, in many cases, should transfer. These 
individuals may lack the work ethic to endure the rigors of the 
academic regimen, or they may not have the moral fiber to uphold our 
strict honor code. For whatever reason, not all who are admitted are 
destined to be graduates. This is an area where I believe the alumni 
can be of great assistance to Anita Garland, Dean of Admissions. If 
each of us would identify one or two potential freshmen who have the 
qualities we seek in our graduates, and if each of us would then take 
an active role in the selection process with the students, their 
parents, and the Admissions Office, I believe we could dramatically 
affect applications, admissions, and retention of those young men we 
want to call Hampden -Sydney gentlemen. 

My efforts these next two years will be to work with Richard in 
building a stronger Alumni Association, and to get you more active in 
the life of your college. This great institution deserves your ener- 
gies on its behalf. I will look forward to your increased involve- 

R. Brandt Deal '70 

P.S. Less than week after Ty left office last March, he had heart 
surgery. He is back at Woodberry Forest and doing well. I am sure we 
all wish him a speedy recovery. 













, Of THE 

or ' 







Recognizing gifts during the 1998-99 Fiscal Year 


© 1999 Hampden-Sydney College 

The lists contained in this report 

are to be used oti/y for the information of 

Hampden-Sydney 's ahimni and friends. 

All other uses, especially commercial uses, 

are strictly prohibited. 

BETWEEN JULY I, 1998 AND JUNE 30, 1999. 

IN THE 1999-2000 HONOR ROLL. 

Every effort has been made to compile as accurate a report of donors as is possible. 

If however, you discover a mistake, please let us know: 

Recorder of Gifts, Development Office, Estcourt, Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943, 

Telephone: (804) 223-6136' Fax: (804) 223-6381 ' E-mail: 

www. hsc. eduldev 


President Wilson walks with students 

Marty Fentress '00, Court Vanzant '02, and Jim Screws '01. 




Last year, the individuals and organizations listed herein met the challenge for Hampden- 
Sydney College, giving a total of $4.6 million in gifts, $1.8 million of which supported 
the operating budget. This impressive outpouring of support heartens us for the imper- 
ative we strive for this fiscal year, to achieve President Wilson's dream for the annual 
ftind — $2 million in 2000. With your continued support, it is a dream within our grasp. 
The vitality and stability of Sam Wilson's leadership have been his superb gifts to the 
College. Now we can honor him during his final year at the helm and further strengthen 
the College by achieving a $2 million annual fiind. But Hamp- 
den-Sydney cannot attain its highest potential without the help 
of all of you — our supporting family of alumni, parents, and 

I have been privileged to serve my alma mater for 20 years, and 
I extend a special invitation to all of you to serve in whatever way 
you can, be it with gifts of your time, talent, or treasure. 
1 encourage you to embrace the tradition of service that has been 
our strength and which will carry the College into a new millen- 
nium. Indeed, it is your continuing support that will nurture 
and forward the College's mission in the next hundred years. 

In this edition of The Honor Roll of Donors, I am delighted to welcome a new giving soci- 
ety. The 1776 Society, whose roster you will find on page 40. Named after Hampden- 
Sydney's inaugural year, the Society was established in 1998 to recognize the many 
alumni and friends who, through will provisions and life income gifts like gift annuities 
and trusts, have provided for the College's future. 

On behalf of everyone at Hampden-Sydney, please accept my gratitude for continuing to 
make this special place a priority in your giving. I invite you to visit us on the Hill soon, 
in person or on the World Wide Web ( 

With best wishes for the coming year. 

William C. Boinest '54 
Chairman of the Board of Trustees, 
Hampden-Sydney College 

William C. Boinest '54 
Chairman of the Board 



and colleagues as the noblest undertaking of my professional life. I now enter my eighth — 
and final — year as president of Hampden-Sydney College. And I do so with profound 
gratitude to all of you who have made my years in this chair so Rilfilling. In that light, the 
pages that follow list names of individuals, foundations, and corporations who have seen 
fit to contribute to our efforts during the 1998-99 academic year just concluded. 

You all know that Hampden-Sydney could not, would not, 
succeed without your support. We are engaged in competition 
with public institutions who have the resources of all the 
taxpayers of Virginia to augment the tuition and fees paid by 
students who enroll. So, even though the overall cost of educat- 
ing a student is approximately the same at a public institution 
as at a private institution, we obviously have to charge our 
students a much higher percentage of that total cost. Your 
contributions help us keep direct charges to the student at the 
lowest possible level while assuring that we can retain an excel- 
lent faculty who provide instruction second to none. 

Your continuing support thereby is absolutely vital. It is diffi- 
cult indeed to find words to express adequately the gratitude of all of us who work from 
day to day on this Hill. Just know that we appreciate what you do. And know also that 
I am deeply grateful for all that you have done on behalf of Susi and me during our years 

I look forward to working with you in preparing for a transition to a new president, one 
who will take Hampden-Sydney into a new millennium with a future as bright as it has 
ever been. 


Samuel V. NXIlson 

Presuienl, Hampdtn-Sydney Colkge 

^ Samuel Vaughan Wilson 

President, Hampden-Sydney College 




Richard E Cralle, Jr. '65 

Charles Hill Jones, Jr. 

William T.M.Newton '89 

Earmville, Virginia 

Palm Beach, Florida 

Jacksonville, Florida 

William C. Boinest '54, 

Owner, Green Front Furniture 

Managing Partner, Edge Partners, 

Cushman & Wakefield of Florida, 

Chairman of the Board 

Chades W. Crist '66 



Samuel Vaughan Wilson, 

William F. Shumadine, Jr. '66, 


Roanoke, Virginia 

Vice President for Finance and 

Administration, Hollins University 

Robert W King, Jr. '52 
Charlotte, North Carolina 
Senior VP & General Counsel, 

William L. PanniU '77 
Martinsville, Virginia 
Chairman and CEO, 

Carolinas HealthCare System 

Tacoma, Inc. 

John C. Ellis, Jr. '70, Secretary 

Gene B. Dixon, Jr. '65 

C. Norman Krueger, Treasurer 

Dillwyn, Virginia 

Roger H. W. Kirby '88 

Richard C.Parker "81 

and Assistant Secretary 

President, Kyanite Mining Corp. 

Richmond, Virginia 

Atlanta, Georgia 

W. Birch Douglass III '65 

Vice President, Guilford Company 

Comanche Investments 


Richmond, Virginia 

Willette L. LeHew '57 M.D. 

John C. Parrott II '64 

Joseph L.Austin '71 M.D. 

Attorney, McGuire, Woods, Battle 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Roanoke, Virginia 


& Boothe 

Tidewater Physicians for Women 

Senior Vice President, 

Virginia Consultants in Cardiology 

JohnC. Ellis,Jr. 70 

Earl F. Lockwood 

Wheat First Union 

William C. Boinest '54 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Alexandria, Virginia 

George R Piros '75 M.D. 

Richmond, Virginia 

Life Insurance Agent, 

Chairman & CEO, 

Savannah, Georgia 

Chairman of the Board 

Mass Mutual Life 

Betac Corporation 

Savannah Radiologists 

Hampden-Sydney College 

Allen Mead Ferguson 

John B. Long, Sr. '38 

Gordon D. Schreck '65 

Raymond B. Bottom, Jr. '51 

Richmond, Virginia 

Knoxville, Tennessee 

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 

Hampton, Virginia 

Retired CEO, Craigie, Inc. 


Partner, Buist, Moore, Smythe & 

Chairman & CEO, Centennial 

H. Hirer Harris III '83 

John B. Long Company 


Communications, Inc 

Richmond. Virginia 

John G. Macfarlane III '76 

William F. Shumadine, Jr. '66 

J. Robert Bray '60 

Principal, Harris, Williams & 

Darien, Connecticut 

Richmond, Virginia 

Portsmouth, Virginia 


Chief Operating Officer, 

Sr VP and Managing Director, 

Executive Director, 

Scott M. Harwood, Sr. '65 

Tudor Investment Corp. 

Lowe, Brockenbrough & 

Virginia Port Authority 

Earmville, Virginia 

David J. McKittrick '67 

Company, Inc. 

Charles L. Capito, Jr. '76 

President. SMH LTD 

Longmont, Colorado 

Julious P. Smith, Jr. '65 

Charleston, West Virginia 
First Vice President & Manager, 
Smith Barney 

Robert V. Hatcher, Jr. '51 
Manakin-Sabot, Virginia 
Retired CEO, Johnson & Higgins 

Executive Vice President & CEO, 
OnStream, Inc. 

Henry H. McVey III '57 

Richmond, Virginia 
Chairman & CEO, Williams, 
Mullen, Clark & Dobbins 

W. Randolph Chitwood, Jr. '68 

Rohprr R Harrpn 'M 

Schley, Virginia 

Joseph E Viar, Jr. '63 


i.\.\J\J\^l L IV. 1 IdLLCIl \J J 

Retired Partner, McGuire, Woods, 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Retired Chairman, DynCorp Viar 

Greenville, North Carolina 

Newport News, Virginia 
Partner and Managing Director, 

Battle & Boothe 

Professor and Chairman, 

Patten, Wornom, Hatten & 

David G. Monette 

Peter Worthen 

Department of Surgery, East 
Carolina University School of 


Bruce B. Hopkins '72 

Sujfolk, Virginia 

Vice President, Pre-Mix Industries 

Birmingham, Alabama 
President, Schreiber Corp. 

A. Philip Cook, Jr. 
Birmingham, Alabama 
Chairman and CEO, 

Memphis, Tennessee 
Executive VP & Manager, 
Executive Banking Division, 
First Tennessee Bank, N.A. 

Malcolm R. Myers '57 
Mentor Ohio 
Chairman, Cloyes Gear & 
Products, Inc. 

Cook Publications, Inc. 

Stephen L. Hughey '79 

Houston, Texas 

President, Lava Exploration, Inc. 





C. Norman Krueger 

Vke Presideni for Business Affairs 

& Treasurer 

Despite endowment returns that lagged behind the stellar performance of previous years and a 
shortfall in enrollment, the College was able to end its fiscal year on June 30, 1999, in the black 
for the twenty-first consecutive year. At June 30, 1999, the College financial report shows assets 
of $186 million, a growth of approximately $11 million over June 30, 1998. Once again the 
College auditors awarded us a "clean" audit with no exceptions noted. 

The College's endowment stood at $1 16 million at June 30, 1999, 
compared with approximately $105 million on the same date the 
previous year. Hampden-Sydney participates in the Annual Endow- 
ment Study undertaken each year by the National Association of 
Colleges and University Business Officers (NACUBO). This survey, 
which covers the vast majority of managed endowment fiands in the 
United States, is the definitive report on endowment performance and 
management in the United States. As of June 30, 1998, Hampden- 
Sydney College's endowment ranked 264th in size when compared 
with the 508 reporting institutions. Of the 343 private institutions 
participating in the study, Hampden-Sydney College ranked 1 00th in 
endowment per student. The College's 22.9% total net return for the 

twelve months ended June 30, 1998, ranked 46th among all participating colleges and univer- 
sities. For the five-year period ended June 30, 1998, the College enjoyed a 19.5% annual 
compound rate of return, which ranked us 12th among reporting institutions. During the year 
the College rebalanced its portfolio to a more normalized asset allocation of 25% fixed income 
and 75% equities. In addition, the Trustees selected a new manager, Commonfund, as 
manager of the majority of fixed income ftinds under active management. Trustees continue to 
consider fiarther steps toward diversifying the College's endowment. At a special meeting held 
this summer, a decision was made to make a relatively small position in real estate. This follows 
previous decisions made in May 1996, to hire Morgan Stanley Dean 'Whitter as the manager of 
our foreign investments, and in May 1997, to contract with Ashford Capital Management, Inc. 
as a small capitalization manager. 

Those of you who have not been on campus recently will find the east side of campus signif- 
icantly changed from its previous configuration. Within the past year four additional fraternity 
houses (KA, PiKA, Beta, and Sigma Chi) were renovated or built new and occupied by 
students. Two houses, Phi Gam and Sigma Nu, are under renovation, with SAE and Theta Chi 
scheduled to start renovation at the end of December 1999. In addition, new roads, parking. 


pathways, and lighting have transformed Fraternity Circle. The area between Fraternity 
Circle and Kirby Field House has also undergone major improvements. Lake Mayes, a 
2.5 acre lake has been constructed between Fraternity Circle and Kirby Field House. This 
lake, combined with an enlarged Tadpole Hole, will give us the capacity to irrigate all of 
our major athletic fields. In addition, a new intramural field has been constructed 
between Lake Mayes and Highway 133. Bernier Field is also being completely rebuilt. 
The new field will include drainage, irrigation, regrading, and fencing. In addition to all 
of this we also built a new tailgating area between Fraternity Circle and Kirby Field 
House. Please take the time to visit these improvements during your next visit to campus. 
We are proud oi our campus and very much wish to share our pride with you. 

Technology continues to improve significantly at Hampden-Sydney College. During the 
year all administrative and academic computing systems were brought into fijll Year 2000 
compliance and tested for Year 2000 operability. Also during the year negotiations were 
completed with Dell Computer Corporation to make Dell the sole vendor of desktop and 
laptop computing systems for the College. In return, Dell provides desktop and laptop 
systems at significantly discounted prices to faculty, staff, and students. This will also help 
us provide better support for our users. The College also initiated a loan program which 
allows students, faculty, and staft to purchase computers on extremely favorable terms. 

As you may judge from the sample of activities listed above, this has been an extremely 
active and productive year at Hampden-Sydney. I wish to convey my sincere thanks and 
gratitude to the staff at Hampden-Sydney. They are truly a dedicated group and deserving 
of our thanks and gratitude. No less dedicated and deserving of our thanks are the Trus- 
tees, alumni, parents, and friends of H-SC, who give so much of their efforts and financial 
support to this outstanding institution. 

C. Norman Krueger 

Vice President for Business Affairs & Treasurer 



FISCAL YEAR 1998-99 


Tuition & Fees: 


Federal Grants and contracts 


State grants and contracts 


Private gifts, grants, contracts 


Endowment income 


Auxiliary Enterprises 


Other sources 


Total Revenue 



(See explanation of terms, next page) 

Education and General: 





Academic Support 


Student Services 


Institutional Support 


Operation and maintenance of plant 


Scholarships and Fellowships 


Total Educational and General 


Loan Fund Matching Grant 




Auxiliary Enterprises 


Total Expenditures 



Explanation oj Categories of Expenditures 

Instruction - Includes all expenditures for academic departmental expenses, faculty salaries 
and benefits, and summer school expenses. 

Research - Includes expenditures for sponsored research in accordance with the terms of 
grants, contracts, or other agreements. 

Academic Support - Includes expenditures for library operations, assessment, and comput- 
ing operations. 

Student Services - Includes the cost of the Registrar's Office, Admissions Office, Financial 
Aid OfFice, Dean of Students Office, Athletics, Career Services and Counseling Offices, 
Health Services, and Residence Life fijnctions. 

Institutional Support - Includes all expenditures relating to the general executive and 
administrative offices which serve the entire institution: the President's Office, the Public 
Relations office, the Business Office, the Academic Dean's office, and the Development 

Operation & Maintenance of Plant - Includes expenditures for the operation and main- 
tenance of the institution's physical plant and care of grounds. 

Scholarships and Fellowships - Includes all expenditures for student financial aid, with the 
exception of loan funds or funds received from the Federal College Work-Study Program. 

Auxiliary Enterprises - Includes all costs associated with the operation of auxiliary enter- 
prises, which include the following departments: Telecommunications, Food Service 
operations, student residences, faculty-staff rental properties. Bookstore operations, and 
Summer Programs. 



HAMPDEN-SYDNEY COLLEGE is a four-year traditional liberal arts college for men. Its 660-acre 
campus is in south-central Virginia, 60 miles southwest ol Richmond. Since 1776 Hampden-Sydney has 
sustained its mission "to form good men and good citizens in an atmosphere of soimd learning." Ranked 
among the country's top liberal arts institutions, the College continues to live up to its historical promise 
by producing honorable men who serve the public good. Among its alumni are one U.S. President, thir- 
teen Senators, and many Congressmen, state representatives, doctors, attorneys, ministers, and leaders in 
business and industry (one alumnus in ten is president, owner, or CEO of a company). 




(Market value as of June 30, 1 999) 


Tuition $16,048 • Room and board (average) $5,898 • Special fees $483 • Total $22,429 


Total enrollment 996 
60% from Virginia • 40% out-ol-state (34 states, 3 foreign countries) 

CLASS OF 2003 

Applications 991 • Enrollment 307 • Merit Scholars 48 

SAT mid-50% range 1010-1200 • Average High School GPA 3.1 


Full-time faculty 62 • Part-time faculty 39 • Student-faculty ratio 11.5 to 1 

Average freshman class size 19.1 • Average upper-level class size 1 1 .9 

Most popular (declared) majors: Economics 29.3% • Histor)' 22.4% 

Political Science • Biology • English 


54% of students receive need-based financial aid administered by the College. 

Approximately 13% of the College's operating budget is used to give financial aid. 

The average need-based financial award is $15,059. 


About 25% of students take part in 8 intercollegiate varsity sports (NCAA Division III). 
70% of students take part in 9 intramural sports. 


Hampdm-Sydn/y College, while exempted from Subpart C of the Title IX regulation with respect to its admissions and recruitment activities, does not discriminate 

on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, handicap, or veteran statits in the operation of its education programs and with respect to employment. 

For information on this non-discrimination policy, contact the Business Office, Box 127, Hampden-Sydney College, Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943, (804) 223-6220. 



1998-99 FOUNDERS 



Honoring L 


honors of$li 

Mr. John C. Ellis. Jr. '70 


900 or more 


Gushing Society 

Mr. Angus 1. Mines, Jr. 
Suffolk. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Shumadine. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Goodwin. Jr. 
Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. 0. Christian Bredrup. Jr. 

Honoring Donon of $10,000 or more 

Dr. WiUiam C. Holbrook - Deceased 

Richmond. Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Roben E. Grover '80 

Richmond, Virginia 

dunng the 1998-99 fiscal year 

Farmvillc, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Grant C. Sipp '49 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Dr.&Mrs.MichaelJ. Breiner'82 

Mrs. William C. Holbrook 

Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Mr. &Mrs. RalphP. Hincs 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Allen '60 

Farmvillc, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Julious P. Smith, Jr. '65 

Rice, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Beeler Bmsh 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Hughey '79 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank R- Hoffinann '53 

Hampden -Sydney. Virginia 

Dr, & Mrs. Joseph L Austin 71 

Houston. Texas 

Mr, & Mrs. Henry C. Spalding. Jr. '60 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. John E. Bmsh, Jr. '76 

Roinoke, Virginia 

Dr. W.Glenn Hurt '60 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Irvin G. Horner 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Dr. William C. Barger '25 - Deceasfd 

Richmond, Virgmia 

Mr. & Mrs. George E. Summers 

Moseley, Virginia 

Dr, W. HamUton Bryson "63 

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

Mrs. Robert F. Hutcheson III 

Palm Beach, Florida 

Mr. James Lewis Kirby, Jr. 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. &Mrs.J.ScortBenton"90 

Emporia, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs, T. Ausrin Sydnor, Jr. '52 

Claremont, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. W. W. Samuel Buder '76 

Newport News. Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Manuel H. Johnson 

Charloncsville, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John Willard Kirk Iir72 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs, William C. Boinest '54 

McLean, Virginia 

Mr. Edward B. Titmus 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley H. Gary '85 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles HiU Jones, Jr. 

Sutherland. Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. LeHew '59 

Vienna, Virginia 

Mr. Raymond B. Bonom, Jr. '51 

Rumson, New Jersey 

Mr. Joseph Triplett Trotter '35 - 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Bates ChappeU '64 

Hampton, Virginia 

Mr. WiUiam C. Keighiley '75 


Mr. & Mrs. David G. Monene 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mrs. Cecil C. Bowman 

Chicago, Illinois 

Harrisonburg, Virgmia 

Suffolk, Viiginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John G.Clark. Jr. '75 

Staunton, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. E. Lawrence Kendig, Jr. '32 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Monon Venable, 

Dr. & Mrs. Perry D. Mowbray. Jr. '67 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. J. P. McGuire Boyd '64 

Richmond. Virginia 

Jr. '50 

Marion, Virginia 

Mr. J. Gordon Coleman, Jr. "69 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. RogerH.W.Kirby'88 

Fripp Island, South Carolina 

Dr. John A. Owen, Jr. '45 

Tuscaloosa, Alabama 

Mr. & Mrs. Caner B.Bryan 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. Joseph F. Viar, Jr. '63 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. C. Barrie Cook '45 

Jacksonville. Florida 

Dr. Wikm L LeHcw '57 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Parron 11 '64 

Fairfax, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin M. Butler "63 

Nortolk. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Randolph H. Watts '67 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry P. Custis, Jr. '67 

Winchester. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggen, Sr. "68 

White Stone. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. WiUiam CPeake ■51 

Onancock. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. George B. Cartledge. Jr. 

Roanoke. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Wheat III '75 

Newpon News, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher H. Daly '83 


Mr. F, Bruce Leys '43 - Deceased 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Fain Peebles 78 

Richmond, Virginia 

Roanoke. Virginia 

Petersburg, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Worthen 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Davidson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Philip Cook, Jr. 

Mr, & Mrs. James F. Lipscomb '66 

Birmingham. Alabama 

Mr. WdUam M. Richardson '30 - 


Birmingham. Alabama 

Richmond, Virginia 


Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. Rjchard F. Cralle, Jr. *65 

Mr. & Mrs. Gene Locks 

Grundy, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs, Nor^vood H. Davis. Jr. '63 

Farmvillc. Virginia 
Mr. & Mr5. Charles W. Crist '66 

Margate. New Jersey 
Mr. & Mrs. Earl F. Uckwood 

Venable Society 

Homnng Donors ofS5.000-SS,999 

Mrs. William F. Spotswood, Jr. 

Williamsburg, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Dietz '52 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh R. Stallard '59 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Gene B. Dixon, jr. '65 

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Long, Sr. '38 

dunng thr 1 998-99 fiscal year 

Midlothian, Virginia 

Mr. Douglas S. Divers. Jr. '53 

Dillwyn. Virginia 

Knoxville. Tennessee 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Taylor. Jr. '57 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Birch Douglass III '65 

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Macfarlane III 76 


Radford. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh G. Edmunds, Jr. '64 

Richmond, Virginia 

Darien, Conncaicut 

Mr. & Mrs. James N. Boyd '58 

Mr. John H. Thompson 11143 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Drescher '70 

Mr. Paul Camp Marks 

Richmond, Virginia 

Orlando, Florida 

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis C. Everen '63 

Virginia Beach. Virginia 

Franklin. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs.]. Robert Bray '60 

Mr. & Mrs. D. M. Westerhouse. Jr. '68 

Richmond. Virginia 

-Mr. & Mrs. John C.Ellis, Jr. 70 

Mr. Craig L Massey '88 

Portsmoudi, Virginia 

Midlothian, Virginia 

Mr. U Mrs. WiUiam H. Flannagan. Sr. 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. DonaldA.CaldweL 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald P. Whidey "59 


Dr. Edward J. Evans '38 

The Hon. D. Carleton Mayes '36 

Manakin-Sabot, Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Roanoke. Virginia 

Proaorville, Ohio 

Dinwiddtc, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Camp '83 

Dr. & Mrs. Edward T. Wolanski "78 

Dr. A. Frederick Gall, Jr. "77 

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Mead Ferguson 

Mr. & Mrs. David J. McKittrick '67 

Crozier. Virginia 

CharlonesviUe. Virginia 

Charleston. West Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Longmont. Colorado 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Capito. Jr. '76 

Mr. & Mrs. George Wright 111 '48 

Ms. Anita H. Garland 

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Finley 11 '34 

Mr. & Mr. Henry H. McVey III 57 

Charleston. West Virginia 

New York, New York 

Hampden-Sydney. Virginia 

Norfolk, V'ii^inia 

Schley. Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Randolph Chitwood, 

Mr. Frederick W.Young, Jr. '44 

Mr. C. Hobson Goddin '45 

MissJuliaB. Fleet 

Mr. Malcolm R. Myers '57 

Jr. '68 

KnoxviUe, Tennessee 

Richmond. Virginia 

La Jolla. California 

Mentor, Ohio 

Greenville, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Ziegelman 

Mrs. Juliet Lynch Goode 

Mr. S. Dou^as Fleet - Deceased 

Mr. & Mrs. William L. PanniU '77 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Citronc '87 

New York, New York 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Manmsville, Virginia 

Wesrport. Connecticut 

Dr. & Mrs. Darby G. Hand '77 

Mr. & Mrs. George C. Freeman, Jr. '52 

Mrs. Frances Dudley Parker 

Mr. & Mrs. Ashby W. Coleman '87 

Harrisbtu'g. Pennsylvania 

Fredericksburg, \'irginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Hunter B. Frischkorn III 

Midlothian, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Parker '81 

Roanoke, Virginia 
Mr & Mrs. W.Scott Cox Iir77 

Atkinson Society 

Honoring Donors of $2.50044.999 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Hankins. Jr. 
Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Adanta. Georgia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory B. Henderson '76 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark M. Gambill '72 

Mr. & Mrs. WiUiam M. Passano. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Gilmer Craddock '38 - 

during the 1998-99 fiscal year 

Midlothian. Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 



Mr. & Mrs. Bernard A. Hess - Deceased 

Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Giaimetti HI '86 

Baltimore, Maryland 

Lynchburg, Virginia 


Wilmington. Delaware 

Wayne. New Jerse)' 

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley F. Pauley 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles M.Dubroff 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Adkins. Jr. '82 

Dr. LaNvrenceK. Hill.Jr. '77 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Guthridgc '68 

Richmond, Virginia 

New York, New York 

Jacksonville, Florida 

Greenville, South Carolina 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. George P. Piros 75 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur P. Flippo '41 

Mr. & Mrs. Mosby R. Allmond, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Bnice B. Hopkins '72 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas 0. Gwaltney 111 


Savannah, Georgia 

Doswell. Virginia 

Hanover. Virginia 

Memphis, Tennessee 

Mr. & Mrs. Gary W.Rollins 

Mr. James Gordon Fiazer '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Baril '77 

Mr, William Henr>' Hubbard '39 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Adanta, Georgia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Virginia Beach, Virgmia 

Mr. & Mn. Marion Peebles Harrison 

Mrs. Martha C. Sanders 

DrRichardM. Frazer,Jr. '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Q. Bass. Jr. 75 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben W. King, Jr. '52 


Richmond. Virginia 

New Orleans. Louisiana 

Raleigh. North Carolina 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

N^ Head, North Carolina 

Dr. &: Mrs. John B. Schug '52 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard M. German, Jr '40 

Dr. & Mrs. Eugene R. Bebeau '44 

Dr. Larry P. Levin 77 

Mr. & Mrs. Scon M. Harwood, Sr. '65 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Fredericksburg. Virginia 

Beaumont, Texas 

Delray Beach. Florida 

Farmvillc. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Sydnor Settle '55 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard D. Giles '65 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Beck '67 

Mr. & Mrs. Keith W. Lewis '78 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben V. Hatcher. Jr. 51 

Mornstown, New Jersey 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Savannah. Georgia 

LutherviUe, Maryland 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis A. Shelton '41 

Dr. & Mrs. Frederick T. Given, Jr. '49 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben J. Bonaventura '83 

Mr. & Mrs. William E Lowry. Jr. '66 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben R. Hatten '69 

Nassawadox, Virginia 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Rye. New York 

Charlone. North Carolina 

Newpon News, Virginia 



Hunter Craig, who graduated in 1984 ivith a B.A. 
in economics, is Chairman of the Board for Virginia 
National Bank, which he helped establish in 1998. 

"/ have such good 
memories of my days at 
H-SC. Some of the best 

times of my life were 

spent there, "says Hunter 

Craig '84. "Not a week 

goes by that I don V think 

of Dr. Crawley [former 

professor of English], 

and use something that 

I learned in his class. 

I give to the College 

because I believe in its 

mission. How could I not 

give something back?" 

Mr. Howard D. MacPherson '23 

Mahwah, New Jersey 
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Matney '63 

Santa Rosa. Calitornia 
Mr. & Mrs. L. White Matthews III '67 

Dallas, Texas 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael K. Minter 73 

Bronxvllle, Ne\v York 
Mr. & Mrs. William S. Moore '78 

Petersburg, Virginia 
Mrs. Banow Morgan III 

Lawrenccville, Georgia 
Mr. Banow Morgan. Jr. '94 

Lawrenccville, Georgia 
Dr. & Mrs. Clifford A. Nottingham III 


Roanoke. Virginia 
Mr, & Mrs. PhUip^G. Padgen.Jr. '63 

Bethesda, Maryland 
Mr, & Mrs. John E. Pappas '60 

Portsmoudi, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. Jesse K. Park '82 

Palos Hills, Illinois 
Dr. & Mrs. Vance J. Plumb '70 

Birmingham, Alabama 
Mr, & Mrs. Hen^ R. Pollard IV '64 

Richmond. Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. Randall W. Powell '67 

Mobile, Alabama 
Dr. & Mrs. John R. Ragsdale III '66 

Petersburg, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. WJliam A. Ray 

Devon. Pennsylvania 
Mr. & Mrs. Philip deButts Rome '68 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Schaaf 111 '69 

Richmond, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth N. Scott '63 

Portsmouth. Virginia 
Major & Mrs. Steven Michael Sharp 

USAE, MD '86 

Boise, Idaho 
Dr. Herbert J. Sipe.Jr. 

Hampden- Sydney, Virginia 
Mr. &: Mrs. Uwrencc N. Smith '59 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. S, Bruce Spencer '37 

Earmville. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Trammell '38 

Hershey, Pennsylvania 
The Hon. & Mrs, Paul S. Trible, Jr. 


Newport News, Vj^inia 
Mr. Charles W.Tudor 

Greenville, North Carolina 
Mr- & Mrs. F. Case Whittemore 

Richmond, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. William T. Wdkins 

Richmond. Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. Hugh Orian Wrenn '46 

Richmond. Virginia 
Dr Stephen S. Young '83 

Richmond. Virginia 

Cabell Society 

Honoring Donors o}$L000-$2.499 
dunngthe 1998-99 fiscal year 

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Adams, jr. 71 

Richmond. Virginia 
Mr, &: Mrs. Michael J. Adelman 70 

Cincinnati. Ohio 
Mr, William S.Adkisson, Jr. '29 

Clover, Virginia 
Mrs. Elizabeth LeSucur Aldhizer 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. Frank Allocci 

Newton. New Jersey 
Mr. & Mrs, William Byrn Alsup 111 '68 

Washington. DC 
Mr, & Mrs. Christopher C. Altizcr '84 

Mcndham. New Jersey 
Mr. & Mrs. Irstcr E. Andrews, Sr. '36 

Parmvillc, Vii^inia 

Mr. Wesley G.Andrews, Jr. '49 
Garden Cit\' Beach. South 
Mr. & Mrs. Alvan M. Aron '53 

Union Hall, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Arthur. Jr. 

Haverford. Pennsylvania 
Dr. & Mrs. Paul S. Baker 

Hampden-Sydney. Vii^ia 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Banks III 

Gloucester, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Bascom, Jr. '73 

Charlottesville, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Basilonc '85 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 
Dr.&Mrs.JohnD. Beall'47 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Craig E. Beckler 88 

Palatka. Florida 
Mr. & Mrs. James L. Beckner '68 

Nashville. Tennessee 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Bedinger 111 '76 

Adanta, Georgia 
Mr. Edmund L. Benson lir59 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs, Maynard Hunt Berryman 

Lakeland. Florida 
Mr. & Mrs, MarcellusJ. Best, Jr. '80 

Goldsboro. North Carolina 
Mr. & Mrs, George C Bird '57 

Monterey. Virginia 
Mr. Clyde H, Bliss '37 

Fairfield Glade, Tennessee 
The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Roben Bluford. 
Jr. '45 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. M. L. Boinest. Jr. 

Davidson. North Carolina 
Mr, & Mrs. Clyde H. Bond '72 

Durham, North Carolina 
Mr. & Mrs. B. Elliort Bondurant '79 

West Point, Virginia 
Mr. Mvron P. Boon '74 

Asheville, North Carolina 
Mr. Obie Henry Booth '62 

Earmville. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. John M, Boswell '65 

Burkevdle, \1rginia 
Mr. & Mni. William L. Bowles '76 

Libertyville. Illinois 
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin C. Bowling, jr. '48 

Powhatan, Xlrginia 
Mr. & Mrs. James R, Bowman. Jr. 

Raleigh. North Carolina 
Mr, Kimball J, Bradley '90 

Pittsburgh. Penns)'lvania 
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis E. H. Brandon '45 

High Point, North Carolina 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Breeden III "56 

Norfolk, Virginia 
Mr. John L Brinkley '59 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 
Dr. &Mrs,J.MillsBritt,Jr. '56 

Franklin. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Gardiner T. Brooks. Jr, '51 

Williamsburg. Virginia 
Mr, & Mrs, David C, Brown '87 

Alexandria, Virginia 
Mr, W. Denis Brown IV "80 

Monroe, Louisiana 
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas A. Bryant '55 

Raleigh. North Carolina 
Mr. & Mrs, James Wesley Burgess '62 

South Boston. Virginia 
Dr. &Mrs.J.GillumBurkc 

Mount Airy. Nonh (Carolina 
Mr, & Mrs- John D. Burke '80 

Richmond. Virginia 
Mr, &: Mrs. Richard C. Burroughs. Sr. 

Virginia Beach. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Phillips Burruss 

Hayes. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Bunon '68 
Charlottesville, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Buder 

Earmville, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Buder III '91 

Culpeper. Virginia 
Mrs. William T, Butler, Jr. 

Hampden-Sydney. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Lonnic A. Byrd 

Newport News, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Obeli '74 

Richmond. V^irginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Royal E, Cabell, Jr, '43 

Manakin-Sabot, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Craighead Cald- 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr, & Mrs. W. Davidson Call 

Raleigh. North Carolina 
Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence B. Caplui '86 

Pipersville, Penns)'lvania 

Martinsville, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald T. Carne)- 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 
Mr. R. Scort Carr '95 

Franklin, Virginia 
Mr, & Mrs. Richard L Carr '73 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. William P. Carter '68 

Midlothian. Virginia 
Mr, & Mrs. James H. Carwile 

Earmville. Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. John B. Caden '43 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Y, Cadett '81 

New York, New York 
Mr. & Mrs, M, Deane Cheatham 111 


Ashland. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Barry Chenault 


Mechanicsville, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Childress '70 

Brentwood, Tennessee 
Mrs. Ruth i\nne Reed Chitwood 

Wytheville, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Clarke '50 

Devon, Pennsylvania 
Dr. & Mrs. Earnest D. CoaJter, Jr. 

Virginia Beach. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Don R. Cochran '73 

Hampton, Virginia 
Mr. M. J. Boyd Colgate 

Chase City. Viiprua 
Mr. Mark S. Collier 

Fayeneville, North Carolina 
Mr. & Mrs. E. Eugene Cooke '58 

Midlothian. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Cowherd 111 '50 

Martinsville. Virginia 
Mr, & Mrs. John ^'. Craddock '55 

Lynchburg, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Hunter E. Craig "84 

Charlonesville, Virginia 
Mrs. Roberta A. Crawley 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. John H.Cross '44 

Spartanburg, South Carolina 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Crowder "78 

Goochland, Virginia 
Mr, & Mrs. Douglass C. Crummett '43 

Charleston. West Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs, John C. Crump nr6U 

L^unnsville, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. C. William Dabne>' '76 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr, & Mrs. Frederick M. Dabncy 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. Frank G. Davidson III '68 

Lynchburg, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Kcnnedi Davis 

Hanover, Virginia 
Mr, & Mrs, R. Brandt Deal '^0 

Winston-Salcni, North Carolina 
Dr. & Mrs. Hcnr)' Clark Dcriso 

Savannah. Georgia 


1998-99 FOUNDERS 

Mr. & Mr.. lohn [ackson Dickinson, 

Mr. & Mrs. David C. Fuller '64 

Mr, & Mrs, Joseph W. Hatchen, Jr, "84 

Mr. & Mrs, Albert S. Kemper III'M 

Dr. &Mrs.WinficldMassie'49 


Virginia Beach. Virginia 

Rock Hill. South Carolina 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Spring, Texas 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr, George H. Fulton, Jr. '42 

Mr. & Mrs, J. Sheppard Haw III '78 

Mr. & Mrs. George S. Khoury '74 

Mr. & Mrs, Roderick B. Mathews '63 

Dr, & Mrs. William S. Dodson 'S4 

Roanoke. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Darien. Connecticut 

Richmond, Virginia 

Ponsmouth, Virginia 

Mr, & Mrs. Cincr B, S, Furr, Sr. '54 

Mr. &: Mrs, Paulus I. Haynsworth '62 

Mr, & Mrs. Jeffrey LKiefer '75 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Mayo IV 

Mr. &Mrs. R.T. Dooley.Jr. 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Sparks, Maryland 

Hampden-Sydney. Virginia 

Charlotic, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Gardner. Jr. '57 

Mr. & Mrs, Richard B. Hazlegrove 76 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. 

Mr, & Mrs. William E. McBratney. jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Douglass "69 

Richmond. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 


Lynchburg. Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Dr. &: Mrs, John B. Garren, Jr. 

Mrs. Nancv Brown Hereford 

Davidson. Nonh Carolina 

Mr, & Mrs. Bryan S. McClendon '90 

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Douthat '64 

Gastonia, North CaroUna 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Mr, & Mrs. Edw.ird P, Kinney, Jr, 

New Orleans. Louisiana 

Roanoke. Virginia 

The Hon. & Mrs. Ernest P. Gates, Sr. 

Mr, D. Rankin Hervey '35 -Deceased 


Mr. & Mrs. David S. McClung II '51 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Dowdy III 


Richmond, Virginia 

El Cerrito. California 

Salem, Virginia 

Farmville, Virginia 

Chesterfield, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul P. Hicks, Jr. 

Dr,&Mrs.HubertE, Kiser,Jr.'53 

Mr, & Mrs. Uwis B. McClung '82 

Dr. & Mrs, Uwis H. Drew '60 

Dr, Anhur S, Gear. Jr. '55 -Deceased 

Farmville, Virginia 

Bluefield. West Virginia 

Salem, Virginia 

Hampdcn-Svdne>'. Virginia 

South Hill, Virginia 

Mr, Timothy E. Hildreth '73 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Norman Krueger 

Mr, & Mrs. Thomas G. McClung "82 

Dr. & Mrs, Francis], Duckwall 'V) 

Mrs. .Arthur S. Gear. Jr. 

Gahanna, Ohio 

Hampden-Sydnc)', Virginia 

Salem, Virginia 

Roanoke, Virginia 

South Hill, Virginia 

Mr, & Mrs. William R. Hill 111 '76 

Mr. &Mrs.MichaelJ.Krtipin'69 

Mr. Maurice A. McDougal 

Mr. & Mrs, Thomas U. Dudlev '6^ 

Mr- & Mrs. Franklin Y.Geho '83 

Richmond, Virginia 

Beverly Hills, California 

Florence, South Carolina 

Upperville, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr, & Mrs. H, William Hoffman '49 

Mr, & Mrs. Joseph H.Lane 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel W, McGann, Jr, 

Dr. & Mrs. A. Russell Dunningron. jr. 

Mr. & Mrs, John E, Genet '73 

Charlone C. H,. Virginia 

Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin 



Adanta. Georgia 

Dr. & Mrs. Harry F. Hoke. Jr, '5^ 

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Lawley. Sr. 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Vii^inia Beach. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Gibson III '82 

Richmond, Virginia 

Tuscaloosa, Alabama 

Mr, & Mrs. R. Manhcw McGec '84 

Mr. & Mrs. W, Robert Eason. Sr. '40 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Mr, Richard D.Holcomb '76 

Mr, & Mrs. Fontaine B. Lawson '64 

Richmond, Virginia 

Orange. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs, Lart)' R. Gilbertson '69 

Richmond. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr, & Mrs. Hunter H, McGuire, jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. C, Thomas Eber?6 

McLean, Virginia 

Mr, & Mrs. William D. Hopkins '66 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Lawson '39 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. Joseph P. Gillach '82 & 

Amherst, Virginia 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Dr, & Mrs. Richard A. Michaux '34 

Dr. & Mrs. William F, EgelhofF. Jr. 71 

Mr. Timothy L. Gerwin 

Mr. & Mrs. Irvin G. Horner, jr. "86 

Mr. & Mrs. L. Thompson Lawson 

Richmond, Virginia 

Rockville. Maryland 

San Francisco, California 

Moseley. Virginia 


Mr. & Mrs, John C. Middleton 76 

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Elwang, Jr. '43 

Dr. & Mrs. Albert R. GiUespie '33 

Mr. & Mrs, William B, Howard '77 

Richmond. Virginia 

Nashville. Tennessee 

Norfolk. Virginia 

Staunton, Virginia 

Alexandria. Virginia 

Mrs. Susan Weems Leachman 

Mr. & Mrs, Joseph D, Miles 111 '66 

Mrs. Rose S. Emerick 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Gillespie, Jr. '54 

Mr. & Mrs. M. Norton Howe. Jr. '60 

Ashland, Virginia 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Warrenton, Virginia 

Severna Park, Maryland 

Adantic Beach. North Carolina 

Mr, &Mrs.HughK. Leary'61 

Mr. & Mrs, Donald P. Miller, Jr. "62 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. English 78 

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Gillespie. Sr. 

Mr, & Mrs. Charles E, Hubbard '62 

Richmond. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mechanicsville, Virginia 


Roxboro, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. Burton P, Lee 

Mr, John M. Miller '56 

Mr. &C Mrs. Richard P, Epperson 11 79 

Tazewell. Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. David F. Huddle '81 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Farmville, Virginia 

Mr, j. Edwin Givens 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. James B, Lee '68 

The Hon. & Mrs, John R. Mitchell, Jr. 

Dr,& Mrs. W.Keith Eubank '42 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr, & Mrs. C Randolph Hudgins. Jr, 

Richmond. Virginia 


Charlonesville, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs, Roger A. Glover III '83 


Dr. & Mrs, William L Lee 71 

Charleston, West Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs, Christopher K. Evans '68 

Richmond, Virginia 

Norfolk. Virginia 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd B. Mize, Jr, '53 

Irvine, California 

Dr, John R. Good '52 

Mr, & Mrs, Walton L. Huff '51 

Mr. & Mrs. Monte Lehmkuhler '88 

Ruther Glen. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John Michael Evans 

Richmond, Virginia 

Sugar Land, Texas 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Molster '80 

Rocky Mount. North Carolina 

Mr. R. Warden Good '81 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben L Ireland III 


Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Everette, Sr. 

Richmond, Virginia 

Thomasville, Georgia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles C Moore, Jr, '67 

Mechanicsville, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Goodnight 

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Irwin IV 

Mr. & Mrs. Monroe Leigh '40 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr.&Mrs.J. DavidEwing'91 

Halifax. Virginia 

Spananburg, South Carolina 

Bethesda, Maryland 

Mr. & Mrs, John B. Morgan II 

Dccanar, Georgia 

Mr. James W. Gordon, jr. '52'Deceased 

Mr, &Mrs.J. BrianJacbon'87 

Mr. & Mrs. G.W.Lindsay '52 

Newport News, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Fannon, Jr, 

Richmond, Virginia 

Charlonesville, Virginia 

Charlonesville. Virginia 

Mr, & Mrs. Devereux P. Moring 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Mrs. James W. Gordon, jr. 

Mr, j, Bruce James, jr. '53 

Mr. & Mrs. L.Cecil Long '64 

New Orleans, Louisiana 

Mr. & Mrs, Gregory S. Parish, Sr. 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Adanta. Georgia 

Dr, & Mrs. Charles H. Moseley, jr. '52 

Charlone, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Graham '43 

Dr. & Mrs. Samuel M. Janney 11 '73 

Mrs, H, T. Lorentzen -Deceased 

Petersburg. Virginia 

Mr, &: Mrs. Roben E. Farmer III '70 

Irvington, Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Dr.V.AtwellModey.Jr, "51 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Dr, & Mrs. George L. B. Grinnan '57 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Devereux Jarran '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Lucas '59 

Abingdon, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs, W. Stuan Farmer, jr. 74 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Roanoke. Virginia 

Beckley, West Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Maurice F, Mullins 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Bryan Grinnan III '57 

Mr, & Mrs. Maurice Jennings 

Mr. & Mrs, Gary L. Lumsden '77 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs, Jack Faussemagne 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Greensboro. North Carolina 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Roderick A. Mundy '43 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Mr. Brian C, Grogan '73 

Dr. & Mrs. Edgar F. Jessee '42 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles LLunsford II 

Mountain Lakes, New Jersey 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark E, Feldmann, Sr. 70 

Yosemite Nad. Park, California 

Richmond. Virginia 


Dr. & Mrs. Anthony j. Munoz 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Walter L, Grubb, jr. '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Bryce D. Jewen. jr. '68 

Moneta, Virginia 

Farmville, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. James G. Ferneyhough '59 

Charlone, North Carolina 

Richmond, Virginia 

The Rev. & Mrs, W, Daniel Mac- 

Mr. & Mrs, Tayloe N.Negus '88 

Monroe, Virgmia 

Dr. & Mrs. John L. Guerrant '33 

Mrs. j. Monroe Johns -Deceased 

Gill III '67 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr, & Mrs. K. Scott Fife '83 

Charlonesville, Virginia 

Farmville. Virginia 

Snowshoe, West Virginia 

Mr, & Mrs, W, Barren Nichols '72 

Great Falls, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Barry A. Hackney '67 

Mr, & Mrs. Roben E, Johnson '67 

Dr, & Mrs. John W. Mack, jr. '68 

Louisville, Kentucky 

Dr. & Mrs. William C Finch '29 

Richmond. Virginia 

Burkeville. Virginia 

Knoxville. Tennessee 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Nottingham 

Nashville. Tennessee 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip A. Haley '77 

Mr. & Mrs. David E, Johnston 

Mr. & Mrs, Richard B. Madden '67 


Mr. & Mrs. G. Franklin Fhppin "69 

Winnetka. Illinois 

Charlone, North Carolina 

Richmond, Virginia 

Chapel Hill. North Carolina 

Roanoke. Virginia 

Mr, & Mrs. B, W.Hamilton, jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Lewis D. Johnston, jr. '42 

Mr. & Mrs, John E. Maddux. Sr. '72 

Dr. &: Mrs. Maurice Nottingham. Jr. 

Coi, & Mrs. WiUiam R. Foley 

Montgomery, Alabama 

Soudi Boston, Virginia 

Charlonesville. Virginia 


Williamsburg, Virginia 

Mr, & Mrs. Eugene B. Hardin. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Samuel M. Jones '75 

Mr. & Mrs, John E. Mansfield, Jr. 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs, John A. Forbes Iir69 

Raleigh, North CaroHna 

Fairfax Station, Virginia 


Mr. Charles Dee O'Dell 11 '87 

Ramsc}', New Jersey 

Mr, & Mrs. J. Daniel Hardy. Jr. 71 

Dr. Samuel S, Jones '43 

Gainesville. Georgia 

Chicago. Illinois 

Mr. & Mrs, Roben E, Forehand, Jr. 

Blacksburg, Virginia 

Tucson, Arizona 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Manson, Jr, 

Mr, & Mrs, Theodore G. Offterdinger 

Spring Grove. Virginia 

Mr, &:Mrs. BrianJ. Harker 

Dr. William Russell Jones, Jr. '37 



Mr. & Mrs. Gregory D, Foreman 71 

Danville. Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Charlonesville, Virginia 

Lvnchburg. Virginia 

Midlothian. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Harper III '38 

Dr- & Mrs. W. Thomas Joyner, Jr. '51 

Mr, & Mrs. Stephen W. Mapp '74 

Mr, & Mrs. Clarence T, Orgain '41 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Randolph Fowler 74 

Chevy Chase, Maryland 

Hampden-Sydney. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Albena, Virginia 

Greenville. South Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. John N. Harrington. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James j- Keating, jr. '56 

Mr. & Mrs. John R.Marks '72 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Ounen, jr, '79 

Dr, & Mrs. Russell E. Fox '38 


Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 

Franklin, Virginia 

Greenville. South Carolina 

Hampton. Virginia 

Raleigh. North Carolina 

Dr. & Mrs. Lloyd j. Kellam III '77 

Mr. jamesj. Marshall. Jr, '34 

Mr. & Mrs. John Gurganey Oversneet 

Dr. & Mrs. H, Gordon France, Jr. 76 

Mrs. Elizabeth T, Harris 

Belle Haven, Virginia 

New York, New York 


Spananburg, South Carolina 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr, & Mrs. Herbert V. Kelly. Jr. '73 

Dr. & Mrs, John A. Manin. jr. '79 

Bedford, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Friedman '88 

Mr, & Mrs, H.Hiter Harris Iir83 

Newport News, Virginia 

Douglassville, Pennsylvania 

Dr, & Mrs. Thomas P. Ovenon '48 

Lexington, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Uwrence B. Kelly '74 

Mr, &: Mrs. Stephen Hawley Manin 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Frischkorn. Jr, 

Mr. H. Hirer Harris, ]x.-Deceased 

South Charleston, West Virginia 


Mr. & Mrs. G, Michael Pace. jr. '79 


Richmond, Virginia 

Mr, & Mrs. Roben D, Kelly '70 

Richmond, Virginia 

Salem, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. W.Allen Harrison 

Alexandria. Virginia 

Dr, James B. Masscy.Jr. '35 

Mr. & Mrs. Jon A. Pace "82 

Jupiter, Florida 

LNTichburg, Virginia 

Norfolk, Virginia 



President Wilson visited many alumni clubs around 

the Southeast during the year. In Charleston, West 

Virginia (above) he met with alumni and prospective 

students and addressed school assemblies. 

Introduced during 

the last year, the 

initiative to coordinate 

visits by College staff to 

key cities around the 

country helps admissions, 

fundraising, and public 

relations programs as it 

encourages alumni clubs, 

builds coherence among 

local alumni, and raises 

awareness of the College. 

The initiative is enabled 

by and eventually 

contributes to the 

annual fund. 

Mr, & Mrs. Frank C Page '88 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr.&Mrs. FrcdW.Palmorelll 

Richmond. Virginia 
The Hon. & Mr. WestbrookJ. Parker 


Franklin, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. William R. Parks 

Newport News. Virginia 
Mrs. lames D. Parton III 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr- & Mrs. James L. Patton '63 

Laurel. Mar^'land 
Mr. Marshall N. Pearman, Jr. '61 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. David L Peebles 

Gloucester, Virginia 
Mr, & Mrs, C, Wayne Penick '70 

Reedville, Virginia 
Mr, & Mrs. John T. Percy, Jr. '69 

Midlothian, Virginia 
Mr, & Mrs. George F. Perkins "64 

Charlortesville, Virginia 
Mr. George M. Peters 

Hampden-Svdnev, Virginia 
Mr, & Mrs. W, Banks Peterson. Jr. '85 

Roswell. Georgia 
Mr. & Mrs, Thomas M. Pickral. Sr, 

Richmond. Virgmia 
Dr, & Mrs. William W. Ponerfield 

Hampden-Svdnev. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. John Maynard Power '79 

Southern Shores, North Carolina 
Mr. & Mrs. John Carlisle Priddy SS 

Richmond, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. Claudius H, Pritchard. Jr. 


Summervillc, South Carolina 
Mr, & Mrs. Kenneth M. Pritchett '64 

Petersburg. Virginia 
Mr, & Mrs. Arthur Pue 

Charlotte. North Carolina 
Mr, & Mrs. William R. Pumphrey 111 


Winchester. Kentucky 
Mr, & Mrs. J. Horsley Putt. Jr. '38 

Lynchburg. Vii^ia 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Greyson Quaries, Jr. 


Morrisville. North Carolina 
Dr, & Mrs. Robert H, Ramey.Jr. Si 

Pinehurst. North Carolina 
Mr. & Mrs, Thomas T, Rankin 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Jake Rasor, Jr. 

Cross Hill, South Carolina 
Dr, & Mb. Holman C. Rawls III '63 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Re«. Jr. 

Richmond. Virginia 
Mt.&Mrs. R.RickReiss70 

Williamsburg. Viipnia 
Mr. C, Edward Richardson III "51 

Richmond. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Richardson '38 

Bluefield, West Virginia 
Mr, & Mrs. Frank W. Roach 73 

Richmond. Virginia 
Mr, James C. Robbins '55 

Bear, Delaware 
Mr. & Mrs. E. Stewart Robertson '54 

Kingwood. Texas 
Mr. & Mrs. A. Francis Robinson, Ir, 


New Canaan, Connecticut 
Dr. & Mrs. Fred D. Robinson '54 

Midlothian. Virginia 
Mr, it Mrs, Robert L. Robinson 

Columbiana, Alabama 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Randolph Robinson 


Chesapeake. Vii^nia 
Mr. & Mre. Charles D. Robison III "0 

Norfolk. Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert G. Rogers 

Hampden-Sydney. Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. Peter Rosanelli, Jr. '58 

Richmond. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben F. Rosenbaum '54 

McLean, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. R. Lewis Roj-sier, Jr. '62 

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 
Mr. Joseph M. Ruffin, Jr. "62 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. C. Edward Russell. Jr. '64 

Norfolk, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Sanders '56 

Spartanburg. South Carolina 
Mr, & Mrs, WcUford L. Sanders. Jr. '67 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Bradford B. Sauer 74 

Richmond. Virginia 
Dr. Mary M. Saunders 

Hampden-Svdnev, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Saunders. Jr. '60 

Newport Ne\\'s, Virginia 
Mr. Edward M. Schaal. Jr. 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. John H- Schaeter 

Casselberrv, Florida 
The Hon, Dr. James R. Schlesinger, Sr. 

Arlington, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Sells '72 

Alpharetta. Georgia 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Howard Setde '50 

Lawrenceville, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. John J- Shannon IV 

Birmingham, .\labama 
Mr. & Mrs. Thaddeus R. Shelly III '75 

Washington, DC 
Mr.&Mrs. David W.Sheior '72 

Salem, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Shifleit '46 

Roanoke, Virginia 
Mr, & Mrs. S. Stuart Shiplen '90 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr, Thomas H. Shomo '69 

Hampden-Sydney. Virginia 
Mr, William Francis Shumadine III '94 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. William L Shumate Iir66 

Richmond. Virginia 
Mr, & Mrs. James I. Slaydon. Jr. '54 

Roanoke. Virginia 
The Rev, Glenn W. Small "63 

Adanta, Georgia 
Dr. & Mrs. James H. Smith '56 

Highland Springs, Vii^inia 
Mr. & Mrs, James R. Smith 

Roanoke. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. William P. Snavely '40 

Charlonesville. Virginia 
Mr, & Mrs. Owen A. Snyder 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Sommardahl, Sr. 


Richmond. Virginia 
Mrs. Benjamin A. Soyars 

Richmond, Virginia 
The Hon. & Mrs. Robert B. Spencer. Jr. 


Dillwvn, Vii^inia 
Mr. Wlliam F. Spotswood, Jr. '34- 


Williamsburg, Vii^inia 
Dr, & Mrs. Peter W. Squire '48 

Emporia, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. R. Curtis Steele, Jr. '67 

Roanoke. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. L. Mark Stepanian '93 

Richmond. Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. W. Graham Stephens '49 

Troutv'ille. Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. H.Ben Stone m '61 

New Bern, North Carolina 
Dr. & Mrs. Kearfott M. Stone '67 

(Gloucester, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. Frank D. Stoncburner. Jr. 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. David C. Stradinger '69 

Mynic Beach, South Carolina 
Mrs. Walter N. Street. Jr. 

Manakin- Sabot, Virginia 
Mr. Thomas J. Strup 

Herndon. Virginia 
Lt. & Mrs. Christopher P. Stuart '87 

Sasebo. Japan 
Mr. George Summers. Jr. '67 


V irgmia 

Mr. & Mrs. Walker P. Sydnor, Jr. 71 

Lynchburg, Virginia 
Mr. H. Tinsle>- Taliaferro 11171 

Warsaw, Virginia 
Mr. John Ed Tankard III '85 

Exmore, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. J, Bruce Taylor '74 

Charlotte, North Carolina 
Dr. & Mrs. J. Bradley Terry '87 


V irginia 

The Hon. & Mrs. W. Carrington 

Thompson '37 

Chatham. V^irginia 
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Timmons. Jr. 

Forest. Virginia 
Mrs. Verser Todd 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Waverley Townes '66 

LouisN'ille, Kentucky 
Mr. George M.TribleIV'91 

EUicott City. Maryland 
Dr. & Mrs. Waring Trible, Jr. '80 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. E. Randolph Trice '44 

Richmond. Virginia 
Dr. & .Mrs. Roben P. Trice '40 

Richmond, Virginia 
Dr. Frederick L. Troxel '77 -Deceased 

Radford. Virginia 
Dr. C. Wayne Tucker 

Hampden-Sydney. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Larr>' C. Tucker 

Petersburg. Virginia 
Mr. lames M. Turner, Sr. '56 

Danville. Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. William V. Tynes II '57 

Norfolk. Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. Edwin B. Vaden "42 

Pawley's Island. South Carolina 
Dr. & Mrs. S. Craig Vranian '81 

Richmond. \'irgmia 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard^C. Walker. Sr. 

Goshen. Kentucky 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Walker 77 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr.&Mrs, EarleR. Ware ir57 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr.&Mrs. Guilford D.Ware 

Norfolk. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Ernest Warinner III '47 

Ordinan', Virginia 
Mr, & Mrs. Michael E. Warner 

Roanoke. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Fred G. Warren "59 

Richmond. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs, Stephen K. Waskcy '90 

Roanoke, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs, G. Richard Waterman. Jr. 


Woodbridgc, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. John Hardy Waters III '58 

Emerald Isle, North Carolina 
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Watson 

St. Simon "s Island, Georgia 
Dr. & Mrs. Edgar N. Weavcrjr. "69 

Roanoke, Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. Hcrbcn Fariw Webb '38 

Effingham. Illinois 
Mr. Todd A. Wcincrt '84 

Orlando, Flonda 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Wells. Jr. '73 

Sevcrna Park. Maryland 
Mr, Rickird H. West "68 

Roanoke, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs, Jcrc F.White, Jr. 

Birmingham. Alabama 


1998-99 FOUNDERS 

Dr. & Mr. Paul F. White "60 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. M. Newton '89 

Dr. & Mrs. John D. Drinko 

Mr. & Mrs. Irvin G. Horner * 

Dr. & Mrs. Maurice Nottingham, Jr. 

SaJem. Virginia 

Jacksonville, Florida 

Lyndhurst, Ohio 

Moseley, Virginia 


Mr5. William R.^^itman. Jr. 

Mr. GcorgcW. Noms.Jr. "92 

Dr. & Mrs. William P. Edmondson, Jr. 

Mr. William Henry Hubbard ■39* 

Richmond, Virginia 

Roanoke. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 


Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William G. Pannill 

Dr. WiUiam Rush Whitman, jr. "37 - 

Mr. Michael A. Page "90 

Virginia Beach. V^irginia 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Randolph Hudgins, Jr. 

Maninsville, Virginia 


McLean, V^irginia 

Mr. &Mn. John C.Ellis, Jr. '70' 


Mr. & Mrs. WiUiam L. Pannill '77' 

Good\'iew. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John Howard Sclzcr "94 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Norfolk. Viiginia 

Martinsville. Virginia 

Mr. & Mn. Roben H. ^Chitt, Jr, 78 

Dallas. Texas 

Dr. Edward]. Evans '38' 

Mrs. Roben F. Hutchcson III ' 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Parker '81' 

Danville, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. George H. Whitmorc '92 

Proaorville, Ohio 

Emporia, Virginia 

Adanta, Georgia 

Mr. & Mrs. Corbin McCue Wdkes '68 

Norfolk. Viiginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis C. Everett '63* 

Mr. J. Bruce James, Jr. '53' 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Patterson, Jr. 

ArlingTon, Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 


Mr. bi Mrs. Gordon C. Willis "42 

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Mead Ferguson ' 

Mr. & Mrs. A. .\nson Jamison '39 

Martinsville, Virginia 

Roanoke. Virginia 


Richmond, Virginia 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley F. Paule)' ' 

Mr. & Mr^. David G. Wdson. Jr. '63 

The asterisk ' indicates Lifetime Founder^ 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Gray Ferguson 

Dr. &:Mn. SaulE.Joftes 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

who were arrive donors to the College in 

Suunton. Virginia 

Hampden-Sydney. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Richardson '38' 

['resident & Mrs. Samuel V. Wilson 

the last fiscal year. 

Mr. & Mrs. WiUiam G. FerreU 71 

Mrs. J. Monroe Johns ' 

Blucficld, West Virginia 

Hampden-Sydno". Virginia 

Greenwich. Connecticut 

Farmville. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Claiborne Robins, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William t. WJson '60 

Dr. Mary Vir^ia Alien 

Mrs. John A Field. Jr. 

Mrs. Charles G. Johnson 

Richmond, Virginia 

Covington. Virginia 

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 

Naples, Florida 

Greenville, South Carolina 


Mrs. Donnan C. Wintermute 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. .Mien '60' 

Dr. & Mrs. William C. Finch '29' 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hill Jones, Jr. ' 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Alexandria. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Nashville, Tennessee 

Rumson. Newjerse>' 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Edvwd Russell, Jr. '64' 

Mr. & Mi5. Chailcs F. Wtthocffi '68 


Mr. & Mrs. James D. Finlcy II '34* 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Roben Jones 

Norfolk. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

^'ilsons, Virginia 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Mrs. Martha C. Sanders ' 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Wolcott '43 

Mr. & Mrs. Lester E. Andrews, Sr. '36' 

Miss Julia B. Fleet * 

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Keating. Jr. '56 

Richmond, Virginia 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Farmvillc, Viiginia 

La Jolla. California 

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Saunders, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. James M. Wolcott. Jr. '42 

Dr. William H. .^mstrong '36 

Mrs. S. Douglas Fleet 

Dr. & Mrs. Edwin Lawrence Kendig, 


Norfolk, Virginia 

Kent, Conncaicut 

New Kent, Virginia 


Newpon News, Virginia 

Mr. & Mn. Roben W. Woltz. Jr. 71 

Mrs. Anne P. H. Avxes 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Fox III 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Selden V '70 

Midlothian, Virginia 

Staunton. Virginia 

Maui. Hawaii 

Mr. & Mis. Jeffrey L. Kiefer 75" 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Andrew Woody 

Mr, & Mrs. T. Kyle Baldwin "39 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Franck 

Sparks. Mar\'land 



St. Simon's Island, Georgia 

Martinsville. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben W. King, Jr. '52' 

Morristown, New Jersey 

Adanta, Geoigja 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Banning 

Mr. & Mrs. George C. Freeman. Jr. 

Charlotte. North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis A. Shelton '4 1 ' 

Dr. & Mrs. F. Taylor Woonon III "81 

Hyartsville, Maryland 


Mr. James Lewis Kirby, Jr.* 

Nassawadox. Viiginia 

Virginia Beach. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Alban K. Bamis. Jr. 

Fredcricksbiug, Virginia 

Claremont, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Shumadinc, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Cleveland A. Wright, Sr. 

Kinston, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. J. B. Fuqua 

Mr. Roger H. W, Kirby '88' 


Petersburg, Virginia 


Atlanra. Georgia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben G. Wnght 

Winchester. Virginia 

Dr. & Mi5. Richard M. German, Jr. 

Dr. Allen E. LeHew 

Dr. &Mrs. FrankJ. Simes 

Raleigh, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. Wdliam C. Boinest '54' 


Clifton Forge. Virginia 

Durham, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard ,A Wvnnc, Jr. '52 

Richmond. Virginia 

Fredericksburg. Virginia 

Dr. Willene L, LeHew '57* 

Mr, &Mni. GrantC. Sipp'49' 

Charlottesville. Virginia 

Mr. Patrick H. Booth. Jr. '42 

Mr. & Mrs. John L Gibson II 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Albuquerque. New Mexico 

Mr. & Mrs. Emmen D. B. Yancey '60 

Petersburg, Virginia 

Norfolk. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggen, Sr. '68* 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence N. Smidi '59' 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Mr. Raymond B. Bonom, Jr. '5 1 * 

Dr. & Mrs. Albert R. Gillespie '.W 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Neil W. Yeargin '62 

Hampton, Virginia 

Staunton. Virginia 

Mr. Edsel H.Lester '55 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Spalding, Jr. '60* 

Greensboro, North Carolina 

Mrs. Cecil C. Bowman 

Mr. C. Hobson Goddin ■45' 

Grundy, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Banon K. Yount III 70 

Staunton. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mrs. Sydney Lewis 

Mrs, Henry- C. Spalding. Jr. 

Hilton Head Island, South 

Mr. & Mrs. \jy,is E. H. Brandon '45' 

Mr. &: iVIrs. Scorr C. Goodman '82 

Richmond. Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 


High Point, North Carolina 

Adanta, Georgia 

Mr. & Mrs. Earl F. Lockwood ' 

Mr. & Mrs. S. Bnice Spencer '37' 

Mr, &Mrs.KirkA.Zambetti'90 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert Bray '60' 

.Mr. Albert H.Gordon 

Aiexandna, Virginia 

Farmville, Virginia 

Jacksonville, Florida 

Portsmouth, Virginia 

New York. New York 

Mrs. John B. Long, Sr. 

Mrs. Roben S, Spradey 


Mr. James W.Gordon, Jr. 32" 

Knox^-ille, Tennessee 

Rjchmond, Virginia 

Greeruboro, North Carolina 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Long, Sr. '38' 

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert R. Siokes '40 

Gammon Society 

Hononng Dorwn from the classfs of 1989 

Mr. & Mrs. Royal E. CabcU, Jr. '43* 

Mr. Randolph M.Gregg '57 

Knox\'ilIe, Tennessee 

Farmville, Virginia 

Manakin- Sabot, Virginia 

Washington, DC 


Mr. & Mrs. Gcoigc E. Summers 


Mr. & Mr5. Charles M. Guthridge '68' 

Sea Island, Georgia 

Palm Beach. Flonda 

forward who gave $500 ■ $999 dunng 

Racine, Wisconsin 

Rjchmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Macfarlane III 

Dr. & Mrs. Graves Haydon Thompson 


Mr. & Mrs. George B. Cartledge. Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas 0. Gwaltney III 





Darien. Connecticut 

Hampden-Svdne\', Virginia 

.Vir. Benjamin G. Barbour '99 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Virginia Beach. Virginia 

Mr. CraigL. Massey'88' 

Mrs. Muriel KingTrinkle 

Louisa, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Chapman III 

The Hon. John M. Hamlet. Jr. '31 

Richmond. Virginia 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Keith L Barksdale '93 

Salem. Virginia 

Chailonesville. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Morgan Massey 

Mr. & Mrs, Richard Monon Venable, 

Ridgewood, New Jersey 

Mrs. William C. Chcwning 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Harrison Hancock '38 

Richmond, Virginia 

Jr. '50' 

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Bryant '90 

Richmond. Virginia 

Charlonesi.illc. Virginia 

The Hon. D. Carleton Mayes '36 

Fripp Island, South Carohna 

Wallace, North Carolina 

Mrs. Ruth Anne Reed Chinvood ' 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene B. Hardin. Jr. ' 

Dinwiddie, Virginia 

Mr. Joseph F.Viar.Jr, '63' 

Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Bumgardncr FV 

Wytheville. Virginia 

Raleigh, North Carolina 

Dr. & Mrs. Hunter H. McGuire, Jr. ' 

.Alexandria, Virginia 


Mr, & Mrs. James J. Coleman, Jr. 

Mrs. Elizabeth T. Harris ' 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mrs. William W. Walton 

Glen Allen, Vu-ginia 

New Orleans, Louisiana 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. David J. McKittnck '67- 

Lexington, Kentucky 


Mr. & Mrs. Walter P. Conrad. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Scott M. Harwood, Sr. 

Longmont. Colorado 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Wheat III "75 * 

Greenville. South Carolina 

Norfolk, Virginia 


Mr. & Mrs. Henry H. McVey III '57* 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. John M.Evans, Jr. '94 


Farmville, Viiginia 

Schle)', Virginia 

Mrs. James C Wheat. Jr. 

Rocky Mount. North Carolina 

Fairfax. Viiginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben V. Hatcher, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Michaux '34 ' 

Caret, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. F. Brawner Greer '90 

Dr. Dorothy F. Coone\' 


Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Francis R. Whitehousc '34 

Richmond, Virginia 

Farmville, Virginia 

Richmond, Viiginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Rodney's. MitcheU 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. George M. Howe III '92 

Mr. & Mrs. T. Frank Crowdcr '45 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben R. Hanen '69' 

Houston, Texas 

Dr. & Mrs. Wdliam T. Wilkins ' 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Petersburg, Virginia 

Newpon News, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Monette " 

Rjchmond, Virginia 

Mr. Robert L Ireland, Jr. '89 

Mr. CUfford A. Curlee '85 

Mrs. William R. Hill, Jr. 

Suffolk, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon C. Wdhs ■42* 

New York. New York 

Richmond. Virginia 

Medora, Illinois 

Mr. Malcolm R. Myers '57' 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. G.Todd Joyce '90 

Mrs. Kay Booker Davidson 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph P. Mines ' 

Mentor, Ohio 

President & Mis. Samuel V. Wilson ' 

Richmond, Virginia 

Halifax. Virginia 

Rice, Virginia 

Mr. Russell B. Nesiton. Jr. 

Hampden-Sydnev', Virginia 

Mr. Paul B. KeUey '96 

John, Joyce and Michael Degenhan 

Miss Emilie C. Holladay 

Jacksonville, Flonda 

Stone Mountain, Georgia 

Racine, Wisconsin 

Farmville, Viiginia 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Kemp Norman, Jr. 

Mr. Peter A- Le^n.Jr. "95 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Dennis 

Miss Genevieve V. Holladay 

MontpeLer. Virginia 

Lvnchburg, Virginia 

Lively, Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Nottingham 


Mr. & Mrs. Gene B. Dixon, Jr. '65" 

Miss Natalie V. Holladay 


Blackstone, Virginia 

Dillwvn, Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Chapel HiII,Nordi Carolina 

Mr. Patrick D.Mulquin "91 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Birch Douglass III '65" 

Mr. & Mrs. Marshall B. Hopkms '34 

Richmond. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Goleta. California 




Honoring . 

CI ,1 JR 

Donors of $5 


00 $999 

Mr. & Mn. Charle E. Agec III '84 

Jr. '60 

The Hon. Dt. & Mis. Claicnce A. Hol- 

Dt. & Mis. Walter C. Plunken '75 

Dr. & Mrs. Roben G. Thompson 11 

iVlr.JeroldW. Allen 

Dr. & Mrs. Wdliam S, Coxe '46 

land '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Woody Price 


Mr, & Mrs. R. David Anthony 77 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. G. Coylc, Jr. '79 

Mi. & Mrs. Duran P. Holton '83 

Mr. & Mrs. Sumner R. Pugh, Jr. '57 

Mr. Thomas D. Thornron 11 

Mr. John I. Armstrong '35 

Mr. & Mrs, William C. Cozart '84 

Mr. Joseph L. Hudson '33 

Mr. & Mrs. Capcnon D. Pun '87 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Tredway 62 


Mr. & Mrs. T. Frank Crowder '45 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph 0. Humphreys '61 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Ramses- 

Mr. Joseph W. Tuck ^66 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Macauley Aron, Jr. 78 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben Q. Cunningham '59 

Mr. & Mrs. Gavin D. Jeffs '82 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben C. Rapp, jr. 

Dr. Henry J. Tucker, Jr. ^54 

Mr. &C Mrs. Scott Simpson Aron 79 

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred T.Curlce '47 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Johnson '73 

Dr. &Mrs.JohnA.Rawls'56 

Mr. & Mrs. Travis J. Tysinger ^66 

Mr & Mt^. John B. Ashton 

Dr. & Mrs. John T. Curnes 74 

Mr. Maurice A. Jones '86 

Mr. & Mrs. George W. Redd 

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Uhrich ^71 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin B. Baker '64 

Mr.&Mrs. Wilfrid A. Daly 111 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C.Jones '48 

Mr. & Mm. Milton P. Rcid 11 '68 

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel V. Unger IV ^80 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Fred Ball, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Lonnic B. Dickens, Jr. '45 

Mr. & Mrs. Christian C. Kautz- 

Ms. Lola C. Reinsch 

Mr. Raymond G. Viault 

Mt. William F. Bannei '72 

Mr. Alexander B. Dickinson '37 


Col. Roben Tvlei Richmond '44 

Mr. & Mrs. Snian R. Vins '42 

Ml. & Mrs. H. Carlisle Bean '43 

Mr. August A. Dietz III "46 - Deceased 

Ml. & Mis.'j. Kendall Killgore '87 

Dt. & Mis. William D. Richmond '79 

Mr. & Mrs. Gciald M. Walker ^69 

Mr. & Mrs. Kemper M. Beaslev, Jr. 

Dt. & Mts. William F. DotriU 

Mr. & Mrs. C.Burke King '85 

Dt. & Mis. Kenncdi H. Robens '76 

Mr. & Mm. Richard C, Walker, Jt, ^76 

Mr. & Mrs. Billy E. Belcher 

Mr. & Mrs. WiUiam S. Driskill '81 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. King '77 

Dt. & Mis. Giles M. Robertson, Ji. 

Dt. & Mrs. K.K. Wallace, Jr. '54 

Mrs. Karen G. Berry 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Echols '74 

Mr. & Mrs. Erik A Koroneos '79 


Mr. & Mrs. Russell W. Wallace, Jr. 

Mr. Elmer Billman 

Mrs. Doris I. Egerron 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert S. Lancaster '29 

Dt. & Mis. Manhew W. Robemon 

Mr. & Mrs. Johns. Waring lir61 

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Blankenship '85 

Mr. & Mrs. David Leeds Eustis 

Mr. Lance A. Lavenstem '71 

III 87 

Mr. & Mrs. David C. Wadcins, Sr. 

Cmdr. & Mrs. Lindsay C. Blanton '70 

Mt. & Mrs. Lewis D. Evans '39 

Mr. & Mrs. Ben B. LeCompte, Jr. 

Dt. & Mis. William A. Robenson '60 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Waduns, Jr. '48 

Mr. & Mis. David A. Bowers '70 

Mr. & Mrs. Leavenworth M. Fetrell '63 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Lewis 

Mr. William F. Robinson, Jr. ^65 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald S. Wheeler 

Mr. & Mrs. George Steel Bowers, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William G. Ferreir71 

Mrs. R Clifton Long, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Rogers 11 '65 

Dr. &Mrs.R.GIenWiggans 


Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Fischer, Jr. '80 

Mr.&Mrs. Roben C.Long, Jr. '72 

Mr. John L. Roper 111 

Mr. John L. Wilcox 

Mr.OtisH.Btadlcy.Jt. '63 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. Fox '60 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. Loud, Jr. '55 

Dr. & Mrs. Dennis J. Rudzinskj 

Mr. & Mrs. Norman C. WiUcox 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Alfred Broaddus, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Francis, Jr. '78 

Mr. & Mrs. Bulord T. Lumsden 

Mrs. William J. Rue 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Williams, Ji. 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward D. Btown '80 

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander L. Franklm 11 '75 

Mr. & Mrs. George W. Macon III '65 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank M. Rybum, Jr. '45 


Mr. & Mrs. Francis B. Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. WiUiam C. French '57 

Dr. & Mrs. James M. Marlowe 

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Sanam '65 

Mi. & Mrs. H. Ashton Williamson III 

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. A Conrad Frey, Jr. '51 

Mr. & Mrs. Jouinev Presron Mauldin 

Mr. Francis Y. Savage '43 


Mr. & Mrs. James G. Bruce 111 '66 

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Gallalee '49 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Judson McAdams '77 

Mr. George R. ScbcU 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Timodiy WiUiford '88 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Buck '58 

Mr. John A. Gant '85 

Dr. & Mrs. Russell G. McAllister, Jr. 

Mr. &Mrs.CraigN.Schelle'86 

The Hon. & Mrs. Jere M. H. Willis, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul S. Buckman '77 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Lee Garlock '48 


Mr. & Mrs. Kent H. Schmidr 


Mr. 8d Mrs. Rudolph H. Bunzl 

Dr. & Mrs. James B. Gates, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Adrian L. McCaidell III 

Mr. & Mrs. Waltei C. Scon '39 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry S. Winsron IV '75 

Dr. & Mrs. J. George Buslon 11 '58 

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Gayle, jr. '71 


Ml. Edwaid H, Shield '63 

Mr. & Mrs. E. J. 'Wolanski 

Mr. & Mrs. Stratford W. Bunerworth 

Mr. & Mrs. Harrison Moncure Geho 

Di. & Mn. Richaid C. McCliniock 

Ml, & Mis, Waltei D. Shields '44 

Mr. & Mis. Herben D. Wolff III '62 



Dt. & Mrs, Thomas R. McDaniel '63 

Ml, &Mni.PhillipA.Shon'73 

Dr. &Mis.EdwinS.Wysoi'41 

Dr. & Mrs. Julian T. Bmcton, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William N. Gilmer '47 

Dr, & Mrs. Timodiy G. McGarry '83 

Mt. & Mis. James S. Shropshire, Jr. 

Mt. & Mis. Leighton D. Yates, Jt. '68 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Y. Caldwell Iir71 

Dr. Richard F. Glenn '62 

Mt. & Mis. John G. Mcjunkin '84 


Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Carrington 111 

Mr. Alexander C. Graham, Jr. '72 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. McLain '77 

Dr. Theodore R. Smidi, Jr. '65 

Mr. & Mrs. NXalliam Alexander Car- 

Dr. & Mrs. John Roben Greenwood IV 

Dr. & Mrs. Samuel B. McLaughlin, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Snyder 111 '50 

rington '38 

Mr. Sean D.Gregg '84 


Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Spradey '49 

Mt. & Mrs. Michael D. Caver '64 

Dr. & Mrs. Richardson Grinnan 

Mr. & Mrs. David N. Meeker 

Mr.&Mrs.W.C.Sprousc,Jr. '76 

Mr. FrankC. Chaifin,Jr. '41 

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard S. Groseclose, Jr. 

Mrs. Virginia B. Mell 

Mr. & Mrs. Waltei C. Spiye, Ji. ^67 

Mr. & Mrs. R Lee ChambUss, Jr. '35 


Dr. & Mrs. H. Carl Messcrschmidr, Jr. 

Ml. & Mis. Ray C. Steele 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. ChUdrcv '67 



Ml. & Mis. JadianN. Stone •S: 

Mr.&Mrs. MarkS.Chinn'66 

Mt.& Mis. Rives S.Hardy '54 

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Michalek '48 

Mi. & Mis. W. Scon Stiect III ^65 

Dr. & Mrs. Gene E. Clapsaddlc '45 

Mr. Benjamin R. Harvey, Jr. '83 

Mr. & Mrs. Claude W. Milam '49 

Mi. & Mis. John D. Stuan 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry P. Clifford 

Mr. & Mrs. George Thomas Haskins 

Mr. & Mn. Richard H. Milcy 

,Mi. & Mis. Richaid S. Sunon '78 



Dr. & Mrs. J. Milton Miller, Jr. '54 

Mr. Mone L. Talley '77 

Mrs. Terrie Conrad 

Mr. & Mrs. James T. Hawk 

Dr. & Mrs. Ray Atkinson Mooie, Ji. 

Mi. & Mis. John E. Tankaid. Jt. 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur G. Costan 111 '69 

Mr. & Mrs. Everen A. Hellmuth III '75 


Dt. & Mis. Frank E. Tayloi '43 

Dt. & Mrs. William B. Costenbader. 

Ml. & Mis. J. Christophei Henderson 

Dt. R. Canei Moiiis '66 

Mr. & Mn. Roben B. Taylor. Jr. '79 


Cmdr. & Mis. Fiank M. Monon, Jt. 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben D. Taylor '73 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Steve Hendrix 


Mr. & Mn. Roy Timodiy Tepper, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Ralph C. Hess III '73 

Col. & Mis. Fiancis R. Mum ^42 


Dr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Hillier '60 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Nicholls '50 

Mr. James L. Thompson '74 

Mr. &Mrs.J. KnoxHillman.Jr. '63 

Dr. & Mrs. John Y. Nicholson 111 '56 

Mr. & Mrs. T. David Hinton '66 

Dr. & Mrs. Wallace C. Nunlcy, Jr. '69 

Di. & Mis. J. Robert Hippensteele '59 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward V. O'Hanlan '78 

Ml. & Mis. Dale M. Ho4es '69 

Dr. & Mrs. Benjamin R. Ogburn '52 
Dr. & Mrs. William M. Oppenhimer 

Miss Dorothy Oveicash 

Mi. & Mrs. Gerald M. Pace '63 

Dr. & Mrs. Barry N. Parsley '72 

Mr. & Mrs. Ray M.Paul, Jr. '79 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Paulelte '66 

Mr, & Mrs. W. Llavid Paxlon '76 


HILL CLUB 1998-99 

HIT J , ( 

Honoring . 


Donors of $3 


'50 $499 

!>,& Mrs. Jeffrey A. Alloway '80 

Mr. Michael J. Dcgcnhan 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben B. Huskcy, Jr. '78 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Stedman Oakey, Jr. '66 

Dr & Mrs. Harry E Spalding '85 

The Hon. & Mrs. William C, Andrews 

Dr. & Mrs. John P. Delaney '76 

Mr. Kennerh Gray Hurcheson '94 

Mr. & Mrs. David D. Owen 

Mr. Robert M. Speaks '71 

III '67 

Major & Mrs. John William Dennis. Jr. 

Ms. Constance F. Ingles 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Owen '74 

Mr. & Mrs. P. Warren Sprariey, Jr, '49 

Mr. & Mrs. Thonia.s Armata 


Dr. & Mrs. L.William Irby, Jr. '76 

Mr. & Mrs. Graham F. Painter, Jr. '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Thom,i5 L. Stokes, Jr. '79 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W.teelle '68 

Mr. & Mrs. Lester LDiUard '40 

Dr & Mrs. H. Philip Johnson 11173 

Dr. & Mrs. James E.Payne '66 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Suggs 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Baskcr^■ill '^S 

Mr. Robert C. Dorey, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Johnson '78 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Peabody, Jr. 

Dr. Ch.irles W. Svdnor, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Beale "1 

Mr. RoberrT. DuPuis.Jr. '84 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Johnson '77 

Dr. & Mrs. John W. Pendleton '68 

The Hon. & Mrs. William A. Talley, 

Mr. & Mrs. Gary J. Beck yiJ 


Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Johnson '53 

Mr.&Mrs. Henry R. Pollard V '88 

Jr. '66 

l)r. & Mrs. William A. Blackman 76 

Mr. & Mrs. Louis D. Farina, Jr. '83 

Dr. & Mrs. David F. Jones '84 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Pryor III '89 

Mr. & Mrs. Hubert S. Taylor, Jr. '48 

Dr. & Mrs. Francis Nash Boney '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Welford S. Farmer 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Marshall Kibler 

Dr. & Mrs. Dudley A. Raine, Jr. '62 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Christopher Thomas '71 

Mr. George W.Boylan '68 

Mr. & Mrs. Srephen D. Farthing '81 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry R. King III '72 

Dr. cSi Mrs. Harry E. Ramsey, Jr. '58 

Mr. John B. Thornton, Jr. '71 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul G.Brown 78 

Lt. & Mrs. Dean Lloyd Firing '86 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Kremer. Jr. '60 

Mr. & Mrs. William Dehart Redd '78 

Dr. Thomas Valente 

Mr. & Mrs. George T. Bryson, Jr. '50 

Mr. Carl A. Fosrer'^3 

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome E. Laux '80 

Mr. Roy C. Rhodes '48 

Dr. & Mrs. Wallace T. Van Nortwick 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Michaux Buchanan '52 

Mr. Forrest L. Gager, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. George H. Leary '47 

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Richards '56 


Mr. & Mrs. Mark G. Burnerre '76 

Mr. Blair C. Gammon 

Mr. &Mrs. PaulA. Lindsey'73 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Theodore Ripberger, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. John H. Vansant '50 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Calcote '79 

Mr. & Mrs. Alan F. Garrison '84 

Mr. & Mrs. George Patterson Manson. 


Dr. & Mrs. Marcellus E. Waddill '52 

Mr. & Mrs. John T. H. Carpenter '79 

Mr.&Mrs. FredB.Genti)'.Jr.'65 

Jr. 75 

Mr. K. Craig Rogers 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond B, Wallace, Jr. 

Mr. O.Holmes Caner '58 

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Graves '60 

Mr. & Mrs. L. Richmond Martin III 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Rude '70 


Mr. &: Mrs. Robert W.Carter '59 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry S. Greene. Jr. '77 


Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Saffelle. |r. '53 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L Ware '81 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Cadett '72 

Mr. & Mrs. W, Neil Hammerstrom 

Mr, & Mrs. William B.May, Jr. '75 

Dr. & Mrs. William G. Sale III '62 

Dr. & Mrs. William E. Ware, Jr. '60 

Mr. & Mrs. David 1. Clay '73 

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy B. Hampton '75 

Dr. & Mrs. PhUlip H. McClure 

Dr. & Mrs. Wade H. Saunders III '63 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Wheeler '85 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. CottreU '82 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Haysvood H.ardin '86 

Mr. Matthcsv D. Michael '95 

Mr & Mrs. J. Chrisropher Schoen '88 

Mr.&Mrs. Alan J. White '43 

Mr. Donald C. Cournow '76 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Hardin '63 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Mirchell. Jr. '40 

Mr. & Mrs. David M. Sheppard, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Wiltshire. Jr. 

Mr. William T. Covington. Jr. '42 

Mr. & Mrs. Terry L. Helsley '66 


Mr, & Mrs. Nelson Showalter '62 


Mr. & Mrs. David C. Crawford 111 '71 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert T. Hcrdegen 111 

Dr. & Mrs. E. Blackford Noland, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. H.trry Houghton Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Ziglar '86 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Crone '64 

The Hon. Dr. & Mrs. Edward L. 


Mr. & Mrs. Paul English Smith '78 

Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Curtis '77 


Dr. William R. Nortingham, Jr. '67 

Lt. Col. & Mrs. L. Rucker Snead III '81 

Mr. & Mrs. Jon M.Daly '78 

Mr. Gar)' D. Hudson '77 


Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Snyder 111 '71 



Honoring j 


Donors of$l 

R 1998- 

00 $349 


Mr. & Mrs. William L. Abbott '78 


Mr. Adam Robert Artigliere '95 

Mr. & Mrs. Edgar J. D. Bancc '76 

Mr. & Mrs. Christophet L. Bedford '95 


Mr. & Mrs. David C. Alley '67 

Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Asam '85 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bance 

Dr & Mrs. William W. Belk '68 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Acken '61 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Wayne Alley '64 

Dt. & Mrs. Charles C. Ashby. Sr. '53 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Bance '74 

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander H. BeU 11 '78 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur U. Adams, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William K. Almond '77 

Mrs. James Ashby 111 

Mr. C. Porter Banister, Jr. '93 

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest W. Bell 111 '67 

Mr. & Mrs. James Ervin Adams 111 '80 

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Alphin '53 

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy E. Ashman '86 

Dr. & Mrs. Scott J. Banning '85 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Hunter Bcndall '76 

Mr. cV Mrs. M. Seth Adams '90 

Mr. & Mrs. Randolph M. Airman 

Mr. Gordon H. Ashworth 

Mr A. Jacbon Wadtins Barber '89 

Mr. & Mrs. Brert P. Benncn '88 

Mr. & Mrs. David D. Addison '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles C.Ames '58 

Mr. & Mrs. David L. Addnson, Jr. '73 

Mr Sabat P. Barber '92 

Mr & Mrs. Marvin Buder Bennen 111 

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan J. Adelman '7^ 

The Rev. & Mrs. F. Sidney Anderson, 

Mr. & Mrs. WUIiam E. Atkinson '48 

Mr & Mrs. Timodly L.Barber '38 


Mr. & Mrs. Alfred A. .'Vdkins 1115 1 

Jr. '41 

Dr. Robert LeRoyArwelL Jr. 

Mr Walter CasonBarco '68 

Mr & Mrs. Michael T. Bennen '79 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Agee IV '79 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Anderson 

Mr. & Mrs. Blake P. Auchmoody, Jr. 

Mr & Mrs. David M. Barker 

Lt. Col. & Mrs. Edward H. Benson 

Dr. John D. Aiken 111 '93 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Ward Anderson 111 


Dr. & Mrs. John R. Barker '65 

Ret. '55 

Mr. & Mrs. Steven C. Akers '73 

Colonel & Mrs. WiUiam T. Anderson 

Mr. &Mrs.JohnG. August '72 

The Rev. & Mrs. Lundy M. Barklcy '38 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Beresb 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Akers '79 


The Rev. & Mrs. Vernon A. Austin. Jr. 

Mr & Mrs. Stephen E. Barlow 

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Bergeron '64 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert B. Albee, Jr. '67 

Lt. Col. & Mrs. Edwin J. Andrews, Jr. 


Mr. iL Mrs. Lindsay R. Barnes, Jr. '73 

Mr. & Mrs. Scort W. Berglund '78 

Mr. Peter Treida Albert '94 


Mr. & Mrs. C. Todd Ayers '92 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Barnes '57 

Mr. & Mrs. David E. Bergren 111 '66 

Dr. & Mrs. David A. Albertson '69 

Dr. & Mrs. George C. Andrews, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James V. Babashak II '80 

Mr. & Mrs. Steven D. Barnhart '79 

Mr. & Mrs. Archie C. Berkeley, Jr '67 

Mr. & Mrs. George F. Albright, Jr. '74 

Dr. William C. Andrews 

Mr. & Mrs. Ryland A. Babb, Jr '61 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Ewell Barr 

Dr& Mrs. J. Michael Berman 

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Alexander 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Anke '73 

Caprain Robert B. Babcock '90 

Mr. William E. Barr '87 

Mr. Thomas R. Bernard '79 

Mr. & Mn. James M. Alexander III '80 

Dr. & Mrs. Burncss F. Ansell, Jr. '54 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Bagley '53 

Mr. & Mrs. Alban K. Barrus, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Stalev Berry '64 

Mr. & Mrs. James T. Alexander 11! '76 

Mr. & Mrs. Steve H. Apking 

Mrs. Barbara D. Bagwell 

Mr. Sc Mrs. David Anderson Barton 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Best 111 '83 

The Rev. & Mrs. John L. Alexander '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Eric E. Apperson '85 

Mr. Charles S.Bailey '58 


Mr. Jefferey H. Biederman. Jr. '93 

Dr. & Mrs. Louis E. Alexander '43 

Mri. Carol E. Applegate 

Mr. & Mrs. Dean A. Bailey '61 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Barzizza '84 

Mr. & Mis. Horatio A. E. Bigelow '68 

Mr. T. W. Alexander 

Mr. & Mrs. David Kerr Archibald '91 

Mr. L Philip Bailey, Jr. '64 

Dr & Mrs. John M. Bass '69 

Admiral & Mrs. David S. Bill 111 

The Rev. & Mrs. John D. Alftiend '50 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Armfield III '67 

Dr. K. Drew Baker '86 

Mr & Mrs. Louis B. Basten 111 '65 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles C. Binford '52 

Dr.&Mrs.D. Mowbray Allan '55 

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Armistead '46 

Dr. & Mrs. Samuel H. Baker 111 '66 

Mr & Mrs. Robert W. Batten '62 

Mr. HardtW.Bing'93 

Mr. & Mrs. Herman W. Allen, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Ira L. Armstrong III '77 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Curtis Baker, Jr. '76 

Col. & Mrs. Charles H. Beale, Jr. '42 

Mr. Warren L. Birdsong '79 

Mr. & Mrs. James Moore Allen '71 

Dr. Richard H. Armstrong 

Mr. & Mrs. William N. Balas '49 

Mr & Mrs. Kevin Lee Beale '80 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Blackburn. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert B. Allen '55 

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Arm '88 

Mr. & Mrs. DonneU A. Ballard 

Mr Frederick W. Beck III '65 


Mr. & Mrs. Vernon C. Allen 

Mr. Kevin L. .\rringron '91 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Gornell Ballou '9 1 

Mr. & Mrs. Waldo H. Beck '44 

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Blackford '79 



Ms. Margaret VanDeman Blackmon 

Mrs. Judy G. Bryant 

Dr. & Mrs. John G. Claudy '65 

Dr. & Mn. Barry K. Cutright '78 

Mn. Basil M. Duncan, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Blaclovell 

Mr. & Mrs. William 0. Biy^t '59 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald A. Claybrook '67 

Mn. Ellen S. Cuylen 

Mr. & Mn. Michael V. Duncan 

Mr. & Mrs. Duncan Wardman Blair 

Ml. D. Todd Brydges '90 

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Ciifton, Jt. 

Mr. & Mr. Roben E. Dael 

Mr. & Mn. Joseph E. Dunn '93 


Dr. & Mrs. Gilbert H. Btyson '56 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Garland Coates 

Mr. & Mn. Rufiis E. Dalton 

Mr. & Mn. Thomas B. Duquene 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Blake '82 

Mr. Robert Holmes Btyson III '94 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R Cobb '69 

Mn. Ann Hill Daniel 

Mr.&Mn.JohnG. Eagan,Jr.'79 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Blanton II '44 

Mrs. A. C Buchanan, Jr. 

Mr. J. Leonard Cobb '68 

Mr. & Mrs. Dabney M. Daniel '78 

Mr. & Mn. Edward W. Early '57 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank McFaden Blanton 

Dr. & Mrs. Archibald C. Buchanan III 

Dr. & Mrs. David S. Cobbledick '5 1 

Dr. & Mn. Jerome M. Daniel 

Dr.&Mn. Ham-AEasleyill 



Mr. & Mrs. CabeU F. Cobbs '46 

Mr. Si Mn. Graham C. Daniels '86 

Mr. & Mn. Thomas D. Eason, Jr. '37 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank S. Blanton. Jr. 48 

Mr. & Mrs. Geoige C. Buchanan '80 

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Cocke. Jr. '66 

Mr. & Mn. E. Adams Darden fV '88 

Mr. W. RobenEason.Jr. '67 

Mr. Peter D. Blanton '79 

Dr. & Mrs. James Luckin Bugg, Jr. '41 

Mrs. Charles E. Coe 

Mr. & Mn. Haxiy Thomas Dames, Jr. 

Mr. John H. Easr '36 - Deceased 

Mr. & Mrs. Phihp F. Bleser '82 

ETC & Mrs. George K. Bumgardner 

Mr. 8d Mrs. Thomas Troy CoghiU '90 


Mn. John H. East 

Mr. & Mrs. Willoughby C. Blocker, Sr. 


Mr. Jusdn W.Cole '89 

Mr. & Mn. J. Sidney Davenport IV '54 

Ml. & Mn. James B. Edge. Jr. '67 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold E. Blondeau 


Mr. Robert Cusus Coleburn '44 

Mr. & Mn. William S. Davidson '63 

Mr. G. Berkelev Edmunds '95 

Mr. Dougald L Blue III '64 

.Mr. & Mrs. Das-id W. Burgess '79 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Edmunds Coleman III 

Mr. & Mn. Beverly M. Davis '88 

Mr & .Mn. Richard C. Edmunds, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold LI. BKthe '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony A. Burke '71 


Mr. & Mn. E. Causey Davis, Jr. '72 


Mr. & Mrs. J. Kwasi N. Boalo '83 

Mr. Daniel John Burke '98 

Mr. Rives B. Coleman '92 

Dr. & .Mn. Frederick C. Davis, Jr. '54 

Mr. & Mn. J. Randolph Edwards '69 

Mr. Michael G.Boehling '91 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Burke 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Charles Collie '86 

Mn. Glenda G. Davis 

Dr. & Mn. Wdliam M. Edwards '65 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Boehling 

Mr. & Mrs. B. Darren Burns '86 

Mr. & Mrs. John Collie. Jr. 

Mn. J. Garnen Davis, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Sam D. Eggleston, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew C. Bohnengel '71 

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore J. Burr. Jr. '66 

Mr. & Mn. N. Macon Collier III '76 

Mr. & Mn. J. Rex Das-is '89 

Mr.&Mn.JamesW. Eitel'95 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Louts Bohorfoush 

Mr. & Mis. Joseph E. Bush 

Captain & Mis. Charles B. CoUman 

Mn. Peggy Camper Davis 

Col. & Mn. M. E. Ekman 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Boll 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Baylor Buder, Sr. 


Mr. & Mn. Richard A- Davis '78 

Mi. & Mn. Randolph M. Elder 

Mr. & Mrs. Jon N. Boiling 

Dr. & Mrs. Corydon B. Buder, Jr. '82 

Mr. & Mrs, Eric M. Coloney 

Mr. William T. Davis, Sr 

Dr. & Mn. Henry N. Elbnul '74 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Bolton, Jr. '76 

Mr. Tyler B. Butler '95 

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamm D. Comer '90 

Mr. & Mn. Vernon D. Dawson '53 

Mr. & Mn. WiUiam J. EUion l\' 75 

Mr. & Mrs. Walton G. Bondurant, Jr. 

Mr. & Mis. A. McDowell Bynum 41 

Mr. Robert T. Comer III 

Mr. Alan Scon Day '66 

The Rev. Dr. & Mn. Addison Dunlap 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Boone '32 

Mr. & Mrs. Gamert Williamson BvTd 

Dr & Mrs. WJson S. Comer, Jr. '72 

Mr. & Mn. Philip Moring De Haas '53 

Ellison, Jr. '43 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank M. Booth III '66 


The Res-. Dr. & Mrs. Marvin K. 

Mr. & Mn. J. Fonestei DeBuys 111 '88 

Mr. & Mn. Robert W. EUirhorpe 

Dr. & Mrs. George W. Booze '62 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael C Bvrne '89 

Compher '37 

The Hon. John E. DeHardit 45 

Mr. Michael S. Emery '89 

Mr. Frank Kennon Borden, Jr. '83 

Mr. Royal E. abell III '72 

Mr. & Mrs. W.Mark Conger '85 

Mr. Drew- C. DeLanes- '99 

Mr Robert LEnnis '51 

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis C. Bosher '77 

Mr. & Mrs. .Anthony V. Caggiano, Sr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Connelly, Jr. 

Dr. & Mn. Thomas E. DeWolfe 

Mr. & Mn. Edward T. Enright, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. D. Christopher Bosworth 

Mr. Joseph Scott Caldwell W '91 


Mr. & Mn. Stuan H. Deal '73 

MrS.WayneErw-in.Jr. '93 


Mr. & Mrs. Stokely G. Caldwell. Jr. '78 

Mr. Brian Roben Conner '98 

Mr. & Mn. Horace A. Deane. Jr. 

Dr. & Mn. WJIiam S. Envin. Jr. '53 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Boucher 

Mr. Henry W.Calhoun 

Mr. Barry Bruce Conrad ir91 

Dr. &:Mn.MaikADearon'82 

Mr. & Mn. Elias Ediendge. Jr. '43 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin E. Bouldin, Jr. '63 

Mr. James T Call '92 

Mr. James Gilliam Conrad '37 

Mr. & Mn. Petei G. Decker. Jr. 

Mr &Mn. Alfred L.Evans, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Manin S. Bounds '74 

Mr. & Mn. David B. Camden '85 

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony B. Conte '83 

Mr. & Mn. Enrico Giacomo Del 

Mr. James Arthur Evans 111 '95 

Mr. & Mrs. WJIiam B. Bourne III 

Dr. & Mrs. GUbert S. Campbell. Jr. '43 

Mr. Arthur P. Cook 111 '97 


Mr. Mark Hodges Evans '98 

Mr. & Mrs. John Watts Bowditch 

Dr. & Mrs. Hawes Campbell III '60 

Mr. & Mre. Dilworth S. Cook, Jr. '54 


Mr. & Mn. Thaddeus Evans. Jr. 

Dr. & Mn. Thomas P. Bowe. Jr. '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Kenner Campbell 

Dr. & Mrs. Phillip M.Cook '62 

Dr. & Mn. George D. Delo. Jr. '59 

Mr. & Mn. Thomas D. Evans '89 

Mr. & Mrs. Ben James Bowers '54 

Dr. & Mrs. James T. Campen '68 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Coobey '70 

Dr. & Mn. Brian A. Dementi '60 

Dr & Mn. John K. Even '85 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Jeffrey Bowker '65 

Mr. & Mrs. .A Dale Cannady '70 

Dr. Dorodiy F. Cooney 

Mr. & Mn. CK-enon D. Dennis. Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Roben B. Es>-ald 111 '61 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard B. Bowles, Jr. '66 

Mrs. Barbara Park Cantus 

Ms. Sarah J. Cooney 

Mr. & Mn. WJlard E. Dent 

Mn. Dorotha Fahmet 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. Bowman, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Cannis '85 

Mr. & Mrs. Carroll M. Cooper 

Dr. & Mn. William Ervin Des Pones 

Mr. B. Noel Fallw-ell '36 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl F. Bowmer '63 

Mr. & Mrs. William R Capehan 111 

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick E. Cooper 


Dr W. Franklin Fallwell '34 

Captain & Mrs. R. Dwayne Bowyer '92 


Dr. & Mrs. James F. Cope '65 

Mr. & Mn. Penin T. DesPortes 

Mr. Daniel G. Fannon ^94 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Grayson Boyce '63 

Mr. & Mis. Harold B.CapIes, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Copeland '58 

Mr. & Mn. Panick C. Devine, Jr. '78 

Mr. & Mn. Andiony P. Farina '88 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard H. R. Boyd '84 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. CardiUo '94 

Mr. & Mis. H.Otis Copies- '49 

Mr. & Mn. G. Steele Dewey 111 

Mr. & Mn. Kevin B. Farina '85 

Mr. Robert Carr Boyd. Jr. '97 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Cardwell '63 

Mr. John E.Corey '80 

Mr. & Mn. Philhp T. DiStanislao. |f. 

Dr. &Mn. E.D.Farley. Jr. 

Mr. & Mis. William H. Boyd '40 

Mr. & Mrs. Chrisdan Nils Carlson '94 

Mr. & Mrs, Thomas D. Corkran '67 


Mr. & Mn. Neil P. Farmer '78 

Mr. & Mrs. Calvin J. Boyer 

Dr. & Mrs. Harvey R Carmichael '74 

Mr. & Mrs. David P. Corrigan '79 

Mn. Dixie Dickinson 

Mr. &Mn.LartyE. Fariar'62 

Mr. BmceAlanBraddv 

Mrs. Kathannc Livaudais Carnahan 

Mr. Peter G. Cosby III '34 

Mr. & Mn. Frank P. Dickinson '68 

Mr. & Mn. in-ing L Fass 

Mr & Mrs. J. C Bradford III 

Mr. & Mrs. Tony C. Carnes '86 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Coulbourn 

Mr. & Mn. Laurence M. Dickinson '87 

Mr. Jeremy D. Pass '92 

Mr. & Mrs. Numa P. Bradner '52 

Mr. Christopher Francis Carney 

Dr. & Mrs. James E. Cousar III '42 

Mr. & Mn. Charles M. Diea, Jr. ^80 

Mr.&Mn. FrankL.Fausr'70 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Brailsford '83 

Mrs. E. B. Carpenter 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Y. Cox '80 

Mr. & Mn. Jackie E. Diggs 

Dr. &Mn.R Michael Fay '81 

Mr Douglas V.Bralley 

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Carpenter 

Di. &:Mts. Stephen H. Cox '73 

Dr. & Mrs. Franklin Dill 

Mr. & Mn. Gregorv W. Feldmann '79 

Mr. & Mrs. Marion P. Brawley III '"4 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Cari '82 

Di. & Mrs. Joseph W. Coxe III '43 

Mr. &.' Mn. James K. Dille. Jr. ^77 

Mn. Carol B. Fentress 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Peircc Biawner, Jr. '50 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen T. Carson 

Mrs. Rosa Lee Cozan 

Mr. & Mn. James R. DiUon lir90 

Mr. T. Rurherfoord Ferguson '95 

Mr. R Morgan Bray '91 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Kent Carter, Jr. '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Claiborne W. Craddock 

Mr. & Mn. James R. Dillon, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Ruben Fernandez 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwarti L Brccden IV '83 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Caruso 



Mr.&Mn. John W.FerteU '76 

Dr. & Mrs. Lewis Wdliam Bridgforrh 

Mr. James R Cash '81 

Mr. John W. Craddock, Jr. '81 

Mr. & Mn. Wilham T. Doggen 

Cmdr. & Mn. John E. Fidler D.D.S. 


Dr. & Mrs. William D. Cassidy III '63 

Mr. John Worth Crandall '55 

Mr. & Mn. Richard B. Donaldson. Jr. 


MrB. LouisBrieLJr. '66 

Mr. & Mrs. Rafael F. Castro '77 

Mr. & Mn. Burke H. Ciaver, Jr. '69 


The Rev. & Mn. .■\nhur M. Field. Jr. 

Mrs. John R. Brinser 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Qudle. Jr '68 

Mr. Walter C. Crawley '36 

Mr. & Mn. John M. A. Donelson '86 


Mr. & Mrs. John B. Brinson FV '88 

Mr. & Mrs. David P. Chalkley '71 

Dr. & Mn. William B. Crawley, Jr. '66 

Mr. & Mn. John T. Donne '75 

Mr. &Mn. Frank L Field, Jr. '50 

Mr. Charles P. Britr '92 

Dr. & Mis. Theodore P. Chambers '82 

Mr. & Mrs. Stover Henrs- Creasy IV 

Mr. & Mn. John P. Donnelly '88 

Captain & Mn. John M. Field '92 

Mr. & Mrs. Scort Broaddus '61 

The Hon. & Mrs. James H. Chamblin 


Mr. & Mn. Daniel A. Donohue '73 

Mr. CharlesA. Fincher'86 

Mrs. .^ne D. Brockenbrough 


Mr. & Mrs. E. Hatchei Cienshaw 111 

Dr, David W. Donovan '82 

Mr. Mark Finelli '98 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Brockenbrough 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Bruce Chandler '47 


Mr. Theodore J. Doremus '96 

Mr. & Mn. Dennis P. Finger '66 


Mr. & Mrs. D. Carlyle Chandler III '93 

Mr. Arthur G. Crisfield 

Mr. & Mn. Henrv Dorn, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Lowers- D. Finley 111 '63 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Brogan '82 

Mr. & Mrs. James Fl. Chapman III 

Dr. &Mn.CrileCrisler 

Mr. & Mn. J. MarshaU Dosw-ell. Jr. '42 

Mr. Low-ers- D. Firdey, Jr. '39 

Dr. & .Mrs. Francis J. Brooke III '49 

Dr. & Mrs. R. Cecil Chapman '50 

Dr. & Mn. Joseph M. Crockett 11 '73 

The Rev. & Mn. Bernard E. Dotson 

Mr. & Mn. Samuel W. Finney '89 

Mr. & Mn. Edwin D. Broob, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Henry W. Chappcll. Jr. '75 

Mr. Robert Van Wyck Croker lir94 


Mr. & Mn. Brendan E. Finucane 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Tyler Brooks III '74 

Mr. G. Philip Cheadiam '46 

Mr. Michael K. Croobhank '74 

Ml. William J. Dougherty, Ji. '64 

Mr. & Mn. Louis McLane Fisher, Jr. 

Mr. Lee F. Brooks '75 


Mr. & Mn. Brian F. Crorty '86 

Ml. Thomas G. Douglass '79 


Mr. .Stephen M. Broob '70 

Mr & Mrs. Paul W. Chesser 

Mr. & Mn. Robert V. Crowder 111 '74 

Mr & Mn. Robert E. Doyle. Jt. '66 

Ms. Marv Eleanor Fisher 

Mr. & Mrs. William Townsend Broob 

Mr. &: Mrs. Michael R Chevalier '82 

Dr. & Mn. James A. Crowell III 

Mi. & Mn. John C. Doziet, Sr. 

Dr. Keith W. Fitch 

Mr & Mrs. ArchiKild M. Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence C. Chcwning 111 


Mn. Susan Dtewerv 

Mr. & Mn. William C Fitzgeiald '53 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Crisman Brown 


Dr & Mrs. Kim S. Gulp 

Mr. 8c Mn. Robert W. Driver '50 

The Hon. Dufoss Fitzpatrick 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Brown '81 

Dr. Stanley A. Chque 

Mr. & Mn. William T. Culpepper III 

Mr. & Mn. W. Sidney- Dnien '64 

Mt. Robert Emmet Fivcash '91 

Mr. F.Lee Brown. Jr. '76 

Mr. & Mis. Robcn M. Chilton '66 


Mr. William H. Drtimeller '57 

Ml. &Mn. David H.Fletcher '81 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Brown 


Dr. &Mn. Jesse W.Cumbia 

Mr. & Mn. A. Pendleton DuPuis '8S 

Mi. .Mason S. Flinn '89 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. Uonard B. Chittum '35 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Madison Cummings, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. 0. W. Dudley 111 

Mi. & Mn. John D. Flors- '86 

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy T. Brown '76 

Mi. & Mrs. McLin S. Choate, Jr. '50 


Mr. & Mn. Roger W. Dudley '48 

Mr. & Mn. Barton L. Floyd '80 

.Mr. & Mrs. David Earl Browning 

Doaors Surrinder & Kamle-sh Chopra 

Dr. Thomas L. Curric. Jr. '65 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben M. Duke '85 

Mr. & Mn. C. Thomas pioyd 

Mr. John Bagby Browning '61 

Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey S. Christ '89 

Mr. & Mn. R. .Scon Curiy '90 

Mr. & Mn. W. Berry Dunm '69 

Mr. & Mn. Gregory M. Fogle. Sr. 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Garnet! Bruce, Jr. '36 

Dr. & Mrs. Russell E. Christenscn '70 

Ml. Timothy M. Cuitin '89 

Mr. & Mn. Wanen P. Dumford '86 

The Rev. & Mn. Thomas W. Poles- '48 

.Mr. & Mrs. William A. Bryan 

Mi.&Mrs. D.ividA.Clark'73 

Dr. & Mn. W. R. Scon Cunis, Jr. 

Mr Basil M.Duncan, Jr. '52- 

Mr. Charles T.Fom-ille '97 

Dr. & Mrs. Alton E. Bryant III '85 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Clary, Jr. '79 

Mr. & Mn. Joseph H. Cuder, Jr. '60 


Mr. & Mn. P. .Mahood Fonvillc, Jr. '92 



Mr. & Mr. a. CabcU Ford. Jr. '53 

Mr. & Mr. Harvey Granger, Jr. 

Ml. & Mr. Kevin L. Hartis '77 

Mt. & Mr. David P. Holt '78 

Mi. & Mr. Hal Stuart Johnson '63 

Mr, & Mr. Albcn C. Ford '53 

Dr. & Mr, James H. Grant. Jr. '60 

Mi. & Mr. Richard N. Hatris '49 

The Hon. & Mis. Geotge E. Honts ill 

Mi. & Mr. J. Chatles Johnson '60 

Mr. & Mn. Garrnr T. Ford '72 

Mr. & Mr. W. Uwson Grant '69 

Ml. & Mr. T. Bradlev Hartis '76 

Mt. & Mr. Richatd Keith Hope '87 

Ml. & Mr. Kevin M. Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Fore 

Mr. &:Mr. F.Wai-neGray'64 

Ml. & Mr. T. G. Hams 

Mt. & Mr. Jesse R. Hopkins '43 

Mr. L Bradley Johnson '89 

Dr. & Mrs. William S. Foreman, Jr. '51 


Mi. &Mr.W. LeeHatris.Jt.'74 

Mt.& Mr. John A. Hopkins '33 

Mr. & Mr. Robert E. Johnson '50 

Mr. & Mrs. WiUiam S. Formwall '36 

Mr. & Mr. Charles E. Green III '73 

Mr. Ftederick N. Hartison, Jt. 

Mt. & Mr. Ftank L Home, Jt. '77 

Ml. Sage Biannon Johnson '92 

Dr. & Mrs. John Caldwell Foushec '40 

Mr. & Mr, ExJward J. Green, Jr. '84 

Ml. & Mts. Holmes C. Hatrison '63 

Mt. & Mr, Edwn B. Hornet III '76 

Mi. & Mr. Todd C.Johnson '78 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Fowler '60 

Mr. & Mr. James M. Gteen 

Mi. & Mr. Jeffrey A. Hatrison '92 

Mt. Michael W. Hornet '73 

Dt. WiUiam G.Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs. F. Meriwerher Fowlkcs, Jr. 

Mr. & Mr. James W. Green 

Mt. John P. Hatrison Iir86 

Di. & Mr. Wa)Tie D. Homey '73 

Dt. & Mr. WJUam T. Johnson '52 


Mr. & Mr. Arthut T. Gtccne, Jt. 

The Rev. & Mr. Langston Randolph 

Dt. & Mr. Thomas M. HoRiey, Jt. '42 

Ml. & Mr. Edwatd C. Johnston. Ji. 

Mrs. John RFowikes 

Mi. Robert Tytee Gteenc, Jt. '83 

Hatrison '50 

Mt. 8d Mr. Harlan L Horton '88 


Mr. & Mrs. Vfilliam F. Fnnck III '69 

Captain & Mr. Wallace A Gieene 

Mt. & Mr. T. Michael Harrison '76 

Mt. & Mr. Ross A. Hotchkiss III '86 

Ml. & Mr. Kenneth M. Johnston '79 

Mr. & Mrs. Beniamin P. Franklin '32 

Dt. & Mr. Lawtence W. Gteet, St. 

Mt. & Mr. William E. Hartison '81 

Mt. & Mr. Ross A. Hotchkiss, Ji. 

.Mt. & Mts. Ptentiss D. Johnston. Ji. 


Mt. & Mr. Kossen Giegoiy '42 

Mt. William K. Hamson III '41 

Ml. & Mr. Jcny W. Houchcns '62 


Mr. & Mrs. Mcrvin A. Frantz, Jr. '63 

Mt. R B. Gtekila 

Mt. & Mr. Michael D. Hartley '69 

Di.&Mr. Robert B.Housb '84 

Mt. & Mr. R. Alan Johnston '76 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark M. Frccstate '75 

Mt. & Mr. Btet S. Gneves '86 

Lt. Col. & Mr. Donal F. Hattman, Jt. 

Mi. & Mr. John W. Howatd, Jt. '50 

Mt. & Mr. Lawtence 0. Jonak '84 

.Mr. & Mrs. Alfred E. Frs' 

Dt. & Mr. Francis G. Giiffin '46 


Mt. & Mr. Robert L Howell '68 

Mi. & Mr. Catesby Jones II '77 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Fulchcr, Jr. '45 

Dt. & Mr. Lloyd T. Griffidi '52 

Mt. & Mr. Dan M. Hartzog. St. 

Di.&Mr. W.Ivan Hoy '36 

Dt. & Mts. David C. Jones '69 

.Mr. & Mrs. Christopher G. Fulghum 

Mt. & Mr. Edwatd B. Gtimball, St. 

Mt. Wilham L. Haivie '45 

Ml. & Mr. Wayne E. Hoy '61 

Dt. & Mr. E- MaRton Jones III 


Mt. & Mr. John S. Gnnalds 

Ml. James L. Hatchet, Jt. '57 

Dt. & Mr. Mauiy .V Hubbatd. Jt. '58 

Ml. & Mr. Gtegg K. Jones '72 

Dr. ic Mrs. John H. Fun, Sr. 

Mt. & Mr. Phillip D. Griswold 

Mr Robert V.Haicheilir79 

Mi.WilliamJ. Hubbatd'85 

Mt. & Mr. H. Benjamin Jones. Jt. '61 

Ms. Robin H. Gabnel 

Mt. & Mis. Geo^e M. Gtizzatd '77 

Df. 6iMR.JohnQ.Hanen'44 

Mt. & Mr. David D. Hudgins '77 

Mt. & Mr. James M. Jones. Jt. '45 

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher S. Gallo '74 

Mt. & Mr. Thomas F. Groonell 

Ml. & Mr. Lawtence W. Haun 

Mi. & Mr. Rjchaid D. Hudson '49 

Sen. & Mis. James P. Jones 

Mr.HcntjH.Galusha.Jr. '45 

Mr. Thomas J. Groonell '88 

Ml. & Mr. Leon W. Hawket, St. '60 

Mi.&Mr. LeighP.Huff.Ji. '80 

Dt. & Mr. Keith M. Jones '67 

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Gather 

Mr. & Mr. William P. Groseclose '49 

The Hon. & Mr. William P. Hay, Jt. 

Mi. & Mr. NeU D. Hufiinan '82 

Mi. & Mr. Langhomc Jones. Jt. '56 

Mr. & Mrs. Rodenck M. Gardner '88 

Mt. Andtew Edwatd Gtoss '86 


Di. & Mn. Charles V, O. Hughes III 

Mt. & Mr. Matk T.Jones '83 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben L. Gamer 

Mt. & Mr. ^lUiam Howe Gtovet, Sr. 

Mt.&: Mr. W.Eugene Hayes '71 


Mt. & Mr. T. Douglass Jones III '74 

Mi. & Mrs. Thomas A. Garnet '80 


Ml. & Mr. Brace R. Hazelgrove 

Dt. John D. Hughes '68 

Mt. & Mr. Waltet M. Jones III '77 

Df. & Mts. Stanlotd Tavlot Gatnett III 

Ml. & Mr. Earl David Grtibbs, Jt. '91 

Lt. Col. & Mr. Allen P. Hazlegiove '67 

Mi.&Mr. Philip W.Hughes '69 

Di.& Mr. Webb D.Jones '67 

Mt. & Mts. William C. Gattett, St. '43 

The Hon. & Mr. Ray VtTlson Gnjbbs 

Ml. & Mr. Joseph A. Hazl^tove, St. 

Mi. & Mr. William L Hughes '86 

Mt. & Mr. Gaty S. Joyce 

Mt. William C. Gatten, Jt. '74 



Ml. & Mr. Hatold L. Hughey. Jt. '72 

Mi. Bobby J. Junes '78 

Di. & Mis. Clyde M. Gatnson III '77 

Ml. Howell L. Giuvet '51 

Mt. & Mts. Joseph A. Hazlegiove, Jt. 


Mt. & Mr. Thomas R Kauffinan 

Mt. & Mts. David H. Gates '78 

Ml. & Mr. John R. Grvmes '62 


Dr. & Mr. R. Douglas Humphrey. Jr. 

Mt. & Mr. WJIiam E. Keel 

Mt. & Mts. Thomas B. Gates '88 




Dt. & Mr. Chiistophei Keelev '89 

Mt. & Mis. William C. Gay '73 

Mt. & Mr. James Wharton Gulick '32 

Mt. & Mr. Joel B. Healon 

Mr. & Mr. Robert W. Humphreys '58 

Ml. RalphD.Keighdej-.Ji. '45 


Dt. & Mr. H. Nelson Gusrin III '74 

Mt. & Mr. Thomas M. Heen- '78 

Dr. & Mr. WiUoughby S. Hundley III 

Mt. & Mr. QueUen M. Keith '42 

Mt. & Mts. John Cole Gayle. Jt. '76 

Mt. & Mr. Timothy B. Gudine '83 

Mr. & Mr. Phillip M. Heflin! Jr. '87 


Mt. & Mr. Edwin C.KeUam.Jt. 

Mt. 6c Mts. Notman J. GajTioi '68 

Dt. & Mr. C. EatI Guthtow. Jt. '63 

Mt. Roget E.Heflin.Jt. '93 

Mr. & Mr. WiUoughby S. Hundley. Jr. 

Mt, & Mr. Hatold B. KeUam, Jt. '67 

Dt. & Mrs. Frank W. Gearing III 

Captain & Mts. Alton Latuc Gwaltna- 

Mt. & Mr. Fiank S. Hcidelbach '42 


Mt. Enc H. KeUey '85 

Mr. & Mts. William Gee 

111 '90 

Dt. & Mr. Ronald L. Heinemann 

Dt. & Mr. J. David Hungatland '92 

Dt. & Mr. James A. Kelly 

Mt. & Mts. James R Gcigei '71 

Mt. Oiville Lee Gwalmey Iir98 

Dt. & Mts. Ralph D. Hellams. Jt. '83 

Mi. & Mr. Edwatd A- Hunt Iir88 

Ml. & Mr. Timothy M. KeUy '88 

Mt. & Mts. Richatd M. Geoghegan '56 

Dt. & Mr. Dartow E. Haaeensen. Jt. 

The Hon. & Mts. Stephen H. Helvjn 

Mt. & Mr. James V. Hunt 

Mi. & Mr. Richatd L. Kennedy 

Mt. & Mts. Richatd G. Getloff'82 




Ml. & Mr. Franklin W. KepUnget 

Mt. Patrick N. Gedein '89 

Dt. & Mr. David S. Haga '79 

Mt. & Mr. John Lee Hemmet III '95 

Mt. & Mr. Chatles E. Huntet III '75 

Mr. Notma S. Kemodle 

Mt. & Mts. Joseph B. Geyet '41 

Mt. & Mr. Hany V. Haga, Jt. '48 

Mt. & Mr. Chatles R. HendeRon, Jt. 

Mt. & Mr. William A. Huntet '50 

Mi. & Mr. Jefftey H. Ketcham 

Mt. & Mts. William C. Gibson, Jt. '41 

Ml. & Mr. Fortest Lee Hagan III '84 


Mt. & Mr. Benjamin Fianklin Hurt 


Mt. & Mts. David Giles 

Di.&Mr. HughJ. Haganlir76 

Dt. A. Claybom Hendricks '71 


Mi. Phillip W. Key, St. '56 

Ml. & Mts. James R. Giles 

Mt. & Mr. Wiffiam C. Hagan '52 

Mr. Barbara M. Henley 

Mt.Henty Charles Hurt Iir95 

Ml. Christophet Ryan Keyset '98 

The Hon. & Mts. Hetbett C. Gill. Jt. 


Mr.&MR. RonaldM.'Hcniy'56 


Ml. L. Wilson Kidd,Ji. 


Mr. Maty S. Moellei Haile)' 

Mr. Ryan S. Henry '96 

Dt. John E. Husted '38 - Deceased 

Mt. & Mr. John R. Kighl. Jt. '66 

Mt. & Mts. Roget H. Gill 

Col. & Mr. Richatd E. Haislip USMC 

Mr. & Mr. Lawrence H. Hencz, Jr. '75 

Mr. John E. Husted 

TheRev.Johnl. Kilby'53 

Mt. & Mrs. John K. Gillenwatct 

(Ret.) '53 

Mr. & Mr. Richatd N. Heiod '73 


Mt. & Mr. Thomas F. Kilby '57 

Ml. & Mts. Thomas D. Gillespie, Jt. 

Mt. & Mr. H. Edwatd Hales, Jt. 

Ml. & Mr. L. Allen Hertington. Jt. '90 

Mt. & Mn. Clarence Biodie Hyde II 

Mt. Joe Ray Kilgote 

Mt. & Mts. Getald Palfen,- Gillespy '88 

Mt. CBvie C.Haley, Jt. '48 

Dt. & Mr. John M. Hess 


Mt. Chaila E. Kimbiough '86 

Mt. & Mis. John H. Gilliam, Jt. '39 


Mt. & Mr. WiUiam R. Hess '59 

Mr. Edward T. Hvman 

Mt. & Mr. K. Michael Kines '70 

Di.&Mr^. J. Charles GiUs '64 

Dt. & Mr. WiUiam W. Halligan. Jt. 

Ml. & Mr. Cecil W. Hickam III '92 


Mi.&Mr. David F.King. Jt. '83 

Dt. & Mrs. Thomas E. Gilmet, Jt. '48 


Ml. & Mts. James Hickey 

Mi. & Mr. David A. Ingram '91 

The Rev. & Mr. Frank C. King '32 

Dt. & Mts. Geofge E. Gimpclson '77 

Mt. & Mr. Bnice H. Hamilton 

Ml. & Mr. Horace R Hicks, Jt. '78 

Dt. & Mr. W. Robert Itby '43 

Mi. & Mr. John T.King '65 

Dt. & Mrs. Terry J. Gingtas 

Mt. & Mr. Detek H. Hamilton 

Ml. Richatd B. Higginbotham '70 

Ml. & Mr. Geotge R Itmingei '52 

Dt. & Mr. Michael E. Kmg '69 

Dt. & Mrs. Robert W. Gis-en '84 

Mt. & Mr. John R. P. Hamilton '61 

Dt. & Mr. Lawtence E. Hightowei '68 

Mt. & Mr. James M. Irvin. St. 

Ml. & Mr. WiUiamJ. Kinnamon. Jt. 

Mi. & Mts. Jack A. Glascock '49 

Mt. & Mr. Robert B. Hamlert, St. '72 

Mi. & Mr. R. E. HUl 

The Rev. Di.&Mr. John 

Col. & Mr. Henty L. Kinnison I\' 

Mr. & Mr. Mark B. Glascock, Jr. '51 

Mt. & Mr. Fied E. Hamlin III '89 

Mi. & Mr. Vernon Blaine HUl '94 

Montgomery Irvine, Jt. '49 

Mt. & Mr. Wade H. O. Kithy '80 

Mr. & Mr. Thomas E. Glascock '55 

Ml. & Mrs. Giffotd D. Hampshite 

Dt. & Mr. Gabel G. Himmelwright, 

Mt.& Mr. Clyde C Jackson, Jt. 

Mt. & Mr. Partick H. Kitchmiei '87 

Mi. & Mr. Aithui H. Glaset '68 

Mt. & Mr. J. Hamson Hancock '38 

Jt. '33 

Di. & Mr. Lee AndeRon Jackson. Jt. 

Mt. & Mr. Sidney H. KiRtein '73 

Dt. & Mr. Allen M. Glasgow '64 

Mt. & Mr. Leigh B. Hanes. Jt. '40 

Cmdt. & Mr. Hebet H. 


Dt. & Mr. David a. Klein '78 

Ml. & Mr. Howatd W. Glasgow. Jt. 

Mt. & Mis. Them F. Hanes '58 

Himmelwright '70 

Mt. & Mr. Clayton W. James '91 

The Rev. & Mr. WiUiam R. Klein 

Dt. & Mr. Lowrie R. Glasgow '69 

Mr. Demertia V. Hanna 

Mr. & Mr. Robert L. Hincs, Jr. '64 

Mt.W.Boiden James '87 

Dt. & Mr. Rodget W. Kleisch '74 

Ml. & Mr. John V. Glass III '90 

Mt. & Mr. John Evans Hatboui '65 

Mr, RobertW, Hinkle,Jr.'91 

Mt. & Mr. WUbert T. James Iir51 

Dt. Paule G. Kline 

Ml. & Mr. Thomas W. Godftcy, Jt. 

Ml. & Mr. Michael S. Hatcum '78 

Mr. F. Spain Hodges '95 

Ml. James C. Jamison II '93 

Ml. & Mr. Robert P. Kline '87 


Dt. & Mr. a. Lawson Hatdie, Jt. '41 

Mr. & Mr. John F. Hodges. Jr. '58 

Mt. & Mr. T. Wyndham Jamison. Jt. 

Dt. Donald A. KniiFen 

Mt. & Mr. Edwaid K. Godses', Jt. '61 

Mt. & Mr. Atchibald Hatdy [\' '88 

Mr. & Mr. John P. Hodson 


Mi. Robert S. Knon 

Mt. & Mr. Richatd H. Godsey 

Mt. & Mr. Vincent D. Hatdy '71 

Mr. & Mr. Vernon A. Hoey 

Dt. & Mr. AUyn G. Janney, Jt. '82 

Dt. & Mr. Wdham P. Knox '59 

Mt. Richatd S. Godsey '85 

Mt. & Mr. R. Biyani Hate IV 80 

Mr. & Mr. Andrew G. Hofcan '71 

Dt. & Mts. W. Dabney Jannan '27 

Mi.&Mis. MatioJ.Kokolis'92 

Mt.& Mr. Jesse F. Coins Iir88 

Mt. & Mis. Michael C. Haigadon 

Mr. & Mrs. William Jephdia Hogan, 

Mi. & Mr. Henty M. Jatvis '44 

Mt. & Mr. Geoige J. Koslel '48 

Dt. & Mr. Haivcy W. Goode, Jt. '45 

Mt. & Mr. David L. Hatlow '77 

Jt. '71 

Dt. William McK^Jeffeties '35 

Mt. & Mr. Arthut H. Kteienbaum III 

Ml. & Mr. Thomas E. Goode '79 

Mt. Edwatd S. Hatlow, Jt. '58 

Mt. &MR.PhilipAHogc'59 

Dt. & Mr. Daniel L Jenkins '36 


Dt. & Mts. Julius Temple Goodman 

Mt. & Mr. John P. Hatlow, Jt. '42 

Mr. Catol D. Holblook 

Ml. & Mr. Jeny W.Jenkins '67 

Ml. & Mr. Timothy L Kiouse 


Mi. James Andrew Hartell III '97 

The Rev. Geoige R. Holden '42 

Mt. John Ray Jennings '55 

Mt. & Mr. James M. Kulinski 

Mt. & Mr. Ftatik Goodpastute III 

Mr. L.C. Hartell.Jt. 

Mt. James C.S.Holladay '77 

Dt. & Mr. E. Fottest Jessee. Jt. '71 

Mi. & Mr. Randolph H. Kulp 

Mt. & Mr. W. a. Goodwin 

Mt. & Mr. Randolph C. Hanell '84 

Ml. & Mr. Giegoiv F. HoUand '77 

Mt. & Mr. Ftederick A. Jessei III '67 

Mi. & Mr. JcffR La Vangie '89 

Mt. & Mr. WiUiam H. Goodwvn, Jr. 

Dt. & Mr. Ausrin B. Hartelson '57 

Mt. & Mr. Jon Michael Holland '91 

Mi.&Mr. Richaid J. Jiiak 

Mt. & Mr. Robert H. UWet 


Mt. D. Richatd Hams II '82 

Dr. & Mr. Kenneth Uoyd HoUenbcck 

Mt. & Mr. Watien D. Jividen 

Mi. & Mr. Leon ,\gce Lackey. Ji. '67 

Mt. & Mr. Cunis D. Gotdon '82 

Ml. & Mr. H. Heiben Hartis 


Mr. MelviUe Johns 

Dt. & Mr. 0. W. law '47 

Ml. & Mr. Dickinson M. Gould '66 

Dt. & Mr. Hetbert W. Hatiis, Jt. '56 

Mr. James B. HoUingsworth '71 

Dt. & Mr. a. EmeRon Johnson 111 '52 

Mt. & Mts. Robert CLadd '77 

Di. & Mis. T. Winston Gouldin '50 

Mt. & Mr. J. Robert Harris III '72 

Mt. & Mr. F. Bytd HoUoway '46 

Ml. & Mr. B. Boyd Johnson '74 

Mt. & Mr. Wdliam B. Lambert '45 

Mt. & Mr. Han'ey Granger '76 

Mi. &Mr.J. SconHairis'73 

Ml. & Mr. Ftederick F. Johnson '6 1 

Mt. I. S. Lamdin 



The completely new house for Beta Theta Pi fraternity 

(above) is emblematic of the dramatic upgrading of 

facilities around Fraternity Circle, part of the overall 

effoit to improve the quality of Greek life at the College. 

In the last two years, 

generous donations from 

alumni and parents have 

made possible extensive 

changes to Fraternity 

Circle, designed to make 

the whole area more 

attractive, safe, and 

efficient. Renovated or 

completely new houses 

feature large social areas 

separate from living and 

study rooms; the roads 

have been regraded and 

repaved, with expanded 

parking and new 
sidewalks and lighting 

Mr. & Mrs. Billy Joe Lamie 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Lamkin 

Mr. & Mrs. Clyde C. Lamond III "64 

Mr. G. Bonner Lancaster, Jr. "69 

Dr. & Mrs. Elmer K. Landis. jr. "52 

Mrs. W. T. Langhorne 

Mr. & Mrs. David B. Larison 

Mr. Oscar H. G. Laserna '97 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence W. Latane, jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Carl D. Laughlin 79 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Lavezzoli 
Dr. &Mni. Douglas R. Lawler II "81 
Mr. & Mrs. VtllliamJ. Lawrence '64 
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas S. La^on '90 
Mr. & Mn. E. Lee LeCompte '53 
Mr. & Mrx. William H. LeCompic '82 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael G.Lea 
The Hon. & Mrs. Joseph A. Leafe '58 
Mr. & Mrs. .Andrew K. Leake II '35 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Lecky.Jr. '71 
Mr. & Mrs. A. Mark Lee '76 
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas B. Lee '77 
Mr. Robert E.Lee V '86 
Dr. &L Mrs. Thomas F. Lefnvich, Jr. 76 
Mr. & Mrs. Chaffiaix A. Lelong. Jr. 72 
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Leming '79 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben Bryant Lendrim "86 
Mrs. Ann K. Lenehan 
Mr. & Mrs. Claiborne Leonard 
Mr. Robert C. Leonard, Jr. "62 
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Leverton '64 
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Levy 
Mr. Geoffre)' J. Lewis '85 
Mr. J. Boiling Lewis Iir81 
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Lewis, Jr. '77 
Lt. Col. & Mrs. John F. Lewis, Jr. "41 
Mr. & Mn. VCinsion P. Levs-is, Jr. '36 
Dr. & Mrs. Henr>- S. Liebert. Jr. "52 
The Ri. Rev. & Mrs. A. Headi Light 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Lightner '39 
Mr. & Mrs. Eric J. Undberg, Jr. '93 
Dr. & Mrs. Richard E.Linde 
Dr. & Mrs. D. Scott Lindsay '70 
Mr. & Mrs. Woodrow P. Lipscomb 
Dr. & Mrs. David Lee Litchfield '54 
Mr. & Mrs. George B. Linle '46 
Mr. H. Timothy Litde '63 
Mr. John Roben Lively. Jr. '98 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Stanley Livesay, Jr. '48 
Dr. & Mrs. Charles E. Llewellyn, Jr. '43 
Mr. & Mrs. VtlUiam G. Lock^^'ood III 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Lodge, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Lodge '89 
Mr. & Mrs. Ross M. Lodge '97 
Mr. & Mrs, Harr\- C. Lonergan. Jr. '50 
Mr. & Mrs. Darrell W. Long 7 1 
Mr. John M.Long '98 
Mr. & Mrs. R. Gordon Long. Jr. '76 
Mr. & Mrs, Thomas C. Looney '57 
Mr. & Mrs. C.Keith Love '78 
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard N. Love '76 
Dr. & Mrs. Bruce M. Lovelace III 
Dr. &: Mrs. Robert H. Loving '37 
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Lowety HI "63 
Dr. & Mrs. Wayne B. Lucas '87 
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Macavlay Luccy 

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Luke 
Dr. Anne C. Lund 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Rodgers Lunsford III 
Mr. Jeffrey V. Lynn '74 
Mr. & Mrs. Milton D. Lytle '68 
Mr. &: Mrs. John W. MacClarencc '69 
Dr. & Mrs. Russell C. MacDonald '50 
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon McLain MacGill 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Caner Magee, Jr. '76 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Magnuson 
Mr. Gordon Ixc Mallonee, |r. '71 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben C. Malone. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. W,iltcr J. Malone. Jr. '82 
Mr. & Mrs. John W, Maloncy '88 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Roy Mann '76 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Lawrence Mansfield, jr. 

Mr. Wdliam E. Mansfield I!r92 
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Markham 
Mr. Samuel Aaron Marks '98 
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Manning 

Marlowe '94 
Col. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Marousek 
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Arnold Marsh 
Mr. & Mrs. William P. Marshall '73 
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Sidney Martin III 

Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence H. Martin. Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. Samuel A. Martin, Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. William W. Manin. Jr. '50 
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin E. Martingayle 88 
Mr. Stephen C. Martson 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter C. Martz '73 
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel W. Mason III '66 
Dr. & Mrs. J. D. Mason. Jr. 
The Rt. Rev. & Mrs. Frank Clayton 

Matthews "'O 
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Mattox 
Mr. GeoE^eA- Matzner III '49 
Mr. & Mrs. Annistead B. Mauck '86 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Mauldin 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben A. Mav "1 
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Mayfield. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Timodiy L. Mayo '88 
The Rev. Dr. Edgar C. Mayse '5^ 
Mr. Jake J. Mazulewicz '89 
Mr. Wdliam E. McBramey III '75 
Mr- & Mrs. WilUam H. McBnde 
Mr. & Mrs. Denis J. McCarthy '83 
Mrs. Richard McCarthy 
The Rev. & Mrs. Claud W. McOuley 

Ms. Valerie B. McCaulle\' 
Dr. W. Austin McClellan '46 
Mr. & Mrs. Harold L McCloske\' '50 
Dr. Max W. McCord. Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. E. M. McDaniel.Jr. 
Mrs. Mary Wynn Richmond McDanicI 
The Rev. & Mrs. Carlyle A. McDonald 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles L. McDowell 
Col. & Mrs. James E. McDowdl (Ret.) 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter H. McEachern '72 
Mr. & Mrs. David P. McEnderfer '85 
Mr. & Mrs. James C. McEwen II '78 
Mr, & Mrs. Hobson C. McGehee, jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry G. McGinn. Jr. '53 
Mr. & Mn. Jonathan L, McGrady "91 
Mr. Wdliam M. Mcllwaine '50 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Mclnnis '85 
Mr. SconA. McKam'90 
Mr. & Mrs. G. A. McLean 
Mr. & Mrs. John P. McLean '68 
Mr. Roben P. McLean '51 
Mr. Shawn L. McMahon '97 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. McMillan, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. McMullen "89 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wilson McNeely 

IV "86 
Mr. &: Mrs. Charles V. McPhillips '82 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Vincent McPhillips 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Mc5hane 
Dr. & Mrs. Geot^ J. McVey '61 
Mr. & Mrs. R. Maxwell Mcador '58 
Mr. & Mrs, Olin R. Mclchionna, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Melvin '58 
Mr. & Mrs, [oc V. Mcnendez '78 
Dr, & Mrs. Rcinaldo R Mcnende/ 
Mr. & Mrs. Everett T. Meredith '40 
Mr. & Mrs. Ch.irlcs W. Mcrriam. Ir, 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Merrill '70 
Mr. R. Bradley .Mcycn "94 
Mr. & Mrs. dri b'. Mica "93 
Dr. & Mrs. Roben Michael "'O 
Dr. & Mrs, David H. Michal. jr. "" 
Mr. & Mrs. P.uil I Mich.ui\ 

Mr. & Mrs. .Mfred M. Michel 

Mr. & Mrs, .\nhur H. Michel '49 

Mr. & Mrs. Wdliam D. Mileham III 

Mr. & Mrs. David S, Miller '77 

Mr. Harmon B. Miller IV '89 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Clifford Miller. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Hunter Miller '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Miller '82 


Mr, & Mrs, Billie M. Miliner '50 

Mr. George W. Mills II 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Gdmer Minor 111 

Mr, & Mrs. Kendrick Henry Minten 

Mr. &: Mrs. O. Randolph Minter, jr. 

Mr. & Mrs, George Thomas Minton, 

Mr. & Mrs. G. R. Misenhelter '52 

Mr, & Mrs. Ashton D. MitcheU III "75 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Frederick Mitchell '63 

Mr. David P. MitcheU '95 

Dr. & Mrs. Fred N. Mitchell. Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold L. Mitchell '40 

Mr, Roben G. Mitchell 

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan David Mize '89 

Mr, & Mrs. Charles R. Modlin 

Dr. & Mrs. John H. Moling lir51 

Mr, Timothy Vaughan Monahan '94 

Mr. Cohn T. Monette '95 

Dr. & Mrs. John Roger Monroe "'I 

Mr. & Mrs. F. Breckinridge Montague 

Dr. & Mrs. William L. Montague, Jr. 

Mrs. Karen P, Montgomery 
Mr, Walter Scon Montgomery IV '97 
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent M. Montsinger HI 

Mr, Sc Mrs. B. F. Moomaw, Jr. '5 1 
Mr. &: Mrs. Ernest E. Moore, Jr. '66 
Mr. & Mrs. Jackie G. Moore 
Mr. & Mrs. Marcus C. Moore, Jr. 
Mr. Marion L. Moore '75 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben G. Moore '46 
Dr. & Mrs. Roben P. Moore '43 
Mr. Thomas C. Moore '52 
Mr. & Mrs, Wdliam E. Moore, jr. '63 
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Moore, jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. M. Hoh Moran "~5 
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph C. Morehead I\' '^8 
Dr, & Mrs. Frank Thomas Morgan 
Mr. Gerald Morgan, Jr. 
The Hon. & Mrs. Harvey B. Morgan 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Stuart Morgan '73 
Dr. & Mn. Michael S. Morgan '77 
Mr. & Mn. W. Hunter Morgan, Sr. 
Mr. Donald C. Morris. Jr. '51 
Mr. & Mn. Robert Lee Morris '57 
Mr. & Mn. John C. Morrison '67 
Mr. & Mn. John Harris Morrison. Jr. 
The Hon. & Mn. Norman Devere 

Morrison '69 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Morrison. Jr. 
Mr, Joseph F. Morrisscttc 
Dr. & Mn. W. Philip Morri.sscttc III 
Mr. & .Mn. C, Cammack Morton '"3 
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Monon III '89 
Mr. R. Dennis Monon '57 
Mr. James F. Moscley, jr. '84 
Mr. & Mn. William O. Moselev, jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. John S. Moss 75 
Dr. & Mn, Uoyd F, Moss. Sr. '37 
Mrs. Sallie Atkinson Mowbray 
Mr. R.indall C. Muir 
Mr. & Mrs. Shirley E. Mullens '33 
The Hon. & Mrs. W. Tavloc Murphy. 

Jr. '53 
The Hon. & Mrs. R. Murphy 
Dr. & Mrs. John W. Myers 111 '60 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Myers '^7 
Mr, Justin Z. Naifeh '96 
Mr. & Mrs. Francis R. Nance 71 
Mr. &: .Mrs. Frank L Nanncy, Jr. '56 



Mr. & Mn. David R. Nash 71 

Mr. & Mn. Howard M. Persinger. Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. John W. Romm, Jr. '63 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey LShellev 

Mr & Mrs. Douglas H. Stinespring, Sr. 

Mr. E. Dawson Nash 76 

Mn. Uura M. E. Petcn 

Mr. &:Mn. Pauls. Roper 71 

Mr. & Mn. Edward C. Shepherd IV 


Mr. & Mrs. Richard Naylor 

Mr. 6i Mn. Charles A. Petenen, Jr. '59 

Mr. & Mn. Robert R. Rosebro '80 


Mr. Dwayne H. Sdnson '94 

Mr. & Mrs. S. A. Brmon Neal 'SS 

Dr. & Mn. Charles H. Pctenon, Jr. '52 

Mr. & iMn. Francis D. Rosenberger, Sr. 

Mr. &Mn.R. Kelly Sheridan '74 

Mr. & Mn. Harold Craig Srinson '92 

Mr. R- Russell Neely 28 - Deceased 

Mt. R. Jeffrey Petenon '84 

Dr. William Rosenberger 11 '78 

Mr. Andtony C. Sherman '60 

Dr. & Mrs. Sherrill W. Stockton. Jr. 

Mrs. R. Ru»cll Neely 

Mt. & Mn. Bradfoid .S. Pfciler '83 

Dr&Mn.R. Douglas Ross '81 

Mr. & Mn. Martin Manker Shcrrod 


Dr. & Mrs. Uuis E. Nelsen ill '83 

Mr. & Mn. Allen C. Phillips '46 

Mr. & Mn. J. Ranson Roussel '91 


Dr. & Mn. Ralph Morton Stokes, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. James F. Nelson 73 

Mn. Claudia J. Phillips 

Mr. & Mn. James H. Roussel 

The Rev. & Mn. Kenneth Vcinon 


Mrs. Joyce G. Nelson 

Dr. Sc Mn. William J. Phipps. Jr. '77 

The Hon. & Mn. James J. Rowe '72 



Mr. & Mrs. TOIIiam J. Nelson. Jr. '62 

Mn. Carole P. Pilchct 

Mr. & Mn. Claude Undon Royals '85 

Mi. & Mn. Pendleton M. Shiflert 111 

Di. &Mn. James B.. Stone 111 


Mr. & Mrs. George E. Pillow, Jr. '54 

Mr. & Mn. Richard O, Royce '76 


Mi. John M. Stone '95 

Mr. John Cason Newbcrn '94 

Mr. & Mn. Henry B. Pinnell 

Mr. DouglasP, Ruckcr.Jr.'68 

Mi. & Mn. Ronald C. Shiflett. Ji. '74 

Mr. & Mrs. Stuart C. Stone. Si. 

.Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Nesvcomh 

Mr. & Mn. Paul E. Pi.sano '89 

Mr. & Mn. Thomas C. Ruff'41 

Mi. & Mn. Samuel S. Shiplett '68 

Mr. Steven T. Storer 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. NCTvcomb '82 

Mr. & Mn. John P. Pittman 

The Hon. & Mn. Joseph P. 

Mi. & Mn. Thomas Lee Shont. Ji. '91 

Mr. & .Mn. John A. Stough, Jr. '78 

Mr. & Mrs. Meip A. Ncwkirk '5 1 

Mr. & Mrs. Virginius S. Pittman 11 '84 

Rushbrooke '55 

Mi. & Mn. Fiederick L. Shieves 11 '65 

Mr.&Mn. B. Brack Stovall '74 

Mr. &: Mrs. Herbert S. Newman. Jr. 

Mr. Derek E. Pletch '90 

Mr. & Mn. D. Lindsay Russell '82 

Ml. & Mrs. LawTence B. Shuping, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. James W. Stribling 


Dr. & Mn. Harry G. Plunkett, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. H. E. Vann Russell '92 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin W. Sienema '57 

Mr. & Mn. Peter B. Strickland '85 

Mr. & Mrs. William W. Nexsen '74 

Mt. Dennis C. Poehlcr '80 

The Rev. Dr. & Mn. J. Shepherd 

Mr. John Claiborne Sifford '94 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Stringfellow 

Mr. & Mn. Joseph H. Nicholson 

Mr. & Mn. Frank D. Pollard '37 

Russell. Jr. '51 

Mr. & Mrs. Stewart M.Siglei '80 

Mr. & Mn. Charles S. Stringfellow. Jr. 

Mr.JosephJ. Nicklo 

Mr. & Mn. C Leai Ponton '51 

The Res-. & Mn. T. Field Russell '84 

Mr. & Mn. Fred L Silbemagel, Jr. '50 


Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Nilaji, Jr. 

Mt. JkMn.JeffteyJ. Poole'74 

Dr. & Mn. Edward Russo, Jr. 

Dr. & Mn. David B. Simmons '85 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel C. Stronach 

Mr. .\. Alan Nolan '84 

Mr. & Mn. Chesrer D. Porter 111 78 

Dr. & Mn. Rudolph B. Rustin 111 '^9 

.Mr. & Mn. Bradley S. Simms '85 

Dr. & Mn. Alfred H. Smart '33 

Dr. & Mrs. Donald B. Nolan '62 

Mr. & Mn. David L. Porterfield '81 

Dr. & Mn. Samuel B. Rybum '50 

Dr. James Y. Simms, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. George R C. Smart '45 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E.Nolan '51 

Mt. Wendell B.Pottetfield. Jr. '70 

Dr. &, Mrs. John E.Sadler Iir87 

Mr. & Mn. William D. Sires '52 

Mr. & Mn. John A. Smhr 

Mr. & Mrs. Roberr R. Nomngham '85 

Mr. Christopher W.PoweU '89 

Mr.&Mn. John E.Sadler, Jr. '56 


Mr. John Albert Sttdirlir95 


Dr. & Mn. Jack Hanson Powell lir73 

Dr. Andrew R Sager '84 

Mr. Leonard W.Skclton. Jr. '92 

The Hon. & Mn. J. Robert Snimp '6 1 

Mr & Mrs. Charles S. Nowlin, Jr. 

Dr. James R. Powell '95 

Mr. & Mn. Wdliam L. Sager, Jr. '78 

Mn. Janet L. Sketchley- 

Mr.&Mn. Luke C.Suber '95 

Dr. & Mrs. Wallace C. Nunley, Sr. '44 

Ms. Dorothy M. Power 

Mr. Henry Theron Sain ir70 

Mr. & Mn. James H. Slaughtei '61 


Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. O'Brian 

Mr. George R. Preas, Jr'80 

Dr. & Mn. George C. Sakakini '73 

Mr. & Mn. Clarence 0. Sligh, Jr. '62 

Mi. J. Ellsworth Summen, Ji. '94 

Mr. William M. O'Brien '61 

Mr. & Mn. living H. Pritchett III '73 

Mr. & Mn. Wallet D. Samans 

Mr. & Mn. Kent A. Smack '62 

Di. & Mn. Joseph R. Svoboda 

Mr. & Mn. Daniel V. P. O'Connor '72 

Mt. Samuel S.Pioaoi '88 

Mr. & Mn. Robert L. Samuel, Jr. '76 

Mr.&Mn. Bradley S.Smidi '85 

Mi. G. Gianvdle Sydnoi 111 '58 

.Mr. & Mrs. Kevin S. ORourke '85 

Mi. & Mn. Stephen Dulanv Ploaor 

Mr. & Mn. Joseph T. Samuels. Jr. '72 

Mr. & Mn. Charles H. Smidi 111 '75 

Ml. & Mis. James A. Sydnor '47 

Mrs. .\ndrea L OTork 


Mr. Owsley W.Sanden '35 

Mr. & Mn. Charles W. Smidi. Jr. '5 1 

Ml. & Mn. Smart A. falbon '52 

Mr. & Mrs. John E.Oakley III 

Mr. & Mn. Dan Puckett 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond E. Sanden III 

Mr. & Mn. David H. Smidi II '61 

Mi. & Mn. G. Spcncei Talley, Ji. '80 

Mr. & Mrs. John R Oakman, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur W.Pugh 


Mr. &Mn. EdwinSmirfi'51 

Dr. & Mn. Wallace C. Tarry '84 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Oast 111 

Mr. & Mn. Allan Uo Purtill, Sr. 

Mr. & Mn. Warren E. Sandidge '45 

Mr. & Mn. Eugene R Smith 

Col. & Mn. Clayron B. Tasker '41 

Dr. & Mrs. Vincent H. Obet, Jr. '70 

Mn. S. Waverly Putney, Jr. 

Mr. Jason James Sandoval '94 

Mr. & Mn. Frcdcnc L. Smith, Ji. '93 

Mr. & Mn. Brent W. Taylor 

Dr. & Mrs. William L. Odom '57 

Dr. & Mn. John M. Quarles '50 

Mr. Jonadian D. Sargeant '90 

Mi. & Mn. Gibson L Smidi 

Mi. & Mn. G. Scon Taylor '53 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Levi Old. Jr '46 

Dr. & Mn. Harre A. Raddin, Jr. '69 

Mr. & Mn. S. Rowell Sargeant, Jr. '69 

Mr. &Mis. John E. Smidi, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Gervas Storn Taylor III '72 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Oldfield '79 

Mr. &Mn. Arthur W.Raine '59 

Dr. & Mn. Thomas L. San-ay, Jr. '60 

Mr. & Mn. L. Noifleet Smirfi, Ji. '84 

Dr. & Mn. H. Tyler Taylor iir72 

Mr. & Mrs. Enk John OKson '86 

Mr. & Mn. Michaux Raine III '57 

Mr. & Mn. Conrad F. Saucr'lV '72 

Mt. & Mn. Landon Cartel Smidi '60 

Mr. & Mn. James C. Taylor lir82 

Mr. & Mn. Hunter B. Oliver, Jr. 

ETC & Mn. David L. Ramsey '71 

Dr. Richard G. Saul '74 

Mi. & Mn. Michael D. Smith '93 

Mr. & Mn. John P. Taylor. Jr. '88 

Mr. John Penn Oliver '54 

Mr. Roben H. Ramsey '97 

Mr. & .Mn. Robin A. Saul '76 

Mi. & Mn. Petei W. Smidi I\' '67 

Dr. Patrick J. Taylor '89 

Dr. & Mn. David L. Olson 

Mr. & Mn. Michael Gregory Todd 

The Hon. & Mn. Amos C. Saunden 

Mr. Robert S. Smith 

Mr. & Mn. Robert B. Tavlor 

Mr. & Mn. Hcnn- W. Oppenhimer. Jr. 

Randall '92 


Ms. Stephanie C. Smith 

Mr. & Mn. Wavne T. Tennent '67 


Mr. Sc Mrs. John Hamilton Randolph 

Di. & Mn. Randolph E. Savage '70 

Mr & Mn. Waltei P. Smidi III '79 

Mt. & Mn. William W. Tennent III 

Mr. & Mn. Thomas W. Osgood '78 


Mr. & Mn. Gilbert H. Sayres '60 

Mi. & Mn. William R. L Smidi III '45 


Mr. & Mn. John Michael Oris 

Mi. & Mn. Roben F. Ray 71 

Mr. & Mn. N. Hartle>' Scheaier, Jr. '68 

Mi. & Mn. William S. Smidien III '82 


Mr. & Mn. James M. Chcrbev '55 

Di. & Mn. WilJiam F. Raybum '71 

Mr. & Mn. J. Hamilton Scherer, Jr. '64 

Mi. & Mn. Waltei F. Snead 

Dr. & Mn. R. Dean Testci '54 

Mr. & Mn. W. Howard Ovcrbey. Jr. 

Mi. & Mn. Ben D. Reading 

Dr. &Mn. James M.Schi&r 

Ml. & Mn. Richaid H. Snell, Ji. '75 

Mi. & Mn. Robert J. Thalman 


Mi. &Mn. Randy W. Reed '82 

Mr. Wilson W. Schoellkopf '93 

Ml. &Mis. RobenE.Snidow'81 

Mr. & Mn. Brian Sutheiland TTiomas 

Dr. & Mn. Kelley E. Ovcrcash '61 

Mn. Stanley P. Reed 

Mr. Manhall W. Schoenthal '95 

Ml. Brian C. Sommardahl '96 


Mr. & Mn. Roben H. Owen '67 

Di.Wdliam Allan Recs '92 

Mt. & Mn. David G. Schofield 

Mr & Mrs. Charles Warner 

Di. & Mn. Cures H. Thomas, Ji. '61 

Mr. & Mn. Irvin Owings III '62 

Mi. J. William Reid, Jr. '91 

Ml. & Mn. Gordon D. Schreck '65 

Sommardahl, Jr. '91 

Mr. Donald W.Thomas '76 

.Mr. Raymond Oxmann, Jr. '94 

Mr. 8d Mn. John M. Reid '67 

Mr. Thomas R.Schroeder '91 

Mr. & Mn. Yoon S. Song 

Mr. & Mn. H. Rogen Thomas '32 

.Mr. & Mrs. James R. Painter '66 

Mn. Milton P. Reid 

Captain & Mn. Wesley Schuessler '81 

Mr. & Mn. ChaHes F. Soukup 

Mr. & Mn. J. Holmes Thomas '31 

Dr. & Mn. William G. Painter, Jr. '42 

Mr. Richard F. Rein '75 

Mr. & Mn. David C. Schultheis '74 

Mr. & Mn. Stanford L. Southworth 

Mr. & Mn. Michael W. Thomas '76 

.Mr. & Mn. Allan M. Palmer 

Mr. & Mn. David W. Reynolds '65 

Dr. & Mn. Robert G. Schula '41 


Mr. & Mrs. Stephen B. Thomas '72 

.Mn. Jane H. Palmer 

Dr. & Mn. David W. Richardson 

Dr. Charley Scotr 

Mr. & Mn. Carter B. Spalding '65 

Col. & Mn. Caiy A. Thompson, Ji. '42 

Mr. & Mn. Fred W. Palmore. Jr. '39 

Dr. & Mn. George S. Richardson '52 

Mr. a.:,VIn.JohnS.Scon,Jr.'51 

Mr. & Mn. J. Callen Spanow '80 

Ml. & Mn. James C. Thompson, Ji. 

.Mr. & Mn. R. Vaughan Palmore 

Mr. Jeffrey R. Richardson '84 

Mr. & Mn. Laurence Jay Scott, Sr. 

Mr. M.AIesterSpean'91 


.Mr. Russell V. Palmore, Jr. '69 

The Rev. li Mn. W. Ramsey 

Mr. & Mn. Marion S. Scon, Jr. '54 

Maj. Gen. & Mn. Stanhope S. Spears 

The Res-. James G. Thompson '40 

Mr. & Mn. Kennedi G. Pankey, Jr. '85 

Richardson "52 

Mr Pelei M. Scort III 

ETC & Mn. Jack G. Spence, Jr '72 

Mi. & Mn. James K. Thompson. Ji. 

Mr. & Mn. Anastasios M. Pantoulis '95 

Mr. & Mn. Edward H. Richmond, Jr 

Ml. & Mn. Thomas R Scon, Jr. '74 

Mr. & Mn. Calvin Stanlev- Spencer, Jr. 


Mr. &C Mn. Nicholas Pantoulis 


Ml. & Mn. John A. Screws 


Mr. & Mn. Tmeman C. S. Thompson 

Dr. & Mn. David M. Pariser 

Mr. Charles Conrad Ricken III '91 

Mr. RBroobSairryIir92 

Mr. Cowlcs M. Spencer 


Mr. John N.Park, Jr. '78 

Mr. Barry L. Riddle '78 

Dr. & Mn. D. Scon Scan '39 

Mr. & Mn. Harold R. Spencer '54 

Mr. & Mn. William Charles 

Mr. & Mn. Gordon E. Parker, Jr. '89 

Mr.&Mn. Eugene T.Rilce, Jr. '51 

Dr. & Mn. Robert H. Sease. Jr. '74 

Mr. & Mrs. Hawes C Spencer '87 

Thompson '66 

Mr. & Mn. Lorcn L. Parker. Jr. '44 

Mr. & Mn. Alexander M. Rinaldi '83 

Col. & Mn. Herbert Scay '58 

Mr. & Mn. William B. Spencer '39 

Dr. & Mn. John L. Thornton lir47 

Captain & Mn. William B. Parker 

Dr. & Mn. Frank M. Ripbergcr '38 

Mr. Ralph L Sebrell 

Mr. Gordon R Spessaid 

Mr. & Mn. Joseph Denny 

D.D.S. 73 

Mr. & Mn. W. abeU Rives III '55 

The Rev. & ,Mn. Donald H. Seely 

Mr. Philip D. .Spessard '91 

Throckmorton '74 

Mr. & Mn. Phihp E. Paulenc '84 

Dr. & Mn. Clement J. Robbins 111 '51 

Mr. &Mn.LaineJ.Seely'94 

Ms. Annie H. Spicer 

Mr. & Mn. P. Thomas Thurmond III 

Mr. & Mn. Brian W. Peabody '84 

Ml. & Mn. Thomas A. Roberts 

Mr. & Mn. Lannis N. Sell '76 

Mr. & Mn. Richard P. Spider '59 


Mr. & Mn. E. Fay Pearce, Jr. 

Ml. & Mn. D. Scon Robenson '77 

Mr. & Mn. Douglas Alan Selzer '90 

Mr. & Mn. Peter W. Squire, Jr. '79 

Li. Col. &Mn. Michael D. Tiller '69 

Mr. David B. Pearman '93 

.Ml. & Mn. John A. Robertson '51 

Dr. & Mrs. John D. Semones '64 

Mr. & Mn. J. Edwm Stanfield '53 

Mr. John R- Timmons '90 

Mr. & Mn. Steven W. Peaison '72 

Ml. & Mn. William Haivcycunei 

Mr. & .Mn. Richard B. Sessoms '56 

Mi. & Mn. Chnstopher H. Stanley '93 

Mr. & Mn. John S. Tinsley '77 

Mr. William TPebwonh '95 

Robertson '51 

Dr.&Mn. HaroldP.SertIe.Jr.'63 

Mi. E.H.Stanley. Ji. 

Mr. &Mn.Hariy H.Tims '62 

Mr. & Mn. James G. Peden '43 

Mr. & Mn. Benjamin E. Robinson '86 

Mr.&Mn. Joseph LSenle 11171 

Mi. & Mn. Danny M. Stegall 

Mr. & Mn. John T. Tompkins III '62 

Dr. & Mn. Berkeley M. Pembenon '67 

Mr. & Mn. Herbert G. Robinson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. John Banks Sewell 111 '87 

Mi. & Mis. H. Wans Stegei 11170 

Mr. & Mn. L. Scon Trainum 

Mn. Barbara Pembenon-McAdams 

Mr. & Mn. Roben H. Robinson, Sr. 

Ms. Ruth A. Sexton 

Mi. & Mrs. Alan D. Stein '60 

Mr. & Mn. Phihp R. Trapani, Jr. '86 

Mr. C. Graham Pembroke. Jr. "57 

Mr. & Mrs. Judson H. Rodman. Sr. 


Mr. & Mn. F. Bnice Srephens '96 

Dr. & Mn. WJham Holmes Trapnell, 

Mr. & Mn. Walter L. Penn III '63 

Mr. & Mn. Roben Lee Rogen '74 

Mi. & Mn. William R. Shands, Ji. '52 

Dr.&Mn. Ward W. Stevens. Jr 

Jr. '54 

Mi. Chnstopher F. W. Perkins '90 

Mn. Charles P. Rolfe 

Mi. & Mn. Charles J. Shaughncssy III 

Mi. & Mn. Robert P. Sdckley. Ji. '47 

Dr. & Mn. Charles C. Travis, Jr. '46 

Mr. & Mn. Edwin Perry Pemcll 111 '89 

Dr. Sc Mn. Dixon M. Rollins. Sr. '65 


Mi. & Mn. Reese M. Stidham Ul 

Lt. Col. & Mn. Randolph L Tribble 

Mr. & Mn. Edgar J. T. Perrow 

Mr. & Mn. Brian A. RoUison '93 

Di. William A. Shear 

The Rev. & Mn. Millard Gray 


Mr. &Mn. Charles A. Pern' '^1 

Mr. & Mn. Charles H. Rolston '48 

Mr. & Mn. C. Daniel Shelbunie '36 

Srimpson '40 

Mr.&Mn. Roben W.Trible 



iMr. LawTence T. Trice, Jr. '67 
Mr. & Mrs. Raleigh A. TroviUion '85 
.Mr. & .Mrs. David C. Trumbower '71 
Mr. Srephen R. Tubaugh '91 
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Turner III '87 
Mr. & Mrs. M- Noel Turner 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Gray Turtle, Jr. lb 
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Twee! '66 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald R. Tweel '68 
The Re%-. & Mrs. John V. Upton, Jr. 
Mr. William L. Usnik, Jr. '85 
Mr. & Mr5. James W. Utt, Jr. '80 
Caprain & Mrs. C. Richard Vahant, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Van Ness V '93 
Dr. & Mrs. Scort k. Vander Vennet '83 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry S. Vaughan '82 
Mr. & Mrs. Lcroy B. Vaughan '70 
Mr. & Mrs. Page H. Vaughan, Jr. '53 
The Re\'. & Mrs. Robert C. Vaughan, 

Jr. '40 
Mr. Glenn C. Vaughn '66 
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy P. Veith '85 
Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Venable '42 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Via '77 
Mr. Peter S. Vide '72 
Mr. & Mrs. H. Benjamin Vincent, St. 

Ms. Judidi F. Vogelback 
Mr. & Mr5. Rrcks S. Voight, Jr. '66 

Mr & Mrs. Srephen C. Voorhees 

Mr. Keith H. Wadsworth '91 

Mr. & Mrs. Wyndham P. Waike, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Herman B. Walker '56 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Walker, Jr. '57 
Mr. Tavlor S.Walker '90 
Mr. & Mrs. Barrye L Wall '78 
Mr. H.Ew.ngW'aU,Jr.'56 
Mr. & Mrs. William B. Wall '50 
Mr. & Mr. Joseph L. Wallace, Jr. '54 
Mr. Gerald R. Walsh 111 '93 
■Mr. & Mrs. Daniel K. Walters '77 
Mr. & Mrs. Norman J. Walton, Jr, 
Mf. & Mrs. Jay R. Wannamaker 
Dr. & Mrs. J. W.Ward 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Ward '77 
Mr. John F. Ware III '91 
Mr. & Mrs. Calvin N. Warfield, Jr. '56 
Mrs. Rosalind Warfield 
G)lonel & Mrs, A. S. Warinner '54 
Mr, & Mrs. Edwin D. Warinner '49 
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory A. Warner '87 
Mr & Mrs. Harry H. Warner, Jr. '84 
Mr Sc Mrs. Harvey L. Warnick, Jr. '86 
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Lee Wamick 
Mr. David Styles Warren '94 
Mr & Mrs. Kenneth E. Washburn '65 
Mr. & Mrs. Carlton B. Waskey 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Waskom 
Mr. &: Mrs. Howard B. Waters '75 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben P. Waters '64 
Ms, Margaret Warkins 
Mr. & Mrs. Bradley L Watson 
Mr. & Mrs. Hunret R. Watson 

Mrs. W. A. Watson 111 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Watt III '68 

Mr. & Mrs. T. Ashby Warts 111 '57 

Mt. & Mrs. T, Ashby Warts IV '87 

Dt.&: Mrs. Blair M.Webb '51 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Webb '77 

Mr, & Mrs, G. Randolph Webb, Jr. '86 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark M.J. Webb '82 

Dr a Mrs. Robert B. Webb, Jt. '47 

Mr. & Mrs. George K. Websrer 

Dr. G. Daniel Weese & Dr. Katherine 

Dr, & Mrs. William H. Weiss, Jr. '68 
Mr. & Mrs. Chnstopher R. Welch '88 
Mr. & Mrs. Harry R. Welch 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Kcidi Wellings 
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Daniel Wenger "89 
Mr. & Mrs. George Edward Wertz '57 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Wertz '60 
Mr. & Mni. John Drewrv Westbrook 

Mr. & Mrs. Leigh C, Whaley, Jr. '52 
Mrs. James C. Wheat, Jr. 
Mrs. Thomas F. ^"heeldon 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Wheeler FV '65 
Mr, & Mrs. Matthew B. Whitaker '92 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Shelby White '56 
Mr. & Mrs. James E. 'White, St. '70 
Mrs. Joanna K. White 
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis M. White '42 
Dr. & Mrs. William B. «Tiite '40 
Dr. & Mrs. Francis R. Whitehouse '34 
Mr. & Mrs. Furman B, Whitcscaivcr, 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Tyler Whidey '59 
Mr, & Mrs. Jama L. "Whidock 
Dr. & Mrs. J. W. Whined 
Mr & Mrs. WiUiam G. Whitter 

Mr. & Mrs. Kcnnon C. Whitde. Jr. '55 
Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Wiant '49 
Mr. & Mrs. James L, Wiley, Jr. '57 
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Wilhoite '65 
Mr. & Mrs. Emen' C. Wilkeison '41 
Mt. & Mrs, James R. Wilkins 111 '90 
Dr. & Mrs. Claude M. WJkinson, Jr. 

Li. Col. & Mis. A. A. Williams '40 
Di. & Mrs. George M. Williams '54 
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Lee Williams III '96 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Williams '69 
Mr. Richard Scon Wilhams 
Dr. & Mrs, Roben B. Williams '"2 
Dr. & Mrs. William B. Williams, Jr. 

Mr. J. Laiiy Wdliamson '73 
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin J. WiUis, Jr, '42 
The Hon. & Mrs. Larry' D. Willis '79 
Mr. & Mn. Gerald F. Willman, Jr, '^9 
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Wilson, Jr, 
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Wilson '76 
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Wilson '51 
Mr. & Mrs. John N. Wilson, Jr, '42 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. WJson '78 
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Wilson 
Dr. & Mis. William Lockcit WJson 

Mr, William Page Wilson, Jr. '90 
Mrs. Barbara D. Wilt 
Mr. & Mn. WJliam B. Wiltshiie '71 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Wimci '65 
Mr, Roy R. Wimmer '66 
Mrs. Ruth Windsor-Mann 

Dr. & Mrs. Lindley M. Winsron '50 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Downing Wiseman 

Mr, & Mre. Edward R. Win, Jr, '70 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Wolcon, Jr, 

Mr, Charles A. Womack, Sr. 
Mrs. Sherry B. Womack 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Wood '60 
Professor & Mrs. L. Barron Wood, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs, Roy C, Wood '65 
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Suelert Woodall 

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard L. Woody, Jr, '56 
Mr, & Mrs, Michael L, Wooslcy, Sr, 

Mr, & Mrs, Dean S, Worcester '74 
Mr. Fletcher J. Wnghtlir57 
Mr. &Mrs.JohnW. Wrighr'71 
Mr Davis S. Wnnkle '86 
Dr. & Mrs. David B. Yoimg 
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Kay Young, Jr. '35 
Mr. & Mrs. W. James 'i'oung '86 
Mr. & Mrs. George E, Younger '^2 
Mr, & Mrs, George W, Yurgaitis. Jr, 

Mr, & Mn. Dennis L. Zakas 
Mr & Mrs. Michael Zamberu 
Mr & Mrs. Richard G. ZeQ 
.Mr. Douglas F. Zier '77 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Ziglar 
Mr & Mrs, Joseph .M. Ziglar, Jr, '80 
Dr. &Mrs,JohnH.ZollerIlI 
,Mr. WJliam Jones deBuns III '91 
Mr & Mrs. William G. deWindt 


1998-99 ALUMNI 


Class of 1925 

Dr. William C. Barger - Deceased 
Dr. Harpr' H. Brv-an - Deceased 
Dr. Harold J. Dudley- Deceased 
Mr. Howard D. MacPhcrson 

Class of 1927 

Dr. W. Dabne)' Jarman 

Dr. Graves Haydon Thompson 

Class of 1928 

Mr. Hugh G. Edmunds 

Mr, R, Russell Neely - Deceased 

Class of 1929 

Mr. William S. Adkisson, Jr. 
Dr. William C. Finch 
Dr. Robert S. Lancaster 
Dr. John F. Montgomery 

Class of 1930 

The Hon. John p. Hill 

Mr. Campbell Pancake, Jr. 

Mr. William M. Richardson - Deceased 

Class of 1931 

Mr. J- Holmes Thomas 

Class of 1932 

66 6% of the class contributed 

Mr, Paul G. Boone 

Mr, Benjamin P. Franklin 

Mr. James W. Gordon, Jr. - Deceased 

Mr. James Whanon Gulick 

Dr. Edwin Lawrence Kendig, Jr. 

The Rev. Frank C. King 

Mr, C. Theodore Ripberger, Jr. 

Mr. H, Rogers Thomas 

Class of 1933 

52.9% ofthe class contributed $3,545.00 

Dr. Albert R. Gillespie 

Dr. John L Guerrant 

Dr. Gabel G. Himmelwright, Jr. 

Mr. John A. Hopkins 

Mr. Joseph L Hudson 

Mr. Shirla' E. Mullens 

Dr. Alfred' H.Sruan 

Dr. James Rawlings Sydnor 

The Re\'. Milton C, Wilkerson 

Class of 1934 

76.9% ot the class contributed 


Mr. Edwin E. Bouldin 
Mr. Peter G.Cosby III 
Dr. W. Frankim Fallwell 
Mr, James D. Finley II 
Mr. James J. Marshall. Jr. 
Dr. Richard A. Michaux 

Mr. William F, Spotswood, Jr. - 

Dr. Francis R, NXTiitehouse 
Dr John Bell Woodworth 
Mr. LQ.Yoweil 

Class of 1935 

653% ofthe class contributed 

Mr. John I. Armstrong 

Mr. John Cameron Beckwith 

Mr. Clarence Campbell, Jr. 

Mr. R. Lee Chambliss, Jr. 

Mr. Leonard B. Chittum 

Mr. Jeffress S. Donch, Jr. 

TTie Rev. Bernard E. Dotson 

Mr. Percy Harris, Jr. 

Mr. D. Rankin Hervcy 

Dr. William McK. Jeffcries 

Mr. Andrew K. Leake II 

Dr. James B. Massey, Jr. 

Dr. Paul E. Power 

Mr. Owsley ^'. Sanders 

Mr. Joseph Tnplen Troncr - Deceased 

Mr. James G, Watson 

Dr. Thomas Kay Young. Jr. 

Class of 1936 

74% ofthe class contributed $64,037.5! 

Mr. Lester E. Andrews, Sr. 

Mr. Stuart H. Barrell 

Mr. Robert M. Boyd, Jr. 

Dr. J. Garnett Bruce, Jr. 

The Rev. Day Carper 

Mr. Walter C, Crawley 

Mr. John H. East - Deceased 

Mr, John W. Eure, Jr. 

Mr. B. Noel Fallwell 

Mr. William S. Formwalt 

Dr. W, Ivan Hoy 

Mr, Preston B. Hundley 

Dr. Daniel E. Jenkins 

Mr. Winston P. Lewis, Jr. 

TTie Hon. D. Carleton Mayes 

Cmdr. Frank M. Monon. It. 

The Rev, William H. Ramkey, Jr. 

Mr, Henry C, Reed 

Mr, George Richardson III 

Mr. C. Daniel Shelburne 

Class of 1937 

56 7% ofthe class contributed $9, 035. 00 

Mr, Clyde H. Bliss 

Mr. Frank M, Booth 

Mr. Alexander Phillips Burruss 

Mr. John Frank Chambers 

The Rev. Dr. Marvin K. Compher 

Mr. James Gilliam Conrad 

Mr. Alexander B. Dickinson 

Mr. Thomas D. Eason. Jr. 

Dr. John H. Hall, Jr. 

Dr. William Russell Jones, Jr. 

Mr. Lawrence W. Latanc, Jr. 

Dr. Robert H. Loving 

Dr. Lloyd F. Moss, Sr. 

Mr. Herbert S. Newman, Jr. 

Mr. Frank D. Pollard 

Mr. Embry G. Scott 

Dr. James W. Simmons 

Mr. Clifton L Snidow, Jr. 

Mr. S. Bruce Spencer 

The Hon. W, Orrington Thompson 
Mr. John Drewry Wcstbrook 
Dr, William Rush Whitman, Jr. - 

Class of 1938 

62. 1 % ofthe class contributed 
SI 23.5 19.9 1 

Mr, Timothy L. Barber 

The Rev. Lundy M, Barkley 

Mr. Eugene Craighead Caldwell, Jr. 

Mr. William .Alexander Carrington 

Mr, G. Gilmet Craddock -Deceased 

Dr. Edward J. Evans 

Dr. Russell E. Fox 

Dr. David L. Greenlces 

Mr, J, Harrison Hancock 

Mr. Robert G. Harper III 

Mr. Joseph A. Hazlegrove. Sr. 

Mr. Kenneth L. Hudson 

Dr, John E. Husted - Deceased 

Mr. Frank T. Hyde 

Mr. Prentiss D. Johnston, Jr. 

Mr. John B. Long, Sr. 

Mr. Winston O. Noel 

Mr. Robert M. Richardson 

Dr. Frank M. Ripberger 

Mr. Samuel Oliver Ruff 

Dr. W, Conrad Stone 

Mr. Meredith E, Watson 

Dr. Herben Fariss Webb 

Class of 1939 

6i. 7% ofthe class contributed $4.904. 13 

Mr, James M. Blanton, Jr. 

Mr. Bernard T. Doyle, Jr. 

Mr. Lewis D. Evans 

The Rev. Arthur M. Field, Jr. 

Mr. Lowery D. Finley. jr. 

Mr, John H. Gilliam, Jr. 

Mr. Calvin G. Grccar 

Mr. William Henry Hubbard 

Mr. Joseph P. Lawson 

Mr. Thomas H, Lighmer 

The Re\'. Carlyle A. McDonald 


Mr. John M. Osborn 

Mr. Fred W. Palmore. Jr. 

Mr. Walter C. Scott 

Dr. D. Scort Sears 

Mr, T. Randolph Sherman 

Mr, William B. Spencer 

Lt. Col. Randolph L. Tribble 

Mr. Burleigh B. Turner. Jr. 

Mr. William G, Wing 

Class of 1940 

69.5% of the class contributed 

Dr. Robert P. Barrell 
Mr. William H. Boyd 
Mr. Lester L. Dillard 
Mr. W. Roben Eason, Sr. 
Mr, Henry A. Flannagan, Jr. 
Mr. William H. Flannagan. Sr. 
Dr. John Caldwell Foushee 
The Rev. James B. Garren 
Dr. Richard M. German. Jr. 
Mr. Leigh B. Hanes. Jr. 
Mr, Homer P. Hatten 
Mr, Benjamin Franklin Hurt 

Mr. Gary A. Hutter 

Mr. Hunter M. Leach 

Mr. Monroe Leigh 

Dr. Virgil R. May, Jr. 

Mr. Everett T. Meredith 

Mr. Harold L. Mitchell 

Dt. Robert E. Mitchell. Jr. 

Mr, Charles D, Nottingham 

Dr. J. Davison Philips 

Mr. William P, Snavely 

The Rev. Millard Gray Sdmpson 

Mr. Herbert R. Stokes 

Dr, Ralph Morton Stokes, Jr, 

The Rev, lames G. Thompson 

Dr. Robert P. Trice 

The Rev. Roben C. Vaughan, Jr. 

Mr. S. Sydnor Walden 

The Rev. Dr. William G. Walker 

Dr. William B, White 

Lt. Col. A. A. Villliams 

Class of 1941 

^•i.3% of the class conmbuu-d 

The Rev. F, Sidney Anderson. Jr, 

Dr, James Luckin Bugg. Jr. 

Mr. A. McDowell Bynum 

Mr. Frank C. Chaffin, Jr. 

Dr. Robert M. Davies 

Mr. Arthur P. Flippo 

Mr, Joseph B. Geyer 

Mr. William C. Gibson, Jr. 

Dr. A. Lawson Hardie, Jr. 

Mr, William K, Harrison III 

Dr. Matthew L. Lacy II 

Lt, Col, John F, Lewis, jr. 

Tlie Rev. Byron L. Milton - Deceased 

Dr. Ray Atkinson Moore, Jr. 

Mr. Theodore G. Otfterdinger 

Mr. Clarence T. Orgain 

Dr, J. Hunter Peak. jr. 

Mr. Thomas C. Ruff 

Dr, Robert G. Schultz 

Mr. Francis A. Shelton 

The Rev. Kenneth Vernon Shick 

Col. Clayton B. Tasker 

Mr, H. Tyler Taylor. Jr. 

Mr. Robert E. Taylor 

Mr. Wdliam G. Traylor, Jr. 

Mr. Richard B. Whiting 

Mr. Emery C. Wilkerson 

Dr. James W.Wilson III 

Dr. Edwin S. Wysor 

Class of 1942 

70.4% ofthe class contributed 


Col. Charles H. Beale, Jr. 

Mr. Thomas C. Bowen, Jr. 

Dr, Walter H. Cobbs, Jr, 

The Rev. Paul John Coblentz 

Dt. James E. Cousar III 

Mr. William T. Covington, Jr. 

Dr. Charles Lucian Crockett, Jr. 

Dr. J. William Dixon, Jr. 

Mr, J. Marshall Doswell, Jr. 

Dr. W. Keith Eubank 

Mr, George H. Fulton. Jr. 

Mr. James B. Gregory 

Mr. Kossen Gregory 

Mr. John P. Harlow, Jr. 

The Hon. William P. Hay. Jr. 

Mr, Frank S. Heidelbach 

The Rev. George R. Holden 

Dr. Kenneth Lloyd Hollenbeck 

Dr. Thomas M. Horsley, Jr. 

Mr, William G, Huggins 

Mr. Herndon P. Jeffreys, Jr. 

Dr. Edgar F. Jessee 

Dr. Lewis D. Johnston, Jr. 

Mr. Queilen M, Keith 

Mr. Joseph C. Ketley 

Mr. Samuel W. McGann, Jr. 

Col. Francis R. Munt 

Dr. William G. Painter, Jr. 

Mr. Samuel W. Purviancc 

Mr. Henry Shepherd, V 

Mr. Philip L. Strader 

Col. Gary A. Thompson, Jr. 

Dr. Edwin B. Vaden 

Dr. Douglas Venable 

Mr. Stuart R. Virts 

The Rev, Ira B.Watson. Jr. 

Mr. William A. Webb 

Mr. Lewis M. White 

Mr. Benjamin J. Willis, Jr. 

Mr. Gordon C. Willis 

Mr, John N.Wilson. Jr. 

Dr. James M, Wolcott, Jr. 

Class of 1943 

66. 1 % ofthe class contributed 

Dr. Louis E. Alexander 

Mr. H. Carlisle Bean 

Dr. Frank McFaden Blanton 

Dr. Elam W, Bosworth II 

Mr. Royal E.Cabell. Jr. 

Dr. Gilbert S. Campbell, Jr. 

Dr. John B. Caden 

The Rev. Thomas C. Clay 

Mr, Harold C. Cole 

Dr. Joseph W. Coxe III 

Mr. Douglass C. Crummen 

Dr. Austin I, Dodson, Jr. 

The Rev. Dr. Addison Dunlap Ellison. 


Mr. William B. Elwang, Jr. 

Mr. Eiias Etheridge, Jr. 

Dr, Hugh Finpatrick III 

Mr. William C. Garrett. Sr. 

Mr. Wdliam B. Graham 

Mr. Thomas O. Gwaltney III 

Mr. Jesse R. Hopkins 

Dr. W. Robert Irby 

Dr. Samuel S. Jones 

Mr. Thomas G. Lane. Jr. 

iVlr. F. Bruce Leys - Deceased 

Dr. Charles E. Llewellyn, Jr. 

Dr. H. Carl Messerschmidt. Jr. 

Dr, Robert P. Moore 

Dr. Roderick A. Mundy 

Mr, Carter Noble 

Mr. James G. Peden 

Mr. Francis Y. Savage 

Dr. John H. Shaw 

Mr. John P. Sivell 

The Hon. Robert B. Spencer, Jr, 

Mr. Thomas M. Spencer. Jr. 

Dr. Frank E. Taylor 

Mr. John H. Thompson III 

Dr. Sidney J. Venable, Jr. 

Mr, Alan J. White 

The Rev. Thomas C. Whitehouse 

Mr. Edward W. Wolcon 



The new lake beside Kirby Field House, used to 

irrigate the athletic fields, was the gift of the 

Honorable D. C. "Gus" Mayes '36. 

Just as the lake he made 

possible will consistently 

water our playing fields, 

judge Mayes has been 

consistent in funding 

several scholarships in 

honor of his late wife, 

Elizabeth Long Mayes. 

A member of the 1776 

Society, Judge Mayes has 

worked closely with the 

planned giving office to 

accomplish his wishes. 

"/ believe in 

H amp den-Sydney, " 

he says, "and I know 

first-hand how the 

College will help spur 

students on to 

accomplishment. '' 

Class of 1944 

52. 7% of the class contributed 

Dr. Eugene R. Bebeau 

Mr. Waldo H. Beck 

Mr, Charles A. Blanton H 

Mr. Henn' W. Brockenbrough 

Mr. Robert Cusns Coleburn 

Mr. lohn H. Cross 

Dr. William W.Halligan. Jr. 

Dr. John Q. Hanen 

Mr. Henr>' M. Jarvis 

Mr. Turner C, Laramore, Jr. 

Mr. Richard H. Manson, Jr. 

Dr. Wallace C, Nunley. Sr. 

Mr, Loren L. Parker, Jr. 

Col. Robert Tyler Richmond 

Mr. lohn A. L Ruff 

Mr. Walter D. Shields 

Dr. E, Randolph Trice 

Mr. Arthur G. Turner 

Mr. Frederick W. Young. Jr. 

Class of 1945 

59.6% ofthecLm contributed 
$20.3 14.69 

Dr. Wilbur F. Amonette III 
Mr. Tucker G. Bedinger 
The Rev. Dr. Roben Bluford. Jr. 
Mr, Lewis E. H. Brandon 
Dr. Gene E. Clapsaddle 
Mr. Stanley G. Cline III 
Dr. C. Barrie Cook 
Lt. Col. D. R- Copeland 
Mr. T. Frank Crowder 
The Hon. John E. DeHardit 
Dr, Lonnie B. Dickens, Jr. 
Mr. R. Conrad DodI, Jr. 
Mr. Harle)' C. Easter 
Mr. Thomas J. Fulcher, Jr. 
Mr. Henn' H. Galusha, Jr. 
The Hon. Ernest P. Gates, Sr. 
Mr. B. Richards Glascock, Jr. 
Mr. C. Hobson Goddin 
Dr. HaT\'ey W. Goode, Jr. 
Mr. W^dliam L Harvie 
Tlie Rev. George G. Henley 
Mr. Paul L. Johnson, Jr. 
Mr. James M. Jones, Jr. 
Mr. Ralph D. Keighdey. Jr. 
Mr. John Laing 
Mr. William B. Lamben 
Dr. John A. Owen, Jr. 
Mr. Hany K. Parks 
MrJ. PrestonProffitt.Jr. 
Dr. Frank M. Ryburn, Jr. 
Mr, Warren E. SandJdge 
Mr. William R. L. Smith III 
Mr. George R. C. Stuan 
Mr, RobertP. Winfield.Jr. 

Class of 1946 

67. 6% of the class contributed $9.404. 13 

Mr. John G. Armistead 

Mr. Stratford W. Butterwonh 

Mr. G. Philip Cheatham 

Mr. Cabell F. Cobbs 

Dr, William S. Coxc 

Mr. Claiborne W. Craddock 

Dr. Junius E. Crowgey 

Mr, August A. Dica III - Deceased 

Dr. Francis G. GrifFm 

Mr. F. B>'rd Hoiloway 

Mr, C, Randolph Hudgins. jr. 

Mr. Francis P. Jones 

Mr. George B. Litdc 

Dr. W. Austin Mcacllan 

Mr. Charles W. Mcrriam, Jr. 

Mr, Robert G. Moore 

Dr. Richard David Noel 


Mr. Allen C Phillips 
Mr. Ronald C. Shiflett 
Mr. Walter D. Soudiall 
Dr. Charles C. Travis, Jr. 
Dr. Hugh Orian Wrenn 

Class of 1947 

5-^. 1 % ofihf diss contributed $5,720.88 

Dr. John D. Beall 
Mr, C. Bruce Chandler 
Mr. Alfred T. Curlee 
Mr. William N.GUmer 
Dr. O. W. Ucy 
Mr, George H. Leary 
Mr. J. Cullen C. Leigh 
Mr. Robert P. Stickley, Jr. 
Mr, James A. Sydnor 
Dr. John L. Thornton III 
Dr. RobenW.Tirrell.Jr. 
Mr. J. Ernest Warinner III 
Dr, Roben B, Webb, Jr. 

Class of 1948 

75. 7% of the class contributed 

Mr. William E. Atkinson 
Dr. Franks. Blanton, Jr. 
Mr. Marvin C. Bowling, Jr. 
Mr. Roger W. Dudley 
The Rev. Thomas W. Foley 
Mr. Donald Lee Gariock 
Dr. Thomas E. Gilmer. Jr. 
Mr, Harry V. Haga, Jr. 
Mr. Clivie C. Haley, Jr. 
Dr. James k. Higgs, Jr. 
Mr. Roben C. Jones 
Mr, George J. Kostel 
Mr. J. Stanley Livesay.Jr. 
Dr. Thomas P, Ovenon 
Mr. Roy C.Rhodes 
Mr. C, Wilson Rives 
Mr. Charles H. Rolston 
Dr. Peter W. Squire 
The Rev, Dr. Charles C. Talley 
Mr. Benjamin L. Taylor, Jr. 
Mr. Huben S. Taylor, Jr. 
Mr. P. Edmond V'irgili 
Mr, ■tt'illiam F. Wadans. Jr. 
Mr. George Wright III 

Class of 1949 

83.3% of the class corttnbuted 

Mr. Wesley G. Andrews, jr. 

Mr. VCilliam N. Balas 

Col, William T. Bondurant, Jr. 

Dr. Francis J. Brooke III 

Mr. H. Oris Copley 

The Rev, John R. Dail 

Dr. Robert K. Dyer 

Mr, William D. Gallalee 

Dr. Frederick T. Given, Jr. 

Mr, Jack A. Glascock 

Mr. John A. Goodloe. Jr. 

Mr. William P. Groseclose 

Mr, John E. Hansbargcr 

Mr. Richard N. Harris 

llic Rc\'. Everett A. Hcllmuth, Jr. 

Mr. H, William Hoffinan 

Mr. John A. Hudson, Jr. 

Mr. Richard D, Hudson 

The Rev. Dr. John Montgomery ln.'ine, 

Dr. JamesW. I.uke.Jr. 
Dr. Wintield Massic 
Mr. George A. Matzner III 
Mr. Anhur H. Michel 
Mr. Claude W. Milam 
Mr, Grant C, Sipp 
Mr, Edward M. Spratlcir- 

Mr. P. Warren Spradcy. Jr, 
Dr. W, Graham Stephens 
The Rev. Arthur H, Stevens, Jr. 
Mr. Charles C. Vaden 
Mr, Ambrose R. Vulgan 
Mr. Edwin D, Warinner 
Dr. Richard A. Wiani 
Dr. Thomas C, Wilson 
Dr. William Lockert Wilson 

Class of 1950 

57.7% of the class contributed 


Mr. Herbert H. Adkins 

Mr. Earl T. Agee 

The Rev. John D. Alfriend 

Mr. Richard J, Basto 

Mr, H, Peirce Brawner. jr. 

Mr. Harrys T, Bridges 

Mr. George T. Br)'son, Jr. 

Dr. R. Cecil Chapman 

Dr. Jack W. Chevalier 

Mr. Lynn P. Chewning 

Mr. McLin S. Choate. Jr. 

Mr. Donald F. Clarke 

Mr. John W. Cowherd 111 

The Re\: Russell R. Davis 

Mr. Robert W. Driver 

Dr, Samuel A. Elder 

Mr. Joseph Davis Elmore 

Mr. Frank L, Field, Jr. 

Dr. Julius Temple Goodman 

Dr, T. Winston Gouldin 

Mr. URoyY. Haile,Jr, 

The Rev. Langston Randolph Harrison 

The Rev. Dr, Collier S. Harvey, Jr. 

Mr. John W, Howard, Jr. 

The Rev. Charles R. Hughes, Jr. 


Mr. Robert E. Johnson 

Mr. Harry C. Lonei^an, Jr. 

Mr. Thomas S. Lovelace 

Dr. Russell C. MacDonald 

Dr. William W.Martin. Jr. 

Mr, Samuel D. May, jr. 

Mr. Harold L. McCloskcy 

Mr. William M. Mcllwaine 

Dr. William D. McLean 

Mr. BillieM, MiUner 

Mr. Paul M. Nicholls 

Mr. Robert B. Osburn 

Dr, Claudius H, Pritchard, Jr. 

Dr. John M. Quarles 

Dr. Samuel B. R^-burn 

Mr. j, Howard Setde 

Mr. William H. Shircy 

Mr. Fred L. Silbernagel.Jr. 

The Rev. R. Daniel Simmons 

Mr. Philip M. Snyder 111 

Mr. Palmer G. Tunstall 

Dr. John H. Vansant 

Mi. Richard Morton Venable, Jr. 

Mr. Wyndham P. Walke. Jr, 

Mr. William B. Wall 

Mr. John E.White HI 

Df. Lindley M, Winston 

Mr. George E. Withers, Jr. 


Class of 1951 

69.7% of the cLiss contributed 

Mr, Alfred A. Adkins III 
Mr. Raymond B. Bottom. Jr. 
Mr. W.iItcrW. Bridges, jr. 
Mr. Gardiner T. Brooks. Jr. 
Mr, R.indolph B, Chichester 
Dr. D.ivid S. Cobblcdick 
Dr, William Ervin Des Portcs 
Mr. Joseph D, East 
Mr, Robert L. Ennis 


1998-99 ALUMNI 

Mr. Ernest C. Fisher 

Dr. William S. Foreman. Ji. 

Mr. A. Conrad Frey, Jr. 

Mr. Robert L. Galloway 

Mr. Leslie B, Gilliam 

Mr. Mark B. Glascock. Jr. 

Mr. Howell L. Gruvcr 

Mr. Wal[er V. Hall 

1'lic Rev. Samuel P. Han 

Mr. Roben V. Hatcher. Jr. 

Mr. Walton L Huff 

Mr. William O. E. Humphreys 

Mr.WilloughbvS. Hundlev.Jr, 

Mr. Wiiben T.James 111 

Dr. W. Thomas Joyncr. Jr. 

Mr. AJbenS. Kemper HI 

Mr, Edward P. Kinnev. Jr. 

The Rt. Rev. A. Heath Light 

Mr. Har\evS. Lutins 

Mr. DavidS.McClungll 

Mr. Robert P. McLean 

Dr. lohn H, Moling 111 

Mr. B. F. Moomaw. Jr. 

Mr, Donald C. Morris, Jr. 

Dr. V. Arwell Motley. Jr. 

Mr, Edwin P. Nevin 

Mr. Meigs A. Newkirk 

Mr. Richard E. Nolan 


Mr. George W, Paneson III 

Mr, William C.Peake 

Mr. C. Lear Ponton 

Dr. Robert H. Ramey. Jr. 

Mr, C. Edward Richardson III 

Mr. Eugene T. Rilee. Jr, 

Dr. Clement J. Robbins 111 

Mr. John A. Robenson 

Mr, William Harve\'cutter Robertson 

The Re\', Dr. J. Shepherd Russell, Jr. 

Mr. John S. Scott. Jr. 

Mr, Charles W.Smith, Jr. 

Mr, Edwin Smith 

Dr. Blair M.Webb 

Mr, John D. Wdson 

Class of 1952 

69. "% of the class contributed 

Mr. Sheppard K. Ames, Jr. 

Mr. Sterling P. Anderson. Jr. 

The Rev. Lawrence W. Avent 

Dr, Charles C. Binford 

Dr. Francis Nash Bone\' 

Mr. Numa P. Bradner 

Dr. Andrew Gessner Briggs 111 

Mr. W, Michaiix Buchanan 

Mr. Henr\'G.Coghill.Jr. 

Mr. William E. Coleman. Jr. 

Mr. Charles M. Diet2 

Mr. Basil M. Dimcan. Jr. - Decetued 

Dr. Richard M. Frazer. Jr, 

Mr. George C, Freeman. Jr. 

Dr, John R. Good 

Dr, Uoyd T, Griffith 

Mr, William C. Hagan 

Mr. Richard CHassoid 

The Hon. Dr, Clarence A. Holland 

Mr. George R. Irminger 

Dr. A. Emerson Johnson III 

Dr. William T, Johnson 

Dr. John W. Kilgore 

Mr. Robert W, King, Jr. 

Dr. Elmer K. Landis. Jr. 

Dr. Henrv S. Liebcrt, Jr. 

Mr. G. W. Lindsay 

The Rev. Claud W. McCaulcy 

Mr. Hobson C. McCehec. Jr. 

Dr. Eugene Darden Milener III 

Mr, J, Hunter Miller 

-Mr. G. R. Misenhelter 

Mr, Thomas C. Moore 

The Hon. Harvey B. Morgan 

Dr. Charles H. Mosciey. Jr. 

Dr. Benjamin R. Ogburn 

Mr. Henr}' W. Oppenhimcr. Jr. 

Dr. Charles H. Peterson, Jr. 

Mr. James Gordon Rennic, Jr. 

Dr. George S. Richardson 

The Rev. W. Ramse)' Richardson 

Dr. John B. Schug 

Mr. William R.Shands, Jr. 

Mr. William D. Sites 

Mr, Jathan N. Stone 

Dr. T. Austin Sydnor, Jr. 

Mr. Stuart A. Talbon 

Dr, Herbert G,Tull 111 

Dr. Marcellus E. W.iddill 

Mr. William C. Wanbaugh. Jr. 

Mr. LeighC.Whaley.Jr. 

Mr. Robert J. C. Wrenn 

Mr. Howard A. Wynne. Jr. 

Class of 1953 

6 / 2% of the clasi contributed 

Mr. William M, .\lphin 

Mr. AlN-an M. Aron 

Dr, Charles C. Ashby, Sr, 

Mr. Joseph M, Bagley 

Mr.^^iUiamA. Blair 

Mr. A. G.W. Christopher, Jr. 

Mr. Vernon D. Dawson 

Mr. Philip Moring De Haas 

Mr. Douglas S. Divers. Jr. 

Mr. Richard C. Edmunds, Jr. 

Dr, Wilham S. Erwin. Jr. 

Mr. William C. Fitzgerald 


Mr. Albert C. Ford 

Col. Richard E. Haislip. USMC(Ret.) 

Mr. Frank R. Hoffmann 

Mr. J, Bruce lames, Jr. 

Mr. Robert M. Johnson 

The Rev. John I. Kilby 

Dr. Hubert E. Kiser, Jr. 

Mr, E. Lee LeCompte 

Mr, Harry G. McGinn. Jr. 

Mr, Owen R, Minter 

Mr, Lloyd B. Mize, Jr, 

Dr. French H. Moore. Jr. 

The Hon. W. Tayloe Murphy, Jr. 

Mr. Sydnor C. Newman, Jr. 

Dr. William M, Oppcnhimer 

Mr, J. Harding Owen 

Mr. William M. Passano, Jr, 

Mr. Henry M. Read 

Mr. Robert LSaffelle, Jr. 

Dr. J. Webb Simmons III 

Mr. J. Edwin Sranfield 

Mr. G. Scott Taylor 

Mr. Robert S. Tucker, Jr. 

Mr. Page H. Vaughan. Jr. 

The Rev. F, Bryan Williams 

Class of 1954 

60% of the class contributed $82,340.63 

Lt. Col. Edwin J. Andrews, Jr. 
Dr. BurnessF. Ansell.Jr, 
Mr. William C, Boinest 
Mr. Ben James Bowers 
Mr. Dilworth S. Cook, Jr. 
Dr. Frederick C, Davis. Jr. 
Dr. Wdliam S. Dodson 
Mr. Caner B. S. Eurr. St. 
Mr. Joseph S. Gillespie, Jr. 
Mr. Rives S. Hardy 
Dr. Harry F.Hoke. Jr. 
Dr. R. Douglas Humphrey, Jr. 
Dr. David Lee Litchfield 
Mr. Gordon Macavlay Lucey 
Dr. J. Milton Miller, jr. 
Mr. John Penn Oliver 
Mr. George E. Pillow. Jr. 
Mr. E. Stewan Robertson 
Dr. Fred D. Robinson 
Mr. Robert F. Rosenbaum 

Mr. Ashby C. Saunders 

Mr. Marion S. Scott, Jr. 

Mr. James I. Slaydon, Jr. 

Mr. Harold R. Spencer 

Dr. R. Dean Tester 

Dr. William Holmes Trapnell, Jr. 

Dr. Henry J. Fucker. Jr. 

Mr, H. Benjamin Vincent, Sr. 

Mr. Glen G. Voughi 

Mr. Joseph L Wallace. Jr. 

Dr. K.K. Wallace, Jr. 

Colonel A S. Warinner 

Dr. George M. Williams 

TheHon.JereM. H.WiUis.Jr. 

Dr. W. P. Wilrsee Young 

Class of 1955 

5H.3% of the class contnbuud 

Dr. D. Mowbray Allan 
Dr. Robert B. Allen 
Mr, James G. Anderson. Sr. 
Lt. Col. Edward H, Benson, Ret, 
Mr. Douglas A. Bryant 
Mr. Samuel B. Chilton, Jr. 
Mr. John W. Craddock 
Mr. John Worth Crandall 
Mr. Robert E. Curtis, Jr. 
Dr. Arthur S. Gear, Jr. - Deceased 
Mr. Thomas E. Glascock 
Mr, John Ray Jennings 
Mr. Wilson E. Kemp 
Mr, Richard B, Killinger 
Mr. Edward H, Loud, Jr, 
The Rev. Richard L. Newkirk 
Mr. James M. Overbey 
The Rev. Robert E. Pollock 
Dr. R, Eugene Randolph 
Mr. Thomas E. Reese 
Mr. W.Qbcll Rives III 
Mr. James C. Robbins 
The Hon. Joseph P. Rushbrooke 
The Hon. lAmos C. Saunders 
Mr. Thomas J. Savage, Jr. 
Mr. W. Sydnor Settle 
Mr, H. Wayland Stephenson. Jr. 
Mr, Furman B. Whitescarver. Jr. 
Mr. Kennon C. Whittle, Jr. 

Class of 1956 

59.6% of the class contnbuted 

The Rev. Vernon A. Austin, Jr. 
Dr. O. Christian Bredrup, Jr. 
Mr. Edward L, Breeden III 
Dr.J. MillsBrin.Jr. 
Dr. Gilbert H. Bryson 
Mr. Roger K. Elliott 
Mr. Richard M. Geoghegan 
Dr. Herben W. Harris, Jr. 
Mr. Ronald M, Henry 
Mr, Lawrence H. Hoover. Jr. 
Mr. Langhorne Jones. Jr. 
Mr, James J. Keating, Jr. 
Mr. Phillip W. Key. Sr. 
Mr. M, Edwin McCall, Sr. 
Mr. John M. Miller 
Mr. William O. Moseley, Jr. 
Mr. Frank L. Nannev. Jr, 
Dr. John Y.Nicholson 111 
Dr. Maurice Nottingham, Jr. 
Mr. Andre\v A. Raptis. jr, 
Dr, John A. Rawls 
Mr. John F. Richards 
Mr. Donald A. Ross 
Mr. John E. Sadler. Jr. 
Mr. Edward L. Sanders 
Mr. L. Edward Scruggs 
Mr. Richard B. Sessoms 
Mr. John W, Sherman II! 
Dr, James H. Smith 
Mr, William E.Toland 
Mf. James M, Turner, Sr. 
Mr. Herman B. Walker 

Mr. H. EwingWall.Jr. 
Mr. James E. B. Wallace 
Mr. Calvin N.Warfield. Jr. 
Mr. J. Shelby White 
Mr. Bernard L. Woodv, Jr. 

Class of 1957 

77, 4 % of the cLm contributed 

Mr. William C. Barnes 
The Rev. Thomas T. Biggs 
Mr. George C. Bird 
Dr. Thomas P. Bowe, Jr. 
Mr. Sidney S. Bridgforth, Jr. 
Mr. Warren B. Caner 
Mr. William H. Drumeller 
Mr. Edward W. Early 
Mr. James Gordon Frazer 
Mr, William C, French 
Mr, William R. Gardner, Jr. 
Mr. Clarence R. Gillespie 
Dr. George L. B. Grinnan 
Mr, R. Bryan Grinnan III 
Dr. Walter LGrubb, Jr. 
Dr. Austin B. Harrelson 
Mr. James L. Hatcher, Jr. 
Mr. B, Graves Kerr III 
Mr. Thomas F. Kilby 
Dr. WiUette L. LeHew 
Mr, Thomas C. Looncy 
Mr. Hugh B. Marshall 
The Rev, Dr. Edgar C. Mayse 
Mr. Walter C, McDermon, Ir. 
Mr. Henry H. McVey III 
Mr. Robert Lee Morris 
Mr. R. Dennis Morton 
Mr. Lewis H. Mundin III 
Mr. Joseph S. Myers 
Mr. Malcolm R. Myers 
Dr. Wdliam L Odom 
Mr. William O, Payne. Jr. 
Mr, C. Graham Pembroke. Jr. 
Mr, Surtmer R. Pugh, Jr. 
Mr. Michaux Raine III 
Mr. Joseph B. Shelor 
Mr. Edwin W. Siersema 
Mr. James C. Taylor. Jr. 
Mr. Robert G, Traylor 
Dr. Wdliam V. Tynes 11 
Mr. Joseph P. Vaughan. Jr. 
Mr. Roben H.Walker, Jr. 
Mr. T. Ashby Wans 111 
Mr. George Edward Wertz 
Mr. John P, Wetherill IV 
Mr. James L. Wiley. Jr. 
Mr. Fletcher J, Wright III 

Class of 1958 

63% ofthe class contributed $ 1 9,97i 

Mr. Charles C. Ames 
Mr. Charles S. Bailey 
Mr. James N. Boyd 
Mr. Miles S. Brooks 
Mr. Thomas S. Bryant, Jr. 
Mr. Frank Buck 
Dr. J. George Buston II 
Mr. O. Holmes Caner 
Mr. E, Eugene Cooke 
Mr. Richard S. Copeland 
Dr, R, Ben Dawson, Jr, 
Mr. Roben R. Edcns 
The Rev. Peter C, Fulghum 
Mr. Thorn F. Hanes 
Mr. Edward S. Harlow. Jr. 
Mr. Percy Harris III 
Mr. John E. Harwood. Jr. 
Mr. Karl C. Henderson 
Mr. John F. Hodges, Jr. 
Mr. Alexander L. Hoffman 
Dr, Maury A. Hubbard, Jr, 
Mr. Roben W. Humphreys 
Dr.WellfordW, Inge,Jr,' 

The Hon. Joseph A. Leafe 
Mr. R. Maxwell Meador 
Mr. James C. Melvin 
Mr. John R. Montgomery 
Mr. Nathaniel P. Neblen 
Mr. Michael G, O'Neill 
Mr. Harry Borum Price III 
Mr. John Carlisle Priddy 
Mr. J. Horsley Pun, Jr. 
Dr. Harry E, Ramse>'. Jr. 
Dr. Peter Rosanelli, Jr. 
Col. Herben Seay 
Mr. Charles J. Shaughnessy III 
Mr. Edward C, Shepherd FV 
Mr. G. Granville Sydnor III 
Mr. James M. Trammell 
Mr. John Hardy Waters III 
Mr. Frederick W.Wells 

Class of 1959 

59. 6% ofthe class contributed 

Mr. Edmund L. Benson III 
Mr. John L. Brinkley 
Mr. 'William O. Bryant 
Mr. Roben W. Caner 
Mr. Stuan W. Copeland 
Mr. Roben Q. Cunningham 
Dr. George D. Delo, Jr. 
Dr. Francis], Duckwall 
Mr. James E, Edwards 
Mr. William L. Pagan, Jr. 
Mr. William M. Ferguson. Jr. 
Mr. James G. Fernevhough 
Mr. ■%'itliam R. Hess 
Dr. J. Roben Hippensteele 
Mr. Philip A. Hoge 
Mr. Clarence Brodie Hyde II 
Dr. William P. Knox 
Dr. Richard A. LeHew 
Mr. Charles F. Lucas 
Dr.ElbenP. OsborncJr. 
Mr. Charles A. Petersen, Jr. 
Dr. James J. H. Price 
Mr. Arthur W. Raine 
Dr. John N. Ralsten 
Mr. Edward H. Richmond. Jr. 
Dr. Marvin W. Scon 
Dr. John M. Shepherd, Jr. 
Mr. Lawrence N. Smith 
Mr. T. Robison Smith 
Mr. Richard P. Spider 
Mr. Hugh R. Stallard 
Mr. Fred G. Warren 
Mr. Donald P, ^liidey 
Mr. R. Tyler Whidey 
The Rev. John R. ^Cilcox 
Professor L. Barron Wood, Jr. 
Mr. James K. Woodley. Jr. 

Class of I960 

55.2% ofthe class contributed 

Mr. Thomas N. Allen 

Mr. Silas W, Barnes, Jr, 

Mr. J. Roben Bray 

Dr. Hawes Campbell 111 

Captain Charles B. Collman 

Dr. William B. Costenbader. Jr. 

Dr. John C. Crump III 

Mr. Joseph H. Cutler. Jr. 

Mr. Harry Thomas Darnes, Jr. 

Dr. Brian A. Dementi 

Dr. Lewis H. Drew 

Mr. Marshall R. Eben 

Mr. Clayton W. Eisinger 

Mr. Donald A. Fowler 

Mr. F. Meriwether Fowlkes. Jr. 

Mr. Edward H, Fox 

Mr. William H, Goodwyn, Jr. 

Dr. James H. Grant, Jr. 

Mr. John F. Graves 

Mr. John N. Harrington. Jr. 




Lawrence Smith '59 is President and CEO of Resource 
Bankshares Corporation in Virginia Beach. 

As an undergraduate, 

Lawrence Smith '59 was 

very active, sitting on the 

Honor Council and 

excelling in sports. 

''H amp den-Sydney taught 

me to be well-organized 

and prepared, to be 

analytical, and to express 

my thoughts on paper. 

And if s a great 

environment in which to 

establish one's values, ''he 

says. As a result, ''Giving 

to H amp den-Sydney is 

easy. It has been a 

linch-pin in my life, 

and it has educated 

my two sons!" 

Mr. Leon W. Hawker, Sr. 

Dr. Joseph C. Hillier 

Mr, M. Norton Howe. Jr. 

Dr. W. Glenn Hun 

Mr. J. Charles Johnson 

Mr. J. Thomas Kremcr. Jr. 

Mr. Wayne C. McLean 

Dr. John W.Myers III 

Mr. John E. Pappas 

Dr. William A. Robertson 

Dr. William T.Ross, Jr. 

Dr. Thomas L. Sarvay, Jr. 

Mr. William T. Saunders. Jr. 

Mr. Gilbert H. Sayres 

,Mr. Anthony C, Sherman 

Mr. Landon Caner Smith 

Mr. Henrv C, Spalding. Jr. 

Mr. .Man D. Stein 

Mr. Douglas H. Stinespring, Sr. 

Mr. E. Douglas Vaughan, Jr. 

Mr. Raymond B. Wallace, Jr. 

Dr. Wiiham E.Ware. Jr. 

Mr. Richard W. Wertz 

Dr. Paul F. White 

Mr. William T.Wilson 

Mr. Joseph H. Wood 

Mr. Emmert D. B. Yancey 

Class of 1961 

492% of the class contribttud 

Mr. John M. Acken 
Mr. Ryland A. Babb, Jr. 
Mr. Dean A. Bailey 
Dr. Lewis William Bridgforth 
Mr. Scott Broaddus 
Mr. John Bagby Browning 
Mr. Robert B. Ewald III 
Mr. Louis McLane Fisher, Jr. 
Mr. Charles H. Frischkorn. Jr. 
Mr. Edward K. Godscy, Jr. 
Mr. John R. P. Hamilton 
Mr. Wayne E. Hoy 
Mr. Joseph O. Humphreys 
Mr. Frederick F. Johnson 
Mr. H, Benjamin Jones, Jr. 
Mr. Hugh K. Lear)' 
Dr. George J. McVey 
Mr. D. Roger Mower, Jr. 
Mr, William M. O'Brien 
Dr. Kelley E. Overcash 
Mr. William H.Payne 
Mr. Marshall N. Pearman, Jr. 
Mr. James H. Slaughter 
Mr. David H. Smith II 
Mr. Olen C, Stewan, Jr. 
Dr. H. Ben Stone III 
The Hon, J. Robert Stump 
Dr. Curtis H. Thomas, Jr. 
Dr. Robert E. Wallace 
Mr.JohnS. Waring III 
Dr. William B. Williams. Jr. 
Mr. Michael L. Woosley, Sr. 

Class of 1962 

56. 6% of the class contributed 

Mr. Robert W. Batten 
Mr. Obie Henry Booth 
Dr. George W. Booie 
Mr. James Wesley Burgess 
Dr. Phillip M. Cook 
Mr. Larry E. Farrar 
Mr. J. William Ferrell 111 
Dr. Richard F. Glenn 
Mr. John R. Grymcs 
Mr. Pjulus I. Haynswonh 
Mr. Jcrr)' W. Houchcns 
Mr. Charles E. Hubbard 
Mr. Robcn C. Leonard. Jr. 
Mr. Donald P. Miller. Jr. 
Mr. William J. Nelson. Jr. 
Dr. Donald B. Nolan 

Mr. Irvin Owings HI 
Mr. Stephen Dulany Proctor 
Dr. DudleyA. Raine.Jr. 
Mr. John E. Roberts, Jr. 
Dr. R. Lewis Royster, Jr. 
Mr. Joseph M. Ruffin, Jr. 
Mr. Nelson Showalter 
Mr. Clarence O. Sligh, Jr. 
Mr. Kent A. Smack 
Dr. Robert G. Thompson II 
Mr. Harry H. Titus 
Mr. John T. Tompkins III 
Mr. Thomas S. Tredway 
Mr. William F.Vess.Jr 
Mr. Thomas F. Williams, Jr. 
Mr. Herbert D. Wolff III 
Mr, Neil W. Yeargin 

Class of 1963 

57% of the class contributed $133.004. : 

Mr. Douglas R. Allen 

Mr, Edwin E. Bouldin, Jr. 

Mr, George Steel Bowers. Jr. 

Mr. Carl F. Bowmer 

Mr. G. Grayson Boyce 

Mr. Otis H.Bradley. Jr. 

Dr. W. Hamilton Br)'son 

Mr. Benjamin M. Buder 

Mr. Richard H.Cardwell 

Mr. George B. Canledge, Jr. 

Dr. Wyiiam D. Cassidy III 

Mr. Thomas B. Davidson, Jr. 

Mr. William S. Davidson 

Mr, Norwood H. Davis. Jr. 

Mr. Lewis C. Everen 

Mr. Leavenworth M. Ferrell 

Mr. Lower)' D. Finley III 

Mr. Alexander Murray Fisher, jr. 

Mr. MervinA. Francz. Jr. 

Mr. Gerald T. Gilliam 

Mr. Donald R. Gladstone 

Dr. C. Earl Guthrow. Jr. 

Mr. James W, Hardin 

Mr. Holmes C. Harrison 

Mr. J. Knox Hillman. Jr. 

Dr. Donald W. Houpe 

Mr, William D. Humphreys 

Mr. Hal Stuart Johnson 

Mr. H. Timodiy Litde 

Mr. William W, Lower>' III 

Mr. Roderick B. Mathews 

Mr. Arthur J. Matney 

Dr. Russell G. McAllister. Jr. 

Dr. Thomas R. McDaniel 


Mr. C Frederick Mitchell 

Mr. William E. Moore, Jr. 

Mr. Edmund Noyes. Jr. 

Mr, Gerald M. Pace 

Mr. Philip G. Padgen. Jr. 

Mr. James L. Patton 

Mr. Walter L Penn III 

Mr, W. Greyson Quarles. Jr. 

Dr. Holman C. Rawls II! 

Mr. John W. Romm, Jr. 

Dr. Wade H. Saunders III 

Dr. Kenneth N. Scott 

Dr. Harold P. Setde, Jr. 

Mr. Edward H. Shield 

The Rev. Glenn W. Small 

Mr. Charles W. Sommardahl, Sr. 

Dr. Shcrrill W. Stockton. Jr. 

Mr. Marshall H. Stuan 

Mr. William W.Tennent III 

Mr. Joseph F. Viar, Jr. 

The Rev. Linwood G. Wilkes 

Mr. Llavid G.Wilson. Jr. 

Mr. Raymond Andrew Woody 

Class of 1964 

55 .""% of the class contnbuttd 

Mr. David D. Addison 

The Rev. John L. Alexander 

Mr. J. Wayne AUev 

Mr. L.Phihp Bailey. Jr. 

Mr. Edwin B. Baker 

Mr. John H. Bergeron 

Mr. Henry Staley Berry 


Mr. Harold U. Blyihe 

Mr. J. P. McGuire Bo)'d 

Mr. W. Kent Caner. Jr. 

Mr. Michael D. Caver 

Mr. W. Bates Chappell 

Mt. John B. Cline 

Mr. Michael T. Crone 

Mr. J. Sidney Davenpon IV 

Mr. William J. Dougherty. Jr. 

Mr. James F. Douthat 

Mr. W. Sidnev' Dmen 

Mr. Aldrich Dudley III 

Mr. Hugh G. Edmunds, Jr. 

Mr. Donald R.Ford, jr. 

Mr. David C, Fuller 

Dr. J. Charles Gills 

Dr. Allen M. Glasgow 

Mr. Edwin H. Graves. Jr. 

Mr. F. Wayne Gray 

Dr. Larr)' D. Hensley 

Mr. Roben L. Hincs, jr. 

Mr. R. Devercux jarratt 

Mr. Nathaniel A Jobe. Jr. 

Mr. Clyde C, Lamond III 

Mt. William ]. Lawrence 

Mr. Fontaine B. Lawson 

Mr. Stephen C. Levenon 

Mr. Thomas M. Lewis 

Mr. L. Cecil Long 

Dr. Horace C. Lukens. Jr. 

Mr. Charles I. Lunsford II 

Mr. Graham F. Painter. Jr. 

Mr. John C Parrott II 

Mr. George F, Perkins 

Mr. Henry R. Pollard I\' 

Mr. Kenneth M. Pritchett 

Dr. Giles M. Robertson. Jt. 

Mr. A. Francis Robinson, Jr. 

Mr. Allan Ross 

Mr. C. Edward Russell, Jr. 

Mr. J. Hamilton Schcrer, Jr. 

Dr. John D. Scmones 

The Rev. Dr. Louis .A Skidmore 

Mr. Clifford L Thomas 

Mr. Robert P. Waters 

Class of 1965 

53.9% of the class contributed 

Dr. John R. Barker 

Mr. Louis B, B.LStcn III 

Mr. Frederick W. Beck 111 

Mr. Ma\'nard Hunt Berryman 

Mr. John M. Boswell 

Mr. R. Jeffrey Bowker 

Dr. Gerald A. Butler 

Dr. John G. Claudy 

Dr. Thomas F. Connelly, Jr. 

Dr. James F. Cope 

Mr. Richard F.Cralle. Jr. 

Mr. Richard H. Crane, Jr. 

Mr. R. Madison Cummings. Jr. 

Dr. Thomas L. Currie, jr. 

Mr. Gene B. Dixon, Jr. 

Mr. W. Birch Douglass III 

Mr. Thomas U. Dudley 

Dt, William M. Edwards 

Mr. Fred B. Gentry, Jr. 

Dr. Richard D. Giles 

TheHon. HerbcnCGilLjr. 


1998-99 ALUMNI 

The Hon. FUy Wilson Grubbs 

Class of 1967 

Mr. R. Dabno- Carson III 

The Hon. Normait Dcvere Morrison 

Class of 1971 

Mr. John Evans Harbour 

52.8% of the class contrtbuud 

Mr. William P. C^er 

Mr. HiUety Benton Myers 

62.3% of the class contributed 

Mr. Scott M. Harwood. Sr. 


Mr. Roben K. Caudle, jr. 

Dr. Wallace C.Nunley. Jr. 

The Hon. Stephen H. Helvin 

TTie Hon. James H. Chamblin 

Mr. John Gurganev Over^treet 

Mr. David L Johnson 

Dr. Robert B. Albee, Jr, 

Dr. W. Randolph Chitwood. jr. 

Mr, Warren M. Pace, jr. 

Mr. John B, Adams. Jr. 

Mr. Edward C. Johnston, jr. 

Mr. David C. Alley 

Mr. J. Leonard Cobb 

Mr, Russell V, Palmorc, Jr. 

Mr. James Moore Allen 

Mr. John 1". King 

Colonel William T. Anderson 

Mr. William T, Culpepper III 

MrJohnT, Perc>',Jr. 

Dr. Joseph L. Austin 
Dr.John H. Barker, jr. 

Mr. George W.Macon III 

The Hon. William C Andrevvs 111 

Mr. Frank G.Davidson III 

Dr. HarryA. Raddin.jr. 

Dr. Samuel B. MtUug^n. jr. 

Mr. Charles G, Armfield III 

Mr. Frank P. Dickinson 

Mr. W. Randolph Robinson 

Mr. Richard C. Beale 

Mr. Vincent M. Montsinger III 

Mr. Srephen D. Beck 

Mr. Jeffress S. Dortch III 

Mr. Donald C. Robison 

Mr. Joseph E. Blackburn. Jr. 
Mr. Andrew C. Bohnengc! 
Mr. Anthony A. Burke 

Mr. Wilson G.Page. Jr. 

Mr. Emest W.Bell III 

Mr. Christopher K. Evans 

Mr. S. RowcU Sargeant. Jr. 

Mr. David W.Reynolds 

Mr. Archie C.Berkeley, Jr. 

Mr. Norman j. Gaynor 

Mr. Edward M.Schaaf 111 

Mr, William F. Robinson. Jr. 

Mr. William C. Childrey 

Mr. Arthur H. Glaser 

Mr, Thomas H. Shomo 

Mr. Charles Y. Caldwell III 

Mr. Daniel E.Rogers 11 


Mr. Charles M. Guthridge 

Mr, David C, Stradinger 

Mr. Ray S. Campbell, jr. 
Mr. U. Caner Carson, Jr. 

Dr. Dwon M. Rollins. Sr. 

Mr. Thomas D. Corkran 

Mr. David j.Hansc 

Mr, Rov Timothv Tepper, jr. 

Mr. John B. Sartain 

Mr. George G. Cralle. Jr. 
Mr. Henrv P. Custis. Jr. 

Dr. Lawrence E. Hightower 

Lt, Col,' Michael D.Tillei 

Mr. David P. Chalkley 

Mr. Gordon D. Schreck 

Mr. Robert L. Howell 

Mr, Finlev M, Waddell II 

Mr. H. Edmunds Coleman III 

Mr. Frederick L, Shreves II 

Col. Robert S. Dardcn 

Dr. John D, Hughes 

Mr, Gerald M, Walker 

Mr. David C. Crawford III 

Mr. JuliousP. Smith, Jr. 


Mr. Brycc D. jcwen.Jr. 

Dr, Edgar N. Weaver, Jr. 


Dr. Theodore R. Smith, jr. 

Mr. James B. Edge. Jr, 

Mr, James B. Lee 

Mr. Richard j.WUiams 


Mr. Caner B. Spalding 

Mr. Conley L.Edwards 111 

Mr, Peter A. Leggett. Sr. 

Mr. Gregory D. Foreman 

Mr. W. Scon Street III 

Mr. John Franklin HI 

Mr. Milton D. Lytle 

Class of 1970 

Mr. Edwin Gadberry III 

Dr. Richard W. Topham 
Mr. Kenneth E. Washburn 

Mr. William A. Gillespie. Sr. 
Mr, Barry A. Hacknev 

Dr. John W. Mack, Jr. 
Mr. John P. McLean 

55.5% of the class contributed 
$67915 00 

Mr. John F. Gayle, Jr. 
Mr. James R. Geiger 

Mr, Charles H, Wheeler I\' 

Le. Col. Allen P. Haziegrove 

Dr. John W. Pendleton 

^\J/ , ^ t V. ^fV 

Dr. C. Emest Gibb, Jr, 

MrJohnR. Wilhoite 
Mr. RobenC. Wimer 
Mr. Roy C. Wood 

Mr, Joseph A, Haziegrove, Jr. 
Mr, Randall H. Jama 
Mr. Jerrv W. Jenkins 

Mr. E. K. Prcwin. Jr. 
Mr. Milton P. Reid II 
Mr. Philip deButts Rome 

Mr. Michael J. Adelman 
Cmdr. Lindsay C. Blanton 
Mr. David A. Bowers 

Mr. J. Daniel Hardy, jr. 
Mr. Vincent D. Hardy 
Mr. W. Eugene Haves 

Mr. Frederick .^.jesser III 

Mr. DougiasP. Rucker.jr. 

I / K 1 t 1 1 ^1 T 

Mr. Stephen M. Brooks 

Mr. J. Christopher Henderson 

Class of 1966 

Mr. Robert E. Johnson 

Mr. N. Hanley Scheaier. Jr. 
Mr. Pendleton M.Shiflen III 
Mr. Samuel S. Shiplett 
Mr. Denis F. Soden 

Mr. A, Dale Cannady 

Dr. A. Clayborn Hcndricb 

5'i. "% oj the cLiis contnbuud 

Dr. Keidi M.Jones 

Mr, Kenneth E. Childress 

Mr. Andrew G. Hoffman 


Dr. Webb D. Jones 

Dr. Russell E. Christensen 

Mr. William Jephtha Hogan, Jr. 

Mr, R. Daniel Keeling 11 

Mr. PaulH.Cooksey 

Mr. James B. Hollingsworth 

Dr. Samuel H. Baker III 

Mr, Harold B, Kellam, Jr. 

Mr. W. Malcolm Tilson 
The Hon. Pauls. Trible. Jr. 
Mr. Ronald R. Tweel 

V 1 n 1 1 \\rr rTT 

Mr. R. Brandt Deal 

Mr. W. Alex Honeycun. Jr. 

Mr, David E, Bcrgrcn III 
Dr. Frank M. Booth III 

Mr, Thomas B. Kcm 
Mr, Leon Agee Lackey. Jr. 

Mr. F. Stephen Drake 

Mr. Thomas L. Hov 
Dr. E. Forrest Jessee. Jr. 

Dr. Richard B.Bowles, Jr. 

Mr. Greene H. Lawson. jr. 

Mr, Robert L. Wart III 

Mr. Garr\' W. Durham 

Mr. Joseph R. Kane 

Mr. B.Louis Bnel. Jr. 

The Rev, W, Daniel MacGiU III 

Dr. William H. Weiss, Jr. 
Mr. Richard H. West 

Mr. lohnCEllis.jr. 

Mr. W.Richard Kay. Jr. 

Mr. James G. Bruce III 

Mr, Richard B, Madden 

Dr. Nathaniel M. Ewell III 

Mr. Lance A. Lavenstein 

Mr, Theodore J. Burr, Jr. 

Mr, Stephen Hawlev Manin 

Mr. D, M. Westerhouse. Jr, 

Mr. Roben E. Farmer III 

Mr. RobenP. Lecky.jr. 

Mr. Clarence C. Chewning III 

Mr, L. White Manhews 111 

Mr, Corbin McCue Wilkes 
Dr, Claude M, Wilkinson, Jr. 

i / v\- 1 1 WI wn 1 ■ I 

Mr, Frank L Faust 

Dr. William I. Lee ' 

Mr, Robert M. Chilron 

Mr, DavidJ, McKinnck 

Mr. Mark E. Feldmarm, Sr. 

Mr. Darrell W.Long 

Mr, Mark S, Chinn 

Dr. Charles C, Moore, Jr. 

Mr. Richard w. Wdtshire, Jr. 
Mr. Charles F. Witthoeft 
Mr. Leighton D. Yates, Jr. 

Mr. William Howe Grover, Sr. 

Mr. Gordon Lee Mallonee. Jr. 

.Mr, John R.Cocke, Jr. 

Mr. James L. Morris 


Mr. L Richmond Martin III 

Dr. WIUiamB. Crawley, Jr. 

Mr. John C. Morrison 

Mr. Randolph L. Hallman 

Mr. Frank B. McCann III 

.Mr. Charles W. Crist 

Dr. Perrv D. Mowbrav. Jr, 

Cmdr. David C. Hastings, jr. 


.Mr, Alan Scon Day 

Mr, Robert WMuUin 

Mr. Walker B.Healy, Jr. 

Mr. E. Conway Moncurc, Jr, 

Mr, Roben E, Dovle, jr. 

Dr. E. BlacklirdNoland.Jr. 

Class of 1969 

Mr, Richard B. Higginbotham 

Dr. John Roger Monroe 

Mr. John E. Early'lII 

Dr. William R. Noningham. jr. 

48.2^0 of the cLus conmbuied 

Cmdr. Heber H. Himmelwright 

Mr. Francis R. Nance 

.Mr. Dennis P. Finger 

Mr, Robert H, Owen 


Dr. Charles V.O.Hughes III 

Mr. James L. Nance 

Mr. Stephen M. Gedney 

Dr, Berkeley .M. Pembenon 

Mr, Robert D.Kelly 

Mr. David R. Nash 

Mr. Dickjnson M. Gould 

Mr, Richard E. Poner 

Dr. David A. Albertson 

Mr. K- Michael Kines 

Dr. H. Lee Perkins 

Dr. Darrow E. Haagensen, Jr. 

Dr. Randall W. Powell 

Dr.John M.Bass 

Dr. D. Scott Lindsay 

Mr. Charles .V Perry 

It. Col, Donal F, Hartman, Jr, 

Mr. John M. Reid 

Dr. Richard C. BeU 

The Rt. Rev. Frank Clavton Matthews 

Mr. Dale Wood Pittman 

Dr, Jack I. Hayes 

Mr, James A. Rosenstock, Jr. 

The Rev. Dr. William P. Brown 

Mr. Olin R. Melchionna, jr. 

Dr. Harri- D. Quarles III 

Mr, Teriy L, Hehley 

Mr, WellfordL. Sanders, Jr. 

Mr. Charles R. Cobb 

Mr. Richard H. MerrUI 

LTC David L. Ramsev- 

Mr, T, David Hinton 

Mr. Peter W.Smith n' 

Mr. J. Gordon Coleman, Jr. 

Dr. Roben Michael 

Mr. John Hamilton Randolph 

Mr, William D, Hopkins 

Mr, Walter C, Sprye, jr. 

Mr. Arthur G. Costan III 

Mr, F. Breckinridge Mont^;uc 

Mr. Roben F. Ray 

MrJohnR, Right, Jr. 

Mr. R. Curtis Sreele, Jr. 

Mr. Burke H. Graver, Jr. 

Dr. Vincent H.Ober. Jr. 

Dr. Wdliam F. Ravburn 

Mr, James F, Lipscomb 

Dr. Kearfort M. Stone 

Mr. Charles M. Douglass 

Mr. Thomas D. Page 

Mr. Paul S. Roper 

Dr, Thomas W, Littrell 

Mr. William T.Snjchell III 

Mr. W. Berry Dumas 

The Hon. Wesrbrook j. Parker 

Mr. Joseph E. Settle III 

Mr. William F.Lown, Jr. 

Mr. George Summers, Jr. 

Dr. A. Russell Dunnington. Jr. 

Dr. David P. Paul III 

Dr. Christopher Snyder III 

Dr. Daniel W. Mason III 

Mr. Robert R. Swann 

Mr. J. Randolph Edwards 

Mr. C. Wayne Penick 

Mr. Robert M. Speaks 

Mr. Joseph D. Miles III 

Mr, Wayne T, Tennent 

Mr. G. Franklin Flippin 

Dr. Vance j. Plumb 

Dr. Parker R. Stokes 

Mr. Ernest E. Moore. Jr. 

Mr, H. Stetson Tinkham 

Mr. John A. Forbes Hi 


Dr. I. Keith Stone 

Dr. R. Caner Morris 

Mr, Lawrence T, Trice, jr. 

Mr. WiUiam F. Franck III 

Mr. William R.Pumphre>' III 


Mr, R. Stcdman Oakey, Jr. 

Dr, Remus S. Turner, Jr. 

Mr. Sruan T. French 

Mr. R. Rjck Reiss 

Mr. H.Tinsley Taliaferro 111 

Mr. James R. Painter 

Mr. Randolph H. Warts 

Mr. Larry R. Gilbcnson 

Mr. Charles D. Robison III 

Mr. Guy G. Terrell 

Mr, Michael W. Paulerte 

Dr. Thomas SuelenWoodall 

Dr. Lowrie R, Glasgow 

Mr. William B. Romaine 

Mr. J. Christopher Thomas 

Dr. James E. Payne 

Mr. W. Lawson Grant 

Dr. Roben E. Rude 

Mr. John B. Thornton, Jr. 

Mr. James R. Pickens 

Class of 1968 

Mr. Michael D.Hartley 

Mr. Henry Theron Sain II 

Mr. David C. Trumbower 


63 9% of the class contributed 

Mr. Robert R. Hanen 

Dr. Randolph E. Savage 

Mr. Dennis M. Uhrich 

Mr. Herbert L.Sebren, Jr. 

Mr. Dale M.Hodges 

Mr. William D. Selden. V 

Mr. Jefferson W. Willis 

Mr. William F. Shumadine, Jr. 

Mr. Philip W. Hughes 

Dr. John Philip Sherrod 

Mr. William B. Wiltshire 

Mr. William L. Shumate III 

Mr. William ByrnAlsup 111 
Mr. Ronald W. Axselle 

Dr. Lee Anderson Jackson. Jr. 

Mr. Howard N. Soucek 

Mr. Roben W. Wolt2, Jr. 

The Hon. William A. Talley, Jr. 

Dr. David C. Jones 

Mr. Philip C. Spencer 

Mr. Elvin A. Wright, Jr. 

Mr. William Charles Thompson 

Mr. Walter Cason Barco 

Dr. Michael E. King 

Mr. H. Watts Steger III 

Mr. John W. Wright 

-Mr. W. Waverle)' Townes 

Mr. Edward C. Becker 

Mr. Michael j. Krupin 

Mr. Charles S. Stringfellow, Jr. 

.Mr. Joseph W. Tuck 

Mr. James L. Beckner 

Mr. M. Lyie Ucy III 

Mr.U. D.Sudduth.Jr. 

-Mr. Lawrence J. Tweel 

Dr. William W. Belk 

Mr. G. Bonner Lancaster. Jr. 

Mr. Leroy B. Vaughan 

Mr, Trasis J. Tysinger 

Mr. Horatio A. E. Bigelow 
Dr. D. Christopher Bosworth 

Mr. David M. Lee 

Mr. G. Richard Waterman. Jr. 

Mr, Glenn C, Vaughn 

Mr. William G, LocUood III 

Mr. D. Richard Weiglein. jr. 

Mr, RicbS, Voight,Jr, 

Mr. George W. Boylan 
Mr. Ronald H. Burton 

Mr. John W. MacClarence 

Mr. James E. White. Sr, 

The Rev, William W. Williamson. Jr. 

Dr. J. Fredenck McNeer 

Mr. Edward R. Win. Jr. 

.Mr. Roy R. Wimmer 

Dr. James T, Campen 

Mr. Dale L. Mortis 

Mr. Banon K. Yount III 



Bob and Gretchen Rogers (above, with John 

Williams '00, a recipient of their schoLirship) 

established the Baird-Lakndorf Scholarship to honor 

both sets of their parents, who were also committed to 

making education possible for deserving students. 

H-SC professor of 

religion Robert G. Rogers 

and his wife Gretchen 

believe strongly in the 

value of a liberal arts 

education. ''We have had 

a great twenty-five years 

here, '' they say, ''so we 

wanted to give something 

back. We established an 

annual scholarship that 

would give a young man, 

who might not otherwise 

be able to afford this 

experience, the chance 

to earn a degree from 

Hampden-Sydney. '' 

Class of 1972 

-/ ".3% of thf cLui contributed 


Mr. John G. August 

Mr. William F. Banner 

Mr. Charles W. Bishop 

Mr. Clyde H. Bond 

Mr. Royal E.Cabell III 

Mr. Kenneth M. Catleti 

Mr. W. Curtis Coleburn III 

Dr. Wilson S. Comer, Jr. 

Mr, Richard Garren Cook 

Mr. Tony D. Curtis 

Mr. E. Causey Davis. Jr. 

Major John William Dennis. Jr. 

Dr. P. Paul Ferraraccio 

Mr. Garrett T. Ford 

Mr. Mark M. Gambill 

Mr. W. Frederick Genheimcr II! 

Mr. Alexander C. Graham, Jr. 

Mr. Robert B. Hamlett, Sr. 

Mr, J. Robert Harris III 

Mr. Bruce B. Hopkins 

Mr. C. Hounshell 

Mr. Harold L. Hughey, Jr. 

Mr. F. Powell Johann, Jr. 

Mr. Gre^ K. Jones 

Mr.Harr\'R. Rjnglll 

Mr. John Willard Kirk III 

Mr. Chaffraix A. Lelong. Jr. 

Mr. Charles E. Llewellyn III 

Mr. Roben C. Long, Jr. 

Mr. H. Scott Lowry 

Mr, John E. Maddux, Sr. 

Mr. John R. Marks 

Mr. Robert A. May 

Mr. Peter H. McEachern 

Mr, Thornton W. McNeal 

The Hon, Thomas L. Murphey 

Mr. Marshall L. Nero 

Mr. W.Barrett Nichols 

Mr. Edward B. Norfleet 

Mr. Daniel V. P. O'Connor 

Dr. Barry N. Parsley 

Mr. Steven W, Pearson 

The Hon, James J. Rowe 

Mr, Joseph T. Samuels. Jr. 

Mr. Conrad F. Sauer FV 

Mr. Robert H. Sells 

Mr. David W.Shelor 

Mr. Steven F. Shreckhise 

Mr. Daniel S. Smith 

LTC Jack G. Spence. Jr. 

Mr. David A- Taylor 

Mr. Gervas Storrs Taylor 111 

Dr. H.Tyler Taylor III 

Mr. Stephen B. Thomas 

Mr, John C. Thompson 

Dr. Wallace T, Van Nortwick 

Mr. Peter S. Viele 

Mr. Stephen H.Wiley 

Dr. Robert B. Williams 

Mr. Martin R. Willis 

Mr. George E. Yoimger 

Class of 1973 

4!.1% of the class contributed 

Mr. William S.Adkins 
Mr, Steven C, Akers 
Mr. Richard D. Anke 
Mr. L")avid L. Atkinson. Jr. 
Mf. Lindsay R. Barnes, Jr. 
Mr. William C. Bascom, Jr. 
Dr. Archibald C. Buchanan III 
Mr. William R.Capehart 111 
Mr. Richard L. Carr 
Mr. John B. Chappcll 
Mr. James C. Cherry 
Mr. David A. Clark 
Mr, David I, Clay 

Mr. Don R. Cochran 

Dr. Stephen H. Cox 

Dr. Joseph M. Crockett II 

Mr. Stuart H. Deal 

Mr, Richard B. Donaldson, Jr. 

Mr. Daniel A. Donohue 

Mr. Carl A. Foster 

Mr, Waiiam C, Gay 

Mr. John E, Genet 

Mt, Charles E. Green III 

Mr. Brian C, Grogan 

Mr. J. Scott Harris 

Mr, Richard N. Herod 

Dr. Ralph C Hess III 

Mr, Timothy E. Hildrech 

Mr. Michael W.Horner 

Dr. Wayne D. Hornev 

Dr. Samuel M. Janney II 

Mr. C. Michael Johnson 

Dr. H. Philip Johnson III 

Mr. Thomas T. Johnson 

Mr, Herbert V. Kelly, Jr. 

Mr, Dennis P. King 

Mt, Sidney H. Kirstein 

Mr, Paul A. Lindsey 

Mr. Ralph Clinton Lukhard 

Mr, William P. Marshall 

Mr, Walter C. Martz 

Mr. Michael K. Minter 

Dr, J. Sruan Morgan 

Mr. B. Christopher Moring 111 

Mr. C. Cammack Morton 

Dr. James F. Nelson 

Captain William B. Parker, D.D,S. 

Dr. Jack Hanson Powell III 

Mr, Irving H. Pritchett III 

Mr. Frank W. Roach 

Dr. George C. Sakakini 

Mr. Phillip A. Short 

Mr, Sidney L, Stern II 

Mr. Robert D.Taylor 

Mr. Robert K. Wells. Jr. 

Mr. William D. Wheeler 

Mr. J. Larry Williamson 

Mr. Frank Downing Wiseman 

Class of 1974 

■i!.-}% of the class contrihuted 

Mr. Jonathan j. Adelman 
Mr. George F. Albright. Jr, 
Mr. Frank Acie Allen. Jr, 
Mr. John P. Apperson. Jr. 
Mr. Peter C. Bance 
Mr. Duncan Wardman Blair 
Mr, Mvron P. Boon 
Mr. Manin S, Bounds 
Mr. Marion P. Brawley III 
Mr, G. Tyler Broob 111 
Mt. Charles L. Cabell 
Dr. Harvey R. Carmichael 
Mr. John B. Coupland 
Mr. Michael K. Crookshank 
Mr, Robert V. Crowder III 
Dr, John T. Curnes 
Mr, Parker H, Douglas 
Mr, Stephen R. Echols 
Dr. Henr>- N. Elksnin 
Mr. W. Stuan Farmer. Jr. 
Mr. J. Randolph Fowler 
Mr. Christophet S. Gallo 
Mr. William C. Garrett, jr. 
Mr. John B. Gaylc 
Dr, H, Nelson Gustin III 
Mr. Gary L. Harper, Jr. 
Mr. W. Uc I larris, Jr. 
Mr, Charles R. Henderson, Jr. 
Mr, B. Boyd Johnson 
Mr, Francis P. Jones. Jr. 
Mr. r, Douglass Jones III 
Dr. Lawrence B. Kelly 
Mr. George S. Khoury 
Dr. Rodger ^X'. KIcisch 
Mr. James T. Ixigan, Jr. 

Mr. Jeffrey V, Lynn 

Mr. Stephen W. Mapp 

Mr. Adrian L.McCardell III 

Mr. Carl J. Moushegian 

Mr. William W. Nexsen 

Dr. Clifford A. Nottingham 111 

Mr. Theodore G. Ourednik 

Mr. Stephen L. Owen 

Mr. Jeffrey J. Poole 

LTC Watson O.Powell III 

Mr. Charles L.Rickerts III 

Mr. Robert Lee Rogers 

Mr. William J. Rue. Jr. 

Mr. Bradford B, Sauer 

Dr. Richard G. Saul 

Mr. David C. Schultheis 

Mr, TTiomas R. Scott. Jr. 

Dr. Roben H. Sease, Jt. 

Mr. R. Kelly Sheridan 

Mr. Ronald C.Shiflett, Jr. 

Mr. B. Brack Stovall 

Dr. J. Bruce Taylor 

Mr. David A. Thompson 

Mr. James L. Thompson 

Mr. Joseph Denny Throckmorton 

Mr. Lance W. Van de Casde 

Dr. Glenwood K. Williams 

Mr. Dean S. Worcester 

Class of 1975 

39% ofthecLisscontnifuted $73.962 12 

Mr. Judson C. Anderson 

Mr. Charles T. Baskervill 

Mr. Samuel Q. Bass. Jr. 

Mr. Charles A. Blanton HI 

Mr. Lee F. Brooks 

Mr. Robert W. Carson 

Dr. Henr>'W,Chappell.Jr. 


Mr, J. Andrew Donaldson 

Mr. John T. Donne 

Mr.WiUiamJ. ElliottIV 

Mr. Joseph A. Farmer 

Mr. Alexander L Franklin II 

Mr. Mark M. Freestate 

Mr. Bernard S. Groseclose, Jr. 

Mr. Timothy B. Hampton 

Mr. J. Thomas Hardin 

Mr. Everett .\. Hellmuth III 

Mr. Lawrence H, Hcntz, Jr. 

Mr. Charles E. Hunter III 

Mr. Richard P. JeffVey lil 

Mr. Jeffrey C. Jones 

Dr. Samuel M. Jones 

Mr. William C. Keightlcy 

Mr. Jeffrey L. Kiefer 

Mr. George Patterson Manson, Ir, 

Mr, William B. May. )r, 

Mr. William E.McBratney 111 

Mr. James R. Melton 

Mr, Ashton D, Mitchell III 

Mt. Marion L. Moore 

Mr. M. Holt Moran 

Dr. John S. Moss 

Dr. George P. Piros 

Dr. Walter C. Plunkett 

Mr, Kenneth E. Powell 

Mr. Richard h. Rein 

The Rev. Dr. Michael A. Rowland 

Mr. ThaddeusR. Shelly 111 

Mr. James S. Shropshire. Jr. 

Mr. Charles H. Smith III 

Mr. Richard H.Sncli. Jr. 

Mr. Howard W. Strackc 

Mr. Armistead Traynham, Jr. 

Dr. James B. Tubbs.Jr. 

Mr.W. BidgoodWall.Jr. 

Mr. Howard B. Waters 

Mr. James C. Wheat III 

Mr. William G.Wheatlcy 

Mr. Henry S. Winston IV 


1998-99 ALUMNI 

Class of 1976 

■i3- 5% of the ilas! contrtbuted 

Mr. James T. Alexander III 
Mr. W. Curtis Baker. Jr. 
Mr. EdgarJ.D. Bance 
Mr. Frank C. Bcdinger III 
Mr. C. Hunter Bcndall 
Dr. William A. Blackman 
Mr. James NX'. Bolton, Jr, 
Mr. William L. Bowles 
Mr. F. I^e Brown. Jr. 
Mr. Timothy T. Brown 
Dr.JohnF. Brush. Jr. 
Mr. Mark G. Bumenc 
Dr. \>;: yfJ. Samuel Budcr 
Mr. H. Joseph Camper 
Mr. Charles L Capito, Jr. 
Mr. N. Macon Collier III 
Mr. Donald C. Cournow 
Dr. C. Wdliam Dabney 
Dr. John P. Delaney 
Mr. Roben S. Downs, Jr. 
Mr. Michael L. Duffer 
Mr. C. Thomas Ebcl 
Mr. Christopher D. Eib 
Mr. John W, Fcrrell 
Dr. H. Gordon France. Jr. 
Mr, John Cole Gayle. jr. 
Mr. Harvey Granger 
Dr. Hugh). Haganlll 
Mr. T,Bradle>- Harris 
Mr. T. Michael Harrison 
Mr. Richard B. Hazl^rove 
Mr. Gregon' B. Henderson 
Mr. Roben S. Henderson 
Mr. William R. Hill III 
Mr. Richard D. Holcomb 
Mr, Edwin B. Horner III 
Mr. David F. Host 
Dr. John R. Hubbard 
Dr. L William Irby. Jr. 
Mr. F. ,Mlen Itgen 
Mr. R. Alan Johnston 
Mr. J. Reid Kellv 
Re\'. Dr, William M. Klein 
Mr. A. Mark Lee 
Dr. Thomas F. Lefrwich. Jr. 
Mr. R. Gordon Long, Jr. 
Mr. Leonard N. Love 
Mr. John G. Macferlane III 
Mr. A. Caner Magee. Jr. 
Mr. J. Roy Mann 
Mr. S. Hogc McClaugherT)' 
Mr. John C. Middleton 
Dr. William L Montague, Jr. 
Mr. Ronald L. Moore 
Mr. E. Dawson Nash 
Mr. W. Howard Ovcrbey. Jr. 
Mr. W. David Paxion 
Mr. Cruger S. Ragland. Jr. 
Mr. T. Smith Ragsdale III 
Dr, Kenneth H. Roberts 
Mr. Richard O. Royce 
Mr. Robert L. Samuel. Jr. 
Mr. Raymond E. Sanders 111 
Mr. Robin A. Saul 
Mr. Marcus C. Schcumann III 
Mr. Lannis N. Selz 
Mr. Marrin Manker Sherrod 
Mr. James H. Sparger, Jr. 
Mr. W. C. Sprouse. Jr. 
Mr. Robert M. Stewan 
Mr. Donald W. TTiomas 
Mr. Michael W. Thomas 
Mr. J. GrayTutde. Jr. 
Mr, Richard C.Walker, jr. 
Mr. James H. Wilson 
Mr. Robert B, Wilson. V 
Mr. Edward W.Wotcon, Jr. 

Class of 1977 

42.2% oftf)f class contributed 


Mr. Timothy S. Ailsworth 

Mr. William K. Almond 

Mr, R. David .Anthony 

Mr. Ira L, Armstrong III 

Mr, David G. Bannen 

Mr. Stephen E. Baril 

Mr, Lewis C. Bosher 

Dr. Paul S. Buckman 

Mr. Timothy E, Carpenter 

Mr. Rafael F. Castro 

Mr, John R. Clark III 

Mr. W. Scon Cox III 

Mr. Steven A, Cunis 


Mr. Phillip T. DiStanislao, Jr. 

Mr. Darrell T, Drummond 

Mr. Michael A. Farreil 

Mr. Carl L. Fletcher, Jr. 

Dr. A. Frederick Gall. Jr, 

Dr. Clyde M. Garrison III 

Dr. George E. Gimpelson 

Mr. Hart)' S. Greene. Jr. 

Mr. George M. Grizzard 

Mr. Philip A. Haley 

Dr. Darby G. Hand 

Mr. David L. Harlow 

Mr. Kevin L. Harris 

Mrs. Kim Stahl Harris 

Dr. LawTence K. Hill. jr. 

Mr. James C. S. Holladay 

Mr. Gregor>' F. Holland 

Mr. Frank L. Home. Jr. 

Mr, William B. Howard 

Mr, David D. Hudgins 

Mr, Gary D. Hudson 

Dr. Willoughby S. Hundley III 

Mr. Robert D. Johnson 

Mr, Catesby Jones II 

Mr. WalterM. Jones III 


Mr. Joseph L King 

Mr. Roben C. Ladd 

Mr. Douglas B, Lee 

Dr. Larry P- Levin 

Mr. James R. Lewis, jr. 

Mr. Gary L. Lumsden 

Mr. Dudle>- H. Marks 

Mr. James D. Mason IV 

Mr. E. Franklin Massie III 

Mr. E. Judson McAdams 

Mr. Richard W. McLain 

Dr. David H.Michal.Jr, 

Mr. David S. Miller 

The Hon, John R. Mitchell, Jr. 

Dr. Michael S. Morgan 

Mr, William L. PanniU 


Mr. Thomas C. Repenning 

Mr. D. Scon Robertson 

Mr. Anchcw S. Roscnfield 

Mr. Philip A. Stedfast, jr, 

Mr, Mone L. Talley 

Mr- John S. Tinsley 

Mr. A. Morris Turner, Jr. 

Mr. Michael A, Via 

Mr. Thomas B. Walker 

Mr. Daniel K. Walters 

Mr. Michael D. Ward 

Mr. Douglas M, Webb 

Mr. Douglas F. Zier 

Class of 1978 

37. 7% of the class contributed 

Mr. William L Abbott 
Mr. A- Macauiev Aron, Jr. 
Mr. Alexander H. BcU II 
Mr. Scon W. Berglund 

Dr. Paul G. Brown 

LTC George K. Bumgardner. DMD 

Mr. David C. Buncrworth 
Mr. Stokely G. Caldwell, Jr. 
Dr. John F. Canter 
Mr. Thomas M, Crowder 
Dr. Barry K. Cutright 
Mr. Jon M, Daly 
Mr. Dabney M. Daniel 
Mr. Richard A. Davis 
Mr. Patrick C. Devine.Jr. 
Mr. Richard E. English 
Mr. Neil P. Farmer 
Mr. Gerald W.Fauth III 
Cmdr.JohnE, Fidler.D.D.S. 
Mr. j. Thomas Francis, Jr. 
Mr, David H, Gates 
Mr. Thomas W. Godfrey, Jr. 
Dr. Samuel L. Groscclose 
Mr. Michael S. Harcum 
Mr. J. Sheppard Haw III 
Mr. Thomas M, Heery 
Mr. Horace R. Hicks, jr. 
Mr. David P, Holt 
Mr. Roben B. Huskey, Jr. 
Mr. Roben B. Johnson 
Mr. Todd C. Johnson 
Mr. James Monroe Jones III 
Mr. Bobby J.Junes 
Dr. David A. Klein 
Mr. Keidi W. Lewis 
Mr. C. Keith Love 
Mr. Gregory G. Love 
Mr. John E. Mansfield, jr. 
Mr, James C. McEwen II 
Mr. joe V, Menendez 
Mr. William S. Moore 
Mr. Ralph C. Morehead IV 
Mr. Edward V, O'Hanlan 
Mr. Thomas W. Osgood 
Mr. John N. Park, Jr, 
Mr. J. Fain Peebles 
Mr. Joseph B, Penick 
Mr. Chester D. Porter III 
Mr. Wdliam Dehan Redd 
Mr. Barr>' L. Riddle 
Dr. William Rosenberger II 
Mr. William L. Sager. Jr. 
Mr. Paul English Smith 
Mr. Samuel E. Smith, jr. 
Dr. Frank D. Stoneburner, Jr. 
Mr. John A. Stough, Jr. 
Mr. Richard S, Sunon 
Mr. Randolph E. Traynham 
Mr. Barrye L. Wall 
Mr. Robert H. Whin. jr. 
Mr. Robert M. Wilson 
Dr. Edward T, Wolanski 

Class of 1979 

43- 1 % of the class contributed 

Dr. Robert L, Agee IV 
Mr. Thomas M, Akers 
Mr. Scon Simpson Aron 
Mr. Steven D. Barnhart 
Mr. Joseph S. Bean. Jr. 
Mr, Gary J, Beck 
Mr. Michael T. Bennett 
Mr. Thomas R. Bernard 
Mr. Warren L. Birdsong 
Mr. William D. Blackford 
Mr. Carl F. Blackwell 
Mr. Peter D. Blanton 
Mr. B. Ellion Bondurant 
Mr. David W, Burgess 
Mr. Gregory F. Burnette 
Dr. Roben D, Calcote 
Mr, Donald Davison Canday 
Mr. John T. H. Carpenter 
Mr. Robert C. Clary, jr. 
Mr. David P. Conigan 
Mr. Thomas C. G. Coyle, jr. 

Mr. E. Hatcher Crenshaw III 
Dr. Richard E. Curtis, Jr. 
Mr, Thomas G. Douglass 
Mr. John G. Eagan, Jr. 
Mr. Richard P. Epperson II 
Mr. Richard A- Farmar III 
Mr. Gregor)' W. Feldmann 
Mr. Craig A. Folio 
Mr. Rusun Bun Godfrey 
Mr, Thomas E. Goode 
Dr. David S. Haga 
Mrs. Pemberton Boinest Hall 
Mr, RobertV, Hatcher III 
Mr, Robert R. Henry IV 
Mr. Stephen L. Hughey 
Mr. Kenneth M. Johnston 
Mr, Erik A. Koroneos 
Dr. ad D. Uughlin 
Mr, Gordon C. Lee 
Dr. Joseph A. Leming 
Mr, Joseph P. Marcheni. Jr. 
Dr. John A. Manin, Jr. 
Mr. J. Moore McMahon 
Mr. Neil Edmund Nappo 
Mr. Roben W. Oldfield 
Mr. Joseph F, Ounen. jr. 
Mr. G, Michael Pace. Jr. 
Mr. Ray M. Paul, Jr. 
Mr. Frank L. P^ram 
Mr. John Maynard Power 
Dr, William D. Richmond 
Mr, Robert T. Ross 
Dr, Rudolph B. Rustin III 
Mr. William F. Seymour IV 
Mr. Walter P, Smidi III 
Mr, Peter W. Squire, jr. 
Mr. TTiomas L, Stokes, jr. 
Mr. Roben B. Taylor, Jr. 
Dr, Peter R. Watson 
The Hon. Larry D. Willis 
Mr. Gerald F.Waiman, Jr. 

Class of 1980 

29. 5% oj the cLiss contributed 

Dr. Michael F. Ackermann 
Mr, James Ervin Adams III 
Mr, James M. Alexander ill 
Dr. Jeffrey A. Alloway 
Mr. James V, Babashak II 
Mr. Ke\in Lee Beale 
Mr. Marcellus J. Best, Jr. 
Mr. E. Scon Boze III 
Mr. Edward D. Brown 
Mr, W. Denis Brown IV 
Mr, George C. Buchanan 
Mr. John D. Burke 
Mr, Brian M. Cann 
Mr. John E. Corey 
Dr. Roben Y. Cox 
Mr. Charles M. Dietz, Jr. 
Mr. Ronald L. Fischer, Jr. 
Mr. Banon L. Floyd 
Mr. Thomas A. Garner 
Dr, Robert E. Grover 
Mr. R, Bryant Hare IV 
Mr, C. Mathew Hogg, jr. 
Mr, George A. Horkan III 
Mr, Leigh P. HufF, Jr. 
Mr, Jerome E. Laux 
Mr. Wdliam C Leach 
Mr, Christopher S. Long 
The Rev. Timothy S. Maxa 
Mr. Robert C. Modlin 
Mr. John S. Molster 
Mr. Dennis C. Poehler 
Mr. George R, Preas, Jr. 
Mr, James R. Richards 
Mr. Roben R. Rosebro 
Mr. Mitchell D. Shaner 
Mr. Stewan M. Siglcr 
Mr. J. Callen Spanow 

Mr. G. Spencer Talley. Jr. 
Dr. Waring Trible, Jr. 
Dr. Daniel V. Unger IV 
Mr. Mark E. Yates 
Mr. Joseph M. Ziglar, Jr. 

Class of 1981 

31.6% oftheclass contributed 

Mr. George G. Ball III 
Mr. Edward F. Brown 
Mr. John Bunyan Bullard III 
Mr. James R. Cash 
Mr. Thomas Y. Caden 
Mr. J. Bruce Coleman 
Mr. >X111iam S. Driskill 
Mr. Stephen D. Farthing 
Dr. R. Michael Fay 
Mr. David H. Fletcher 
Mr. R. Warden Good 
Mr. Michael Lee Gunn 
Mr. William J. Hancock 
Mr. William E, Harrison 
Dr. David F. Huddle 
Mr. Daniel A. Huskey 
Mr. Jonathan L. Kyle 
Dr. Douglas R. Lawler II 
Mr. Cary C, Levering 
Mr. J. Boiling Lewis III 
Mr. W. Manin Long II 
Dr. R, Kevin Mahoney 
Mr. Wdliam G. MikeU, Jr. 
Mr. Richard C. Parker 
Mr. Lowell H. Panerson III 
Mr. David L. Ponerfield 
Mr. Michael A. Rhea 
Mr. John R. Rhodes 
Dr. R. Douglas Ross 
Captain Wesley Schuessler 
Mr. Forrest F. Senter 
Mr. Roben J. Shepherd 
Lt. Col. L, Rucker Snead III 
Mr. Roben E. Snidow 
Mr. Christopher M. Sdebel 
Mr. Loon-Kar Tan 
Mr. James C. Thompson. Jr. 
Mr. James K. Thompson, Ir, 
Dr. S. Craig \'ranian 
Mr. Richard L. Ware 
Dr. David J. West 
Dr, F, Tavlor Wootion III 

Class of 1982 

32.9% of the class contributed 

Mr. Thomas E. Adkins. Jr. 
Mr. Blake P. Auchmoody, jr. 
Mr. Edward E. Blake 
Mr. Philip F. Bleser 
Dr. Michael J. Breincr 
Mr. Michael A. Brogan 
Dr. Corydon B. Butler, Jr. 
Mr. W. Keith Cannady 
Mr. WiUiam H. Carr ' 
Dr. Theodore P. Chambers 
Mr, Michael R. Chevalier 
Mr. Thomas S. Conrell 
Mr. William B. Crenshaw 
Dr. Mark A. Deacon 
Dr. David W. Donovan 
Mr. Brian H. Dunbar 
Mr. Nelson H. C. Fisher 
Mr. Richard G. Gerloff 
Mr. John L Gibson III 
Mr. Joseph P. Gillach 
Mr. Curds D. Gordon 
Mr. F. Bradley Gray. jr. 
Mr. William E. Green. Jr. 
Mr. D.Richard Harris II 
Dr. Edmond A. Hooker 
Mr. Neil D. Huflman 



George M. Trible IV '91 is a vice president for 

corporate credit sales with First Union Bank in 

Baltimore, MaryLind. 

George M. Trible IVVl 

is the son of an alumnus 

(the late George Trible 

III '58) and has many 

College relatives (former 

Senator Paul Trible '68 

and George Wright '48 

among them). Though 

young, he is a strong 

giver, having ''inherited 

the tradition " of 

philanthropy and support 

for Hampden-Sydney 

College. As a former 

annual giving officer, 

he understands the need 

"from the inside out. " 

Dr. Allyn G. Janney. Jr. 

Mr. Gavin D. Jefh 

Mr. Timothy J. Lass 

Mr. William H. LeCompic 

Dr, Richird P. Leggen 

Mr. Wjlrer I. Malone. Jr. 

Mr. Lewis B, McClung 

Mr. Thomas G. McClung 

Mr. Charles V. McPhiUips 

Mr. Scon F. Miller 

Mr. Thomas H, Miller 

Mr. Roben T. Newcomb 

Mr. W. Crenshaw Newman IV 

Mr. F. Barret Normann 

Mr. Charles G. Oakes 

Mr. Jon A, Pace 

Dr. Jesse K. Park 

Mr. Raymond D. Parks 

Mr. Benjamin W. Rawles III 

Mr. Randy W, Reed 

Mr. Roben Worthington Remick 

Mr. W. Jeffrey Roberts 

Mr. D. Lindsay Russell 

Mr, William A. Shelly 

Mr. William S. Smidiers III 

Dr. Thomas J. Stabel 

Mr. Stephen M. Stackhouse 

Mr. James C. Taylor III 

Mr. Thomas D, Thalman 

Mr. Henry S. Vaughan 

Mr. Mark M. J. Webb 

Class of 1983 

35. 5% of the class contributed 

Mr. Thomas R. Atkinson 

Mr. Charles W. Best III 

Mr. Charles M. Billings IV 

Mr. J. Kwasi N. Boafo 

Mr. Roben J. Bonaventura 

Mr. Frank Kennon Borden. Jr 

Mr. Robert E. Brailsford 

Mr. Edward L. Breeden IV 

Mr. Richard M. Bruni 

Mr. Dwayne N, Callis 

Mr. Robert H, Camp 

Mr. Anthony B. Conte 

Mr. F. Andrew Cook III 

Mr. Kevin C. Cowley 

Mr. Christopher H. Daly 

Mr. John C. Dickinson 

Mr. Wallace M.Dietz 

Mr. James Duffy 

Mr. Brian S. Dyer 

Mr. Louis D. Farina, Jr. 

Mr. K. Scort Fife 

Mr. William M. French 

Mr. Franklin Y. Geho 

Mr. Robert C. Gentry 

Mr. Roger A. Glover III 

Mr. Robert Tyree Greene, Jr. 

Mr. Timothy B. Guthrie 

Mr. H, Hirer Harris III 

Mr. Benjamin R. Harvey, Jr. 

Dr. Ralph D. Hellams. Jr. 

Mr, Duran P, Holton 

Mr. Mark T.Jones 

Mr. David F. King, Jr. 

Mr. Denis J. McCarthy 

Dr. Timothy G. McGarry 

Dr. Louis E. Nelsen III 

Mr. Joseph A. Nicholson, Jr. 

Mr. Stephen M, Norman 

Mr. William W. Patterson 111 

Mr. E. Stiles Pcabody III 

Mi. Bradford S.Pfci'fer 

Mr. Alexander M. Rinaldi 

Mr. Kevin L. Slattum 

Mr. Brian Sutherland Thomas 

Dr. Scott A. Vander Vennet 

Mr. John S.White 

Mr. Isham Rowland Williams III 

Mr. BcniaminJ.WillisIli 

Dr. Stephen S, Young 

Class of 1984 

31. 9% of the class contributed 

Mr. Charles E. Agee III 

Mr, Steven T. Alexander 

Mr. Christopher C. Altizcr 

Mr. David A. Arias 

Mr Thomas M. Baizizza 

Mr. Andrew Blanton 

Mr. W. Charles Blocker, Jr. 

Mr, Allen C. Blow 

Mr, D, Campbell Bowman, Jr 

Mr, Howard H. R. Boyd 

Mr, William C, Cozan 

Mr. Claiborne W, Craddock I 

Mr, Hunter E. Craig 

Mr, L. Daniel Crooks 111 

Mr, Jeffrey H. Curry 

Mr. Robert T. DuPuis. Jr. 

Mr. I^nce O. Estes II 

Mr. Nathanael C. Evans 

Mr. Todd S. Farrand 

Mr. James G. Gamble, V 

Mr. Alan F. Garrison 

Mr. Alfred H. Garvey. Jr. 

Dr, Robert W. Given 

Mr. John I. Gray III 

Mr, Edward J, Green, Jr. 

Mr, Sean D, Gregg 

Mr. Forrest Lee Hagan III 

Mr. Randolph C, Harrell 

Mr. Joseph W. Hatchen. Jr. 

Dr, Robert B. Houska 

Mr, Mark A. Johnson 

Mr. Lawrence O. Jonak 

Dr. David F. Jones 

Mr. William E. Linden III 

Mr, R. Matthew McGee 

Mr. John G. Mcjunkin 

Mr. James F. Moseley, Jr. 

Mr, A. Alan Nolan 

Mr. Philip E. Paulene 

Mr. Brian W. Peabody 

Mr. R. Jeffrey Peterson 

Mr. Virgimus S. Pinman II 

Mr. Jeffrey R Richardson 

Mr, Charles A. Roest 

The Rev. T. Field Russell 

Dr. Andrew R. Sager 

Mr, L. Norfleet Smith. Jr. 

Mr. Ward W. Stevens III 

Dr. Wallace C. Tarry 

Mr. J. Scon Thomas 

Mr, Harry H, Warner. Jr, 

Mr, Steven H, Warren 

Mr. Todd A- Weinert 

Mr. David H, White. Jr. 

Class of 1985 

28. 7% of the class contributed 

Mr. John W.Ames III 
Mr. Eric E, Apperson 
Dr. Stephen A. Asam 
Dr, Scon J. Banning 
Mr. iohn E, Basilone 
Mr. David W. Blankcnship 
Mr. Gary W. Boswick 
Mr. Gregor\' Alan Brandt 
Mr, Warren C, Brannon. Jr. 
Dr. Alton E. Bryant III 
Mr. David B. Camden 
Mr. C'harles H. Cantus 
Mr, Bradley H. Gary 
Mr, W. Mark Conger 
Mr. F, Neil Cowan. Jr. 
Mr. Peter S. Dent 
Mr. Robert S. Dictz 
Mr, Roben M, Duke 
Mr. A. Pendleton DuPuis 
Dr. John K. Evctt 
Mr, Kevin B, Farina 
Mr, J, Scott Finney 

Mr, John A. Gant 
Mr. Richard S. Godsey 
Mr. Phillip A. Hess 
Mr, Thomas A- Hickman. Jr. 
Mr. Michael J. Hodge 
Dr. Brian A, Hoey 
Mr. William |. Hubbard 
Mr. Eric H, Kelley 
Mr. C. Burke King 
Mr. Geoffrey J. Lewis 
Mr. David P. McEnderfer 
Mr. Joseph E. Mclnnis 
Mr. Robert R. Nottingham 
Mr. Kevin S. O'Rourke 
Mr. Kenneth G. Pankey, Jr. 
Mr. W. Banks Peterson, Jr. 
Dr. Peter R. Quarles 
Mr. Claude Landon Royals 
Dr. David B. Simmons 
Mr. Bradley S. Simms 
Mr. Bradley S. Smith 
Dr. Harrv E. Spalding 
Mr. Peter B. Strickland 
Mr. John Ed Tankard III 
Mr. Raleigh A. Trovillion 
Mr, William L. Usnik, Jr. 
Mr. Timothy P. Veith 
Mr, J. David Walker 
Mr. A. Russell Watson 
Mr. Frank L. Wheeler 
Mr. H. Ashton Williamson III 
Mr. P. Bradford Young 

Class of 1986 

29. 9"o of the class contributed 
$18. 108.50 

Mr. Joseph Clark Addington III 

Mr. Timothv E. .Ashman 

Dr. K. Drew Baker 

Mr. William R. Bettendorf 

Mr. B. Darren Burns 

Dr. Lawrence B. Caplin 

Mr. Tony C. Carnes 

Dr. John R. Caruso 

Mr. J. Charles Collie 

Mr. Brian F. Crottv 

Mr. James William Curry 

Mr. Graham C. Daniels 

Mr. Randy S. Davis 

Mr. J. Tvicr Dinsmore 

Mr. John M, A. Donelson 

Mr. Warren P. Dumford 

Mr. Charles A. Fincher 

Lt. Dean Lloyd Firing 

Mr. John D. Flory 

Mr. Edward W. Gamble IV 

Mr. Saivatore Giannefti III 

Mr. Bret S. Grieves 

Mr. Andrew Edward Gross 

Mr. J. Haywood Hardin 

Mr. John P, Harrison III 

Mr. W. Timothy Hayes. Jr. 

Mr. Forrest S. Higginbotham 

Mr. Irvin G. Horner, Jr. 

Mr. Ross A. Hotchkiss III 

Mr. William L.Hughes 

Mr. T. Wyndham Jamison. Jr, 

Mr. Maurice A. Jones 

Mr. Timothy K. Jordan 

Mr. Charles E. Kimbrough 

Mr. Roben E. Lee. V 

Mr. Roben Bryant lA'ndrim 

Mr. 1- Uwrencc Mansfield. Jr. 

Mr. Armistead B. Mauck 

Mr. John R. McGhec, jr. 

Mr. Edward W. McKinncy 

Mr. Charles Wilson McNeely IV 

Mr. Kevin R. Mitchell 

Mr. George W. Nolley 

Mr. Erik John Olfson 

Mr. Elmer J. Peters 

Mr. Christopher C. Poc 

Mr. William S. D, Read 

Mr, Benjamin E, Robinson 


1998-99 ALUMNI 

Mr. Craig N.Schellc 

Mr. Christopher G. Fulghum 

Mr. Christian T, Mamon 

Dr. Thomas S. Layion 

Mr. Milton P. Rcid III 

Major Steven Michael Sharp, USAF. 

Mr. Roderick M. Gardner 

Mr. David C. Mason 

Mr. Bryan S. McClendon 

Mr. Charles Conrad Rickers III 


Mr. Thomas B. Gates 

Mr. Jake J, Mazulewicz 

Mr. Scon A. McKain 

Mr. Lewis A. Robinson 

Mr. Michael E. Shchon 

Mr. Gerald Pal fervGillespy 

Mr. Daniel C.McMulIcn 

Mr. Saas C. McMeekin III 

Mr. Gordon E. Rountrcc, Jr. 

Mr. Philip R.Trapani, Jr. 

Mr. Jesse F. Coins HI 

Mr. James H. McVcy 

Mr.J. Brian McVe\- 

Mr. J. Ranson Rousscl 

Mr. Har\ev L. Warnick, jr. 

,Mr. Thomas J. Groonell 

Mr. James W. Mercer, Jr. 

The Rev. Philip W^Oehler 

Mr. L. Stephen Satchell 

Mr. G. Randolph Webb. Jr. 

Mr. Archibald Hardy IV 

Mr. Harmon B.MUIer IV 

Mr. Michael A. Page 

Mr. Thomas R. Schroeder 

Mr. Davis S. Wrinkle 

Mr. Harold M.Harris. Jr. 

Mr. Jonathan David Mlze 

Mr. John Jerry Pappas 

Dr. Stephen F, Scldcn 

Mr. W. James Young 

Mr. George Thomas Haskins 

Mr. Michael E. Moore 

Mr. Edmund F. Pcarce II! 

Mr. G. Burton Short 

Mr, William T. Zigbr 

Mr. Philip T.Hickman 

Mr. John B. Morton III 

Mr. Christopher F.W. Perkins 

Mr. Thomas Lcc Shorn. Jr. 

Mr. Harlan L. Honon 

Mr. J. Christopher Naftzger 

Mr. Derek E. Pletch 

Mr. Charles Warner Sommardahl, Jr, 

Class of 1987 

JS. 5% of the elms conmbuied 

Mr. Edward A. Hunt III 

Mr. WiUiam T. M. Newton 

Mr. Robert E. Prather 

Mr. F, Scott Soukup 

Mr. Jeffrey L. Jackson 
Mr. J. Trcnr Jones 

Mr. Timothy M.O'Keeff"e 
Mr. D, Eraser Orr. Jr. 

Mr. Jonathan D. Saigeant 
Mr. Douglas Alan Selzer 

Mr. M. Alesier Spears 
Mr. Philip D. Spessard 

Mr. Michael P. Kehoe 

Mr. Gordon E, Parker. Jr. 

Mr. S. Stuart Shiplen 

Mr, Rodney J. Tallagnon 

Mr. W. Kirby Arnall 
Mr. Pc\Ton W. Arrz 
Mr. James L. Banning 
Mr. WiUiam E. Barr 
Mr, David C. Brown 
Mr. Counney W. Campbell 
Mr, Roben K. Citrone 
Mr. Ashby W. Coleman 
Mr. Eric M. Cons 
Mr. Laurence M. Dickinson 

Mr. Timothv M. Kelly 

Mr. Ryder Lee Perkins 

Mr. Robert Francis Stockhausen, Jr. 

Mr. Hugh Brandon Thompson 

Mr. Roger H. W. Kirbv 

Mr. Edwin Peny PerneU III 

Dr. W. Scort Street IV 

Mr. George M, Trible I\^ 


Mr. Paul E. Pisano 

Mr. John R. Timmons 

Mr. Stephen R, Tubaugh 

Mr. Monte Lehmkuhler 

Mr. Christopher W. Powell 

Mr. Henry Rvland Walker. Jr. 

Mr. Keith H. Wads^vorth 

Mr. Brad A. Lower 

Mr, Charles WPryor III 

Mr. Taylor S.Walker 

Mr.JohnF, Ware III 

Mr. John W. MaJoney 
Mr. Kevin E, Martingayle 
Mr, Craig L. Massey 
Mr, Timothy L. Mayo 

Mr. James W. Rapier 
Dr. John N. Richardson 
Mr. R- Kinckle Robinson 

Mr. David S. Wallace 
Dr. G. Clifford Walton 
Mr. Stephen K. Waskey 
Mr. James R.Wilkins III 

Class of 1992 

2'i.5% of the class contributed $7,720.00 

Mr. 0. Randolph Minter, Jr. 
Mr, S. A. Brinon Neal 

Mr. Christopher M. Sawides 
Mr. Stanford L. Southworth 

Mr. William Page Wilson. Jr. 
Mr. Kirk A. Zambetri 

Mr, Paul B. Amos 

Mr. Richard W. Eggleston 
Mr. Timothy C.EIIer 
[)r, George E. Fahy III 
Mr, Harnson Moncure Geho 
Mr. William B. Goode IV 

Mr, Tayloe N. Negus 
Mr, Daniel Lee Newell 
Mr. Frank C. Page 
Mr. Charles W. Payne, Jr. 

Mr. Gregory L. Taylor 

Dr. Patrick J. Taylor 

Mr. Trueman C. S. Thompson 

Mr. P, Thomas Thurmond III 

Class of 1991 

.'9 / "o of the class co>itnlmtedS8.2MOO 

Mr. C. Todd Ayers 
Mr. Sabat P, Barber 
Mr, John S. Barrow 
Mr. Peter C. Bennen. Jr. 
Mr. Aaron C, Beshears 

Mr. Andrew T. Gray 
Mr. Phillip M.Heflin, Jr. 
Mr. Richard Keith Hope 
Mr. John B. Hylton 

Mr. H. Stephen Peri 

Mr. Henr>- R. Pollard, V 

Mr. Samuel S. Proctor 

Dr. Alexander George Rabchevsk)' 

Lt, F. Cari Riedlin 

Captain C. Richard Valiant, Jr. 
Mr, Bmce Daniel Wenger 
Mr. Phillip Lee Williams 

Mr. George W, Yurgaiiis. Jr. 

Mr. William P. Allison 
Mr. David Kerr .Archibald 
Mr. Kevin L. Arnngton 
Mr. Andrew Gornell Ballou 

Mr. Carl H. Bivens 
Captain R. Dwayne Bowyer 
Mr. Charles P. Britt 
Mr, Shawn D. Brown 

Mr. J. Brian Jackson 

Mr. Blake H. Blythe 

Mr, James T. Call 

Mr. W. Borden James 

Mr, J. Christopher Schoen 
Mr. Joseph M.Teefey. Jr. 
Mr, Harrv P. Umberger 
Mr. William E. Ware III 
Mr. Christopher R. Welch 
Mr. Christopher M. Wilkinson 
Mr, C. Timodiy Williford 
Mr, Warner R. Winborne 

Class of 1990 

36. 1 % of the class contributed 

Mr. Michael G. Boehling 
Mr. R. Morgan Bray 

Mr, Fitzhugh Lee Cantrell 
Mrs. Eunice W. Carwile 

Mr. Patrick B- Kane 


Mr. Michael L Breeden 

Mr. Rives B. Coleman 

Mr, Brian D. Kev-ser 

Mr. Allan W, Brock. Jr. 

Mr. RandM, DuPricst 

Mr. J. Kendall Killgore 
Mr. Patrick H. Kirchmier 
Mr. Robert P. Kline 
Mr. JeffVev- E. Lee 

Mr. M. Seth Adams 
Captain Robert B. Babcock 
Mr. Thomas H, Bart 
Mr. Margin Buder Bennen III 

Mr, WdliamT. Buder III 
Mr. Joseph Scort Caldwell W' 
Mr. Michael J. Citrone 
Mr. Gardner E.Cobb III 

Mr. Kenneth McKetler Elliott III 
Mr. William H. English, Jr. 
Mr. Floyd T. Fallen. Jr. 
Mr. Jeremv D. Fass 

Dr. Wavne B. Lucas 

Mr. E. Lombard Morgan, Jr. 

Mr. J. Scon Benton 

Mr. Walter August Blocker II 

Mr. Barry Bruce Conrad II 
Mr, Paul A. Coudert 

Captain John M, Field 
Mr. P. Mahood Fonville, Jr. 

Mr. Maran J. O'Brien 111 

Mr. J. Phillip Bollinger 

Mr.JohnP. Cullen 

Mr. Troy M. Hanna 

Mr. Charles Dee O'Dell II 

Class of 1989 

Mr. Kimball J. Bradley 

Mr. Gary H. Darden 

Mr. Jeffrey A. Harrison 

Mr, Thomas M. Parrish 

29. 5% of the class contubuted 

Mr. Thomas M. Browder III 

Mr. K- Christopher Darnell 

Mr, Michael Craig Hayes 

Mr. Caperton D. Putt 


Mr. David W. Bryant 

Mr. William Jones deBuns III 

Mr. Cecil W. Hickam III 

Dr. Manhew W. Robertson 111 

Mr. D, ToddBrydges 

Dr. Kevin L. Dbton 

Mr. Alan J. Hiss 

Dr. John E.Sadler III 

Mr. P. HobbsA]lison,Jr. 

Mr. Rudolph Bumgardner IV 

Mr. J. Fielding Douthat. Jr. 

Mr. D. Davies Hood. Jr. 

Mr. John Banks Sewell III 

Mr. A. Jackson Waddns Barber 

Mr. Garnert Williamson Byrd 

Mr. J. David Ewing 

Mr. George M. Howe III 

Mr. Han'ard B.Smith 

Mr. Christian E. Barth 

Dr, Thomas H. Cawthon, Jr. 

Mr. J. William Ferrell W 

Dr. J. David Hungarland 

Mr. HawesC. Spencer 

Dr. Jay C. Brtimfield 

Mr. Donald H, Clark, Jr. 

Mr. Robert Emmet Fiveash 

Mr. Brian A. Irving 

Lt- Christopher P. Stuan 

Mr. Michael C. Byrne 

Mr. G.Scort Clark 

Mr. Stephen R. Fore 

Mr. Christopher C. Jackson 

Mr. Daniel D. Tafcl 

Mr. Joseph K. Carroll 

Mr. Thomas Troy Coghill 

Mr. Earl David Grubbs, Jr. 

Mr. Sage Brannon Johnson 

Dr. J, Bradley Tertv 

Mr. Aide E. Chavez, Jr. 

Mr. Benjamin D. Comer 

Mr. Steven R. Hagan, Jr. 

Mr. Scon G. Kerndge 

Mr. Paul M. Thompson, Jr. 

Mr. Geoffrev S. Christ 

Mr. W. Paul Conrad III 

Mr. F. Benjamin Harrison 

Mr. Jeffrey A. Kctron 

Mr, David B. Troner 

Mr. Jusdn W. Cole 

Mr. John F. Cook III 

Mr. Robert W.Hinkle, Jr. 

Mr. Mario J. Kokolis 

Mr. John H.Turner III 

Mr. jeftey S. Collins 

Mr. Joseph W.Codin III 

Mr. Jon Michael Holland 

Mr. Thomas ]. MaJlis 

Mr, Gregor\' A. Warner 

Mr. Timothy M. Curtin 

Mr. R, Scott Curry- 

Mr. R. Edward L. Holt IV 

Mr. WdliamE, Mansfield III 

Mr. T. Ashbv Watts IV 

Mr. J. Roc Davis 

Mr. James R. DiUon III 

Mr. Michael T. Hubbard 

Mr. Douglas P, Meeb 

Mr. LeifK-Wigrcn 

Mr. John P. Delnegro 


Mr. David A. Ingram 

Mr. W. Favell Merchant 

Mr. Michael S. Emery 

Captain Mark K. duBose 

Mr, Clayion W. James 

Captain P. Alston Middleton. Jr. 

Class of 1988 

29.6% of the class contributed 

Mr. Thomas D. Evans 

Mr. Jean Paul DuBuquc 

Mr, John B. Jewell IV 

Mr. David S. Naismith 

Mr. Samuel W. Finney 

Mr, ,\ndrewM. Duke 

Mr, Michael Scott Jones, St. 

Mr. George W. Norris, Jr. 

Mr. David C. Fleming 

Captain Howard W. Eckstein 

Mr, Frederick B. Koehlet 

Mr. Samuel Todd Oglenee 

Mr. Mason S. Flinn 

Mr. Thomas Roland Edwards, Jr. 

Mr, Michael J. Ucks 

Mr. Daniel S. Owen 

Dr. Michael Amz 
,Mr, Craig E. Beckler 
Mr. Brerr P. Bennerr 
Mr, Bruce R. Besle)' 
Mr. John B. Brinson FV' 
Mr. M. DeaneChearhamlll 
Mr. Michael Barr)' Chenauir 
Mr. Mark A. Cirronc 
Mr. E. Adams Darden I\' 
.Mr. Beverly M.Davis 
,Mr. J. Forrester DeBuvs III 
Dr. F. Carl Demck lij 
Mr. John P. Donnelly 
Mr. Anthony P. Farina 
Captain Glenn A. Fink 
Mr. Frank W. Friedman 

Mr. David R. Foreman. Jr. 
Mr. David P. Gerber 

Mr. Charles M. Eschinger 

Mr. Samuel Porcher Gaillard I\' 

Mr, C. Scon LeHew 
Dr. Robert F. Lemert 

Mr. Jeff^ev' B. Parker 

Mr. Clunet H. Pettv'john III 

Mr. Patrick N. Getlein 
Mr. Read F. Goode. Jr. 
Mr. G. L Jeffreys Greene 

Mr. Frederick L. Garrett IV 
Mr. John V Glass III 
Mr. H. Phillip Goering 

Mr, Lawrence H. Manin III 
Mr, James J. McGrady 
Mr, Jonathan L. McGrady 

Mr. Michael Gregory Todd Randall 
Dr. Wdliam .Mian Rees 
Mr. H. E. Vann Russell 

Mr. Fred E. Hamlin III 

Mr. Edwin B. Gough III 

Mr, Robert Field Moorman 

Mr. Gary Scardina 

Mr. Marion Peebles Harrison 
Mr. Robert L.Ireland, Jr. 
Mr. Daniel A. Jenkin 
Mr. L. Bradley Johnson 

Mr. F. Brawner Greer 
Mr. J. Donald Gregg, Jr. 
Captain Alton Larue Gwaltney III 
Mr. L. Allen Hernngton. Jr. 

Mr. Patrick D. Mulquin 
Mr, Mark A. Newcomb 
Dr. George C, Ochs 
Mr. J. Michael Parkerson 

Mr. R. Brooks Scuny III 
Mr.Jeff^L Shaw 
Mr. Leonard W. Skelton, Jr. 
Mr. John Web Tyler Smith 

Dr. Christopher Keeley 

Mr. Arthur H, Kreienbaum III 


Mr. David L. Hobbs 
Mr.AlanH. Hulvey 
Mr. G. Todd Joyce 

Mr. RoryT. Perkins 
Mr. Courtney M. PerneU 
Mr. Braxton B, Pollard 

Mr, Kevin E. Smith 

Mr. Christopher W. Stevens 

Mr. Harold Craig Sanson 

Dr. Michael K. Leonard. Jr. 

Mr. Daniel J. KungI 

Mr. Brent W. Railey 

Mr. Bradle)' B. Teaguc 

Mr. Edward Mark Lewis 

Dr. Robert Scort Lake 

Mr. Jeremy W. Ransone 

Mr. Manhew J. Tucker 

Mr. Robert C. Lodge 

Dr. Joseph H. Lane. Jr. 
Mr. Robert C. Larimer III 

Mr, Christopher Haley Ray 

Mr. Russell D.Turner 
Mr. Manhew B. VCTiitaker 



Mr. George H. Whitmorc 
Mr. Justin H. Wodpcr 
Mr. E. Stanley Wray 
Mr. John A. Wyan 

Class of 1993 

21.8% of the cldss contributed S5, 030. 00 

Dr. John D. Aiken III 

Mr. C. Porter Banister, Jr. 

Mr. Leonid Barkan 

Mr. Keith L. Barksdale 

Mr. lefFere\' H. Biederman. Jr. 


Mr. B. Bradshaw Bray 

Mr. James Lee Bright 

Mr. William R, Carpenter IX'' 

Mr. D.Carlyle Chandler III 

Mr. Zachaiy W. Collett 

Mr. G. Alexander Cra\vford 

Mr. Stover Henr}- Creasy I\'' 

Mr. Joseph E. Dunn 

Mr. Hugh G. Edmunds 111 

Mr. S. Wayne Erwin, Jr. 

Mr. Holt Bradshaw Gray 

Mr. Matthew Scott Gregg 

Mr. Christopher D. Haddock 

Mr. David H. Head. Jr. 

Mr. Roger E. Hefltn. Jr. 

Mr. Jeffre\' B. Hensley 

Mr.WaiiamL. Hicks.Jr. 

Dr. Wilham C, Hope III 

Mr. James C. Jamison II 

Mr. Robert A. Jamison 

Mr. Thomas Wade Johnson 

Mr. Jason C. Kinnell 

Mr. Jon K. Kjos 

Mr. Eric J. Lindberg, Jr. 

Mr. John A. March. Jr. 

Mr. Matthew F. Mendez 

Mr. Carl B. Mica 

Mr. Timothy R. Ortman 

Mr. David B, Pearman 

Mr. William D. Puckett 11 

Mr. Mark J. Robertson 

Mr. Noel Mark Robinson 

Mr. Brian A. RoUison 

Mr. Wilson W. Schocllkopf 

Mr. Frederic L. Smith. Jr. 

Mr. Michael D. Smith 

Mr. Christopher H. Stanley 

Mr. L Mark Siepanian 

Mr. Geoffre)' M. Switz 

Mr. John E. Talmadge 

Mr. John T. Tapscon 

Mr. Edward T. Trapani 

Mr. Patrick M. Trout 

Mr. James H. Van Ness, V 

Mr. Gerald R. Walsh II! 

Mr. James E. White. Jr. 

Mr. Peter ThacherWonhen. Jr. 

Class of 1994 

29.5% of the class contrtbuied 

Mr. John Fletcher Abele. Jr. 
Mr. Peter Treida Alben 
Mr. David Anderson Barton 
Mr. Gustavus Holmes Bell I\' 
Mr. Coard Ames Benson 

Mr. Patieson Branch III 

Mr. Robert Holmes Brvson III 

Mr. William Blakeney Burr 

Mr. James C. Cardillo 

Mr. Christian Nils Carlson 

Mr. Stephen R. Chesnurt 

Dr. Beverley Boyden Clary III 

Mr. Roben Van Wyck Croker III 

Mr. George Steele Dewe>' FV 

Mr. John M. Evans, Jr. 

Mr. Christopher Lawrence Fallen 

Mr. Daniel G. Fannon 

Mr. John Christopher Faussemagne 

Mr. Michael Sinclair Finucane 

Mr. Brenon Richards Gaundett 

Mr. Bradford Keith Harris 

Mr. Samuel Patrick Henr)\ Jr. 

Mr. Vernon Blaine Hill 

Mr. Kenneth Gray Huicheson 

Mr. William Pinckney Irwin. V 

Mr. Ralph Hudnall Johnson III 

Dr. Jeremy Randel Koons 

Mr. James Christopher Lemons 

Mr. Gordon McLain MacGilt 

Mr. Christopher Manning Marlowe 

Mr. Edwin Sidney Martin III 

Mr. Robert WicklifFe McMahan 

Mr. John Joseph Meadows 

Mr. R. Bradley Meyers 

Mr. George Thomas Minton III 

Mr. Timothy Vaughan Monahan 

Mr. Bartow Morgan, Jr. 

Mr. John Cason Newbern 

Mr. John Arthur Nolde HI 

Mr. Raymond Oxmann, Jr. 

Mr. Michael Dwayne Pur\'is 

Mr. Joshua Hartley Rahman 

Mr. W. Taylor Rhodes 

Mr. Thomas Atkinson Roberts, Jr. 

Mr. Robert Houston Robinson, Jr. 

Mr. Chad S. Runnion 

Mr. Jason James Sandoval 

Mr. John Guerard Scott, Jr. 

Mr. Laine J. Seely 

Mr, John Howard Selzer 

Mr. William Francis Shumadine III 

Mr, John Claiborne SifFord 

Mr. Calvin Stanley Spencer, Jr. 

Mr. Roben Woods Spcssard III 

Mr. Dwayne H. Stinson 

Mr. John Caner Stone 

Mr. J. Ellsworth Summers, Jr. 

Mr. Gregory Douglas Suskind 

Mr. Malcolm K. Sydnor 

Mr. Christopher Dudley Turgcon 

Mr. Charles Malcolm Viser 

Mr. David Styles Warren 

Mr. John Stone Willim 111 

Mr. Bruce Marshall Wood 

Mr. James Alexander Wood, Jr. 

Class of 1995 

20.8% ofthe class contributed $5,875.00 

Mr. Adam Robert Anigliere 
Mr. Christopher L. Bedford 
Mr. Christopher W. Bishop 
Mr. Michael B. Burnette 
Mr. Tyler B. Butler 
Mr. R^ Neal Butt 
Mr. R. Scott Carr 
Mr. David Edmund Carter 
Mr. Manin B. Clapp 
Mr, John Edward Day 111 
Mr. David G. DeFazio 
Mr. G. Berkeley Edmunds 
Mr. James W. Eitcl 

Mr. James Arthur Evans III 

Mr. T. Rutherfoord Ferguson 

Mr. Trevor S. Fitzgibbon 

Mr. Ryan V. Godsil 

Mr. Buckner Woodford Hamilton III 

Mr. John Lee Hemmer 111 

Mr. Dempscy Wood Hodges III 

Mr. F. Spam Hodges 

Mr. Roben T. Hord 

Mr. Henr>- Charles Hun III 

Mr. David Christopher Kellev 

Mr. Timothy Michael Kelley 

Mr, Matthew S. Kerry 

Mr. Peter A Leggen, Jr. 

Mr. Andrew C. Lowe 


Mr. Junius McCall 

Mr. Scon P. McFalls 

Mr. Matthew W. McGuirk 

Mr. MarkG. Meitz 

Mr. Matthew D. Michael 

Mr. David P. Mitchell 

Mr. Colin T. Monene 

Mr, Kelbv M. Morgan 

Mr, Brvan Norfleet 

It. GeoffVev- R. O'Neill 

Mr. Jeffrey G. Overand 

Mr. Anastasios M. Pantoulis 

Mr. William T. Pebworth 

Mr. Scott T. Pomeroy 

Dr. James R. Powell 

Mr. Manhew J. Regan 

Mr, Dixon M. Rollins, Jr. 

Mr. Marshall W. Schoenthal 

Mr. John M. Stone 

Mr. John Alben Siuhr III 

Mr. Luke C. Suber 

LTJG Christopher M. Suner 

Mr. Brian Michael Taylor 

Mr. Cleveland D. Turner 

Mr. Daniel Cross Turner 

Mr. Charles T. Upchurch 

Mr. John W.Warren, Jr. 

Mr. Huben H. Young III 

Class of 1996 

13.4% ofthe class contributed $2.243.3-i 

Mr. Trey J. Blocker 

Mr. Ralph R. Chesson III 

Mr. Ryan J. Cudnik 

Mr. Douglas L Daniels 

Mr. Theodore J. Doremus 

Mr. Jeremy .'Mexander Ellis 

Mr. Alben P. Finch IV 

Mr. Mark O. Gough 

Mr. Rvan S. Henry 

Mr. Christian D. Higgins 

Mr. William Christopher Hight 111 

Mr. Thomas W. Johnson, Jr, 

Mr. Paul B. Kelley 

Mr. Leland Thompson Moore, Jr. 

Mr. Brian J. Musselwhite 

Mr. Justin Z. Naifeh 

Mr. Jeffrey H. Nottingham 

Mr. Clay B. Persinger 

Mr. Allan L. Punill, Jr, 

Mr. Edward Jarratt Ramse\' 111 

Mr. John L. Reynolds IV ' 

Mr. Brent J. Schneider 

Mr. Brian C. Sommardahl 

Mr. F. Bruce Stephens 

Mr. Eric T. Strong 

Mr. W. Scon Thomasson 

Mr. Randolph FuJmonds Trow III 

Mr. M, Alexander ^X'hite 

Mr, W. Palmer Wilkins 111 

Mr. Hairy Lee Williams 111 

Class of 1997 

13% ofthe class contributed $2,106.50 

. David Lee Adamson 

. Christian Clark Andresen 

. George Carpenter Andrews, Jr. 

. David L. Ball 

. Jeffrey P. Bennen 

. Roben Carr Boyd, Jr. 

. Da^id W. Cias 

. Priesdey Cooper Coker W 

.Anhur P.Cook III 

. William Clark Coulbourn 

. Michael P. DcBender 

Bren E. Eckley 

Charles T. Fonville 

Arthur M. Fowler III 

Roben S.Frick 111 

Nathan C, Gingras 

Jeremy D. Graybill 

James Andrew Harrell 111 

James M. Ha\'nes, Jr. 

John A Howard, Jr 

Chadwick M. Jamison 

James Clinton KeOv 

Oscar H. G. Laserna 

Ross M. Lodge 

^'"lUiam Douglas Lowry 

Brandon L. McGee 

Shawn L. McMahon 

Walter Scon Montgomery IV 

John Neimer IV 

Warren M. Pace III 

Roben H. Ramsey 

Mark E, Ranson 
. Stephen A. Saunders 

George Ellis Summers 

Adam T. Talaber 

Christopher L. Vale 
. Harold William WeUs IV 

Roben P, Wood III 

Class of 1998 

21.1% ofthe cLus contributed $2,194.50 

. Richard Aaron Bakewell 

Christopher Edward Beck 

Richard Gram Berlin 

Joshua Lee Benridge 
. Shaun Phillip Bourgeois 

Norman Lee Bowles. Jr. 

Daniel John Burke 

Wdliam JefiVey Callard 
. Christopher Chadwicke Caples 

Brian Roben Conner 

Clyde W. Copeland 111 

Bradley Gray Dalton 

James Christopher Douglas 

Jason Lawrence Ehlen 

Mark Hodges Evans 

Mark Ernst Feldmann, Jr. 

Mark Finelli 

David Caldwell Gardner 

Brian Wilson Gearing 
. Timothy Kendall Gibson 

Harold Henderson Goings. Jr. 

Ryan Michael Gravender 

Orville Lee Gwaltney III 

David Blair Hanna 

John Cabell Higginbotham 

Charles Scon Hughes 

John Jay Kapp 

Jason Chad Kecfer 

Thomas Edward Kcglcy 

Christopher R>'an Kcyscr 

Mr. William Joseph Lamic 

Mr. David Gary Lawrence, ]r. 

Mr. John Roben Lively, Jr. 

Mr. John M. Long 

Mr. Samuel i^on Marks 

Mr. Anderson Locken Marsh 

Mr. James Bryson McCain 

Mr. Roben Bryant McCulley 

Mr. Chadwick Paxton McGrady 

Mr. Wyndell Hunt Merrin II 

Mr. Douglas Bishop Morgan 

Mr. Lawrence Knox Morrison 

Mr. Brandon L. Ogburn 

Mr, Curtis Wayne Owen, Jr. 

Mr. Alan Scon Palmer 

Mr. Roben Avery Peay 

Mr. Brad Alan plybon 

Mr. Bradley Edward Roberts 

2nd Lt. Jonathan Laurence Schneider 

Mr. Rodney Craig Seay 

Mr. Wilham Douglas Selden VI 

Mr. Rodney' Anthony Shifflene 

Mr. Craig Thomas Smelter 

Mr. WiUiam Todd Smith 

Mr. McKeen Starke 

Mr. Justin Marklev Swisher 

Mr. Thomas Bryan Tims 

Mr. Wdliam Vernon TjTies 111 

Mr. Jonathan Darst Vordermark 

Mr. Michael Ryan Walker 

Mr. James Yanccv Washington 

Mr, Jason Wesley Wood 

Mr. Brian Phillip Workman 

Class of 1999 

8.3% ofthe class contnbuied $2,298.00 


Mr. Benjamin G. Barbour 
Mr. Timothy J. Cattie 
Mr. Matthew A. Chidley 
Mr, Drew C. DeLancy 
Mr. Proaer L. Fishburne 
Mr. Stanford T. Gamen IV 
Mr. Thomas A. Gillespie 
Mr. Andrew M, Habenicht 
Mr. J. Philip Hodson, Jr. 
Mr. Justin P. Holofchak 
Mr. Stephen G. Hopkins 
Mr, Ryan T. Hutchins 
Mr. William Gustav Johnson 
Mr. John M. Lowiy 
Mr. John E. Mason 
Mr, William Tay Moss 
Mr. Adam A. Olchowski 
Mr, John S. Pumphre)' 
Mr. James T. Rankin 
Mr. Alex D. Robbins 
Mr. Christopher T. Rudzinski 
Mr. Edward D. Smith 
Mr. Ryan 1, Smits 

Class of 2000 

Mr. John H. Belmonte 

Mr. David M. Harrell 

Mr. Christian B. Kautz-Scana\y 

Mr. Christopher R. Thompson 

Class of 2002 

Ml. Samuel \'aughan Wilson 111 


1998-99 PARENTS 

PARKS TS 1998-99 


Mr. & Mn. Donald J. Boucher 

Mr. & Mn. John P. Cattano 

Mn. Roy C. Deal 

Ml. & Mn. Irving L. Fass 

Mr. & Mr. Gcotgc F, Albright, Jr. 74 

Mr. & Mn. William B. Bourne III 

Mr. & Mn. Roben K. Caudle, Jr. '68 

Mt. & Mn. Horace A. Deane, Ji. 

Mi. & Mn. Jack Faussemagne 

Mr. & Mn. AJoandcr .Macajider 

Mr. & Mn. John Watts Bowditch 

The Hon. & Mn. James H. Chamblin 

Mi. & Mn. Enrico Giacomo Del 

Mn. Frank F. Faust 

The Rev. & Mi5. John L, Alocandcr '64 

Mn. Cecil C. Bowman 



Mr. & Mr. Donald C. Fava 

Mr. &Mn. Herman W.Allen. Jr. 

Mi. & Mn. Donald C. Bowman, St. 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Chapman III 

Mt. & Mn. Joseph L. Dennison 

Mr. & Mr. Mark E. Feldmann, Sr. '70 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert B. Allen '55 

Mt. & Mn. James R. Bowman, Jt. 

Mr. M. D. Cheatham. Jr. 

Mi. & Mn. WiUard E. Dent 

Mn. Carol B. Fentress 

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Hobbs Allison 

Mn. Barbara C Boyd 


Di.& Mts. Henty Clark Dcnso 

Mr. & Mn. Allen Mead Ferguson 

Mr. & Mrs. Mosby R. Allmond. jt. 

Ml. & Mn. James N. Boyd '58 

Mrs. Ruth Anne Reed Chinvood 

Mr. & Mn. Pemn T. DesPones 

Mr. & Mn. William M. Ferguson, Jr. 

Mr. Ftank AJIoca 

Ml. Bruce Alan Btaddy 

Doaors Surrinder & Kamlesh Chopra 

Dr. & Mn. P. C. Devine 


Mr. RasvleA.AUovs'ay 


Mr. & Mrs. Stuan G. Christian. Jr. 

Mn. F. Lyman Dewey 

Mr. & Mn. Amado Fernandez 

Mr, & Mrs. R. B. Allpotl. Jt. 

Mi. & Mn. Numa P. Biadnet '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry P. Clifford 

Mr. &Mn. G.Steele Dewey 111 

Mr. & Mn. Ruben Fernandez 

Mi. & Mts. Randolph M. .Mtman 

Mn. Paneson Branch 


Mt. & Mr. William G. deWmdt 

Mr. & Mn. J. William Fenell Iir62 

Mr. & Mrs. ChaHes C. Ames '58 

Mt. & Mn. Paneson Branch, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Earnest D. Coalter. Jr. 

Dr. & Mn. Tliomas E. DcWolfe 

Mr. & Mn. Dennis P. Finger '66 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Amon 

Ml. & Mn. Robett E. Blanch 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Garland Coates 

Dr. & Mn. Thomas L Dickens 11 

Mr. Lowery D. Finley, Jr. '39 

Mr. & Mrs. James G. Anderson. Sr. '55 

Mt. & Mn. Mavnard L Brandt 

Mrs. Virginia Cochran 

Mn. S. L. Dickenson 

Mr. & Mn. Brendan E. Ftnucane 

Dr. & Mn. Roben H. .\nderson 

Mi.&Mn. H. H. Btaxton.Jt. 

Dr. Carolyn Cochrane 

Mr. & Mn. Curtis M. Dickinson 

Ms. Mary Eleanor Fisher 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Ward .\ndeison III 

Mt.&Mts.J. RobeitBiay'60 

Dr. & Mrs. Vernon L. Cofer, Jr. 

Mn. Dixie Dickinson 

Mn. Maynard N. Fisher 

Dr. & Mrs. George C. Andrews, Sr. 

Mt. & Mn. Edward L. Biecden III '56 

Dr. Thomas M. Coghill 

Mr. & Mn. John Jackson Dickinson, 

Mr. & Mn. William C Fitzgerald '53 

Dr. & Mrs. Bumess F. .\nsell. Jr. '54 

Ml. & Mn. Sydney P. Bntt 

Mr. & Mrs. Morgan M. Coleman 


Mr. & Mn. William H. Flannagan, Sr. 

.Mr. & Mrs. Steve H. Apking 

Mi. & Mn. J. Alfted Bioaddus. Ji. 

Mr. & Mrs. WilUam E. Coleman, jr. 

Mr. August A. Dietz III '46 - Deceased 


.Vits. Carol E. Applegate 

Mn. Anne D. Biockenbiough 


Mt. & Mn. Charles M. Dietz '52 

Mr. & Mn. Gregory M. Fogle, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Armata 

Mt. &Mn. Edwin D.Bioob,Ji. 

Mr. M. J. Boyd Colgate 

Mt. & Mn. Jackie E. Diggs 

Col. & Mr. Wdliam R. Foley 

.Mr. & Mrs. .^van M. Aron '5.5 

Mt. & Mn. Gardinei T. Btoob, Ji. '51 

Mr. &Mn. John Collie, Jr. 

Mt. & Mr. James C Diggs, Jt. 

Dt. 8d Mr. Paige B. Folio 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. .Arthur, Jr. 

Mn. Katherine M. Biooks 

Mr. & Mn. Enc M. Coloncy 

Dt. & Mn. Ftanklin Dili 

Ml. & Mn. Roben E, Forehand, Jt. 

Mrs. James Aihby III 

Ml- & Mn. William Townsend Biooks 

.Mr. Roben T Comet III 

.Ml. & Mn. Lestet L. Dillard '40 

Ml. & Mn. Giegoiy D. Foreman '71 

Mr. & Mrs. Braxton Ashe 

Ml. &Mn. Willie L Biooks, Jt. 

Di. & Mn. Wilson S. Comet. Jl. '72 

Mr. & Mn. James R. Dillon, Jr. 

Mn. John H. Fowlkes 

Mr. & Mre. John B. Ashton 

Ml. & Mn. Archibald M. Brown 

Mn. Pamela W. Connolly 

Mt. & Mr. Wliam T. Doggett 

Mi. & Mn. Christophet E. Fox, St. 

Dt. & Mn. 'WJham H. Atwill 

Mr. & Mn. Charles Crisnun Brown 

The Rev. & Mrs. Camcton H. 

Mt. & Mr. Richaid A. Dohcny 

Mi. & Mn. Geoige C. Fieeman, Jt. '52 

Ms. Elayne B. A.xel 

Mr. & Mn. Francis B. Brown 

Conovei. Jt. 

Mi. & Mr. Richaid B. Donaldson, Jt. 

Mn. Jeanne H. Fieeman 

Mr. & Mts. Ryland A. Babb, Jt. '61 

Mr. &Mn. Gary W.Brown 

Ml. & Mn. Barry B. Conrad 


Dt. & Mn. Arthur H. Friedman 

Mrs. Bariiara D. Bagwell 

Mr. & Mn. Harry E. Brown 

Mr. & Mn. Roben Conroy 

Mts. Noirna L. Donelson 

Mr. & Mn. Hunrer B. Frischkom III 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin B.Baker '64 

Mr. & Mn. Ronald C. Brown 


Mn. Fiancis R Donohuc 

Mr. & Mn. Kenneth A. Fritsche 

Mr. & Mrs. I. Thomas Baker 

Dr. & Mn. Ronald L. Brosvn 

Mr. & Mn. Frederick E. Cooper 

Mt. Roben C. Doiey, Jt. 

Mr. & Mn. J. Cunis Emit 

Mr. & Mrs. C.Fred Ball, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. David Earl Browning 

Mr. & Mn. Sam A. Cosenza, Jr. 

Mt. & Mn. Heniy Dom, Jt. 

Mt.&Mn. Alfted E.Fty 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bance 

Mr. & Mn. Caner B. Bryan 

Mr. & Mn. Thomas E. Coulboum 

Mt.JeffiessS. Donch.Jt. '35- 

Ml. & Mn. Canet B. S. Furr, Sr. '54 

Mr. & Mrs. C. P. Banistet, Sr. 

Mr. & Mn. John M. Bryan 

Mn. Rosa Lee Cozan 


Dr. & Mn. John H. Fun, Sr. 

Mr. &Mn. Charles A. Banks III 

Mr. & Mn. William A. Bryan 


Mt. & Mr. James F. Douthat '64 

Mr. & Mn. Paul E. Galanti 

The Rev. & Mrs. Edwin B. Barbour 

Mr. & Mn. Joseph J. Bryant, Ji. 

Mr. & Mn. Uoyd L Ctaighill 

Mt. & Mr. Charles H. Dowdy III 

Mr. & Mr. James G. Gamble FV 

Mr. & Mis. Stephen E. Barlow 

Mn. Judy G. Btyant 

Ml. & Mn. Richaid A. Crittenden 

Mt. & Mr. John C. Doziet, St. 

Mn. Maty K. Gamble 

Mt. & Mts. Scott Y. Barnes 

Mt. & Mn. Donald N. Buie 

Dt. & Mn. Charles Lucian Ctocken. 

Mn. Susan Diewety 

Ml. & Mn. Timothy R, Gammons 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Ewell Ban 

Mt. & Mn. James C. Bumpas 

Jt. '42 

Ml. Chailes L. Duckwonh 

Ml. & Mn. John C. Gaibei 

Mr. & Mn. Alban K. Barrtis. Jr. 

Dt. Walter E.Bundy III 

Mn. RobenV. Ctoket.Ji. 

Mt.&Mn. O.W.Dudley III 

Ml. & Mn. Douglas Benajah Gaidnet 

Mrs. Juha M. BaskerviU 

Ml. &Mn.JohnJ.Buike 

Ml. & Mn. T. Ftank Ciowder '45 

Captain & Mn. Roben W. Duke 

Ml. & Mn. Wdliam R. Gaidnet, Jt. '57 

Col. Frank A. Bates, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Theodore J. Buir, Jt. '66 

Dt.&Mn. James A. Cioweli III 

Mt. & Mr. Michael V. Duncan 

Ml. & Mn. Roben L. Garnet 

.Mrs. Josephine W. Banen 

Mt. & Mn. Richaid C. Bunoughs, Sr. 

Dt. & Mn. Kim S. Gulp 

Mt. & Mr. Harold M. Dunnagan 

Dr. & Mn. Sranford Taylor Gamen III 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Beahm 

Mr. & Mn. Joseph E. Bush 

Ml. & Mn. John E. Culvet 

Mt. & Mr. Ammon G. Dunton, Jt. 

Dr. &Mn.JohnB.Garren,Jr. 

.Mr. & Mrs. Das-id F. Bear. Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Beniamin M. Buder '63 

Dt. & Mn. Jesse W. Cumbia 

Mi. & Mr. Thomas B. Duquene 

Mr. & Mn. David C Gaist 

.Mr. & Mts. Kempet M. Beaslw, Jt. 

Mr. & Mn. C. Baylor Buder, Sr. 

Mn. Roben M. Gumming 

Mt. & Mn. Roben S. Dutto 

The Hon. & Mn. Ernest P. Gates, St. 

Mi. & Mts. Billy E. Belchet 

Mn. William T. Buder, Jr. 

Ml. & Mn. Alfted T. Guriee '47 

Dt. & Mn. Harre A. Easley III 


Mr. & Mts. Wiiiam J. Belmonte, St. 

Mr. & Mn. Wilham P. Burrerfield 

Ml. & Mn. Richaid S. Cuity, Si. 

Mt. & Mn. W. Robert Eason, St. '40 


Mr. & Mts. Harvey T. Benncn, Jr. 

Dr. & Mn. Julian T. Buxton, Jr. 

.Ml. & Mn. Donald D. Cunis 

Mn. Sara M. Eckstein 

Dt. & Mn. Frank W. Gearing 111 

Mrs. Patricia .Ann Benzc 

Mr. & Mn. Napoleon B. Bvan 

Ml. & Mn. Tony D. Gums '72 

Mr. & Mn. Roben R Edens '58 

Mr. & Mn. WJham Gee 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Bereska 


Mn. H. Powell Custis 

Mt. & Mn. Hugh G. Edmunds '28 

Mr. & Mn. George I. Gecz, Jr. 

Mrs. Karen G. Berry 

Mr. & Mn. Anthony V. Caggiano. Sr. 

Mn. Mary Louise Cuttci 

Mt. & Mn. Hugh G. Edmunds. Jt. '64 

Mr. & Mn. Roger D. Gibson 

Mr. & Mrs. James R Bettendorf 

Mr. & Mn. W. Davidson Call 

Mn. Ellen S. Cuylen 

Mi. & Mn. Richaid C. Edmunds. Ji. 

Mr. & Mn. Lany R Gilbenson '69 

.Mr. & Mn. John P. Bietowski 

Dr. & Mn. Hawcs Campbell III '60 

Mi. & Mn. Ftederick M. Dabney 


Mr. & Mn. Roger H. GUI 

Admiral & Mrs. David S. Bill 111 

Ml. & Mn. Robett B. Campbell 

Mn. Roben L. Dabney III 

Di. & Mn. WJliam M. Edwards '65 

Mr. & Mn. John K. Gillenwarer 

Mr. Ebner Billman 

Mt. & Mn. Roy Kenner Campbell 

Mt. & Mn. Roben E. Dael 

Mn. Doris I. Egenon 

Mr. & Mn. Thomas D. Gillespie, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Blackburn 

Mr. &Mn. Harold B.aplcs, Jr. 

Mi. & Mn. Rufus E. Dallon 

Mi. & Mn. Sam D. Eggleston, Jt. 

Mr. & Mr. William A. GiUcspie, Sr. 

Mr.&Mrs.JohnD. Blackwell 


Ml. &Mn. Wilfrid A. Daly III 

Col. & Mn. M, E. Ekman 


Mr. & Mrs. Charles ,\. Blanton 11 '44 

Mn. Jan Headi CaiU 

Mn. Ann Hill Daniel 

Mt. & Mn. Randolph M. Eldei 

Dr. & Mr. Teny J. Gingtas 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank McFaden Blanton 

Mn. Katharine Livaudais Camahan 

Dt. & Mn, Jetome M. Daniel 

Ml, & Mn. Colin M. Elliot 

Dt. & Mr. Ftederick T. Given, Jr. '49 


Mr. Christopher Francis Carney 

.Ml. & Mn. Thomas B. Davidson. Jt. 

Mi. & Mn. Roben W. EUithoipe 

Dr. & Mr. Allen M. Glasgow '64 

Mr. & Mrs. 'Willoughby C. Blocker, St. 

Mn. E. B. Carpentei 


Mn. Rose S. Emerick 

Mr. & Mr. Howard W. Glasgow, Jr. 

Mt. & Mts. Haiold E. Blondeau 

Mt. & Mn. John H. Carpentei 

The Hon. B. A. Davis 111 

Mi. & Mn. Edward T. Enright. Jr. 

Mr. & Mr. John V. Glass, Jr. 

The Rev. Di. & Mis. Rcbctt Bluford, 

Mi. & Mn. David R. Carrington 

Mn. Debbie P. Davis 

Mr. & Mn. David Leeds Eustis 

Mr. & Mr. Thomas H. Glass III 

Jr. '45 

Mt. & .Mn. Richard A. Carrington III 

Ml. & Mn. E. Causey Davis, Ji. '72 

Mr. &Mn. Alfted L Evans. Jr. 

Mr. & Mr. Richard H. Godsey 

Mr. & Mn. Harold U. BIythe '64 

Mr. & Mn. Stephen T. Carson 

Mn. J. Gamen Davis, Sr. 

Mr. & Mn. John Michael Es-ans 

Dr. John R, Good '52 

Mr. & Mn. Thomas J. Boehling 

Mr. Edward B. Carter, Jr. 

Mn. Glenda G. Davis 

Mr. & Mn. Thaddeus Evans. Jr. 

Dr. & Mr. Roben H. Goodnight 

Mr. & Mn. Robert Louis Bohotfoush 

Mr. & Mn. William P. Caner '68 

Mn. Gloria S. Davis 

Mr. & Mn. Thomas M. Everenc, Sr. 

Mt. & Mn. Ftank Goodpastuie III 

Dt.&Mn. Thomas J. Boll 

Mr. & Mn. George B. Canledge. Jr. 

Mn. Peggy Campei Davis 

Mr.&Mn. Floyd T Fallen 

Mr. & Mn. W. A. Goodwm 

Mi. & Mn. Jon N. Boiling 


Dt. & .Mn. Ronald Kennedi Davis 

Mr. & Mn. James H. Fannon, Jr. 

Mi. & Mn. G. Deanes Gomto 

Mr. & Mn. Thomas 0. Bondurant 

Mr. & Mn. James C. Caruso 

Mi. Samuel F. Davis, Jt. 

Mr. & Mn. Gregory S. Parish. Sr. 

Ml. & Mn. WJliam B. Gtaham '43 

Mi. & Mn. Walton G. Bonduranr, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Thomas L. Carver 

Mi. Wilham T. Davis, St. 

Mr. & Mr. Welford S. Fanner 

Mi. & Mn. Haivey Giangci, Jt. 

Dr. & Mn. Frank M. Boodi III '66 

Mr. & Mn. James H. Carwile 


Mi. & Mn. Vemon D. Dawson '53 

Mr. & Mr. Lany E. Fanai '62 

Mn. Chailes E. Gleen 






^' .A 


Gary Rollins ofAtLinta, owner of Rollins, Inc. 

and of an Orkin franchise, is the father of 

Ori'ille Wayne Rollins '97. 

A past parent and a 

continuing donor, 

Gary Rollins says, 

''My wife and I support 

H amp den-Sydney 

College because we 

appreciate the quality 

and tradition of the 

education it provides 

and respect the integrity 

of its leadership. " 

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Green 
Mr. & Mrs. James W. Green 
Mr. & Mrs. Terry L. Green 
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur T. Greene. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Greene, Sr. 
Captain & Mrs. Wallace A, Greene 
Dr. & Mrs. JoKn Robert Greenwood 

Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence W. Greer. Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Kossen Gregory' "42 
Mr. & Mr^. Eaward B. Gnmball, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. R. Bryan Grinnan III '37 
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip D. Griswold 
-Mr, & Mrs. Gar\' A. Gronewald 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Groonell 
Mr. & Mrs. William Howe Grover. Sr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Walter L Grubb. Jr. "57 
Mr. & Mrs. Morris E. Gunn, Jr. 
Mrs, John Arch Gurkin. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Guthridge '68 
Mr. & Mn. Barry A. Hacknej' '67 
Mr. & Mrs. Hariy V. Haga, Jr. '48 
Lt. Gov. & Mrs. John H. Hager 
Mrs. Mary S. Moeller Hailey 
Mr.&Mrs. H.Edward Hal'es. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Gary N. HaU 
Mr.&Mrs, B.W.Hamilton, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce H. Hamilron 
Mr. & Mn. Derek H. Hamilton 
Mr. & Mrs. Gifford D. Hampshire 
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy B. Hampton '75 
Mrs. Demetria V. Hanna 
Mr. & Mn. Eugene B. Hardin, Jr. 
Col. & Mrs. ,A W. Hardy 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Daniel Hardy, Jr. "'1 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Hargadon 
Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Harker 
Mr. & Mn. John P. Harlow. Jr. '42 
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Harper 
Mrs. L. C. Harrell. Jr. 
Mrs. Elizabeth T. Harris 
Mr. H. Hirer Harris, Jr. - Deceased 
Mr. &Mn. Harold M.Harns 
Mr. & Mn. J. Roben Harris III 72 
Mr. & Mn. J. Scon Harris "^3 
Mr. & Mn. Robert D. Hams 
Mr. & Mn. T. G. Harris 
Mr. & Mn. W. Allen Harrison 
Mr. & Mn. Dennis F. Harrup, Jr. 
Mr. & Mn. Michael D. Hartley '69 
Mr. & Mn. Dan M. Hanzog, Sr. 
Mr. & Mn. Harlan E. Harvey 
Mr. & Mn. Scon M. Harwood, Sr. '65 
Mr. & Mn. Robert V. Hatcher. Jr. '51 
Dr. & Mn, John Q. Hatten "44 
Mr. & Mn. Lawrence W. Haun 
Mr. & Mrs. James T. Hawk 
The Hon. & Mn. William P. Hay. Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Grant C. Hayes 
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce R. Hazelgrove 
Mr. & Mn. Joseph A, Hazl^ove, Sr. 

Mr. & Mn. Joseph A, Hazlcgrovc, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Joel B. Hcaion 
Mr. & Mn. James T. Heery. Jr. 
Mr. & Mn. Roger E. Heflin 
Mn. Harrison H. Heibcrg, Jr. 
Mn. George H. Heilig. Jr. 
Mr. & Mn. W, Steve Hendrix 
Mr. & Mn. Ronald M. Henry "56 
Mr. & Mn. Thornton M. Henry 
Mn. Nancy Brown Hereford 
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard A. Herrington 
Mr. & Mn. Bernard A. Hess - 

Mr. & Mn. Darrell E. Hewett 
Mr. & Mn. James Hickcy 
Dr. Paul P. Hicks. Jr. 
Dr. & Mn. James A. Higgs. Jr. '48 
Mr. & Mn. James R. Hock 
Mr. & Mn. John P. Hodson 
Mr. & Mn. Vernon A. Hocy 
Mr. & Mn. J. G. Hoflcr 

Dr. & Mn. John W. HoUowell 
Mr. &Mn. Roben E.LHoh III 
The Hon. & Mn. George E. Honts III 
Mn. Rav-mond C. Hooker. Jr. 
Mr. & Mn. Billy G. Hopkins 
Mr. & Mn. William D. Hopkins '66 
Mr. & Mn. Irvin G. Homer 
Mr. & Mn. Ross A. Hotchkiss. jr. 
Mr. & Mn. John W. Howard. Jr. '50 
The Hon. Dr. & Mn. Edward L 

Mr. & Mn. C. Randolph Hudgins, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. John .\. Hudson, jr. '49 
Captain & Mrs. Alben Hunt 
Mr. & Mn. James V. Hunt 
Mr. & Mn. William E. Hunt. jr. 
Mr. & Mn. William Pi. Hunter '50 
Mr. & Mn. Roben J. Hun 
Mn. Bonnie B. Huss- Watts 
Dr. & Mn. W. Thomas Hutchins, Jr, 
Mr. Gary, A Hurtcr '40 
Mr. & Mn. Frank T. Hyde '38 
Mr. E4\vard T. Hman 
Mr. & Mn. Roben L. Ireland III 
Mr. & iMrs. James M. Irvin. Sr. 
Mr. & Mn. W^iiliam P. In^n I\' 
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde C. Jackson, jr. 
Mn. J. Frank James 
Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Jennings 
Mr. & Mrs. WoUom A, Jensen 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Jirak 
Mr. & Mn, Warren D. Jividen 
Mr. & Mn. Frederick F. Johnson '61 
Mr. & Mn. Julian S. Johnson III 
Mr. & Mn. Kevin M. Johnson 
Mr. & Mn. Lonnie Johnson, Sr. 
Dr. & Mn. Manuel H. Johnson 
Mr. & Mn. Roben M. Johnson '53 
Dr. William G. Johnson 
Mr. & Mn. David E. Johnston 
Mr. & Mn. Charles Hill Jones, Jr. 
Dr. & Mn. E. Manron Jones III 
Dr. & Mn. James F. Jones. Jr. 
Mr. & Mn. James M. Jones. Jr. '45 
Sen. & Mn. James P. Jones 
Dr & Mrs. Perry E. Jones 
Mr. & Mn. Gary S. Joyce 
Mr. & Mn. Michael M. Jurach 
Mr. & Mn. Stephen K. JurentkuiF 
Dr. &Mn. H. R.JUSUS 
Mr. & Mn. Thomas R. Kaufiman 
Mr. & Mn. Christian C. 

Mr. & Mn. WiUiam E. Keel 
Mr Ralph D. Keighdey, Jr. '45 
Mr. & Mn. Norman V. Keith, jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin C. Kellam, Jr. 
Mr. & Mn. Joseph C. Kelley '42 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank G. KeUy III 
Dr. & Mn. James A. Kelly 
Mr & Mrs. Roben D. Kelly '^0 
Mr. & Mn. .Mben S. Kemper III '5 1 
Mr. & Mn. Richard L. Kennedy 
Mr. & Mn. Franklin W. Keplinger 
Mr. & Mn. Jeffirc)- H. Ketcham 
Mr. & Mn. Russell k. Ketcham 
Mr. Phillip W, Key, Sr. "56 
Mr. & Mn. C. Manhall Kibler 
Mr. Joe Ray Kilgore 
Mr. &: Mn. Lawrence M. Kimbrough 
Mr. & Mn. William J. Kinnamon, Jr. 
Cx)l. & Mn. Hcnr>- L. Kinnison IV 
Mr. James Le^is Kirby, Jr. 
Dr. & Mn. Huben L Kiser. Jr. '53 
The Rev. & Mn. William R. Klein 
Mr. Roben S. Knott 
Mn. Herbert M. Krauss 
Mr. & Mn. .^nhur H. Kreienbaum. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy L. Krousc 
Ms. Linnca R. Knise 
Mr. &.' Mn. James M. Kulinski 
Mr. & Mn, Randolph H. Kulp 
Mr. & Mn. Daniel J. KungI 
Mr. &Mn. Richards. Kusak 
Mr. & Mn. Ronald J. La Vangic 

Mr. & Mn. M. Lyie Lacy III *69 

Dr & Mn. Marthew L Lacy II '4 1 

Mn. Sandra M. Lakin 

Mr. I. S. Lamdin 

Mr. & Mn. Billy Joe Lamic 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Lamkin 

Doaon Edward and Ruth LaMonte 

Mr. & Mn. Joseph H. Lane 

Mn. W. T. Langhome 

Mr. & Mn. Richard A. Lanham. Sr. 

Mr. & Mn. David B. Lanson 

Mr. & Mn. Gary Phihp Latham 

Ms. Myrtle A. Latimer 

Mr &: Mn. Larr)' M. Lavecchia 

Mr & Mrs. Charles E. Lavez2oli 

Mr & Mn. Roben H. LaVicr 

Mr. & Mn. William D. Lawley, Sr. 

Mr. & Mn. Joseph P. Lawson '39 

Mr. & Mn. L Thompson Lawson III 

Mr. & Mn. Lewis P. Lawson 

Mr. & Mn. Michael G. Lea 

Mr. & Mn. Hunter M. Leach '40 

Mrs. Susan Weems Leachman 

Mr. & Mn. George H. Leai)' '47 

Mr. & Mrs. Ben B. LeCompte, Jr. 

Mr & Mn. Bunon P. Lee 

Mr. & Mn. Peter A. Leggen, Sr. '68 

Dr. Allen E. LeHew 

Dr. & Mn. Richard A. LeHew "59 

Dr. Willette L LeHew "57 

Mn. John W. Leming, Jr. 

Mn. Ann K. Lenehan 

Mr. & Mn. Claiborne Leonard 

Mr. & Mn. Raymond E. Leonard 

Mr. & Mn. Mark Lev\' 

Mr. & Mn. Donald C. Lewis 

Mr. & Mn. J. Thomas Lewis 

Mr. & Mn. Lynwood W. Lewis 

Dr. & Mn. Henr>' S. bebert, Jr. '52 

The Rt. Rev. & Mn. A. Headi Light 

Mr. &Mn. G.W.Lindsay '52 
Mr. & Mn. Donald R. Lodge, Jr. 
Mn. R. Clifton Long, Sr. 
Mn. H. T. Lorentzen - Deceased 
Dr. & Mn. Bruce M. Lovelace III 
Mr. & Mn. Thomas S. Lovelace '50 
Mr. & Mn. William F. Lowiy. jr. '66 
Mr. & Mn. Clinton W. Lucado 
Mr. & Mn. Charles F. Lucas '59 
Mn. Shirley Boswick Lucy 
Mr. & Mn. John Luedeke 
Mr. & Mn. Frederick Luke 
Mr. & Mn. Ralph Clinton Lukhard '73 
Mr. & Mn. Buford T. Lumsden 
Mr. & Mn. J. Rodgen Lunsford III 
The Rev. & Mn. W. Daniel MacGiU 

III "67 
Mr. & Mn. John E. Maddux, Sr. '72 
Mr. & Mn. Ronald C. M^nuson 
Mn. Phyllis Malone 
Mr. & Mn. Roben C. Malone, Jr. 
Mn. Anna K. Mansfield 
Mr. & Mn. Stephen W. Mapp '74 
Mr. & Mn. Jay L. Maiden 
Mr. & Mn. Scon Markham 
Mr. Paul Camp Marks 
Dr. & Mrs. James M. Marlowe 
Mr. Raymond J. Marocco. Jr. 
Col. & Mn. Lawrence A. Marousek 
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Arnold Manh 
Mr. & Mn. David F. Manin 
Dr. and Mn. Lawrence H. Manin. Jr. 
Mr. Stephen C. Martson 
Dr. & Mn. J. D. Mason, jr. 
Dr. & Mn. Winfield Massie "49 
Mr. & Mn. James D. Manox 
Mr. & Mn. Journey Preston Mauldin 
Mr. & Mn. Thomas F. MauIdin 
Dr. &Mn. Virgil R.May, Jr. '40 
Mr. & Mn. John J. Mayficld. Jr. 
Dr. & Mn. ITiomas T, .Mayo I\' 
Mr. & Mrs. William E. McBratney. Jr. 
Mr. & Mn. William H. McBridc 
Mr. & Mn. James C. McCaa 
Mr. & Mn. M. Edwin McCall, Sr. '56 


1998-99 PARENTS 

Mrs. Richard McCanhy 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. O'Brian 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Roberts 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Stasko 

Mr. & Mrs. Carlton B. Waskes' 

Ms. Vaicne B. McOulicy 

Mr. & Mrs. Hunter B. Oliver. Jr. 

Mi. & Mis. E. Stewait Robeitson '54 

Mr. Harold E. Starke. Jr 

Mr. & Mr. Richard Waskom' 

.Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. McCay 

Dr. & Mrs. David L. Olson 

Ml. & Mis. Aubiey C. Robinson 

Mr&Mrs. Ray C. Steele 

Mr & Mr, Wesley E.WateR.Jr 

Mrs. C. A. McClaugheny, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John Michael Otis 

Mi. & Mis. Heibert G. Robinson. Ji. 

Mr. & Mrs. Danny M. Stegall 

Mr, & Mrs. Russell D. Wadcins 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard C. McClinrock 

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Overbey '55 

Mi. & Mis. Robeit H. Robinson. Si. 

Di. & Mis, Ward W.Stevens. Jr 

Mr. & Mr. William F. Watkins, Jr '48 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold L. McCloskey '50 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Ovenon '48 

Mi. & Mis. Robeit L. Robinson 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben P. Stickley. Jr '47 

Mr, & Mr. James F. Watson 

.Mr. &: Mn. David S. McClung ll '51 

Mr. & Mrs. David D. Owen 

Mi. & Mis. W. Randolph Robinson 

Mr. & Mrs. Reese M. Stidham III 

Mr & Mrs. T. Ashby Watts Iir57 

Mrs. ElizabcthincG. McClure 

Dr.JohnA. Owen.Jr. '45 


Mr. & Mrs. Douglas H. Srinespring, Sr 

Mr&Mis. Lamaif.Webb 

Dr. & Mrs. Phillip H. McClure 

Mr. & Mrs. Rufiis Owen III 

Mi. & Mis. Chailes D. Robison III '70 


Mr & Mrs. George K. Webster 

Dr.MaxW. McCord.Jr. 

Mrs. Karen Oxmann 

Mi. & Mrs. Judson H. Rodman, Sr. 

Dr & Mrs. Sherrill W. Stockton. Jr. 

Mr & Mrs. Harry R Welch 

Col. & Mrs. James E. McDowell (Rel.) 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald M, Pace '63 

Dr. & Mrs. Dixon M. RoUins. Sr. '65 


Mr. James C. Wheat, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel W. McGann. Jr. 

Mr. Warren M. Pace. Jr. '69 

Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Rollins 

Dr& Mrs. James B.Stone III 

Captain & Mis. WJIiam C. Wheaton 


Mr. & Mrs. Allan M. Palmci 

Mr. & Mrs. Crisanto Romero 

Mr. & Mrs. Stuan C. Stone, Sr 

Mr & Mr. Donald S. Wheeler 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. McGarry 

Mis. Jane H. Palmer 

Mr. John L Roper III 

Mr. Steven T. Stoier 

The Rev. & Mr. H. Van Wheeler 

Mr. & Mr^. PatncJc G. McGinnis 

Mi. & Mis. Fred W. Palmore III 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Rosenbaum '54 

Mr. & Mrs. B. Brack Stovall '74 

Mr & Mr. David A. White 

Dr. & Mrs. Hunrer H. McGuire. Jr. 

.Mr. & Mrs. R. Vaughan Palmore 

Mi. & Mis. Francis D. Rosenbeigei. St. 

Mr & Mis. W. Scott Stieet III '65 

Mr & Mr. James E. White, Sr '70 

Mr. & Mrs. William E. McKissick 

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Pantoulis 

Mi. & .Mrs. James H. Roussel 

Mr & Mrs. James W. Stribling 


Mr. & Mrs. David J. McKitrrick '67 

Mr. &Mni.JohnE. Pappas'6a 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Rude '70 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Stringfellow 

Mrs. Joanna K. White 

Mr. & Mrs. G...^. McLean 

Mrs. Frances Dudley Parker 

Dr. & Mrs. Dennis J. Rudzinski 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. StringfeUow. Jr 

Dr & Mr. Francis R. Whitehouse '34 

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. McMahon 

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Parkerson 

Mrs. William J. Rue 


Mr & Mr. F. Case Whittemore 

Mrs. Robert J. McMahon, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. WJIiam R Parks 

The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. J. Shepherd 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Strollo 

Dr & Mr. Richard A. Wianr '49 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. McMillan. Sr. 

Mrs. Nancy G. Panons 

Russell. Jr. '51 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel C. Stronach 

Mr&MR. RobertAWickham 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Vincent McPhilhps 

Mrs. James D. Patton III 

Dr. & Mrs. Edward Russo, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Stuan 

Dr & Mr. R. Glen Wi^ns 

.Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Mcihane 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Peabodv. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Sadler. Jr. '56 

Mr. & Mis. John A. Stuhi 

Mr & Mr. Doisei- W. WJbeiger, Jr 

Dr. & Mn. George 1. McVsy '51 

Mr. & Mrs. William C.Peake '51 

Mr. & Mrs. Walrer D. Samans 

Mr & Mrs. Kenneth M. Suggs 

Mr & Mr. Norman C. Willcox 

Mr. & Mrs. David N. Meeker 

Mr.&Mm. E.FayPeaice.Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Wallace M. Saval 

Mr. & Mrs. George E. Summers 

Mr. & Mr. Harry Newton WJliams II 

Mrs. Virginia B. Mell 

Mr. & Mrs. David L Peebles 

Mr. Edward M. Schaaf, Jr. 

Dr & Mrs. Joseph R Svoboda 

Mr & Mr. Leroy F. Williams 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Richard Melvin, Jr. 

.Mrs. Barbara Pemberton-McAdams 

Mrs. Virginia S. Schaefer 

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Sydnor '47 

Mr Richard Scort Williams 

Dr. & Mrs. Reinaldo R Menendez 

Mr. &; Mrs. John T. Percy. Jr. '69 

Dr. & Mrs. James M. Schiffer 

Dr & Mrs. T. Ausrin Sydnor, Jr '52 

Mr & Mr. Benjamin J. Willis. Jr. '42 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Mennetti. Sr. 

Mr. & Mr. Edgar J. T. Perrow 

The Hon. Dr. James R Schlesinger. Sr. 


The Hon. & Mr. Jere M. H. WJIis. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Metts 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard M. Pcrsinger. Jr. 

Mr. C. Jeffers Schmidt. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Tankard, Jr 


Mt^. Diane I. Metzfield 

Mrs. Laura M. E. Peters 

Mr. & Mrs. Kent H. Schmidt 

Mrs. Beverly H. Taylor 

Mr. Ann WJson 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Michau.i 

Mr. &Mrs. RonaldJ. Petcis 

Mrs. i\nne Schneider 

Mr&Mrs.' Brent W.Taylor 

Mr. & Mr. David G. WJson. Jr '63 

Mr. & Mrs. Alfted M. Michel 

Mi. & .Mis. Craig H. Peleison 

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Schofield 

Mr. & Mrs. Gervas Stoirs Tayloi Iir72 

Mr & Mr. James F. Wilson. Jr 

Mr. & Mrs. Wdliam D. Mileham III 

.Mi.&Mm.L. D.Phaup.Ji. 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R Scott 

Mr & Mrs. Hubert S. Taylor, Jr '48 

Dr James W. WJson Iir41 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Miller 

Mis. Claudia J. Phillips 

Mr. & Mrs. David Scon 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Taylor Jr '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Wesley WJson 

Mr. George W. Mills II 

Mi. & Mrs. Robeit J. Phillips 

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth N. Scott '63 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Taylor 

Mr. Barbara D. WJt 

Mr. & Mrs. Kendrick Henry Minren 

Mi. & Mrs. Thomas M. Pickral. Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Laurence Jay Scotr. Sr. 

.Mrs. Branch P. Teachey 

Mr & Mr. R W. WJtshire 

Mr. & Mis. Owen R Minter '53 

Mrs. Carole P. Pilcher 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Screws 

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Timothy Tepper, Jr 

Mr. Ruth Windsor-Mann 

.Mr. & Mrs. George Thomas Minron. 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry B. Pinnell 

Mr. & Mrs. Jessie M. Seay 


Mr & Mr. Heniy S. Winston IV '75 


Mr. & Mrs. Arthur T. Piraino 

The Rev. & Mrs. Donald' H. Seely 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Thalman 

Mr. Donnan C. Winteimute 

Dr. &Ml5. Fred N. Mitchell. Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Piros 

Mr. & Mrs. WJham D. Selden V '70 

Mr Richard B. Thatcher 

Mr & Mr. James W.Win 

Mr. & Mn. Billy .^. Mock. jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Pisano 

Mr. &Mrs.W.SvdnorSerde'55 

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard M. Thompson 

Mr & Mr. Robeit H.Witte.Jr 

.Mr. & Mrs. Charles R ModUn 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Pirtman 

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Shands. Jr. '52 

Mr. Thomas D. Thornron 11 

Mr. Velma H. Wobus 

.Mr. Sc Mrs. David G. Monene 

Dr. & Mrs. Harry G. Plunkett. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Shannon FV 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Denny 

Mr & Mr. E. J. Wolanski 

.Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Montaigne. Jr. 

Mr. & Mr. Henn- R Pollard IV '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeftey L. Shelley 

Throckmorton '74 

Mr. & Mr. Edward W. Wolcon '43 

.Mr. & Mrs. Emesr E. Moore. Jr. '66 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Norman H. Pollock 


Mr. & Mrs. James W. Thweatt 

Dr & Mr. James M. Wolcott. Jr. '42 

Mr. & Mns. Jackie G. Moore 

Mr. & Mrs. Ben)amin B. Pomeroy 

Mr. & Mrs. David M. Sheppard. Sr. 

Mr & Mis. John A. Timmons, Jr 

Mr & Mr. Joseph H.Wood '60 

Mr. & Mrs. Marcus C. Moore, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Don C. Pontius 

Dr. & Mrs. John Philip Sherrod '70 

Mr. & Mrs. L. Scott Trainum 

Mr & Mr. James K Woodley, Jr '59 

Ms. Patricia xMoore 

Mr. & Mrs. W. D. Powell 

Mr. & Mrs. James S. Shew 

Mrs. P. M. Tnpani 

Mr & Mr. Perer Worthen 

Mr. & .Mrs. Wdliam E. Moore. Jr. '63 

Captain & Mis. H. S. Prevette. Jr. 

The Rev. & Mrs. Kenneth Vernon 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Tredway '62 

Dr & Mr. Hugh Orian Wienn '46 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Moore, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Woody Price 


Mr. & Mrs. Albert R. Trcvarthen 

Mr & Mr. Robeit J. C. Wienn '52 

Mrs. Banow Morgan III 

Mi. & Mis. Dan Puckett 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Shiflen '46 

Mrs. George M. Trible III 

Mr & Mr. Cleveland A. Wright. St. 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank Thomas Morgan 

Mi. & Mis. Arthul Pue 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel S. Shiplett '68 

Mr&Mrs. Robert W.Trible 

Mr & Mr. George Wright Iir48 

.Mr. & Mrs. John B. Morgan II 


Mr. & Mrs. WJham F. Shumadine, Jr. 

Mrs. Wanng Trible, Sr 

Mr & Mr. Robeit G.Wnght 

.Mr. & Mrs. L. V. Morgan 

Mi. & Mn. WJham R Pumphiey III 


.Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Turgeon 

Mr. Claudia Albright Wyatt 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Hunter Morgan. Sr. 


Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence B. Shuping. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred 0. Turner II 

Mr & Mr. David V. Wykle 

Mr. & Mrs. Devereux P. Moring 


Mr. & Mrs. John P. Sivell '43 

Dr & Mrs. Lee S. Turner 

Mr & Mr. Emmett D. B. Yancey '60 

Mr. & Mrs. John Harris Morrison. Jr. 

Mi. & Mis. Allan Uo PuitiU. St. 

Mrs. Janet L. Sketchley 

Mr&Mrs. M.Noel Turner 

Mr & Mr. Joseph F. Yarboiough. Jr 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Morrison, Jr. 

Mi. & iVIis. J- Hoisley Putt. Jr. '58 

Mi. & Mrs. James I. Slaydon. Jr. '54 

Dr & Mrs. WJIiam V. Tmes II ^57 

Mr & Mr. A- ChuichJI Young III 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Morrison 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Pyorr 

Mr. & Mrs. Kent A. Smack '62 

The Rev. & Mrs. John V. Upton, Jr 

Ms. Nancy H. Young 

Dr. & Mn.. John S. Moss '75 


Mr. & Mrs. Eugene R Smith 

Mr Wallace H. and Dr Sara 0. Vale 

Mr. & Mr. Stephen C. Yowell 

Dr. & Mrs. Uoyd F. Moss. Sr. '37 

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Queen 

Mr. & Mrs. Gibson L. Smirft 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Vaughan. Jr. ^57 

Mr&MR. FrankYusi 

Dr. & .Mrs. Maurice F. MuUins 

Mr. & Mrs. Michaux Raine III '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Houghton Smith 

Mr. Glenn C. Vaughn '66 

Mr. & Mr. Michael Zambctti 

Dr. & Mrs. John W. Myers 11160 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Ramsey 

Mr. & Mrs. James R Smith 

Mr. Raymond G. Viault 

Mr&MR. Richard G.Zell 

Captain & Mrs. Charles T. Nash 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Rankin 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Smith. Jr. 

Mr & Mrs. Dean A Voneres 

Mr & Mr. Joseph M. Ziglar 

Captain & Mrs. N. C. Nash 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Rapp. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence N. Smidi '59 

Ms. Alyson H. Vordermaik 


Mr. & Mrs. Richard Naylor 

Mr. & Mrs. Jake Rasor. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. MarshaU N. Smidi 

Mis. Nancy T.Waddell 


Dr. & Mrs. Holman C. Rawls III '63 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Smidi 

Mr & Mis. Muirav .M. Wadsworth 

Mrs. Joyce G. Nelson 


Mr. Robert S. Smidi 

Mr & Mrs. Herman B. Walker '56 

Mr. & Mrs. W-Jliam J. Nelson. Jr. '62 

Mr. & Mrs. Ben D. Reading 

Dr. Theodore R- Smidi. Jr. '65 

Mr & Mrs. Richard C. Walker. Sr 

.Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Newcomb 

Mr. & Mrs. George W. Redd 


Mr & Mrs. WiUiam B. Wall '50 

Mr. &Mn. Joseph H.Nicholson 

Mrs. Ben Reed 

Ml. & Mis. Waltei F. Snead 

Mr & Mrs. Joseph L. WaUace. Jr '54 


Mr. &Mrs.JohnA.Rees.Jr. 

Ml. & Mis. Cliiton L. Snidow. Ji. '37 

Dr & Mrs. K K.Wallace, Jr^54 

.Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Nilan. Jr. 

Mrs. Milton P. Reid 

Mr. & Mts. Owen A. Snyder 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Wallace '61 

Mr. & Mrs. Cartel Noble '43 

Mi. & Mis. Milton P. Reid II '68 

Mi. & Mis. Charles W. Sommardahl. 

Mr & Mrs. RusseU W. Wallace, Jr, 

.Mt. & Mis. W-JIiam M. Noftsinger 

Mi. & Mis. Call E. Rhodes. Jr. 

Sr. '63 

Mr. & Mrs. Norman J. Walron, Jr. 

.Mrs. Daphne L. Norfleet 

Mi. & Mrs. John F. Richards '56 

Mr. & Mis. Yoon S, Song 

Mr. & Mrs. Jay R Wannamaker 

Di. & Mis. Maurice Nottingham. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Richardson '38 

Mi. & Mrs, Charles F. Soukup 



The Rev. & Mrs. W. Ramsey 

Maj. Gen. & Mrs. Stanhope S. Spears 


Mr. & Mn. Charles S. NowUn, Jr. 

Richardson '52 

Mr. Cowles M. Spencer 

Mr & Mis. GuJford D. Ware 

Dr. & Mrs. Wallace C. Nunley. Sr. '44 

Col. Robert Tylei Richmond '44 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold R Spencer '54 

Dr & Mrs. WJIiam E. Ware, Jr. ^60 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert O'Neill 

Ml. & Mis. C. Wilson Rives '48 

Mi. Goidon R Spessaid 

Mrs. Rosalind Wariield 


Mr. & Mrs. Edgar L Robbins 

Mr & Mis. P. Warren Spradey. Jr. '49 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin D. Warinner ^49 

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Oaknian. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Robbins. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Peter W. Squire '48 

Mr. & Mrs. Harvev Lee Wamick 

.Mr. & Mrs. William H. Oast III 

Mrs. Ruhis G. Robens. Jr. 

Mr&Mrs. RoyP.SrClairJr 

Mr & Mrs. John M. Warren 



FKIKVDS 1998-99 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur U. Adams. Jr. 

Ml. & Mis. W. Claiborne Coupland 

Mr. Angus 1. Hines.Jr. 

Mn. Charles E. NoeU 

Mr. & Mn. George H. Tartenon, Jr. 

Mrs. Elizabeth LeSueur AJdhizer 

Mis. Martha C. Craddock - Deceased 

Mr. & Mn. Ralph P. Hines 

Miss .Micia Novey 

Mr. G. Keith Temple 

Mr. T. W. Aloander 

Ms. E. Lois B. P. Creamer 

Mr. & Mn. Russell B. Hogshire 

Mr. & Mn. Charles G. Nusbaum 

Dt. Elaine M. Themo 

Ms. Hilda .Mien 

Mr. & Mis. Scon Creech 

Mn. Carol D. Holbrook 

Mr. & Mn. Neil F. O'Donohue 

.Mr. Dasnd E. Thiel 

Mr. Jerold W.Allen 

Mr. Arthur G. Crisfield 

Mn. William C. Holbrook 

Mr. William H, Oglesby 

Mn. Gray K. Thomas 

Mr. & Mrs. Vemon C. .Mien 

Dr. & Mrs. Crile Cnsler 

.Miss Emilie C. HoUadav 

Mrs. Francis L. Orgain 

Mn. Wiliiam T. Thomas 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. .iUlen 

Dr. & Mrs. W. R Scon Cunis. Jr. 

Miss Frances Walker HoUaday 

Miss Dorothy Overcash 

Mn. Thomas L. Thome, Ir. 

Mr. & Mrs. E. E. Andrews, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Pctet G. Decker. Jr. 

Dr. J. Daniel Huband 

Mr. & Mn. Charles F. Pamepinto 

Dr. & Mr. James H. M. Thorp 

Dr. William C. Andrews 

Mr. Michael J. Degenhan 

Mr. & Mn. George A Hun 

Ms. Emily C Pancake 

Mr. & .Mn. Fred T. Thrasher 

Mr. & Mrs. George M. Angle 

Mr. & Mrs. Ovenon D. Dennis, Jr. 

Mn. John E. Hustcd 

Dr. & Mn. David M. Pariser 

Mr. Edward B. Titmus 

Dr. Richard H. Armstrong 

Mr. I. B. Dent 

Mn. Roben F. Hutcheson III 

Mr. & Mr. Bnice H. Parker 

Mn. Vetset Todd 

Mr. & .Mrs. Frank B. .\danson 

Miss Anna Dickhoff 

Ms. Constance F. Ingles 

Mr. &:Mn.JackM.Parrish,Jr. 

Mr. & Mr. Pete E. Tmiit 

Dr. Robert LcRoyArwell. Jr. 

Mr. Pad W. Dillingham 

Mn. Kathy Merlock Jackson 

Mn. Charlotte Dudley Paneson 

Mr.&Mn. Larry C.Tucker 

Mr. & Mrs. DonncU A. Ballard 

Mr. &Mr5.R.T.Dooley.Jr. 

Mr. & Mr. Roben T. Jerome 

Mr. Statile)' F. Pauley 

Mr. Charles W. Tudor 

Mr. & .Mn. David M. Barker 

Dr, & Mrs. WiUiam F. DoniU 

Mn. J. Monroe Johns 

Mr. William A Peak 

Mr. & Mn. B. Walton Tumbull 

Mn. Frances T. Bates 

Dr.&Mis. Donald W.Drew 

Mn. Melville Johns 

Captain & .Mn. Roben C Peniston 

Dr. Brian Turner 

Mr. WJIiam .M. Beard 

Mrs. Virginia Druen 

Ms. Debraj. lohnson 

Mr. & Mn. William A. Peyton 

Dr. Roben L Vermillion 

Ms. Margaret VanDeman Blackmon 

Dr. & Mrs. Boiling S. DuBose. Jr. 

.Mr. &:Mn. Julian W.Jones. Jr. 

Mn. Buford D. Philpy 

Dr. & -Mn. Aaron I. Vinik 

Mrs. Shirley V.BIackwell 

Mr. Charles M.Dubroff 

Mr. N.C.Jones 

Mr. & Mn. Vlaor L Picken 

Ms. Judith F. Vogclback 

Mr.&Mis.M. L. Boinest.Jr. 

Mrs. Basil M. Duncan, Jr. 

Mr. ScMn.Wayland H.Jones 

Dr. Henry W. Poore 

Mr. & Mn. Stephen C. Voorhees 

.Mr. & Mrs. Calsin J. Boyer 

Mn. George Dtmn 

Mr. & Mn. WiUiam Cox Jones 

Mr. & .Mn. Gene Powell 

Dr. David M. Vucelich 

Mr. Douglas V. Bralley 

Ms. Terrell H. Dimnavanr 


Ms. Dorodly M. Power 

Mn. CuUen C. Walker 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Brandts 

Mr. Scon L Dynan 

Mr. L Wilson Kidd. Jr. 

Mn.S.Waverly Putney, Jr, 

Mr. Jennifer Irving Wall 

Mr. E. E. Brickell 

Mis, John H. East 

Mr. & Mn. S. Phillips Kinsey 

Mn. Diarme Reed 

Mr. Randolph N.Waller 

Mrs. John R. Brinscr 

Ms. Mary Minton-Ciegot Eitel 

Dr. Paule G. Kline 

Mn. Stanley P. Reed 

Mr. Marguerite H. Walton 

Mrs. Joan P. Brock 

Mr, & Mrs. Joseph Fainbetg 

Mn. Carol jMin Lawson 

Ms. Lola C. Reinsch 

Mr. John Hardin Ward IV 

Mr. & .Mrs. Austin Btockenbtough III 

Dr&Mrs. E.D.Farley, Jr. 

Dr. & -Mn. Roland V. Layton. Jr. 

Mn. Maryellen C Remich 

Mr. & Mr. -Michael E. Warner 

Mr. Philip Reed Brooks 

Colonel .Man F. Fanell. Ph.D. 

Ms. Reggie Level 

The Rev. & Mn. John B. Rice 

Mr. & Mn. David C. Watkins, St. 

Dr. & Mrs. Alexander G. Brown III 

The Hon. Duross Fitzpatrick 

Mr. & Mn. Richard B. Lewis 

Dr. & Mr. David W. Richardson 

Ms. Margaret Watkins 

Mr. & Mis. Cecil A. Brown 

MUs Juha B. Fleet 

Dr. & Mn. Richard E. Linde 

Dr. Joseph C. Roben 

Mr. & Mn. Bradley L Watson 

Mrs. A. C. Buchanan. Jr. 

Mr. S. Douglas Fleet - Deceased 

Mr. & Mn. Woodrow P. Lipscomb 

Mr. Patricia D. Robinson 

Mr. & Mr. Huntet R. Wacon 

Mr. & Mis. Rudolph H, Bunzl 

Mn. Margaret W. Fleshman 

Mr. & Mn. Benram D. Utt 

Dr. & Mn. William H. Robison 

Mn, W. A. Watson III 

Mrs. Robert B. Burger 

Mr. & Mrs. C Thomas Floyd 

Mr. & Mn. John Vance Little 

Mr. & Mn. George Rogic 

Mr.&Mn. George E.Weicker III 

Dr. &Mrs.J. GiUumBurke 

Mn. Jewel Fore 

Mr. Roben B. Lloyd 

Mn. Charles P. Rolfe 

Mr. Joseph A Weinberg 

Mr. & Mrs. Rowland M. Bun. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Fore 

Mr. & Mn. Gene Locks 

Mr. 8d Mn. Fred Rosen 

Mr. & Mr. Alexander WeUford 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Buder 

Mr. & Mn. Larry Fostet 

Mr. & Mn. Earl F. Lockwood 

Mn. Martha C. Sanden 

Mn. Thomas F. ^Tieeldon 

Dr. & Mrs. John F. Bunerworth III 

Dr. Wilham L Frank 

Mr. J. Jeffenon Looney 

Mr. Francis J. Santo 

Mr. & Mr. Hugh V. White, Jr. 

Mr. Lonnie A. Byrd 

Mr Roben E. Fr)', Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. lames Lvon 

Mr. John H. Schaefer 

Mr.&Mn. James LWIiidock 

Dr. & Mrs. William E. Bvrd 

Mn. Rowena Jaap Fullinwider 

Mr. Frank J. Margiotta 

Mr. George R. Schell 

Mn. WiUiam R. UTiitman. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William abell 

Ms. Robin H. Gabnel 

Ms. E. S. Campbell Manden 

Mr.&Mn, DaleA.Schober 

Mr. & Mn. WJham G. Whiner 

Mr. Donald A. Caldwell 

Mr. Forrest L. Gager, Jr, 

Mn. Landon E. Maiston 

Dr. Charley Scott 

Mr. & Mr. F. Dbton Whitwonh, Jr. 

Mr. Henry W.Calhoun 

Mr, Blair C, Gammon 

Dr. & Mn. Samuel A. Marrin, Jr. 

Mr. PetetM.Sconlll 

Mr. John L WJcox 

Mrs. Barbara Park Cantus 

Dr. & Mn. James B. Gates, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Norman Mason 

Mr. Ralph L Sebrell 

Captain Quenrin E. WJhelmi 

Mr. & Mrs. William L Carreras 

Mn. Arthur S, Gear.Jr, 

Ms. Carolyn H. Marthews 

Dr&Mn.Ellerv Sedgwick 

Dr. & Mr. WJIiam T. WiUans 

Mr. & Mrs. James Y.Carroll 

Mr. Staley M. Gentr\' 


Ms. Rudi A. Sexton 

Mr & Mn. Emeison WJIard 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Cadett, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. James R. Giles 

Mn. Mary Wynn Richmond McDaniel 

Mf. & Mn. Geotge L Simpson III 


Mr. & Mn. Harvey Chappcll 

Mr. J. Edwin Givens 

Mr. Maurice A- McDougal 

Ms. Debra Slasin 

Mn. Fielding L Williams 

Mrs. Eltmra M. Chemault 

Mn. Juliet Lvnch Goode 

Dr. & Mn. Charles L McDowell 

Ml. C Ronald Smidi 

Mr. & Mn. Samuel H. WJUams. Jr. 

Ms. Elizabedi S. Cherry- 

Mr. & .Mn. Wilham H. Goodwin, Jr. 

Mr. C Coleman McGehee 

Mf. & Mn. Glen A. Smith 

Mn. Viiginia H. WJson 

Mr. & Mn. Francis L Church 

Mn. James W. Gordon, Jr. 

Mr. Timodiy S. McKeidlan & 

Ml. & Mn. Rex Lee Smidi 

Mr. & Mn. Kenneth L Wimbtough 

Mr. &Mn.C. Irwin Clark III 

Mr. & Mn. WJham T. Gordon 

Dr. Roisin McKeithan 

Ms. Stephanie C. Smith 

Mr. & Mn. WJl Wolnem 

Mis. Charles E. Coe 

Mr, R. B. Grekila 

Mi. & Mn. Rieman McNamara, Jr. 

Mn. Norman K. Snook, Jr. 

Mr. Charles A. Womack. Sr. 

Dr. J. Scon CoUcv & Dr Christine 

Mr. & Mn. John S. Gnnalds 

Mr. H. P. McNeal 

Mr- Nathan Sobel 

Mr. & Mrs. Daud H, Womack 


Dr. & Mn. Richardson Grinnan 


Mr. Benjamin .A Soyan 

Mr. Vemon C. VC'omack 

Mr. Marks. Collier 

Ms. AhceT. Hagan 

Mr. & Mn. Richard H. Miley 

Mr. & Mn. Geotge B, Spencer 

Dr. & Mrs. David B. Young 

Dr. Dorothy F. Cooney 

Mr. & Mn. Richard G Hale 

Mr. Charles B. Miller 

Ms. Annie H. Spicer 

Mr. & Mr3. Doi^as M. Young 

Ms. Sarah J. Cooney 

Mr. &Mn.L Warren Haley. Jr. 

Mr. &Mn. J. Clifford Miller, Jr, 

Mn. WJIiam F. Spotswood. Jr. 

Mr. & Mr. Dennis L Zakas 

Mr. & Mis. CarroU M. Cooper 

Mr. & Mn. W. Neil Hammentrom 

Mr, Monon M. Miller 

Mr. E. H.Stanley, Jr, 

Mr. Imam Zia 

Mrs. Angie Coppedge 

Mr. & Mn. Richard P. Hankins, Jr. 

Mr. &Mn.G. Gilmer Minor III 


Mr. & Mn. Aaron Zicgelman 

Mr. & Mrs. Ben G. Conrcll 

Mr. & Mn. H. Herben Hams 

Mr. & Mn. Philip M. Minor 

Mr. E. A. Stephens, Jr. 

Dr. Francis L Counsebnan 

Mn. Frederick N. Harrison. Jr. 

Mr. Roben G. MItcheU 

Dt. & Mn. Ellion StonehiU 

Mn. Mary Herdegen 

Mr. Gerald Morgan, Jr. 

Mn. Walter N. Street, Jr. 

Dr. & .Mn. John M. Hess 

Mr. Joseph F. Morrissene 

.Mr. Thomas J. Stmp 

Ms. Patricia F. Hickey 

Dr. & Mn. W. Philip Monlssene 111 

Di. Charles W.Sydnor.Jr, 

Ml. & Mn. R. E Hill 

Mr. & Mn. John Stewan Monon, jt. 

Mn. Sallie Atkinson Mowbray 

Mr. Randall C. Muir 

Mr. & Mn. Roben H. Mulcahy 

Mr. Scan Mullin 

Dr. & Mn. Anthony J. Munoz 

The Hon. & Mn. WiUiam R. Murphy 

Ms. Fncda E. Mvxn 

Mn. R. RusseU Neely 

Ms. Bene S. Tahnan 


1998-99 VFIC, FACULTY 



Robert B. Clayror/Norfolk Southern 

Memorial Trust 

John L, McElroy, Jr. 

Rouse-Bottom Foundation, Inc. 



The Herndon Foundation 

McGuire. Woods, Battle & Boothc 

Sam Moore Furniture Industries. Inc. 

Gollis/Warner Foundation 

Emily S. & Coleman A. Hunter 

H. P, McNcal 

Shenandoah Life Insurance 


Colonial Williamsburg Hotels 

Charitable Trus[ 

Andrew W, Mellon Foundation 

George A. and Lorraine Snell & 

AT&T Foundation 

Columbia Gas of Virginia 

Hunton & Williams 

Metro Information Systems 

Snell Construction Corporation 

Mr. and Mrs. Sydney E. Allbrittain 

Craddock-Terry Foundation, Inc. 

KPMG Peat Marwick 

Lewis N.Miller, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. John W, Snow 

AllicdSignal, Inc. 

Craigie Incorporated 

Kennametal Foundation 

The Miller & Chevalier Charitable 

Southern States Cooperative 

American Electric Power 

Crcstar Financial Corporation 

Shelley Krasnow Estate 


SouthTrust Bank of Alabama, N.A. 

Jane Parke Batten 

CSX Corporation 

Landmark Communications, Inc. 

Mobil Foundation, Inc. 

Sprint Mid-Atlantic Telecom, Inc. 

Bank of .America 

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Cutchins III 

The Virginian- Pilot 

Nationwide Insurance 

Target Stores 

Barnhan Endowment 

Deloitte & Touchc 

The Roanoke Times 

NBC 12 Jefferson Pilot 

The Titmus Foundation 

Bassctt Furniture Industries, Inc. 


The Lane Company. Inc. (The Lane 


Tredegar Industries, Inc. 

Beazley Foundation, Inc. 

Jessie Ball duPont Fund 


Noland Company Foundation 

Ukrop's Super Markets, Inc. 

Belk Foundation 

Empire Machine & Supply Co., Inc. 

A.J. Lester III 

Norfolk Southern Corporation 

Union Camp Corporation 

Bell Atlantic Foundauon 

English Foundation - Trust 

Mary and Daniel Loughran 

North Shore Foundation 

The United Company 

William E.Betts. Jr. 

Ernst & Young 

Foundation, Inc. 

Owens & Minor, Inc. 

United Parcel Service/Foundation 

Birdsong Peanuts 

Ethyl Corporation 

Chas. Lunsford Sons and Associates 

Clarence R, Payne 

for Independent Higher Education 

Booz. Allen & Hamilton Inc. 

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. 

Markcl Corporation 

The Perry Foundation, Inc. 

Universal Corporation 

Burlington Industries Foundation 

First Union VA/MD/DC 

Mars Foundation 

Philip Morris Companies, Inc. 

Viasystems Technologies Corporation 

Camp Foundations 

First Virginia Banks. Inc. 

Massey Foundation 

The Pittston Company 

Virginia Power Company 

Camp Foundation 

C. B. Fleet Company. Inc. 

Media General, Inc. 

Plantation Pipe Line Company 

Vulcan Materials Company 

Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation 

The Fort James Foundation 

Bristol Herald-Couner 


Wachovia Corporation 

J. L. Camp Foundation 

Furnace Associates/Lorton Landfill 

The Charlottesville Daily Progress 

W. Russell Ramsey 

Washington Forrest Foundation 

Camp Younts Foundation 

GE Financial Assurance 

Culpepper Star-Exponent 

Re\'nolds Metals Company 

Washington and Lee University 

Canon Virginia. Inc. 

Mr, and Mrs. William H. Goodwin. 

Danville Register & Bee 


Wheat First Union 

Capital One 


The Lynchburg Daily & News 

C. E. Richardson Benevolent 

Weinstein Management 

Carpenter Company. Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Gortwald 

The Manassas Journal Messenger 


Westvaco Corporation 

Chesapeake Corporation 

Gotrwald Foundation 

Potomac News 

Roanoke Electric Steel Corporation 


Christian &: Banon 

Garland and Agnes Taylor Gray 

Richmond Times-Dispatch 

Mrs. E. Claiborne Robins 

The Wilton Companies 

Circuit City Foundation 


Suffolk Neu's-HeraU 

E. Claiborne Robins. Jr. 

Clark-Winchcole Foundation 

Richard & Caroline T. Gwathmcy 

M I 1 V 

Maurice L. Mednick Memorial Fund 

^r c:' r A 

E. Claiborne Robins Scholars 

hIh' 1 OOQ 


Dr. C. William Anderson 


Dr. W. Thomas Joyner.Jr, '51 

Mr. K. Craig Rogers 

Mr. George R. WelJs 

Mr. Gordon Ashworth 

Ms. Dcbra Gregory Dansberger 

Mrs. Norma S. Kernodle 

Dr. Robert G. Rogers 

Dr. Alexander J. Werth 

Dr. George F. Bagby, Jr. 

Mrs. Donna Gregorv Dean 

Dr. James C. Kidd 

Dr. Mary M. Saunders 

President Samuel V. Wilson 

Dr. Paul S. Baker 

Mr. Michael J. Degenhan 

Dr. Donald A. Kniffen 

Dr. & Mrs. James M. Schiffer 

Mrs. Sherry B. Womack 

Dr. J. Michael Berman 

Dr. Edward W. Devlin 

Mr. C. Norman Krueger 

Ms. Sharon Sercombe 

Mrs. Sandy Yeatts 


Dr. Thomas E. DeWolfe 


Dr. WiUiam A. Shear 

Mrs. Erlene Bowman 

Dr. Lewis H. Drew '60 

Dr. Anne C, Lund 

Mr. Thomas H. Shomo '69 

Dr. Glen D. Bowman 

Mr. Richard P. Eppenon II 79 

Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence H. Martin. Jr. 

Dr. Jorge A. Silveira 

Mr. John L. Brinklcy '59 

Mrs. Dorodia Fahmer 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas T, Mayo IV 

Dr. Frank], Simes 

Mr. CBeeler Brush 

Dr. Keith W. Fitch 

Dr. Richard C. McClintock 

Dr. James Y. Simms, Jr. 

Dr. Gerald M. Bryce 

Ms. Anita H. Garland 

Mrs. Karen P. Montgomery 

Dr. Hassell A. Simpson 

Mr. Joseph E. Bush 

Mr. Mark 0. Gough '96 

Mrs. Carrie E, Moore 

Dr. HerbenJ. Sipe,Jr. 

Dr. Gerald T. Carney 

Mr. Thomas L. Gregory 

Dr. Paul H. MueUer 

Mr. Dwayne H. Scinson '94 

Mrs. Eunice W. Carwile '92 

Mr. Paul L. Grier 

Dr. Owen L. Norment, Jr. 

Mr. G. Keith Temple 

Mrs. Lisa Bierowski Cheney 

Mrs. Joan M. Hamlen 

Mrs. Daphne V. Norton 

Dr. Graves H. Thompson '27 

Dr. Stanley A. Cheyne 

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Heinemann 

Mrs. Andrea L. OTork 

The Rev. Dr. Wilham E. Thompson 

Dr. Joseph B. Glower. Jr. 

Dr. Wdliam R Hcndiey 

Mrs. Debbie M.Ownby 

Dr. Saranna Robmson Thornton 

Mr. Leon M. Cohen 

Dr. & Mrs. Roben T. Herdegen III 

Mr. George M. Peters 

Dr. Kenneth N. Townsend 

Dr. Warren X. Collmann 

Dr. William C. Holbrook - Deceasei^ 

Mr. L. D. Phaup, Jr. 

Dr. C. Wayne Tucker 

Mr. Robert W. Humphreys "58 

Dr. James F. Pontuso 

Dr. Thomas Valente 

Dr. Paul A. Jagasich 

Dr. & Mrs. WJham W. Porterfield 

Mr. DurantGallupVick,Jr.'94 


Dr. Roxann Prazniak 

Mrs. Rebca PreU 

Mr. & Mrs. Irvin M, Robertson 

Dr. G. Daniel Weese & Dr, Kathennc 



Aaron Ziegelman (left), sponsor of the 1998 

"Remembering Liiboml " exhibit at the Atkinson 

Museum, with President Wilson and Nathan Sobel, 

a survivor of the Nazi "cleansing" of their village. 

Aaron Ziegelman of New 
York City, while not an 
alumnus, still supports 

H amp den-Sydney 

College by giving to the 

Annual Fund. '1 believe 


represents the values of 

the Founding Fathers of 

America, " he says. 

''There I found the spirit 

of democracy alive, and 

everything good about 

America represented. 

The civility on the 

campus is unmatched, 

even among the students. 

I was very impressed. " 



Beckert Charitable Foundation 

John M. Borders, M.D. Memorial 

The Bruning Foundation 
WilHam M. Cage Librarv Trust 
Camp Younts Campbell Foundation 
The Ruth Camp Campbell Trust 
The Carson Family Foundation. Inc. 
The Canledge Foundation 
Fannie R. Cooke Fund #1 
The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations 
Jessie Ball duPont Fund 
Edward Jones Evans MD Trust 
The A- E. Finley Foundation. Inc. 
The Foundation lor Roanoke Vallev 
The GuiUord Foundation 
The Richard & Caroline T. Gwathmev 

Memorial Trust 

Harris Brothers Foundation 

The Bett)' S. & Frank R. Fioftmann 

Family Gift Fund 
The Howe Foundation, Inc. 
The Hunt Family Fdtn, of Nashville, 

TN, Inc. 
The Ireland Foundation 
The Kiefer Foundation, Inc. 
Charles P. & Marion G. Lunstbrd 

Charitable Trust 
Massey Foundation 
The Norfolk Foundarion 
The Mary Monon Parsons Foundation 
The Passano Family Foundation 
Stanley and Dotothy Pauley Trust 
The Presser Foundation 
The Rasor Charitable Trust 
Emerson G. & Dolores G. Reinsch 


Richard S. Reynolds Foundation 
C. E. Richardson Benevolent 

The Gary W. and Ruth M. Rollins 

Rouse-Bottom Foundation. Inc. 
Seth Sprague Educational & 

Charitable Foundation 
The .Mgetnon Sydney Sullivan 

Frances W, Thompson Memorial 

TheTitmus Foundation, Inc. 
Virginia Environmental Endowment 
The Wiley H. & James C. Wheat 


BEQUESTS 1998-99 

Estate of Edna Bain 
Estate of William Calvin Barger '25 
Estate of Harry H. Bryan '25 
Estate of G. Gilmer Craddock '38 
Estate of Mary L. Davis 

Estate of S. Douglas Fleet 

Estate of Barbara Forst 

Estate of Mr. H. Hirer Harris. Jr. 

Bernard A. Hess Trust 

Estate of F. Bruce Leys '43 

Estate of Lydia G. Ferrell Lotentzen 

Estate of Katharine G. Munt 
Estate of William Miller Richardson 

Estate of Joseph Triplet! Trotter '35 



COMPANIES 1998-99 

Abbott Laboratories Fund 

Bridgestone Firestone, Inc. 


Aetna Life & Casualn,' Foundation 

Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Inc. 

Foothill Capital Corporation 

The Merck Company Foundation 

Thompson &C Litton 

Albany International Corporation 

Burlington Industries Foundation 

Fort James Corp. 

Merrill Lynch & Company 

Tiger Management Corporation 

Albemarle Corporation 

Capital One Services, Inc. 


Metro Information Services 

Towers Perrin 

AlliedSignal Foundation 

Carolina Power 

Gateway 2000 Foundation 

Milliken & Company 

Tredegar Industries, Inc. 

Allstate Foundation 

Central Carolina Bank & Trust Co. 

GEICO Foundation 

Mobil Foundation. Inc. 

Tricon Foundation, Inc. 

American Electric Power 

Champion International Corporation 

GenCorp Foundation 

National Grange Mutual Insurance Co. 

Trust Company Bank 

American Express Financial Advisors. 

The Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A. 

General Electric Foundation 

National Processing Center. Inc. 

Union Camp Corporation 


Chesapeake Corporation Foundation 

General Mills Foundation 

NationsBank Corporation 

Union Pacific Resources Group. Inc. 

American Home Products Corporation 

Chevron USA, Inc. 

Georgia-Pacific Corporation 

Nationwide Foundation 

Unisource Foundation 

Amoco Foundation. Inc. 

CIGNA Foundation 

Glaxo, Inc. 

Norfolk Southern Foundation 

Universal Leaf Foundation 

Andersen Foundation 

Circuit City Foundation 

W, W. Gtainger. Inc. 

Northwestern Mutual Lite Insurance 

The UPS Foundation 

ARCO Foundation 

Coopers & Lybrand Foundation 

The Guardian Life Trust 


Virginia Power 

Astoria Federal Matching Gifts 

Crestar Bank 

Hamilton Bcach/Proctor-Silex, Inc. 

KPMG Peat Marwick 

Wachovia Bank 


Crestar Financial Corporation 

Harcourt General, Inc. 


Wachovia Trust Services, Inc. 

Astra Merck. Inc. 

CSX Corporation 

Hewlett Packard 

Philip Morris, Inc. 

Warner-Lambert Company 

AT&T Foundation 

The Delta Air Lines Foundation 

Hoechst Celanese Corporation 

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP 

Waste Management, Inc. 

Automatic Data Processing. Inc. 

Delta Woodsidc Industries, Inc. 

IBM International Foundation 

The Procter & Gamble Fund 

West Motor Sales 

Bank of America 

Dime Bancorp 

I.N.C.O. Alloys, Inc. 

Prudential Foundation 

Wheat First Butcher Singer 

The Bank of New York 

DIMON, Inc. 

Intel Foundation 

Raytheon Company 

The Wheat Foundation 

Bankers Trust Foundation 

Dole Fresh Fruit International 

International Paper Company 

Reynolds Metals Company Foundation 

The Xerox Foundation 

Bell Atlantic ■ Virginia. Inc. 

Dominion Resources 


Science Applications International 

Bell Adantic Foundation 

Eli Lilly & Company 

Jefferson Pilot Corporation 



Equit-ax. Inc. 

The Kiplinger Foundation, Inc. 

SmithKline Beecham Foundation 

L. M. Berry and Company 

The Equitable Foundation 

LandAmerica Foundation 

Spring Industries, Inc. 

Bethlehem Steel Corporation 

Ethyl Corp. 

Lawyers Tide Foundation 

Sprint Foundation 

The Boeing Company 

Exxon Education Foundation 

Liberty Corporation 

State Farm Companies Foundation 

Fifth Third Bancorp 

Liz Claiborne Foundation 

State Mutual Life Assurance Company 

First Maryland Foundation. Inc. 

Lockheed Martin Corporation 

T, Rowe Price Associates Foundation, 

First Union Corporation 

Lucent Technologies Foundation 


T3T TCT>> 

First Virginia Banks 

. T7CC"CC 

Mainstreet Financial Corp. (Central 

Marsh & McLennan Companies 
The May Stores Foundation. Inc. 
The Mead Corporation Foundation 

Q 7- r\\^L 

Texaco, Inc, 
Thiokol Corporation 

_r L" 1 > C 1 ( 

^no CiCi 


Lance, Inc. 

Lowe, Brockenbrough & Tattersall 



irKb I, 



Mid-Atlantic Women's Care, PLC 
Nad. Trust for Historic Preservation 


The MASA Corporation 

McKinsey & Company, Inc. 


Norfolk Academy of Medicine, Inc. 

ARAMARK Corporation 

Media General. Inc, 

Virginia Commission for the Am 

Allen Reunion Fund 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Bank of Lancaster 

New York Life Insurance Company 

American College of Obstetricians & 

Prince Edward Constitution 

Benchmark Community Bank 

Norfolk Dredging Company 


Bicentennial Commission 

Broudy-Kantor Co,, Inc. 

Owens &C Minor 


Buckingham County Arts Council. 

Seaboard Medical Association of 

The Buffalo News 

J. C. Penney Company, Inc. 




The Caldwell & Gregory Foundation 

Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual 

Buder Memorial Goll Tournament 

Slate Hill Chapter DAR 

Central \'A Educ. 

Insurance Co. 

Irvington Baptist Church 

Central Virginia Arts 

Society of Cincinnati in the State of 

Telecommunications Corp. 

Pepsi-Cola Company 

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) 

Charlotte County Free Library 


Cook Publications 

Scort Insurance 

Saint Giles Presbyterian Church 

The Christian Giving Fund 

The Poker Group 

Cresrar Bank 

Wachovia Bank, N.A. 

Second Presbvterian Church 

The Exchange Club ot Farmville 

VA Obstetrical Gynecological Society 

Cresrar Foundation 

>X'illiams. Mullen, Clark & Dobbins 

The Synod of the Mid-Atlantic 

Gastrointestinal & Liver Specialists of 

Virginia Beach Obstetrics & 

Diamond Paper Company 

Charitable Foundation 



Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. 

The Woodbury Foundation 

The Group For Women 

Virginia Foundation for the 

First Virginia Bank-Colonial 

Hampton Roads Obstetrics & 


The Kiplinger Foundation 


Virginia Rugby Union 

Kyanite Mining Corporation 

James Allen Chapter N.S.D.A.R. 
Judith Randolph- Longwood Chapter 

Womancare of Williamsburg 



The 1776 Society, 

named after 


inaugural year, was 

established to recognize 

the many alumni 

and friends who, 

through intended 

bequests and 

life-income gifts, 

have provided for 

the Colleges future. 

If you have included 


in your estate plans, 

please let us know, 

so that we may thank you. 


Anonymous (16) 

Dr. Man- Virginia Allen 

Dr. William H. Armstrong '36 

Dr. & Mrs. lohn Danfonh Beall 

Mr. StewanBell.Jr. '31 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Scott Benton '90 
Mr. C. Howard Bliss '37 
The Rev. Allan Bond, Jr. '50 
Mr. Patricl<H. Booth.Jr. '42 
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis E. H. Brandon 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert Bray '60 
Mr. Louis Briel '66 
Miss Marguerite Lewis Britton 
Mr. & Mrs. C. Beeler Brush 
Mr. George T. Bryson. Jr. '50 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Buck '58 
Mr. & Mrs. Royal E. Cabell, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William A. 

Carrington '38 
Mr. J. Gordon Coleman, Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. C. Barrie Cook '45 
Mr. Richard F.Cralle. Jr. '65 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Crist '66 
Mr. & Mrs. T. Frank Crowder 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglass C. 

Crummeti '42 
Dr.J. WiUiamDixon.Jr. '42 
Dr. & Mrs. Martin Donelson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Birch Douglass 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. 

Edmunds, Jr. '53 
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Ellis, Jr. '70 
Dr. & Mrs. William C. Finch '29 
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Finlev II 

Miss Julia B. Fleet 
Mr. & Mrs. F. Meriwether 

Fowlkes, Jr. '60 
Mr. & Mrs. George C. Freeman, 

Jr. '52 
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald N. Fulks '72 
Mr. George H. Fulton, Jr. '42 
Mr. Carter B. S. Furr, Sr. '54 
Mr. Blair C. Gammon 
Dr. & Mrs. Arthur S. Gear, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard M. German, 

Jr. '40 
Dr. Fred T. Given, Jr. '49 
Mr. C. Hobson Goddin '45 

Dr. John R. Good '52 

Mr. Randolph M. Gregg '57 

Dr. & Mrs. Walter L. Grubb, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. 

Guthridge '68 
The Hon. John M. Hamlet, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Harrison Hancock 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Harper 111 

The Sallie Wright Harrison Trust 
Mr. & Mrs. Scott M. Harwood, 

Sr. '65 
Mr. &L Mrs. Robert V. Hatcher, 

Jr. '51 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph William 

Hatchett, Jr. '84 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben R. Hatten '69 
Mrs. William C. Holbrook 
Miss Emilie C. Holladay 
Miss Genevieve V. Holladay 
Miss Natalie 'V. Holladay 
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce B. Hopkins 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Hubbard 

Mr. William Henry Hubbard '39 
Mr. & Mrs. C. Randolph 

Hudgins, Jr. '46 
Dr. W. Glenn Hurt '60 
Dr. & Mrs. Jethro H. Irby, Jr. '38 
Mrs. J. Monroe Johns 
Mrs. Charles G. Johnson 
Mr. & Mrs. Henrv M. T. Jones 

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Keating, Jr. 

Mr. Albert S. Kemper 111 '51 
Dr. & Mrs. Edwin L. Kendig, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Roberr W. King, Ir. 

Dr. & Mrs. H. E. Kiser, Jr. '53 
Mr. Robert W. Lawson, Jr. '30 
Dt. Allen E. LeHew 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Loving '37 
Mr. & Mrs. John G. Macfarlane 

111 '76 
Mr. Howlettc B. Martin, Jr. '55 
The Hon. D. C. Mayes '36 
Dr. W. Austin McClellan '46 
Mr. & Mrs. R. Maxwell Meador 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Michaiix 

Mr. Ben D. Morton, Jr. 
Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Moselev, 

Jr. '52 

Mr. Charles C. Motdey '56 
Dt. & Mrs. Perry D. Mowbray, 

Jr. '67 
Mr. C. L. Ellinger O'Brien II '89 
Dr. & Mrs. William L. Odom '57 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Parker 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Patterson 

Mrs. C. Lewis Pitzer, Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Ramev. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Saunders, 

Jr. '60 
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon D. Schreck 

Dr. & Mrs. John B. Schug '52 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert G. Schultz '41 
Mr. William Prescott Mills 

Schwind '93 
Mr. William D. Selden V '70 
Mr. & Mrs. C. Daniel Shelburne 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis A. Shelton 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. 

Shumadine, Jr. '66 
Dr. & Mrs. Frank J. Simes 
The Rev. Glenn W. Small, Jr. '63 
Mrs. Glenn W. Small, Sr. 
Mr. David H.Smith '61 
Lt. Col. & Mrs. L. Rucker Snead 

III '81 
Mr. & Mrs. 0\ven A. Snyder 
Mr. Hugh R. Stallard '59 
Col. & Mrs. Clanon B. Tasker 

Dr. & Mrs. R. Dean Tester '54 
Mr. & Mrs. H. Rogers Thomas 

Mr. John H. Thompson III '43 
Dr. C. Wayne Tucker 
Mr. & Mrs. Travis J. Tysinger '66 
The Rev. & Mrs. Robert C. 

Vaughan, Jr. '40 
Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Venable '42 
Mr. R. KingWaddiir59 
Mrs. William W. Walton 
Mr. J. Ernest Warinner 111 '47 
Mr. & Mrs. Harvev Lee Warnick. 

Jr. '86 
Dr. & Mrs. Francis R. 

Whitehou-se '34 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Wolcott 

Mr. & Mrs. Hubert H. Young, Jr. 





M , GIF 

i'S 1998 


In memory of the Rev. Dr. William A. 

Dr, & Mrs, Claudius H, Pritchard. Jr. 

In memory of Mrs. Rebecca King 

In memory of Mr. Wallace C. 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Minor 




Gregory, Sr. 

The Hon. & Mrs, William Murphy 

The Rev. Glenn W. Small '63 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Slaughter '61 

Dr. Edward J. Evans '38 

Ms. Debra Gregory Dansberger 

Mr. Charles E. Nocll 

Mr. H.Tinsley Taliaferro 11171 

Mrs. Donna Gregory Dean 

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Noftsinger 

In memory of Professor and Mrs. D. 

Mrs. George M.Trible III 

In memory of Professor Elmo Firenze 

Mrs. Bonnie Sue Gregory 

Mr.&Mrs.JackM. Parrish.Jr. 


Mr. & Mi5. John Hardy Waters III '58 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggett, Sr. "68 

Mrs. Charlone Dudley Paneson 

Dr. & Mrs, Roland V. Layton, Jr. 

In memory of Mrs. Eleanor Meacham 

Mr. William A. Peak 

In memorv of Mr. Joseph S. Caldwell 

In mcmor}' of Mrs. Oscar P. 


Mr. & Mrs. Victor L. Picken 

In memon- of Mr. George Anderson 

III '68 

Fitzgerald, jr. 


Mr. Stanley P. Reed 

The Rev. Glenn W. Small '&) 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Caudle, Jr, '68 

Dr. & Mrs. Roben S. Lancaster '29 

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Clower, Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew '60 

Mi.&MR.FtankW. Roach'73 
Mr. Rufiis G. Roberts, Jr. 

In memory of Dr. William H. 

In memory of Mrs, Betty Carpentet 

In memory of Mr. Reginald Scon Fleet 

Mrs. Margaret W. Fleshman 

Mr. Patficia D. Robinson 

Armstrong '36 

James Allen Chapter N,S,D,A,R 

Miss JLiiu B, Fleet 

Mts. Jewel Fore 

Dr. & Mr. William H. Robison 

Dr. & Mrs. Marvin W, Scott •?>) 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Herbert Harris 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Shumadine, Jr. 

In memory of Dr, Walter Randolph 

In memory of Mr. S. Douglas Fleet 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Mayo IV 


In memory of Mrs. P. T. Atkinson 

Chirwood, Sr, '41 

Mr. & Mrs, Peter A, Leggcrt. Sr, '68 

Mr. R. Russell Neely '28 - Deceased 

Mr. & Mr. Rex Lee Smidi 

Mr, William C.Garreri, Jr. '74 

Mrs, Ruth Anne Reed Chitwood 

Mrs. R. Russell Neely 

Mr. & Mr. Heniy C. Spalding, Jr, '60 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggctt. Sr. '68 

In memorv of Mr. Robert A. Francis 

Mr. William H. Oglesby 

Mr. E. A. Stephens, Jt. 

In memory of Mr. & Mrs. G. Gilmer 


Dr. & Mrs. Donald R. Ortner 

Dt. Charles W.Sydnor.Jr, 

In memory'of Dr. & Mrs. Bernard 

Craddock '38 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Nolan '51 

Miss Dorothy Ovetcash 

Ms, Bene S, Talman 


Mr. & Mrs. Claiborne W. Craddock 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Vcnable, Jr. 

Mts. Florence P. Seamster 

Mr, William T. Thomas 

Mr. &. Mrs. Charles W.Crist '66 



Dr. & Mrs. Graves H. Thompson '27 

Dr, & Mrs. Roben P Trice '40 

Mr. &: Mrs. Petei A. Leggctt, St. '68 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggett. Sr. '68 

Mr. & Mrs. Emerson Willard 

Mr. & Mr. B. Walton TurnbuU 

In memorv of Mr. Charles F. 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel WJIiams, Jr. 

Mr. & Mr. Stephen C. Voothees 

In memoryof Mr. JosephJ. Basilone 

in memory of Dr. Paul Tulane 

Friedman. Sr. '32 

Mr. Cullen C. Walket 


Craddock '41 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Friedman '88 

In memory of Mrs. Clara Lee Hall 

Mr. Matquerite H. Walton 

.Mr. & Mrs. John E. Basilone '85 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggett, Sr. '68 

In memory of Mr. J. Stokeley Fulton, 

The Rev. Glenn W. Small '63 

Mr. & Mts. Alexander Wellford 
Mrs. James C. Wheat, Jt. 

In memor>' of Mr. Frederick W. Beck, 

In memory of Dr. T. Edward Crawley 

Sr. '55 

In memoryof Mr. Nadian B. Hall '39 

Mr. Thomas F. Wheeldon 

jr. 38 


Mrs. William T. Butler. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Beelcr Brush 

Mr. & Mr. F. DLxon Whitworth 

Mr. Edward B. Titmus 

Mrs. Robena A. Crawley 

Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew '60 

Mr. Fielding L. Williams 

Mr. William C. Garretrijr. '74 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M.Johnson '53 

In memory of Dr. Valorie D. Hall 

Mr. & Mr. R. W. Wiltshire 

In memory of Mr. Frank C. Bedinger. 

Dr. & Mrs. H. Nelson Gustin III '74 

Mr. G. Bonner Lancaster, Jr. '69 

Dr. Anne C. Lund 

Mr. Charles A. Womack.Sr, 

jr. -37 

Mr & Mrs. Peter A. Leggett, Sr. '68 

Mr. & Mts. Petet A. Leggett, Sr. '68 

Mr. & Mr. David H. Womack & 

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander P. Burruss '37 

In memory of Mr. H. Hirer Harris, Jr. 

Brad and Kathryn 

In memoryof Mr. Eddie Cumbey 

In memory of Dr. Edgar G. Gammon 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Allen '60 

Mr. & Mr. A. Churchill Young 

In memory of Tilford N. "Buster" 

The Exchange Club of Farmville 


Mr. & Mrs. E. E. Andrews. Jr. 


Dr. & Mrs. Claudius H. Pritchard. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Donnell A. Ballard 

In memoryof Mr. David Morrison 

The Rev. Glenn W. Small "63 

In memory of Mr. Troy Davis 


Directots, Officers & Employees of the 

Haw '81 

The Rev. Glenn W. Small '63 

Bank of Lancastet 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Sheppard Haw III '78 

In memory of Dr. Cecil R. Bowman 

In memorj' of Mr. Fred L. Garren, Jr. 

Mr, «<: Mrs, William C, Boinest '54 

Mr. J. Boiling Lewis Iir81 


In memoryof Mrs. Minnie Wade 


Mr, Douglas V, Bralley 

Mr.JohnN. Park.Jr. '78 

Mrs. Cecil C. Bowman 


Mr. William C.Garrett, Jr. '74 

Mrs, Paneson Branch 

The Rev. Glenn W. SmaJ '63 

Mr, & Mrs. Austin Brockenbrough 

In memory of Mr. Joe C. Hereford '43 

In memory of Cmdr. & Mrs. C. B. 

In memory of Dr. John Thomas 

Mr. Philip Reed Brooks 

Mrs. Nancy Brown Hereford 

Brinldey, Sr. 

In memoryof Mr. Lester L. DiUard III 

Goode 111 '40 

Dr. & Mrs. Alexander Brown III 

Mr. & Mr. Samuel W. McGann, Jr. 


Mr Alexander L.Fianklin 11 '75 

Mrs. Juliet Lynch Goode 

Mr. & Mrs. Cecil A. Brown 
Dr. & Mrs. John F. Burtetworth 


In memory of Mr. John R. Brinser '27 

In memory of Mrs. Sue Goodrich 

Mt. & Mrs. William L. Carreras 

In memory of Dr. WiUiam C. 

Mrs. |ohn R. Brinser 

In memory of Mrs. Paula Moore 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Palmore, Jr. '39 

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley H. Gary '85 



Mr & Mrs. Fred W. Palmore III 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Catlett 

Dr. & Mr. Lewis H. Drew '60 

In memoryof Mr. David P. Bruce '84 

James Allen Chapter N.S.D.A.R. 

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Chappcll 

Mr. & Mr. C. Thomas Floyd 

Dr. .'Vnne C. Lund 

J. Randolph-Longwood N.S.D.A.R, 

InmemoryofMr. James W. Gordon, 

Mr. & Mrs. Ovenon D. Dennis, Jr. 

Mr. Carol D. Holbiook 

Slate Hill Chapter DAR 

Jr. '.32 

Mr.JefficssS. Dortch.Jr. '35 

Mr. Wdliam C. Holbrook 

In memory of Mr. William T. Buder. 

Mr. & Mrs. Archibald M. Brown 

Ms. Mary Minton-Cregor Eitel 

Mr. & Mr. Petet A. Lcggen, Sr. '68 

Jr. '62 

In memory of Mr. William B. 

Mrs. Mary K. Gamble 

Dr. & Mr. Thomas T. Mayo fV 

Mr. & Mrs. John Warts Bowditch 

Douglass, Jr. '36 

In memory of Mr. Philip M. GrabiJI, 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Giles 

Dr. & Mr. Richard C. McCUntock 

Mr. & Mrs. Marvin C. Bowling. Jr. '48 

Mr. Thomas G. Douglass '79 

Jr. '71 

Mr. R. Warden Good '81 

Ml. & Mr. Henry C. Spalding, Jr. '60 

Mr. & Mrs. J. P. McGuire Boyd '64 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Drescher '70 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Gordon 

Mrs. William T. Buder, Jr. 

In memory of the Rev. Alfred K. 

Ms. Elayne B. Axel 

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Graham '43 

In memory of Mr. Dempsey Delbert 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Buder 111 '91 

Dudley '27 

Mr. Sd Mrs. Kennedi M. Cadett '72 

Ms. Alice T. Hagan 

Morton '73 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Crist '66 

Mrs. Charlotte Dudley Patteson 

Dr. & Mrs. A. Russell Dunnington, Jr. 

Mrs. Pem B. Hall '79 

Dr H.Philip Johnson lir73 

Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew "60 


Mr. & Mrs. D. Rankin Hetvey '35 

Mr. cS: Mrs. John C.Ellis, Jr. '70 

In memotyof Dr. Harold J. Dudley 

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Ellis, Jr. '70 

Ms. Debra J. Johnson 

In memory of Mr. Robert T. Hubard 

Mr, & Mrs. Allen Mead Ferguson 


Mr. & Mr^. J. Chrisropher Henderson 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis P. Jones '46 

Mr. & Mr. Petet A. Lcggen. St. '68 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Friedman '88 

Mrs. Charlone Dudley Paneson 


Mr. & Mrs. William Cox Jones 

Mr. & Mrs. L. Warren Haley. Jr. 

Mr. James B. Hollingsworth '71 

Mr. Roger H. W. Kirby '88 

In memotyof Mr. John M. Hunt '31 

Mr. & Mrs. B.W. Hamilton, Jr. 

In memoryof Mr. Herman L. Duncan 

Mr. Lance A. Lavenstein '71 

Mr. & Mrs. Petet A. Leggett, St. '68 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Johnson '53 

Dr, & Mrs, Herbert W, Harris, Jr, '56 

Dr. & Mrs. Claudius H. Pritchard, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis R. Nance '71 

Ms. Reggie Level 

Mr, cV Mrs. Ronald M. Henry '56 


The Hon. & Mrs. Westbtook J. Parker 

Mt. & Mts. James Lyon 

In memorv of Mr. Robert F. 

Mr. Kennedi Gray Hutcheson '94 


Mrs. C. Coleman McGehee 

Hutcheson 111 '35 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Thomas Joyner. Jr. '5 1 

In memory of Miss Elizabeth C. 

Mr. & Mr. David C. Schuldieis '74 

Mr. & Mrs. Ricman McNamara, Jr. 

Mts. Robert F. Hutcheson III 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggett. St. '68 


Mr. & Mrs. S. Sruart Shiplen '90 

H. P. McNeal 

Mr & Mrs. George W. Macon III '65 

Dr. c*^ Mrs. Richard C. McCliniock 

Mr. & Mis. Samuel S. Shiplen '68 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard .A. Michaux '34 

In memoty of Mark and Lillian 

Ms, Carolyn H, Matthews 

Mr. Charles B. Miller 


Dr, & Mts, Thomas P. Overton '48 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Clifford Miller. Jr. 

Mr. |ohn Ray Jennings '55 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Gilmer Minor 111 



In memory of Mrs. Martha Sunon 

Mr, Timodiy S. McKeithan & Dr. 

In memory of Mrs. Edgar L. Payne, Sr. 

In memory of Mr. Richard Owen 

In memory of Mr. W. A Watson 111 


Roisin McKeithan 

The Re\-. Glenn W. Small '63 

"Rick" Snyder '74 

Mr. &Mn. Robcn W. Caner '59 


Mt. & Mrs. Henry H. McVey 111 '57 

Dr, & Mn. H. Nelson Gustin 111 '74 

Mid-Adantic Women's Care. PLC 

In memory of Mrs. Sandra Payton 

Mr. & Mn. David C. Schulrficis '74 

In memory of Dr. WJliam R- 

In memory of Mr. Alan L Kersey 

Mt. & Mrs. Claude W. MUam '49 

The Rev Glenn W.Smair63 

.Mr. & Mn. Owen A. Snyder 

Whitman. Jr. '3" 

The Rev. Glenn W. Small '63 

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Monette 

.Mrs William R. Vv'hitman. Jr 

Norfolk Academy of Medicine. Inc. 

In memory of Mr. Frank D. Pendleton 

In memory of 2nd Lt. Steven F. 

In memor}*of Mr. Robert M. Lamond 



Snyder '65 

In memory of Mr. WJham P. Wdkins, 


Dr. & Mrs. Wallace C. Nunley, Sr. '44 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry R. King III '72 

Dr. & Mn. Frank M. Booth 111 '66 

Jr. '59 

Mr. Thomas H. Shomo '69 

Dr. & Mrs. WaUace C Nunley, Jr. '69 

Mr. & Mm. Peter .A Leggen, Sr. '68 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Gillum Burke 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Nusbaum 

Dr. & Mrs. John W. Pendleton '68 

In memory of Mr. Benjamin A Soyars 

In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Harold G. 

Dr.&Mrs. W.Levi Old. Jr. '46 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggett. Sr. '68 

In memory of Mr. J. Michael WiUiams 

Leggett, Sr. 

Dr. & Mrs. David M. Pariser 

In memory of Mr. Charles E Pritchen 


Mr. & Mrs. Peter .\. Leggcrt. Sr. '68 

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Parrort II '64 


In memory of The Hon. William B. 

Mr. & Mn. Claiborne W. Craddock 

Mrs. Nancy G. Panons 

Dr & Mrs. Richard C. McClinrock 

Spong, Jr. '41 


In memory of Mrs. MvTene Putnam 

Ms. Dorothy M. Power 

Mr. & Mn. Petei A Leggen, Sr. '68 


Dr. & Mn. Harry E. Ramsey, Jr. '58 

InmemoryofDr. William T. Pugh 

In memory of Jasper Dennis Wdson 

.'American College of OB/GYN 

Sentara Leigh Hospital Operaung 


In memory of Mr. WdJiam F. 

Dr. & Mn. Paul S. Baker 

Dr. William C. Andrews 

Room Staff 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter .A Leggett, Sr. '68 

Spotswood, Jr. '34 

Dr. & Mr5. Paul S. Baker 

Mrs. Diannc Reed 

Mr. & Mn. Rowland M. Bun, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. George C. Bird '57 

Mrs. Maryellen C. Remich 

Mr. & Mn. William ObeU 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Boinest '54 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Robbins, Jr. 


Mr. Anhur G. Crisfield & Family 

Mr. & Mrs. Roberr E. Branch 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Robison III '70 

Mr. F. Powell Johann. Jr. 72 

Mr. & Mn. Jelftess S. Donch, Jr, '35 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Robcn Bray '60 

Mr. & Mrs. K. Craig Rogers 

Mr. & Mn. S. Phillips Kinsey 

Mr. E. E. Brickell 

Mr. & Mrs. George Rogic 

In memori,' of Mr. L. Thompson 

McKinsey & Company. Inc. 

Mr. John L. Bnnklcy '59 

Dr. & Mrs. George C. Sakakini '73 

Quarles '66 

Dr. & Mn. Richard A Michaux '34 

Mrs. Joan P. Brock 

Mr. &.Mrs. Dale.ASchober 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank M. Booth Iir66 

Mr. & Mn. Roben H. Mulcahy 

Mrs. Anne D. Brockenbrough 

Seaboard Medical Assoc, of VA/NC 

Mr. Francis]. Santo 

Broudy-Kantor Co.. Inc 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Shumadine, Jr. 

In memory of Miss Virginia George 

Mn. Gray K. Thomas 

Mr. & Mrs. C Beeler Brush 



Mr. & Mrs. Srephen C. Voorhees 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Bush 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Slaughter '61 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard C. McClintock 

Mi^WOIramT. Butler, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. George H. Tanerson 

In memory of Mr. Walter C. Sprye. Sr. 

Dr. & Mrs. William E. Byrd 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben J. Thalman 

In memory of Mr. Frederic S. Reed '63 


Mr. & Ms. Fitzhugh Lee Cantreli '92 

The Poker Group 

Dr. Walrer E. Bundy III 

Mn. Barbara Park Canrus 

Mr. 0. Holmes Caner '58 

Mr. & Mn. David E. Thiel 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A Leggen, Sr. '68 

Ms. Elizabeth S. Cherry 

Dr. & Mrs. Vernon LCofer. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. James H.M. Thorp 

Mr, & Mn. Charles M. Diecz '52 

Mr. E. Eugene Cooke '58 

Mrs. P. M. Trapani 

In memory of Mr. William T. Reed III 

Mr, Sialey M. Gentry 

Mr. & Mrs. Ben G. Cottrell 

Mr. & Mrs. Pere E. Tmiit 


Ms. Pamela F. Hickey 

Dr. Francis L Counselman 

Dr. C. Wayne Tucker 

Mr. William R. Gardner, Jr. '57 

Mn. Francis L. Orgain 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Claiborne Coupland 

Virginia OB/G^'N Sociery 

Mr. & Mn. Bmce H, Parker 

Mr. & Mrs. Scon Creech 

Dr. & Mrs. John H. Vansanr '50 

In memor)' of M r. Frank F. Rennie 1 1 1 

Mr. & Mn. Philip deB. Rome '68 

Dr. & Mrs. Crile Crisler 

Dr. Roben L. Vermillion 


Mr. & Mn. George L. Simpson 111 

Mr. & .Mn. Charles W. Cnsr '66 


The Hon. & Mrs. Ernest P. Gates '45 

Ms. Debra Slavin 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Culicerto 

Dr. & Mrs. Aaron I, Vinik 

Mr. C Edward Richardson 111 '51 

Mr. & Mn. Roben E. Taylor '41 

Dr. & Mrs. W. R. Scott Curtis 

Virginia Beach Obstetrics & Gyn. 

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald K. Davis 

Mr. Sc Mrs. Donald P. Whidev '59 

In memory of Dr. W. Tavlor Revelev 

In memory of Mrs. John C. Steck 

Mr.&Mrs. Peter G. Decker, Jr. 

Dr. & Mn, John B. WiUey 

II '39 

Mr.JohnLBrinklei- '59 

Dr. & Mrs. P. C. Devine 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L, Wimbrough 

Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew '60 

Mr. & Mn. Roben W. Caner '59 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Birch Douglass III '65 

Mrs. Sherrv' B. Womack 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A Leggen, Sr. '68 

Miss Anna Dickhoff 

Dr. & Mrs. Donald W. Drew 

Womancare of Williamsburg 

Mr. R. B. Grekila 

Dr. & Mrs, Lewis H. Drew '60 

Dr. & Mrs. David B. Young 

In memory of Mr. William S. 

Dr. & Mn. Thomas T. Mayo IV' 

Mr. &Mr5.JohnC.EUis.Jr. '70 

Mr. Hubert H. Young Iir95 

Richmond '59 

,Mr.&Mn. Hugh V.White. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Epperson II '79 

Mrs. .Mary ^'ynn Richmond McDaniel 

Dr.&Mrs. E.D.Farley, Jr. 

In memoiy of Mr. Edwin P. Lyie, Jr. 

In memory of Mr. Wilham J. Steed, 

Mrs. Rowcna Jaap Fullinwider 


In memory of Dr. John B. Robbins '60 

Sr, '37 

Mr. & Mrs. Caner B. S. Furr, Sr. '54 

Mr. Alexander L Franklin II 75 

Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew '60 

Mn,WUliam]. Steed, Sr, 

Dr. & .Mrs. John H. Furr, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Douglas Vaughan. Jr. 

Ms Anira H. Garland 

In memory of Mr. Dan Marks 


In memory of Colonel Paul S, Trihie, 

Gl & Liver Specialists, PLLC 

Mr. & Mrs, William F, Shumadine. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond B. Wallace, Jr. 


Drs. Bell, R™, Johnson & Woonon 



Mr. & Mn. C. Beeler Bmsh 

Dr. & Mrs. Frederick T. Given, Jr. '49 

Mr. & Mn. Joseph J. Bryant. Jr. 

Dr. & .Mrs. T. Winsron Gouldin '50 

In memory of Mr. James D. "Donnie" 

In memory of Dr. Phihp Ropp 

Mr. & Mn. C. Iiwin Clark III 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Bryan Gnnnan 111 '57 

Mattox,Jr. '65 

Mr. & Mn. Charles W. Crist '66 

Mr. & Mrs. .^mon G. Dunton, Jt, 

The Group For Women 

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Manox 

Dt, & Mn. Harvey W. Goode, Jr. '45 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Hale 

In memory of Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer 

Mn. George M, Trible 111 

Hampron Roads Obstetrics & Gyn. 

In memory of Dr. & Mrs. Charles F. 


Mn. Waring Trible. Sr. 

Mr. & .Mrs. Joel B. Heaton 


The Hon. Thomas L. Murphey '72 

Mr. & Mn. Howard B. Waten '75 

Mrs. George H. Hcilig, Jr. 8d Family 

Mr. John L. Brinklcy '59 

Professor & Mn. L. Barron Wood. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Heinemann 

Mr. William C Garrett, Jr. '74 

In memory of Mr. William Schultheis 


Dr. & Mrs. John M. Hess 

Mr. & Mn. David C Schuldieis ^4 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell B. Hogshire 

In memory of Dr. lUy A. Moore, Sr. 

In memory of Mr. Joseph T. Trorter 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Randolph Hudgins, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Claudius H. Pritchard, Jr. 

In memory of General John Baviop 





Mr. & Mn. Gene B. Dixon, Jr. '65 

Mr, & Mrs. George A Hurt 

Dr. & Mn. Charley Scott 

Dr. W. Glenn Hurt '60 

I n memory of M rs. Bemice " Peggy" 

In memory of Mr. Richard Wilfred 

Mrs. Kathv Merlock Jackson 


In memory of Colonel Thomas Scon 


Mr. & Mrs. Mark A Kelly 

The Rev. Glenn W. Small '63 

Dr. & Mn. Oarley Scott 

Mr. Farlc R. Ware II '57 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Norman Kniegcr 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Lewis 

In memory of M r. R. Russell Nedy '28 

In memory of Mr. Sam Small 

In memory of Mr. C. E. Turley '29 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard E. Linde 

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Fore 

The Rev. Glenn W. Small '63 

Mr. & Mn. Roben M, Johnson '53 

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Macfarlane III '76 

Mr. Frank J. Margiotia 

In memory of Mr. Theodore G. 

In memory of Mr. Reginald G. Smith 

In memory of Mr. Robert 1). Unrue 

The MA.SA Corporation 

Offtcrdinger, Jr. '74 

Mr. &Mn. Charles W.Crist '66 


Mr. & Mrs. Norman Mason 

Dr.&Mrs, II. Nelson Gustinlir74 

Mt. & Mrs. Petei A. Leggett, St. '68 

Dr. Nadianiel M. Ewcll III '70 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. McCaa 

Mr. &Mrs. Peter A Leggen. St. '68 

Dr.&MR. E.M.McDaniel.Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles L McDowell 





^IP FU] 



James AUen Scholarship 

Department of Classia: 

The Rebecca King Evans Scholarship 

Randolph Bryan Grinnan Scholarship 

Mr. & Mrs. F- Dixon Whitworth 

Ms. Hilda Allen 

Study-Abroad Scholarship Fund 

Dr. Edward J. Evans '38 

Dr. &c Mrs. Richardson Grinnan 

Mts, Fielding L.Williams 

Allen Reunion Fund 

Dr, & Mrs. Richard C. McClintock 

Mi. & Mrs. R. W.Wiltshire 

Mr, & Mrs. Vernon C. Allen 

Dr. C. Wayne Tucker 

Faculty Scholarship Fund 

A. Epes Harris, Jr. Scholarship 

Mr. Charles A. Womack.Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Allen 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry C. Tucker 

Dr. Anne C', Lund 

Dr.&Mrs. W.Levi Old, Jr. '46 

Mr. & Mrs. David H. Womack 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Brandis 

Mr. & Mrs. W, Randolph Robinson 

Mr. & Mrs. A, Churchill Young 

Mr. Henry W.Calhoun 

Nelson W.Coe III Memorial 


H. Hirer Harris Scholarship 

Ms. E. S. Campbell Marsdcn 


Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Allen '60 

Joe Hereford Scholarship 

|jmes Allen Chapter N.S.D.A.R. 

Mrs. Charles E. Coe 

Allen Mead Ferguson Scholarship 

Mr. & Mrs. E. E. Andrews, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglass C. Crummett '43 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Pamepinto 


Mr. & Mrs. Donnell A. Ballard 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas 0. Gwaltney 111 

Mr. & Mrs. Glen A. Smith 

G. Gilmer Craddock '38 Scholarship 

Mr & Mrs. Allen Mead Ferguson 

Bank of Lancaster 


Mr. & Mrs. William G.Whitter 

Mr. & Mrs. Claiborne W. Craddock 

Mr. & Mrs. William C.Boinest '54 

Mrs. Nancy Brown Hereford 


William Fitzgerald Memorial 

Mr. Douglas V. Bralley 


Bernard E. and Edna B. Bain 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Gilmer Craddock '38 


Mrs. Paneson Branch 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Wolcon '43 


Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggen, Sr. '68 

Sami Giles Presbyterian Church 

Mr. & Mrs. Austin Brockenbrough 

Estate of Edna Bam 

Mr. Philip Reed Brooks 

Wdliam C. Holbrook Scholarship 

Professor Edward A. Crawford 

Reginald Scott Fleet Scholarship 

Dr. & Mrs. Alexander Brown 111 


Baird-Lalendorf Scholarship 

Endowed Scholarship 

Miss Julia B. Fleet 

Mr. & Mrs. Cecil A. Brown 

Mrs. Carol D. Holbrook 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert G. Rogers 

Mr. Charles S. Bailey SS 

Dr. & Mrs. John F. Burterworth 

Mrs. William C. Holbrook 

Dr. & Mrs. John M.Bass '69 

S. Douglas Fleet Scholarship 

Mr. & Mrs. William L. Carreras 

Frank Cleveland and Lena Reekes 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Bettcndorf 

Mr. &Mrs. M. L. Boinescjr, 

Mr, & Mrs. Bradley H. Gary '85 

The Hurt Scholarship 

Bedinger Scholarship 

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Bettcndorf' 86 

Mr. cV Mrs. Richard H. Cadea 

Dr. W. Glenn Hurt '60 

Mr. &: Mrs. Frank C. Bedinger HI 76 

Dr. & Mrs. William A. Blackman '76 

George C. "Chip" Freeman ill 

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Chappell 

Mr. & Mrs. Woodrow P. Lipscomb 

Dr. & Mrs. John E. Brush. Jr. '76 

Memorial Scholarship 

Mr. & Mrs. Overton D. Dennis. Jr 

The Robert F. Hutcheson III '35 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul S. Buckman '77 

Mr. & Mrs. George C. Freeman, Jr. '32 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffress S. Dortch, Jr. '35 


The Benton Scholarship Fund 

Dr. & Mrs, John P. Delaney '76 

Ms. Mary Minton-Cregor Eitel 

Mrs. Robert F. Hutcheson 111 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Scort Benton '90 

Dr. & Mrs. John L. Gucrrant "33 

Stokeley Fulton Scholarship 

Mrs. Mary K. Gamble 

Dr. & Mrs. David S. Haga '79 

Lt. Col. &C Mrs. Edwin J. Andrews, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Giles 

Henry Y. Ingram Scholarship 

David Bruce Memorial Scholarship 

Dr. & Mrs. Ralph D. Hellams, Jr. '83 


Mr. R Warden Good '81 

Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Curtis '77 


Dr. & Mrs. Brian A. Hoey '85 

Mrs. William T. Butler. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Gordon 

Dr. Anne C. Lund 

Dr. & Mrs, Wayne D. Horney '73 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Davis '78 

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Graham '43 

Thomas Wyndham Jamison Memorial 

Dr.&Mrs, L.William Irby, Jr. '76 

Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew '60 

Ms, Alice T. Hagan 


The Clinton E. and Martha S, Brush 

Dr. & Mrs. Samuel M. Jones '75 

Ms. Anita H. Garland 

Mrs. Pem B. Hall '79 

Mr. & Mrs. George B. Cardedge, Jr. 

Memorial Scholarship 

Dr.&Mrs. Lloyd J. Kellamlir77 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Johnson '77 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Hirer Harris, Jr. 


Mr, & Mrs, C, Beeler Brush 

Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence B. Kelly '74 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggett. Sr. '68 

Mr. & Mrs. D. Rankin Hervcy '35 

Dr. & Mrs. John A. Martin, jr. '79 

Ms. Debra J. Johnson 

Robert Watkins King Scholarship 

William T. Buder, Jr. '62 Memorial 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Stuan Motgan '73 

Richard McEwen German, Jr. '40 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis P. Jones '46 

Mr. &Mrs. R.T. Doolcy.Jr. 


Dr. & Mrs. Michael S. Morgan '77 

and Marjorie Wolfe German 

Mr. & Mrs. William Cox Jones 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. King, Jr. '52 

Mr. & Mrs. John Watts Bowditch 

Dr. & Mrs. Perry D. Mowbray, Jr. '67 


Mr. Roger H, W. Kirby '88 

Mr, & Mrs. Marvin C. Bowling, )r. '48 

Dr. & Mrs. Jesse K. Park '82 

Dr, & Mrs. Richard M. German. Jr. '40 

Ms. Reggie Level 

Lawson-Johnston Scholarship 

Mr. & Mrs. J. P. McGuirc Boyd '64 

Dr. & Mrs. George P. Piros '75 

Mr. & Mrs. James Lyon 

Dt. & Mrs. Lewis D. Johnston, Jr. '42 

Butler Memorial GoltTournament 

Dr. & Mrs. Harry D. Quarles lir71 

Thomas Edward Gilmer Scholarship 

Mrs. C. Coleman McGehee 

Mrs. Carol Ann Lawson 

Mrs. William T.Burler, Jr. 

Mr.&Mrs.WilliamJ. Rue.Jr. '74 

Mr, & Mrs, William N. Gilmer 47 

Mr. & Mrs. Rieman McNamara, Jr. 

Mr, & Mrs- William T, Butler III '91 

Dr. .Andrew R. Sager 84 

Dr, Ik Mrs, W. Thomas Joyner. Jr. 'SI 

H, P. McNeal 

Mr, & Mrs. Charles W.Cnst '66 

Dr, & Mrs, Christopher Snyder III '71 

Dr. & Mrs. John Y. Nicholson III '56 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Michaux '34 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggett, Sr. '68 

Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H.Drew "60 

Dr. & Mrs. J, Bradley Terry '87 

Mr. Charles B. Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. John C.Ellis, Jr. 70 

Dr.&Mrs.WaringTrible,Jr. '80 

The Hardy-Given Memorial 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Clifford Miller, Jr. 

The LeHew Scholarship 

Mr. & Mrs. Alien Mead Ferguson 

Dr. & Mrs. Petet R. Watson '79 


Mr. & Mrs. G.Gilmer Minor 111 

American College of OB/CW 

Mr, & Mrs. Frank W. Friedman '88 

Dr. & Mrs. Edgar N. Weaver, Jr. '69 

Dr. & Mrs. Frederick T. Given, Jr. '49 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Mmor 

Dr. William C.Andrews 

Mr. & Mrs. L.Warren Haley. Jr. 

Dr. Larry P. Levin '77 

The Hon. & Mrs. William Murphy 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul S. Baker 

Mr.&Mrs.B.W, Hamilton, Jr. 

Alfred P, Goddin Scholarship 

Mrs. Charles E. Noell 

Mr. & Mrs. George C. Bird '57 

Dr. & Mrs. Herbert W. Hams. Jr. '% 

Thomas Edward Crawley Scholarship 

Mr. C. Hobson Goddin '45 

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Noftsinger 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Boinest '54 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Henry '% 

Mr. Raymond B. Wallace, Jr. '60 

Mr. &Mrs.JackM. Parrish.Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Branch 

Mr. Kenneth Gray Hutcheson '94 

Phihp M. GrabiU, Jr. '71 Scholarship 

Mr. William A. Peak 

Mr, & Mrs. J. Robert Bray '60 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Thomas Joyner. Jr. '51 

Crockett-Flannagan- Weaver 

Ms. Elayne B. Axel 

Mr. & Mrs. Victor L. Pickett 

Mr. E. E. Brickell 

Mr. &: Mrs. Peter A Uggcn, Sr. '68 


Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Cadett '72 

Mis. Stanley P. Reed 

Mr. John L. Brinkley '59 

Mr. & Mrs. George W. Macon III '63 

Mr. & Mrs. George B. Cartledge, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Drescher '70 

Mt.&Mrs. Frank W. Roach '73 

Mrs. Joan P. Brock 

Ms. Carolyn H. Matthews 


Dr. & Mrs. A. Russell Dunnington, Jr. 

Mrs. Rufus G. Roberts, Jr. 

Mrs. Anne D. Brockenbrough 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Ovctton '48 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Flannagan. Sr. 


Mrs. Patricia D. Robinson 

Broudy-Kantof Co., Inc. 

Mrs. Frances Dudle>' Parker 


Mr. & Mrs. John C.Ellis, Jr. '70 

Dr. & Mrs. WiUiam H. Robison 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Beeler Bmsh 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Mr. George H. Fulton. Jt. '42 

Mr.JohnF. Gaykjr. '71 

Mr. & Mrs, William F, Shumadine. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Bush 

Dr. & Mrs. Claudius H, Pritchard, Jr. 

Dt. & Mrs. Donald B. Nolan '62 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Christopher Henderson 


Mrs. William T. Buder, Jr. 



Mr. & Mrs. Rex Lee Smirh 

Dr. & Mrs. William E. Byrd 

Mr. & Mrs. James H, Slaughter "61 

John W. Drescher '70 Scholarship 

Mr. James B, Hollingsworth '71 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Spalding. Jr. '60 

Mr. & Mrs. Ficzhugh Lee Cantrell '92 

Mrs. George M. Ttible III 


Dr. & Mrs. E. Forrest Jessee, Jr. '71 

Mr. E. A. Stephens, jr. 

Mr. 0. Holmes Carter '58 

Mr. & Mrs. John Hardy Waters HI ">8 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Drescher '70 

Mr. Lance A. Lavenstcin '71 

Dr. Charles W. Sydnor, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Vernon L Gofer, Jr. 

Mr. Paul Cimp Marks 

Ms. Bene S. Talman 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Eugene Cooke '58 

William Carroll Chewning. Jr. 

H. H. and R. C. Edmunds Memorial 

Rt. Rev. & Mrs. Frank Clayton 

Mrs. William T. Thomas 


Memorial Scholarship 


Matthews '70 

Dr. & Mrs, Robert P. Trice '40 

Di. Fiancis L. Cotmselman 

Harris Brothers Foundation 

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis L. Zakas 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis R. Nance '71 

Mr. & Mrs. B. Walton TurnbuU 

Mi. & Mrs. W. Claiborne Coupland 

The Hon. 8f Mrs. Westbrook J. Parker 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Voorhees 

Mr. & Mrs. Scon Creech 

W. Randolph Chitwood. Sr. '41, M.D. 

H. Spencer Edmunds Memorial 


Mrs. Cullen C Walker 

Dr. &Mrs.CrileCrisler 



Mr. & Mrs. S. Stuart Shiplett '90 

Mrs. Marquerite H. Walton 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W.Crisr '66 

Mrs. Ruth Anne Reed Chitwood 

Second Presbyterian Church 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel S. Shipletr '68 

Ml. & Mrs. Alexander Wellford 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Culicerto 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Richard Waterman, Jr. 

Mrs, James C. Whear, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. W. R. Scon Curtis 


Mrs. Thomas F. Wheeldon 

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald K. Davis 





- ^^f ^ 






i Jk 


Dr. Mike Dooley. (above) a member of the Federal 

Reserve Board and Professor of Econoryiics at UC 

Santa Cruz, was the 1998 visiting Wheat Professor 

in Leadership at Hampden-Sydney College. 

The Wheat Professorship 

in Leadership was 
established by family and 
friends in 1993 to honor 
the late James C. Wheat, 

Jr., of Richmond, a 

respected financier with a 

lifelong interest in public 

service, father of James 

C Wheat III 75, and 

husband of former 

Trustee Wiley Wheat. 

The Wheat Professorship 

aims to help students 

develop leadership 


Mr. & Mrs. Peter G. Decker. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. P. C. Devine 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Birch Douglais Hi 65 

Dr. & Mrs. Donald W. Drew 

Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew '60 

Mr. & Mrs. John C.Ellis, Jr. 70 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Epperson II ■"*) 

Dr,& Mrs. E.D.Farley, Jr. 

Mrs. RowenaJajp Fullinwider 

Mr. & Mrs. Caner B. S. Furr. Sr. '"^^ 

Dr. &:Mrs.JohnH. Furr.Sr. 

Ms. Anita H. Garland 

Gl & Liver Specialists. PLLC 

Dr. & Mrs. Frederick T. Given. Jr. "49 

Dr. & Mrs. T. Winston GouJdin "50 

Mr. & Mrs. R, Bryan Grinnan III 'SI 

The Group For Women 

Mr.&Mrs. Richard G.Hale 

Hampton Roads Obstetrics & Gyn, 

Mr. &:Mrs.JodB. Heaton 

Mrs. George H. Heilig. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Heinemann 

Dr. & Mrs. John M. Hess 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell B. Hogshire 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Randolph Hudgins. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. George A. Hurt 
Dr. W. Glenn Hurt '60 
Mrs. Kathy Merlock Jackson 
Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Kelly 
Mr. & Mrs. C. Norman Krueger 
Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. LeHew '59 
Dr. Willene L. LeHew '57 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Lewis 
Dr. & Mrs. Richard E, Linde 
Mr. & Mrs. John G. Macfarlane 111 "6 
Mr. Frank J. Margiona 
The MASA Corporation 
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Mason 
Mr. & Mrs. James C, McCaa 
Dr. &Mrs. E. M. McDaniel.Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. Charles L. McDowell 
Mr. Timothy S. McKeithan & 

Dr. Roism McKeithan 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry H. McVey III '57 
Mid-Adantic Women's Care, PLC 
Mr. & Mrs. Claude W. Milam '49 
Mr. & Mrs. David G. Monette 
Norfolk Academy of Medicine. Inc 
Dr. & Mrs. Wallace C. Nunley. Sr. '44 
Dr. & Mrs. Wallace C. Nunley. Jr '69 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Nusbaum 
Dr. &: Mrs. W.Levi Old. Jr. "46 
Dr. & Mrs. David M. Pariser 
Mr. ik Mrs. John C. Parrort II '64 
Mrs. Nancy G. Parsons 
Mr. & Mrs, Gene Powell 
Ms. Dorothy M. Power 
Dr. & Mrs. Harry E. Ramsev. Jr. '58 
Mrs. Dianne Reed 
Mrs. Maryellen C. Remich 
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Robbins, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Robison 111 70 
Mr. &: Mrs. K. Craig Rogers 
Mr. & Mrs, George Rogic 
Dr. & Mrs. George C. Sakakini '73 
Mr. &Mrs. DaleA. Schober 
Seaboard Medical Association of 

Scntara Leigh Hospital Operating 

Room Staff 
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Shimiadine. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Slaughter "61 
Mr. & Mrs. George H. Tarterson 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben J. Thalman 
The Poker Group 
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Thiel 
Dr. & Mrs. James H. M. Thorp 
Mrs. P. M. Trapani 
Mr. & Mrs. Pete E. Truin 
Dr. C. Wayne Tucker 
Virginia OB/GW Society 
Dr. Robert L. Vermillion 
Mr. Joseph F. Viar. Jr. '63 

Dr. & Mrs. Aaron I. Vinik 
Virginia Beach Obstetrics & Gyn. 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald P. Whitley '59 
Dr. & Mrs. John B. Willey 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Wimbrough 
Mrs. Sherry B. Womack 
Womancare of Williamsburg 
Dr. & Mrs. David B.Young 
.Mr.Huben H.Young Iir95 

Frederick B. Leys '43 Scholarship 
Estate of Mr. F. Bruce Leys '43 

Lipscomb Scholarship 

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Lipscomb 66 

Lynchburg Scholarship Fund 
Mr. Frank G. Davidson III '68 

Granger and Anne Macfarlane 

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Macfarlane III '76 

James J. Marshall, Jr. Scholarship 
Mr. James J. Marshall. Jr. '34 

James Buckner Massey Scholarship 
Mr. & Mrs. Gene B. Dwon. Jr. '65 
Dr. & Mrs. Frank M. Ryburn. Jr. '45 
Mr. Joseph T. Trotter '35 

Martha L. Mayo Scholarship 
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Mayo FV 

McGuire-Boyd Scholarship 

Mr. & Mrs. J. P. McGuire Boyd '64 

Mr. James N. Boyd '58 

Henry W. McLaughlin Scholarship 
Dr. & Mrs. Samuel B. McLaughlin. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. George J. McVey '61 

Wallace C. Nunley Scholarship 

Dr. & Mrs. Wallace C. Nunley. Jr. '69 

Theodore G. Offterdinger, Jr. and 

Virginia C. Williamson 

Dr. & Mrs. H. Nelson Gustin III '74 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggen, Sr. '68 
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore G. Offterdinger 


Hinton Baxter and Emma Ressler 

Overcash Memorial Scholarship 
Miss Dorothy Overcash 

John Atkinson Owen Scholarship 
Dr. John A. Owen, Jr. '45 

Michael Goodrich Palmore 

Scholarship Fund 
Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Palmore. Jr. '39 
Mr, & Mrs. Fred W. Palmore III 

William C. Peake "5 1 Scholarship 

Mr. Jeroid W. Allen 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Banb 111 

Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie A. Byrd 

Mr. Marks. Collier 

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. 

Mr. John P. Harrison 11186 

Mr, Maurice A. McDougal 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Milcy 

Mr. Rmdall C. Muir 

Mr. & Mrs. David L. Peebles 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Roach '73 

Mr. George R. Schcll 

Mr. Thomas J. Stnip 

Mr. (Charles W. Tudor 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Warner 

Mr. John L Wilcox 

M. W. "Dyke" Peebles, Jr. Scholarship 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Fain Peebles '78 

Philip Morris- Soyars Scholarship 

Mrs. Benjamin A. Soyars 

Read-Lancaster Memorial Scholarship 

Estate of Mar>' L. Davis 

The Samuel Macon Reed Scholarship 

Mr. Frederick W. Young, Jr. '44 

W. Taylor Reveley II "39 Scholarship 
Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H.Drew '60 

Richard S. Reynolds Scholarship 
Richard S. Re\'nolds Foundation 

Philip H. Ropp Memorial Scholarship 
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Pappas '60 

Scholarship Aid Assistance 
The Synod ot the Mid-Adantic 

Scholarship Awards 
The Norfolk Foundation 

The John B. and Peggy C. Schug 
Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Dr. & Mrs. John B. Schug 52 

Sentry Services Scholarship 
Mr. Angus I. Hines, Jr. 

Shumadine Scholarship 

Mr. &: Mrs. William F. Shumadine, Jr. 

Glenn W. Small, Jr. AimuaJ 

The Rev. Glenn W. Small '63 

Reginald Gilbert Smith Scholarship 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggett. Sr. '68 

Richard Owen "Rick" Snyder '74 

Memorial Scholarship 
Dr. H.Nelson Gustmlir"4 
Mr. & Mrs. Owen A. Snyder 
Mr. & Mrs. Lance W. Van de Casde 


Algernon Sydney Sullivan Scholarship 

Algernon Svdnev Sullivan Foundation 

George Ellis Summers Endowed 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Jones, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. George E. Summers 

Sydnor Family Scholarship 

Dr. & Mrs. T. Austin Sydnor. Jr. '52 

Synod Student Aid Scholarship 
The Synod ot the Mid-Atlantic 

Katherine S. and Paul S. Trible 

Mr. & Mrs. C.Bceler Brush 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Bryant. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Clrwm Clark III 
Mr. & Mrs. Ammon G. Dunton, Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. Harve>' W. Goodc. Jr. 45 
Ms. Annie H. Spiccr 
Mrs. George M. Trible 111 
Mr.&Mrs. Roben W. Trible 
Mrs. Waring Trible, Sr. 
Mr.&Mrs. Howard B. Waters ■"5 
Proles.for & Mrs. L. Barron Wood, Jr. 


Designated Annual Scholarships 
Mr. & Mr^. William K. .\lmuiid "^"' 
Mr. & Mrs. Randolph M. Altman 
The Rev. & Mrs. Vernon A. Austin, Jr, 

The Rev. & Mrs, Edwin B. Barbour 
Col. Frank A. Bates, Jr. 
Mr. Christopher W. Bishop '95 



Mr, & Mrs. Paul G. Boone '32 

Dr. Edward J. Evans '38 

Col. & Mrs. Henry L. Kinnison IV 

The Rev. & Mrs. Donald H. Seely 

Richard Morton Venable Scholarship 

lohn M. Borders. M.D. Mem. Fund 

Mr. & Mr^. William M. Ferguson. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richards. Kusak 

Dr. & Mrs. William A. Shear 

Mr. &Mrs, RithardM.Venable.Jr. 

Mrs. Kjtherine M. Brooks 


Dr. & Mrs. 0. W. Ucy '47 

Mr. & Mrs. T. Randolph Sherman '39 


Estate of Dr. Harr,- H. Br>-an '25 

Ms. Mary FJeanor Fisher 

Mrs. Sandra M. Lakin 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Smith, Jt. 

Mrs. Judy G. Brv'ant 

Mr. & Mrs. David C.Fleming '89 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. LaVier 

Mr. & Mrs. Landon Caner Smirh '60 

Joseph Moss White and 

Mr. & Mrs, Theodore J. Burr. Jr. '66 

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory M. Fogle, Sr. 

Dr. Allen E.UHew 

Mt. & Mrs. Walter 1. Smits 

Josephine Virginia Brown White 

Mrs. Katharine L. Carnahan 

The Rev. & Mrs. James B. Garrett '40 

Dr. & Mrs. Russell C. MacDonald '50 

Mr. &Mr5. RoyP. St. Clait,Jr. 


Dr. & Mrs. John W, Chinn. Jr, 73 

Mr. & Mrs. VCdliam Gee 

Mr. & Mrs. David F. Martin 

Mr. and Mrs. Ray C. Steele 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul F. White '60 

Mr. & Mrs. I. Garland Coaies 

Mr. & Mrs. Roger D. Gibson 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Vincent McPhiUips 

The Synod of the Mid-Adantic 

Mr. &C Mrs. Harold C. Cole '43 

Mr. & Mrs. Jack A. Glascock '49 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Metts 

Frances W. Thompson Mem. Fund 

Jasper Dennis Wdson Scholarship 

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald K, Davis 

Mr. & Mrs. Cunis D. Gordon '82 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Michael '70 

Mr. & Mrs. Randolph E. Traynham 

ARAMARK Corporation 

Mr, & Mrs. Patrick C. Devine. Jr. 78 

Mr. David Harrell 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Michaujt 


Dr. & Mrs. Paul S. Baker 

Mrs. Dixie Dickinson 

Mr. & Mrs. Harlan E. Harvey 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Conway Moncure. Jr. 

Mr. Patrick M. Ttout '93 

Mr. Daniel A. Donohue 73 



The Rev. & Mts. John Upton, Ji. 

Mr. & Mrs. T. David Hinton '66 

Mr. & Mrs. Jackie G. Moore 

Mt. Henry Ryland Walker, Jr. '90 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Hodson 

Dr. & Mrs. Michael S. Morgan '77 

Mr. & Mrs. Jay R Wannamaker 


Mr. &C Mrs. Paul M. Morrison. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. George K. Webster 

Mr. & Mrs. Ross A. Hoichkiss 111 '86 

Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Musselwhite '96 

Mr. & Mrs. Dorscy Wilbcrger, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. John R. Hubbard 76 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Pappas '60 

Mr. Richard Scott Williams 

Mr. Edward T. Hyman 

Mr. & Mr. Raymond D. Parks '82 

Mt. & Mrs. H. Ashton Williamson 111 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Dabneyjarman '27 

Mr. Robert A. Peay '98 


Mr. & Mrs. R Devereux Jarratt '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Peters 

Mt. W.Page Wilson, Jr. '90 

Di. & Mrs. Daniel E. Jenkins '.36 

Mrs. Ben Reed 

Mr. & Mrs. J, Trent Jones '88 

C. E. Richardson Benevolent 

Unrestriaed Scholarships Endowment 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. Jurach 


The Rev. & Mrs. Lundy M. Barkley '38 

Mr. Matdiew S.Kerry '95 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank M. Ripbcrger '38 

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard A. Hess 


Mr. Joe Ray Kilgore 

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Robinson, Jr. 
Mr. John A L. Ruff '44 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter D. Samans 
Mr. Jonathan D. Sargeant '90 
Dr. & Mis. Kenneth N. Scott '63 

nncT TT 

Mr. William M. Richardson '30 
Mrs. Rosalind Watfield 




Barger-Barkley Professorship in Fine 

E. Lee Trinkle and Helen Ball Sexton 

James C. Wheat Professorship in 



Trinlde Professorship 


Estate of Dt. William C. Barger '25 

Mr. & Mrs. Greene H. Lawson, Jr. '67 

Mr. & Mrs. J. P. McGuire Boyd '64 
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis C. Everett '63 

The Spalding Professorship 

Mt. & Mrs. Mark M. GambiU '72 

Mr. & Mrs, Henry C. Spalding. Jr. '60 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Goodwin, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Molster '80 
Mr. & Mn. James C Wheat Iir75 




Recognizing in-kind contributions of time, effort, and concern 

Board Development 

New Orleans Club - Dcvereux P. Moring 
Palmetto Club - J. David Caner '93 
Peninsula Club - Richard B. Donaldson, Jr. '73 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Pickral 
Mr. & Mis. R. Woody Price 
Mr. & Mis. Arthur Pue 

1998-1999 Senior Class 
Campaign Volunteers 


Petenburg Club - Kennedr M. Pritchett '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Rankin 

Piedmont Club - W. Mark Conger '85 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Robinson 

Mr. Matthew M. Anderson '99 

Rappahannock Club - Thomas J. Nichols III '44 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Robison III '"0 

Mr. James Ashbyl\"99 

Mr, Lester E. Andrews, Sr. '36 

Richmond Club - M. Deane Cheatham III '88 

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Sanders 

Mr. Tygh L Bailes '99 

Mr. Raymond B. Bonom, Jr. '51 

Roanoke Club - G. Michael Pace, Jr. '79 

Dr. & Mrs. Kennedl N. Scon '63 

Mr. Benjamin G. Barbour '99 

Mr. George B. Cartledge, Jr. '63 

Southside Club - John M. Boswell '65 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Screws 

Mr. Jonathan P. Bierowski '99 

Dr. W. Randolph Chitwood, Jr. '68 

Tidewater Club - John L Gibson nr82 


Mr. Richard C. Burroughs. Jr. '99 

Mr. Richard F.CraUe, Jr. '65 

Washington, DC Club - Randolph C. HarreU '84 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Smith 

Mr. Christopher H. Dowdy '99 

Mr. Gene B. Dixon. Jr. '65 

Winchester Club - Ben)amin M. Buder '63 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Suitt. Jr. 

Mr. Proaer L Fishburne '99 

Mr. Allen Mead Ferguson 

Mr. & Mn. J. Dennv Throckmorton 

Mr. Hunter B. Frischkom IV '99 

Mr. Robert V. Hatcher, Jr.'51 

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Toomey 

Mr. John P. Griswold '99 

Mr. Charles Hill Jones 
Dr. WiUette L. LeHew '57 

1998-1999 Parents 

Mr. & Mrs. F. Case Whittemore 
Mrs. Donnan Wintcrmute 

Mr. Andrew M.Habenicht '99 
Mr.DavidA.Hobbs.Jr. '99 

Mr. John B. Long. Sr. '38 

Council Members 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C.YoweU 

Mr. William Gustav Johnson '99 
Mr. Daniel Sean Kelly '99 

Mr. Jujious P. Smith, Jr. '65 

Mr. & Mrs. George F. Albright, Jr. '74 

Mr. Scott P. Ketcham '99 

Mr. Henry C. Spalding, Jr. '60 (Chairman) 

Mr. & Mrs. Mosby R. Allmond, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Banks III 

1998-1999 Student 

Mr. Jonathan L Martin '99 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Kemper M. Beasley. Jr. 

Development Committee 

Mr. Matdiew M. Anderson '99 


1998-1999 Alumni 
Association Officers 

Mr. & Mrs. David S. BUI III 
Mr. & Mrs. Francis B. Brown 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Brown 

Mr. Douglas M. Palmer FV '99 

Mr. James T. Rankin '99 

Mr. Albert E. Rhodenizer Iir99 

Mr. & Mrs. Caner Byrd Bryan 

Mr. Benjamin G. Barbour '99 

Mr. Roben Chrisrian Rickers '99 

President - R. Brandr Deal '70 

Mrs. Doredia S.Carroll 

Mr. Jonathan P. Bierowski '99 

■Vice President - Robert H. Whitt, Jr. '78 

Dr. & Mrs. Earnest D. Coalter. Jr. 

Mr. Jonathan P. Bradway 00 

Secretary - G. Michael Pace. Jr. '79 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred M. Dabney 

Mr. Harold W. Burgess III'OO 

Immediate Past President - Travis J. Tysinger '66 

Mr. & Mr. Edward C. Davis. Jr. '72 

Mr. Craig R. Chewning '99 

Trustee Representauve - John C. Ellis. Jr. '70 

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald K. Davis 

Mr. Andrew C. Conlan '01 

Mr. & Mrs. John j. Dickinson, Sr. 

Mr. Jarren B. Davis '00 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Dowdy III 

Mr. Charles L. Dickinson '00 

1998-1999 Alumni Club 

Mr. & Mrs. B. Thomas Duquene 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward T. Enright, Jr. 

Mr. Chnstopher H. Dowdy '99 
Mr. William H. Fcnoglio III '99 


.Mr. & Mrs. Gregoiy S. Farish, Sr. 

Mr. Christopher A. Garland '00 

Mr. & Mrs. Hunter B. Frischkom III 

Mr. John P. Griswold '99 

Alleghany Mountains Club - Joseph H. Wood '60 

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Fulgham 

Mr. Pamck McKay Johnson '02 

Adanu Club - Frank C. Bedinget III '76 

Dr. & Mrs. John B. Garrett. Jr. 

Mr. William Gustav Johnson '99 

Augusta-Rockingham Club - Alan F. Garrison '84 

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest P. Gates. Jr. '76 

Mr. Timothy Colin Kowalewski '99 

Baltimore Club - Peter A. Hoblitiell III '84 

Mr. & Mrs. John K. GiUenwater 

Mr. Chad Michael Krouse '02 

Birmjngham Club - Gerald P. Gillespy '88 

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Goodmon 

Mr. Walter James Lee IV '02 

Bluefield-Tazewell Club - George 0. Van Dyke 

Mr. & Mrs. Ftank Goodpasture III 

Mr. Clinton Benjamin Lukhard 02 


Mr. &Mre.B.W. Hamilton, Jr, 

Mr. Jonadian L Martin '99 

Charleston. South Carolina Club - Dr. Roben D. 

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Hampton '75 

Mr. James T. Rankin '99 


Mr. &Mrs. BrianJ. Harker 

Mr.AlbenE. Rhodeni2erIII'99 

Charleston. West Vrginia Club - Philip B. Here- 

Mr. & Mrs. Steve HendrU 

Mr. Robert Sledd Rogers '02 

ford '76 

Mr. & Mrs. WiUiam D. Hopkins '66 

Mr.RobenF, Sandlass.Jr. '99 

Charlotte Club - C. Mark KeUy '83 

Mr. & Mrs. David E. Johnston 

Mr. Christopher B. Schickling '01 

Charlottesville Club ■ John E. Maddux '72 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D.KeUy '70 

Mr. James I. Shew '99 

Dallas Club - John Howard .Selzer '94 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell Alan Kctcham 

Mt. Narfianiel D. Somemllc '00 

Danville Club - Robert H. Whitt, Jr. '78 

Mr. & Mrs. L Thompson Lawson III 

Mr. Gregory Fxiward Wallace 02 

Eastern CaroUna Club - Hardt W. Bing '93 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Lowiy, Jr. '66 

Mr. J. Bennett White '01 

Eastern Shore Club - Lynwood W. Lewis, Jr. '84 

Mr. & Mis. John E. Maddux, Sr. '72 

Mr. Matthew M. Yancey '00 

Fredcricbburg Club - Dr. Uoyd F. Moss. Jr. '73 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen W. Mapp '74 

Halifax-South Boston Club - James W. Burgess 

Mr. & Mrs. James McAuliffe 


.Mr. & Mrs. William C. McKnew 

Jacksonville Club - Sheldon C. Btyan '97 

Mr. & Mrs. David N. Meeker 

Lexington Club - Ftank W. Friedman '88 

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Michel 

Lynchburg Club - Charles R. Cobb '69 

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Morgan II 

Martinsville Club - Dr. Edward P. Snyder '78 

Mr, & Mrs. Dcvereux P. Moring 

Memphis Club - Bruce B. Hopkins '72 

Dr. & Mrs. WdliamR. Parks 



Career Resource Felbws 

.Mr William Jones dcButtsIir9I 
Keystone Health Plan Central 

First Citizens Bank 
Dr. A- Emenon Johnson III '52 

Mr. Courtney M. Pernell '91 

Mr. John C Dickinson '83 

The Montgomery Academy 

Ammcan Management Systems 

Conmbunng to the lifi of the ColUge by sharing ca- 

Cobblestone Advisors 

Mr. Frank R. Jones Iir90 

Dr. PaulG. Pierpaoli,Jr. '84 

rrrr adince. job leads, and internships, the 179 

Mr, W. Benton Downer III '77 

The Prudential 

Virginia Military Institute 

alumni below have joined Career Resoune Fellows 

W. B. D. in. he 

Mr. C. Mark Kelly '83 

Mr. Robert B. Ploeger, Jr. '93 

during the last year Thar contact information is 

Mr, RobenM. Dukc'85 

Nelson MuUins Riley &Scarhorou^ 

Dr. Walter C. Plunkett 75 

nudf available to interested students. Inall 587 

Comp Tel 

Mr. David C. Kelly '88 

Glaxo Wellcome Co. 

alumni partiapau in this worthwhile activity. 

Mr. John G. Eagan, Jr. '79 

Burlington Industries 

Mr. Charles W.Pryor in "89 

Wachovia Bank 

Mr. James W. Kelly '78 

AG A Chemicals 

Mr. Steven T. Alexander '84 

Mr.JohnC. EUis.Jr.'70 

Bank of America 

Mr. BrcntW, Raiiey'91 

National Guaranty Mortgage Corp. 

Mass Mutual 

Mr. Harry R. King Iir72 

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. 

Mr |ohn W.Ames in '85 

Mr. DaleP.Ennis'91 

National City Bank 

Mr. Scon A. Reeves 71 

Cinema Concepts 

Titmus Optical Inc. 

Mr. John M. Kuper '90 

Westminster School 

Mr. SunonP. Baldwin'84 

Mr. F. Marcus Fariss 79 

Heidrick & Struggles. Inc. 

Mr. A. William Reid "76 

Westi'aco Corp. 

Fanss. Feldmann & Huff 

Mr. Lance ,A Lavcnstcin '71 

Fbsing Tide Producuons 

Mr. Stephen E. Baril '77 

Mr. Peter C.Faust Iir76 

Lavensfetn Group 

Mr. Roben Wonh Remick '82 

\X'illiams. Mullen, Clark & Dobbins 

Philip Moms USA 

Mr. Clark L. LeBlanc '89 

Robinson-Sigma Commercial Real Estau 

Mr.JohnE. Basilone'83 


Senate Committee on Commerce. Saence. and 

Mr. Jeffrey R. Richardson '84 

Moody. Stople & KloeppeL Ltd 

Sport Grass 


Beach Commercial Finance 

Mr.JosephS. Bean.Jr. 79 

Mr. John A. Forbes nr69 


Mr. Benjamin E, Robinson '86 


Nielsen & Bambndge 

Wachoma Bank 

Phi Gamma Delta 

Mr. .Stephen D. Beck '67 

Mr. John M.Forbes '85 

Mr. Joseph W. Lipscomb '85 

Mr. Lewis A. Robinson '91 

CSX Realty. Inc. 

GatierreZ'Palmenberg. Inc. 

ACACL\ Group 

U.S. Government — Department of Labor 

Mr. Richard H. Blank, jr. 78 

Mr. Stephen R. Fore '91 

Mr. E.Don Loos Iir85 

Mr. Pauls. Roper 71 

Stephem, Inc. 

State Farm Insurance 

National Republican Senatorial Committee 

Philip Moms USA 

Dr, Frank M. Booth III '66 

Mr. J. Thomas Francis. Jr. '78 

Mr. John E. Maddux, Sr. '72 

Dr. David E. Ross "82 

Brenau Academy 
Mr. Sidney M. Bounds 72 

Balch & Bingham Attorneys 

Ferguson Enterprises. Inc. 

University of Maryland 

Mr. Mark M. Freestate '75 

Mr. Donn E. Marshall '86 

Mr.JohnW. Russ7l 

Fuqua School 

Freestafe, William &Son Inc. 

U.S. Government — Defense Department 

Jefferson County Public School 

Mr. Joseph H. Bridges '88 

Mr. Caner B. S. Furr, Sr. '54 

Mr. L. Richmond Martin III '71 

Mr. Boyd Scarborough '70 

Philip Moms USA 

McGuire, Woods, Battle &Boothe 

Roanoke Times & World-News 

Gnffin. Pappas & Scarborough 

Mr. Austin C. Brockenbrough '96 


Mr. Roderick B. Madicws '63 

Mr. James R. Schlesinger. Jr. '93 


General Moton Corp. 

Hazel & Thomas. PC. 

Kellogg School 

Mr. Wray Broughton '88 

Mr. Tracy W. Gammon '81 

Mr. L. White Matthews III '67 

Mr. David E. Schumacher '77 

Ernst & Young 

Ellis Hosiery 

Ecolab. Retired 

Shuman, Annandand Poe 

Mr. David C. Brown "87 

The Hon. Herben C. Gill, Jr. "65 

Mr. Armistcad B. Mauck '86 

Mr. Thomas R. Scon, Jr. '74 

Philadelphia Electric Company 

State of Virginia, 1 2th Judicial Court 

Cherry OH Co. 

Street, Street. Street. Scott & Bowman 

Mr. Anthony A. Burke '7 1 

Mr. Arthur H. Glaser '68 

Mr. Dems J. McCarthy '83 

Mr. William J. Severs '66 

Slate of Virginia, Div. of Forensic Saerue 

Drew. Eckel &Famham 


Denison University 

Mr. Mark G. Burnette '76 

Mr. Thomas E. Goode '79 

Mr. Richard McCarthy III '61 

Mr. Ryan P. Sharp "98 

foyner & Bumette Law Office 


Romac & Assodates-Tish McCarthy Designs 


Mr.j. MarkBurris76 

Mr. Scon C. Goodman '82 

Mr. Peter H. McEachcm 72 

Mr. ThaddeusR. Shelly 11175 

The Bums Agency 

Goodman Properties 

Salisbury Academy 

Bessemer Trust Company 

Mr. William T. Butler III '91 
Second Bank & Trust 

Mr, Michael J. Grace '84 

Mr. Edward T. McMullen.Jr. '86 

Mr. Phihp Russell Sheppard '94 

Norfolk Southern Corporation 

South Carolina Policy Counal Educational Fdtn. 

U. S. Government — Public Relations 

Mr. W. Keith Cannady '82 

Mr, R.BryanGrinnanIir57 

Dr. GeorgeJ. McVey"6I 

Mr. Edward H. Shield '63 

City of Norfolk, Dept. of City Planning 


St. Christopher's School Retired 

United Leasing Corp. 

Mr. Charles H.Canrus '85 

Mr. Bernard S. Groseclose. Jr. '75 

Mr. David S. Mercer '70 

Mr. Jefferson V. Simmons '73 

Professional Sen/ures Counal 

South Carolina Port Authority 

Mays & Valentine 

Sanchez Computer Assoa. 

Mr. Randolph A. Caper77 

Mr. Walter Lee Grubblir89 ' 

Mr. B. Vincent Milam '82 

Lt.Col.L RuckerSneadlirSl 

(j & R Builders, Inc. 

Tngon BOBS 

Harte-Hanks Direct Marketing 

U.S. Army 

Mr. John T. H. Carpenter 79 

Dr. C. Earl Guthrow, Jr. '63 

Mr. Charles F. Miller '86 

Mr. Stephen M. Stackhouse '82 

Wachovui Bank 
Mr. Richard LCarr '73 

Internal Med & Endocrinology. Central VA 
Mr. Charles D. Hannan III '89 

Founders' Bank 
Mr. Walter W. Miller 11172 

Fort Worth Country Day School 
Mr. R. Curtis Steele, Jr. '67 

Creative Office Environments 

Sun Trust 


Norfolk Southern Corporation 

Mr. Christopher E. Caton '81 

Mr. Scott M. Harrington 76 

Mr. David W. Minor 76 

Mr. Joshua P. Stewan '95 

Real Estate Investment Protection Agency 

ARAI Capital Advisors 

Minor & Brown 

Colorado College 

Mr. Michael R. Chevalier '82 

Mrs. Kim Stahl Harris '77 

Mr. Thomas M. Mishoe. Jr. "74 

Mr. Robert M. Stewart '76 

Carolina Power & Light Co. 

United Methodist Family Services 

Eskimo Pie Corp. 

Armata Partners. LP 

Mr. David A Clark 73 

Mr. Scon M. Harwood. Sr. '65 

Mr. John David Morris '91 

Mr. Jathan N. Stone '52 

Boy Scouts of America 


The TIE. Co. 

Naval Research Laboratories 

Mr. Donald H.Clark. Jr. '90 


Mr. John C. Muller "88 

Mr. David R. Terry '77 

Wachovia Bank 
Mr, John R. Clark III "77 

Medical College of Virginia 
Dr. Miller C. Hawkins '54 

Wachovia Bank 
Mr. Francis R, Nance 7 1 

Interstate/Johnson LandSecur. 
Mr. James L. Thompson '74 

American Telephone & Telegraph 
Mr. Clifton R. Titus, Jr. '57 

Steuart Investment Company 

Merrimac Investments 
Mr. Richard D. Holcomb '76 

Nance Properties 
Mr. E. Dawson Nash "76 

Cochran Construction Co. 
Mr. Justin W. Cole '89 

\^trginta Department of Motor Vehicles 

M.CL Communications Corp. 

Aylett Country Day School 

Mr. WiUiam D. Hopkins '66 

Mr. Peter J. Neville '89 

Mr. Michael C. Tomkies '83 

/ R. Cole Industries, Ine. 

Jntermet Corp. 

U.S. Government — Commerce Department 

Dreher, binder & Tomkies 

Mr. Paul H. Cooksey '70 

- Mr. Ross A. Hotchkiss Iir86 

Mr. William W. Nexsen '74 

Mr. James M. Trammell '58 

U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business 

Cadmus Communications Corp. 

Stackhouse. Rowe & Smith 

Sun Company. Inc. 

Mr, Christopher D. Cooper '93 

Political Consulting 
Dr. William B. Costenbader.Jr. "60 

Mr. C. Randolph Hudgins. Jr. '46 

Mr. Joseph A. Nicholson, Jr. '83 

Mr. David E. Trickier '65 

Capes Capital Management, Inc. 

Danville Physical Therapy Center, PC. 

Norfolk Academy 

Mr. David D. Hudgins "77 

Mr. David Corbusier O'Brien '94 

Mr. WiUiam E. Turner III "77 

Munroe Regional Medieal Center 
Mr. L Daniel Crooks Iir84 

Hudgins. Caner & Coleman 

Whitmore Print & Imaging 

First Hospital Corp. ofVA 

Mr. H.Joseph Hull III '69 

Mr. Martin J. O'Brien 11187 

Mr. Travis J. Tysinger '66 

E.N. T Surgeons ofRichrrwrtd 



WooSerry Forest School 

Mr. Thomas M. Crowdcr 78 

Mr. W, Vance Hull '80 

Mr. R. Stedman Oakey, Jr. '66 

Mr. Alexander H.Ware '84 

Guilford Company 

Excel Telecommunications 

Stedman House. Inc. 


Jefferson Pilot 

Mr. John B. Hylton '87 

Mr. Gordon E.Parker, Jr. '89 

Mr. Frank L. Wheeler '85 

Johns Hopkins University 

New York Lifr 

Van Kampen Memtt Mutual Funds 

Mr. Steven A. Curtis "77 

Dewberry & Davis 
Mr. W. Keith Davis '92 

Mr. EdwardC.Irby.Jr.'73 

Mr. Raymond D. Parks '82 

Mr. Christopher M. Wilkmson '88 

Fint Hospital Corp. ofVA 

Rappahannock Rapidan Community Services 

First Coastal Bank 

Mr. Roben L. Ireland. Jr. '89 

Mr. P. Tulane Panerson '78 

The Hon. Jere M. H. Willis, Jr. '54 

SNL Securities 
Dr. R. Ben Dawson. Jr. '58 

Houston, Effier. HampeL and Stefanides 

Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Comm. 

State ofVirginuj 

Mr. Robert H. Jackson '87 

Mr. Michael W. Paulerte '66 

Mr. William T, Wilson '60 

Bressler Research School of Medicine 



The Alumni Career Expo, 
sponsored by the Career 
Center, gives students the 
chance to discuss real-life 
career options. Each year 
between ten and twenty 
alumni volunteer a day of 
their time to sit down with 
students who want to find 
out what's involved in 
choosing afield of interest 
and finding a job in it. 

Wibon & Updike 
Mr. Rjchard C. Wilt III '88 

Manll Lytich Realty 

Wave Length 
Mr. Roy C.Wood '65 

Lo^c Unlimited, Inc. 
Mr. Edwird B.Wright. Jr. 72 

Wright Realty, Im: 
Mr. William Harry Wright V '94 

Congresmmn Boh Inglis 
Mr. John A. Wyatt '92 

Xepedx Paper 

Electronic Mentors 

Forty-one Elecuonic Mentors are registered on 
[he H-SC/ website and are available 
for student inquiries via email 24 hours a day, 
seven days a week. 

Dr. James E. Ames IV 73 

Vir^fita Commomvealth Umverstty 
Mr, Adam R. Anigliere "95 

Tour Charlaton, LLC. 
Mr, John August 72 

August Automation, Inc. 
Mr, Louis P. Bailey '64 

Virginia Housing Dei'eloptnent Authority 
Mr. James W, Bolton 76 

Simpson Realty Co. 
Mr, Sheldon C. Bryan 96 

Lincoln Financial Group 
Mr. J. Mark Burris 76 

The Burris Agency 
Mr. R. Scott Carr '95 

Wheat First Union 
Mr. Ralph R. Chesson III '96 

Heritage Bank & Trust 
Mr J, Charles Collie '86 

Sanders Consulting Group 
Mr. Bar r>' Bruce Conrad ir91 

Mr. Jeffrey H. Curry '84 

Ultra Dek Enterprises. Inc. 
Mr. R. Bryan David "82 

Bntnswick County Administrator 
Mr. John D. Dove iir91 

PDK Corporation of America 
Mr. Jeremy .■Mexandcr Ellis '96 

The Robinson-Humphrey Co. 
Mr. S. Wayne Erwin, Jr. '93 

Martin & Company 
Mr. Gregory W. Feldmann 79 

Fariss. Feldmann 6- Huff 
Mr. John M. Forbes '85 

Gatierrez-Palmenberg, Inc. 
Mr. John D. Fry '72 

National Allergy Supply, Inc. 

The Alumni Career Expo gave students a chance to discuss 
real-life career options with alumni in many fields. 

Mr. Joseph WHatchert.Jr, '84 

First Union Capital Markets 
Mr. Karl C. Henderson "58 

Electronic Systems & Services 
Mr. T. David Hinron '66 

Raritan River Steel Co. 
Mr, George M. Howe III '92 

First Union Capital Markets 
Mr.EdwardC Irby,Jr.'73 

First Hospital Corporation of Virginia 
Mr. Alan P. James '82 

Carilion Consolidated Lah 
Mr. James C. Jamison II '93 

Mr. C. Michael Johnson '73 

Mr. J. Boiling Lewis III '81 

Wachovia Bank & Trust Co., NA 
Mr. Kendrick W. Mattox Iir93 

ComerCap Investment Counsel 
Mr, Br\-an S. McClcndon '90 

Memll Lynch 
Mr. Mark A. Milam '91 

Sofhvare Spectrum 
Mr. Milton P. Reid II '68 

Burlington Industries 
Mr. Terrence J. Richardson '89 

Crestar Bank 
Mr. Bruce D, Robertson '94 

Shirley Pewter Shop. Inc. 
Mr. Benjamin E. Robinson '86 

Phi Gamma Delta Educatiomd Foundation 
Mr, Marshall W. Schoenthal '95 

NDC Group 
Mr. Kevin E. Smith '92 

Shepardson, Stem, &Kaminsky 
Dr. Patrick J. Taylor '89 

A/,/, T. Lincoln Laboratory 
Mr, Bradley B. Tcague '92 

Cognos Corporation 
Mr, James C. Thompson, Jr, '81 

ACS Group of Companies 
Mr. Garwood P,maley III '91 

MicroStrate^, Inc. 

Alumni Career Expo 

The following Alumni Career Expo participants 
came to campus during 1998 to provide career in- 
formation and assistance to students. 

Dr, William A, Blackman "76 

Drs. Ramsey, Blackman & Cure 
Mr Anthony A. Burke '71 

State of Virginia. Div. of Forensic Science 
Mr. Chariest Cabell '74 

miiams. Mullen, Clark & Dobbins 
Mr. Richard LCarr '73 

Creative Office Environments 
Mr. Thomas M. Crowder 78 

Guilford Company 
Dr. David A. Klein '78 

Hampden-Sydney College 
Mr, R. M.ix\veU Mcador '58 

Virginui Episcopal School 
Mr. ThaddeusR, Shelly lir75 

Bessemer Trust Company 
Mr. Robert E. Snidow '81 

John Hancock Financial Services 
Mr. R.rylerVt'hidcy'59 

Richmond Newspapers, Inc.